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Netizens, “Kim HyunJoong looks different now!”


Recent photos to SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong and also known as ‘Korea’s JiHoo Seonbae’ after being casted for the hit drama Boys Over Flowers earlier this year have been circulating online.

And netizens point out that he looks different now. Agree?

His recent photos promoting in HongKong and in Korea


Photos from earlier


Netiznes also posted up photos from early SS501 days


  • “His nose! Looks different!”
  • “He looks the same to me”
  • “He looked better before his plastic surgery”
    • “He never did”
    • “I like both – before and after!”
  • “He looked tired”
  • “He looks more like Bae YoungJoon now”

Lol, I think he has put on some weight. It’s good since I think he took some quality for rest after Boys Over Flowers. More flesh on his cheeks now.

Meanwhile,Β  I have to say he is looking so hot together with Kim Joon for Kim Joon’s upcoming solo ‘Jun Be ok’


159 Responses

  1. who cares , the guy is hot…!

  2. he just lost some weight now & then & was much freshed face before. but seriously he looks like Bae yong jun in actual.
    in his new drama he gained back his weight & looks like before he starred in Boys over flowers.

  3. he did NOT get plastic surgary LOL i dunno why but it’s pretty obvious he didn’t. a lot of things can change a persons appearence.

    and even if he did, it’s just like probably something SMALL. like how some girls get double eye lids or whatever LOl either way, it doesnt matter. i think he’s still pretty cute

  4. I think he looks like Yamapi from NewS. |:

  5. no, you can tell the difference in his nostril’s shape and size. i don’t know if he’s had it recently, but definitely he’s had his nose done since earlier ss501 days. his nose in BOF and back in “thanks for waking me up” is totally different. same with jung min.

  6. it’s called HE’S GETTING OLDER!!! ROFL

  7. he is most cutest and handsome person in this universe i have ever seen,so he doesn’t need any surgery .U r my dream man,all said that i cant met my dream hero but don’t worry i will come korea once 2 met u before i die.
    the only thing hits me is that will i able 2 met u and see yours killer smile by myself.OH GOD I LOVE UR SMILE N EVERYTHING.;-)

  8. hey kim…u luk gr8…u r so cute..handsome..i luv u lotz…
    god bless u alwayz….uuuuuuummmmaaaaaaaaah

  9. i dun think he had plastic surgery
    i think he lose some weight

  10. i dun care i still love him no matter what! πŸ˜€


  12. iloveu
    kam cham mida
    my name nilofar

    i am for iran

  13. ilove hyun joong
    ikiss u
    i am for iran

  14. well for me r what u r.i heard that u have done plastic surgery on whole face ,there is romours about that and i m ur big big fan i want to meet u .but it not easy i think ,i like ur movie best and some one told me the story of f4-2that was like ,ji hoo sunbae killed gu jun pyu due to jalousy and u go to jail at that time wo bin na protect gum jan di ,after releasing from jail ur 1st love come back to and jan di and wo bin love eachother and u and ur1st live happy ever after.how,s it?

  15. he just getting older

  16. he just getting older that’s why

  17. h just getting older that’s why

  18. nothing different.. he’s growing . and it’s also the make up effects

  19. @Anne ^ ^ ^ VERYY TRUE COMMENT!!!! ^ ^ ^

  20. i think he mightve lost a couple pounds and always changes his hair cut…hair can make a person look really different it can make them look younger or older…plus i dont really care if he lost few pounds or changes his hair or got surgery,, HE’S STILL SUPAh HOTTTT!!!!!! i mean coming frm me a small girl frm hawaii it might be a different view in korea but here he’s stilll HOT(:

  21. He just gained a little weight I think, his cheeks look fuller now πŸ™‚

  22. >-< wwwooooowww

  23. i m not no. 1 fan but i like kimhyun joong

  24. i love kim hyun joong…. i aur no.1 fan!!!!! You r so cute!!!!

  25. oh kim hyun joong crush talaga kita

  26. Kim Hyunjoong is like a chameleon. As his haistyle and haircolor change his facial features seems to change but it is because of his hairstyle. His nose and eyes from debut and present are the same. He just matured. I myself looking at my old pic my nose and eyes seems to change as I mature and gain weight. There is also the thing about make up. You can make your eyes rounder, hide eye bags and make nose smaller and pointier.

