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MBC Music Core 11.07.2009


Tonight on MBC Music Core, we have special stages lined up:

  • 2PM and 4Minute‘s dance break
  • K Will for fast speed rap performance with Outsider
  • WonderGirls say hi from Omaha
  • 3 Musketeers performs with Super Junior on ‘Let’s Go’
  • Usual stages by SHINee, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 8eight and also my current favourite indie band Mate etc

Still updating the performances πŸ™‚

Special Stage

2PM + 4Minute dance break

Lol, it’s really nothing much. No need for screaming fangirls (ie. my lil sis)

Outsider with K Will on ‘Alone’

This is the coolest performances I’ve seen in weeks. K Will rocked it. He earned my respect

3 Musketeers with Super Junior KangIn, ShinDong, EunHyuk with ‘Let’s Go’

Lol this is such a fun stage. Very summer feel! Great to see SuJu on stage again

Usual stage

SHINee with ‘Juliette’

So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

I was looking forward to a new (?) set of costumes. Greediness takes over.

2PM with ‘I Hate You’

Mate with ‘Fly To The Sky’

Lovely lovely performance! I love this song!!

Untouchable with ‘Oh’

8eight with ‘Goodbye My Love’

Back with the piano version, their previous perf with TaeMin was a big hit

Wax with ‘Finally You’

Comeback stage

Norazo with ‘Mackerel’

Lol. They looked so cheesy with the pirate-sailor concept.

Moon Hee Jun with ‘Toy’

M Lee Min Woo with ‘Minnovation’

Noise with ‘Sarang Mansa’


WonderGirls say hi from Omaha

Tiffany and Yuri MC cuts

2PM interview


43 Responses

  1. kwill and outsider’s performance was one of the best one I’ve seen recently~ really good~
    Loving SNSD and 2PM ~.~

  2. K.Will is just pure talent as is Outsider, definitely my favorite performance of the night. I’ve been having both Outsider and K.will’s music on repeat lately so it was definitely a treat to see this.

  3. SuJu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg missed them so much xDD

    and 2PM looked…. very very hot…

  4. My favourite performance of the night was the collaboration between Outsider and K.Will.

  5. So proud of K. Will!
    He was so adorable practicing for this and he did such a good job. Outsider of course was awesome!

    I already liked the 3Chongsa song. But Shindong and esp Eunhyuk made it adorable. Eunhyuk’s little faces and sticking out his tongue adorable.

    2PM and SNSD ❀

  6. I liked 2:04pm’s (2PM + 4Minute) dance break, that was cool.

    SHINee did well too.

  7. Outsider and K.Will were epic. Great performance. They were so in-sync! K.Will was amazing!
    Fun performance with the 3 Chongsa!

  8. that was a short dance specialT^T but it was hot especially 2pm *_*

  9. so it’s 4MINUTE’s fault that the dance break was short? you guys are really annoying and childish…how can you blame them for some of ths things you do? is it really that enjoyable to hate them? I liked it, even though it was short, it was really good (camera man, please focus better nesxt time)… stop hating for no reason, they did great…it was short, but they worked it.

    • hmmm no one said that lol.
      but the dancing was…….
      i felt like 2pm were holding back to not
      overshadow 4min.

      • No, the choreography wasn’t too complicated because 4MINUTE had just performed and 2PM was about to perform their song… Also, no boy group can do all the things 2PM does, let alone a girl group..so hating on them because you think they were “holding” 2PM back is bullshit… They both performed well, short, but good.

      • i also dont see anyone hating on them,they said they were “disappointed”.god are people not allowed to have opinions anymore?you might have thought that it was great but not everyone will agree.4min fans need to get off their high horses.

      • ^ @lol
        4minute fans have to get off their high horses?
        What in the world are you talking about?
        4minute fans recieve horrible treatment from other fans. (*cough)

      • jamjam…you sound like you hv no idea what “get off your high horse” means.

        “4minute fans recieve horrible treatment from other fans” has nothing to do with the fact that everytime someone says something negative abt 4minute, they’re considered unrational haters.
        so many of their fans also wont admit to all the bad performances this group has churned out….instead the
        fans concentrate on bashing and accusing the commenters of being -inserts another girl group’s name- fans who just hate on 4minute automatically.

      • by “bad performances” i refer to milkshake, that lexy song, tell me, irreplaceable. yes, i hv been following this group, hoping to see some improvement.

        besides ‘hot issue’, this short dancebreak with 2pm is the only thing that has been nice and good enough from 4minute.

  10. oo geez. WG’s and 4minute-2PM’s special stage make me T_T. I want watch them more.

  11. with suju*

  12. the 3 musketeers with seemed to be very fun XD
    especially when they jump jump jump haha.

  13. err .. mybe one just make a special stage between : 2PM-2NE1 or 2PM-snsd or BIGBANG-2NE1 !! 4 minute T.T

  14. Ohh..WG!! Lol..Korean fans finally hear something from them??

    K-will’s performance sounds interesting..lol. Off to watch. Thanxs for the links, Eileen!!!

  15. wow thats a nice suprise from wonder girls…:D

  16. can anyone tell me where is the wonder girls’ clip?

  17. wait… was the 3 Muskeeteers performing with SuJu, a response to the netizens claims that the 3 Muskeeteers song sounded like SuJu’s song??

  18. I was quite disheartened by the special stage, it honestly didn’t seem like one. I guess I expected too much.
    Anyway, Soshi and the other artists were as amazing as usual. :]

  19. lolol im weird but i’ve always thought that yuri and taec would make a cute couple! xD and they were standing next to each other during yuri and tiffany’s interview with 2pm! hehe

    • haha me too! I think they will make a good couple, both are so gorgeous yet they are also so crazy and hilarious. The fact that Taec’s favorite SNSD girl is Yuri just makes me root for TaecYul more~

      And I have to say the 4minute-2pm thing was pretty disappointing… :[

    • lmao! true, they would make a cute couple xDD and lol, you’ve got me thinking again…

      lately ive been thinking about alot of idol group couples… espeicially between YG and SM… cuz there’s some serious need for love between YG and SM fans… well i think so anyway xD

  20. 4minute doesnt fail to disappoint.
    BUT 2PM looks great ^^

  21. oh i am disappointed “>< where are the flips 2pm and 48sec is not enough to find who is who although this i love 2pm ….

  22. my boys did interview… ^^
    omg… after hard practicing, kwill did it!!! congrats!!! the rap just awesome… so fast ~.~
    2pm n 4minute dance break —-> not make me jealous with the girls… just 25 seconds dancing with 2pm and that’s enough….hihihihi…just kidding, i hope they will join again in the future… =D

  23. i LOve the outsider kwill stage .< wg clip

  24. wow i was really dissapointed,only 48 seconds?
    thats not really a special stage.

    • *disappointed

      • why does everything related to 4Minute becomes a disa….. nevermind. i really wanted to like this group.

    • ,it was said that it was only a dance break. I liked it a lot in fact. they’re cool together. Gosh you’ll never admit 4minute was slightly good? theyimproved a lot since their first stage

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