  27. he never did plactic surgery…
    his face is not change..
    he always handsome^_^…
    usia dah meningkat mestila rupe pun berubah..
    anyway… khj forever!!!!

  28. he looks the same to me. and if he did have some surgery done, so what? he’s not the only entertainer who’s done it.

  29. I don’t get why people are so ridiculous and stupid. Are they seriously that bored with their life that they try to find any faults they can on someone else? this is just pathetic.
    first of all the pictures look freakin identical!! plastic surgery!?! yeah right!! only pathetic retards could mistaken that.
    And don’t people understand the nature of humans? uuuhh!! hello people!! everybody changes as they grow older!! The way they look and structured!! I just don’t get why people can’t seem to get it. Of course he looks different from his younger days, people eventually grow out of their kiddish faces. I hate it when people make “plastic surgery” assumptions on stars and use pictures from way back in highschool or middleschool to compare to now. Is that seriously the only evidence there is? if it is then that’s just plain pathetic, and people who believe them are just stupid.
    People mature, they grow older, they go through PUBERTY! They change!! And just because they look different from when they were younger, doesn’t necessarily mean they had surgery.
    And if people are going to make assumptions…please provide better evidence than stupid pictures.

  30. People! why would someone get surgery for bigger nose!
    since his debut, he has lost a lot of weight. after BOF he lost even more! of course he would look different!
    just because someone’s perfect doesn’t mean u have to go & make up something bad about them out of jelousy! >:O

  31. ..hey I’m a big fan of SS501 esp. to Kim Hyun-Joong..I don’t care if he had a plastic surgery..as long as he’s very good and talented..To all the people who criticized him..Damn you all!!you’re only insecure!!

  32. it’s so obvious! he’s done a nose job! for the second time , I bet…he’s nose has gotten bigger. he somehow looks like michael jackson now!

  33. I heard that Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum is coming to Los Angeles USA this feb 2010 but i cannot read the website tho i wish i can speak and read Korean i think its in http://www.naver.com the details about the fan meeting or mini concert. Who ever speak or read korean pls reply to me how to buy a ticket.

    • that’s talking about last last years Hollywood Bowl concert kim hyun joong performed with SS501 orrr you could have been reading about ji hoo’s goodbye fanmeeting back in like 2008 idk though i tried looking on that site sooo yawp srry if dis imfo dont help πŸ˜›

  34. he DID plastic surgery!!! how did I know:
    1. Look at his nose: totally different
    2. My ex-boyfriend is a friend of his manager and the manager passed out (from drink) after telling us his surgery.. (be careful of what’s in your mind when you drink!! πŸ˜€
    3. He looked and still does good though! πŸ˜‰

  35. he is so handsome

  36. just changing of hairstyle could make a big difference of a person’s appearance

  37. i m fan u ..after f4 movie .our girls r fan of u….n be the best u r ..so best of luck in ur life.

  38. i dont think he get any thing done if you just look at some old video and new video he just be come more mature and more awere about his style now and the stylist and the makeup noona finaly find the correct style for him. the first picture is just few days before he become sick with h1n1 that why he seem so tired .

  39. I love everything by him, at all kim hyun joong

  40. i dont think he doing plastic surgery

  41. I don’t even care if he did have a nose job. IDC at all. he’s so fukin gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  42. I dont think so…….Of course he had plastic surgery…i know……….so this pics cant see diff..just watch hes old video and now…..difenally he got plastic surgeryy………

  43. kim hyun joong..
    after i watched boys over flowers i started to admire you.your personality there was very superb..stay as nice as you are..please continue to inspire your fans..i will always pray for you..keep safe..stay foot & may GOD Bless you & your family always & grant all your prayers..

  44. he looks the same to me. maybe he gained some weight which is a good thing.

  45. he looks same before n after..
    i don’t see the different on him..
    he still handsome..
    i like him so much..


  47. saranghe ji hoo

  48. yeaah, who cares if he really does plastic surgery…. he’s still as handsome as always…

  49. he just look slimmer now and dif hair style.. nothing different.

  50. just leave tat guy aloneeeee!!!!!
    why care if he has a plastic surgery on his face …….

  51. Why are so many people curious about his nose? His nose is OK for me, makes him more beautiful YES, but that’s because the great job of his make-up artist and also he’s mature now. And about his weight, just think how hard he try to get it, with all the dance lesson, concert, filming, and now all the bad issue he heard, thank God he didn’t give up to be an artist.
    KIM HYUN JOONG, fighting!!!

  52. yeah!!! i thought he is totally gifted but wat is da need of dat surgery well if hes happy dan no complaints!! after all looks attract the people but its heart dat makes people feel!!…….

  53. same to me he is already so handsome i dont think he need plastic surgery

  54. his face become more shiny and just a change of hair
    no big changes..

  55. to tell you the truth i searched all the videos of hyun joong before and recent because of this criticisms just to make sure whats the truth behind this issue. and i cant see any difference he’s really so stunning even in his younger days,he was already admired and praised by his good looks way back then until now, in all tv guestings he always praised by his looks so what are you saying that he did plastic surgery, i think maybe just because he keeps on changing his style thats why i dare you to watch the star secret of hyun joong he’s really gifted with looks even before, and for your information as the man grows older there will be a lot of physical changes so to those antis if you dont like the person just dont say anything because he’s not doing anything bad against you. and with hyun joongs personality he always been frank and honest…thats all he’s a wonderful person inside and outside…so shut up…

  56. he looks tired.

  57. haha i think he just got paler.

  58. omg!!~ i ❀ him!!!~

  59. well, i just think he slimmed down, takes care of his face better, better make up artist, cuts his hair and these can do much for his appearance. anw, whats the big deal.

  60. hyunjoong look the same only his weight and hairstyles have change. if he have the same hairstyle like before, he may look the same. hyunjoong didn’t do any surgery

  61. hayss

  62. it’s his life, he can do whatever he wants. if ever he really had a surgery, he maybe just want to look better for his fans. i still love him whatever he does πŸ™‚ ❀

  63. like him whatever he is,,, no problem ,, isn’t it??
    whatever he do,, no problem

  64. he looks fine to me, so there’s no need to change more…and don’t over do it like MJ you people!! just learn to live a happily and positive and healthy life! ok…

  65. i don’t care for what they are telling about you because you are my crush you are so handsome you are cute but you are not a puppy always take carre and always be in a safe ride


  66. wow he looks amazing as always….I love him from boys over flower………and his voice his dance OMG
    I’m from Iran…u know korean actors have a big fan following here……Like me…….I love sung ill gook,jo hyun jae,Kwon Sang Woo,kim hyun joong……….

  67. oh.. he looks more puffy now than last time

  68. oh he is more cuternoe


  70. Totally agree he’s not the same as in BOF drama.

    He looks healthier, that’s all. His eyes are brighter, obviously! So happy for him ^^

    About nose job… i couldn’t see any difference.

    Charming and lovely as ever

  71. that guy is hot .who cares if he do suggery?
    he is still KIM HYUN JOONG!

  72. i think he just lost some weight..

  73. he`s still himself… handsome

  74. well, he looks excactly the same. he’s so handsome! why should he change his face or anything!!!!!!! just hairstyle change. that’s all. i really have to say, the recent hairstyles really suites him!
    did his body change or something?
    skinnier or more muscular? i just ask, because some are always saying, that he’s too skinny and stuff.

  75. looks like he just put on a bit of weight, hair color and makeup makes a big difference too πŸ™‚

  76. Why do they always end up on the conclusion Plastic Surgery?
    Leave him alone dumbasses.

    • good looks like his, who cares if its plastic. try to do some plastic on yourself see if you can look as good. leave him alone. what’s the big deal about plastic surgery????

  77. For sure Hyun Joong oppa gained weight after shooting BOF . He lost 7KG!
    filming at night resulting in barely getting any sleep and going overseas, not used to the food there. and not to mention its his first time acting, so he probably was under alot of pressure from everybody but im sure he got at least some rest, you can tell from his interviews that his arms are becoming more muscular and theres more glow on his face now compared to BOF days. πŸ˜›
    and his eyes are more brighter and less tired.

    as to why his face is shiny and oily, it could be make up, the camera or the lighting or that the weather now is way hotter than BOFdays, so hes sweating,? maybe he was at a signing where theres not very good AC x)

    and my nose looks differently when you shoot from different angles and imagine a star like Hyun Joong, there probably was a billion cameras so obviously some pictures will look different.

    and compared to when he debuted its been over 4 years and hes becoming a man, so maybe he lost some baby fat and his bone structure is growing. because from debut, all five members of ss501 were chubbier than they are now.

    anyways i dont think it matters IF he got surgery or not because hes incredibly good looking inside and out. plastic surgery doesnt fix things like talent, personality, and his sweet charms. and Hyun Joong looks incredible all around.

  78. his SO handsome and so many FILIPINO LIKE her NOT only me,,,,,BUT also ALL my FRIENDS and COUSINS and ALSO i LIKE the lee MIN ho ,KIM boom an KIM joon

  79. Ever since i heard of khj name i heard about his nose job every now and then and this is not the first time somebody comparing his nose….and i went through his many photos already comparing to his younger photos even to his teen….u can see for yourself before he acted in BOF his nose already looks diff from diff camera angle,it doesn’t look the same every time (same thing with my nose…..)

  80. idno but his eyes look bigger.

  81. Yeah, he looks a bit different. His cheeks are fuller, but that could be due to weight gain or Restylane injections, who knows. His skin looks tighter also, either from more rest or laser treatments, chemical peels etc, or botox. It’s really too hard to definitively say either way. His eyes seem more “awake” also.

    Anyways, he looks a lot better in the recent pictures though.

  82. he just got chubbier, putting on the weight again that he lost during the filming of BOF.
    i don’t think he got surgery, what’s the point of having one if it already looks good.

  83. Well…for me..he look more tanned in his recent pictures..haha…=)

  84. I think that he has put on some weight. That’s all….
    And that’s good because means that he is resting and taking care of himself……
    He’s as hot as always…… ^^

  85. i think he looks the same. different haircut/hair color, but overall its still the same cutie Hyun Joong Oppa! ^__^

    i hope hes taking care of himself tho. he does look a bit healthier now. ^__^

  86. he’s as pretty as ever.

  87. Yes! his nose looks really diff-abit up and down nor one side abit too big. his face shape probably becos he slimmed down? but his eyes everybody know =)

  88. Yes! his nose looks really diff-abit up and down nor one side abit too big. his face shape probably becos he slimmed down? but his eyes everybody know la =)

  89. i think it’s just because of losing weight and aging and hairstyle change..i don’t see any difference on his nose..except the the camera angles on his face…

    people are just having many free time just to point out what is what….geez~! haha~! well..it’s still publicity though^^

  90. still the same to me… he’s healthier now.. thx God..

  91. nose job

  92. wow.he looks different.And i LOVE his new nose!!!

  93. of kos he looks different when he was 19 n now at 23 but not due to surgery…just becoz of maturity n in love with HB :))

  94. He does look different but not because he changed anything! He just grew up. He was in his teens when he debuted. Now he’s a man.

    He lost his baby fat hehehe.

  95. OHHH MY GOOD……..
    THIS MY HANDSOMEEEE….?????????

  96. I think he looks the same actually….just different cut and color to the hair….the only other thing is his skin…i feel like it’s more glowing nowadays, he doesn’t seem as stressed out with BOF, but I doubt he’s far from being stressed out with his schedule!

  97. he looks worn out
    and fat …

  98. nose….

    • I think he looks great!
      I dont think it is fault to do suggery!
      he is a actor /he must try to make him famous!

      i dont see any sin on you !!!!!

      kim hyun joong
      love you

  99. Guys, you need down time to recover from nose job! you dont just pop in and out of surgery and continue with life! Most nose jobs require breaking the nose (yes!) – do you think with KHJ’s schedule, he cld go for a nose job and just continue promotions and take the airplane the day after? Come on! I’m not a crazy fan but I have friends who went for nose (and eye) jobs and the recovery is very slow actually.

  100. OMG.
    he got surgery on his nose! it is soo obvious!
    why would he do that!!!! =(

    • His nose is the same as it was when he just debuted in 2005. I did careful comparasions and found the make-up and lighting makes different. What does it matter any way, he is excellent artist.

  101. I think he gained a bit of weight and so his cheeks look more round. It’s a good thing! I’ve always thought he looked too skinny.

  102. Nothing change i think,the diff only he lost weight,his hair style make him more mature look n face look small,but totally he still the same,thats what i think..aigoo kieopta oppa..

  103. Oooh; I love the pictures of him in the darkblack hair.
    Yeah; just some changes.

  104. I just thought he put on some weight…

  105. Gee.. what’s up with this comparison!!! Nothing better to do?? So just imagine stuff to talk about!
    His nose looks the same comparing from his 19 years old picture and the most recent one. Leave that pretty boy alone, netizen, or should I say, Antis!

  106. did he really do plastic surgery??
    o, mann!!!
    he’s good looking already what else needs to be fixed??

    anyways… he’s stunning.. and with his personality also..

  107. his looks now is the boy IN LOVE.

  108. Hmm his nose kinda looks different. Smaller maybe?
    but then again maybe he’s just put on some weight and his face is more healthy looking.
    And he doesn’t look sleep-deprived anymore. Thank god.

    He’s a hottie no matter what.

  109. Nothing change, just that his cheeks are more meaty, and his face is a bit oily!
    He looks so DIVINE in white (the press conference pictures).

  110. Uhm
    I think it is mature, it is by age, no vat to be a child forever, like me before and now has much talent and a beautiful voice.and their different styles and hair color, always changing the look of a person, I love you kim fight!>.<*

  111. Has any of those negtizens consider about his growing spur, weight, makeup, hairstyles, cameras’ angles, ..?!!???
    Since he’s too famous, just make up something to blad blad for fun! That’s about it.

  112. His nose is pretty much the same, just that his face is kinda plastic in recent pics.

  113. I think he has put on some weight. He has more flesh on his cheeks now comparing to BOF time.
    The last picture is when he’s 19. His nose then and now is just the SAME!

  114. He looks the SAME! The differences are from changing features of a 19 years old boy to a 23 years old man, hair color/tyles, and his rollercoaster weight.
    He looks a lot healthier, and heavier from the BOF time. Gorgeous as always.

  115. the nose !!~

  116. he loves his bff jaejoong so much, even their hairstyles r the same XD

  117. At certain angle he looks like a Chinese singer… Sho Low or something..

  118. Ive always thought he looks different than his debut days, but i thought its all styling, makeup, weightloss etc. Who knows since it is the korean ent industry.

    the main thing i thought with the recent pics is that he looks like… goo hye sun… 0_o
    hehe, but i think thats just me

  119. He’s looked different to me ever since Boys Over Flowers. His eyes, his nose, and even his mouth… something about them don’t seem the same.

    And maybe it’s a lot of glossy make-up, but his face seems so shiny and plastic lately.

    • He lost more than 10 lbs and that’s why he looks different now. I think filming Boys Over Flowers was pretty stressful to Hyun Joong, it’s his first TV drama after all!

  120. He looks the pretty much same to me, maybe he put on more weight. His cheeks do look more round. ^^

    Ooh I love his hair when it’s darker. =D ❀

  121. He probably looks a little less stressed after the drama activities ended.

  122. who cares the guy is hot

  123. the only diff =
    -he looked sick, tired maybe
    -his face is oily..huhu, change make up style

  124. Now,he is just less tired !His face is more ”energetic”,that’s all…

  125. lol I think it’s a bit pathetic scrutinizing his face. Maybe he got a nose job, maybe he gained weight, maybe he’s healthier, maybe it’s the camera, maybe it’s photoshop. Lots of maybe’s there xD

  126. He looks the same to me…just different hairstyles..and possibly more tired now and older..

    • same…i really dont see a difference…

      • i agree with you, i don’t see any difference from any pictures posted here.

      • ya it doesent look like anything happened… though his face looks more shinier and i think he did something with his eyes

    • actually my head ached because of this..i kept on scrutinizing hyun joong’s face (i even searched the net for his other pics just to compare before and now) and i don’t know what made people think that he had undergone surgery on his face..the differences are just he’s tired on some pics, the hair styles are changed and he’s getting aged..
      oh please,i know many of korean artists (in fact most of them) had plastic surgery,but i just don’t believe hyun joong is one of them..i’m one of his fans who believes in his talent,but i’m NOT an AVID..just want to clear some things about this poor guy..

      • yeah..and i don’t think he needs plastic surgery..OBVIOUSLY! LOL!!!

      • i agreedd 100%!!!!
        hyun joong’s face already handsome!!!
        he dont need any surgery…
        who accuse him done it,,is realy bad!!!
        juz look carefully,nothing change!!

      • i agree with u
        there are just some people who make hyun joong bad to every one …
        i believe that hyun joong didnt have a surjery

        ..i am one of his fans here in philippines …..


      • i agree with u
        there are just some people who make hyun joong bad to every one …
        i believe that hyun joong have a surjery

        ..i am one of his fans here in philippines …..


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