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T-ara QRi is an incredibly doll-like uljjang


I’ve been getting more curious and interested in slowly unveiling this upcoming power vocal group T-ara.

We have ‘Little Kim TaeHeeJiYeon, and ex-So Nyeo Shi Dae member SoYeon, SNSD Jessica lookalike HyoMin, singer Jeon YeongRok and talent Lee MiYoung‘s daughter Jeon BoRam.

Here we get to known something more about QRi.

She is an uljjang, who looks like a doll, before debut.

Some of her photos here…



I know it’s the works of those circle lens, but still she looks like a doll.

Her after debut photos:





  • “Is she a doll or a human”
    • “Not a doll, definitely a human”
    • “A human, and one who wears enlargement lens”
    • “A lens model”
  • “AHH, my eyes hurt”
  • “I think she stood out more than JiYeon the little Kim TaeHee”
  • “Try taking a photo of her without her lens”
  • “She look a little like Goo HyeSun in some photos. Totally pretty”
  • “The mole on her nose is really right smack in the centre”
  • “She is pretty but the mole on her nose….”

33 Responses

  1. her face is too big to be a doll. she has a chin. doll has a circle head like hara’s

  2. She’s pretty but how many kgs of makeup was she wearing before her pre debut? She looked like a completely white ghost in the first few pictures.

  3. i love her eyes. lool.

  4. she is indeed pretty
    but let’s see if her eyes look as big without those stupid stupid circle lenses! I bet she is pretty.

  5. Her eyes, can set a new Guinness New Record.
    Is it real or under knife before??????????????
    Its freakishly HUGE! =X

  6. doesnt han ga in have a mole on her nose as well?

    QRi’s eyes look abnormally MASSIVE in some pictures, although shes very pretty and cute.

  7. she’s so pretty, but that mole is some what distracting. but you know what, thats what makes her unique and it’s not a big deal cuz it doesnt take away from the fact that she’s beautiful

  8. lmao she is pretty!!!

  9. I actually LOVE LOVE her mole. Its just like Marily Monreo’s beauty mark but on her nose. So CUte. Haha.

  10. i hope shes a natural beauty . i wouldnt mind if she got that mole removed though . its just in the wrong place . shes so clear and then you see the mole …

  11. natural beauty??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if she is, omg. so angelic.

  12. Other than that, the group itself is creating such a big hype just with their appearances. I didn’t get to listen to them yet.

  13. i don’t like her ulhjjang’s pictures, but the ones for T-ARA are nice. I agree how she stands out more than Jiyeon. But her mole reminds me of SooJin, former member of Sugar.

  14. her eyes are incredibly huge
    and it’s special to have her mole on the tip of her nose haha
    mine is in between my eyebrows. kaka

  15. She’s so cute in the pic she posed with the little dog…

    She has an incredible baby face.

  16. its funny, i didnt even notice the mole until i read the netizen comments.. haha… very pretty…

  17. Dang she does look like a doll. Very pretty. Her eyes are nice, but looked a bit too big in some of the photos.

    Rofl. I did NOT even notice the mole on her nose until that was pointed out. Her eyes captured my attn. But the mole really is dead center. XD

  18. I …. LOVE her MOLE!!!!!

    Can she sing? WHO CARE? 99% of famous girlgroups can’t sing. If you’re in a group that has 1-2 persons that can sing, you really don’t have to know how to hold a note…

    Go QRi~~~~~

    • I find this funny yet true at the same time. I pity the music industry these days. Yet again, I’ll admit, I don’t really care if there’s dead weight in a group, as long as the talents are brought out. After all, you don’t realize people are talented until you compare them to other members in the group, xD.

  19. Her eyes are huge!! Sometimes they look a little creepy… =/ but she’s a very pretty girl.

  20. I think its the power of her contacts. Those contacts might make her eyes appear bigger and yehh, different colours might make you look prettier?? Eyes do a BIG job to your face 😀 but dont get me wrong, she looks pretty. And i cant help but notice the cute little freckle or mole?? haha she’s cute ❤

  21. yeah i guess she’s an ulzzang, but the mole…
    well we just have to wait until their debut.. i wonder if she’s a good singer.. she has the looks definitely but, yeah the vocals..

  22. I like moles on girls usually, but it’s just in an unfortunate place.

  23. Am I the only one that likes her mole?

    • I think it’s cute too. Han Ga In also have a mole on her nose, it’s charming imo

  24. the circle lens… are really creeping me out. my eyes hurt thinking of putting circle lens on myself!!! eeeee….. i like brown eyes better. those lighter colors are kind of err. i like it when Jaejoong wears light blue contacts though HEHEH

    anyway this group is really pretty and probably (since members left) vocally powerful so yay! i look forward to lie 🙂

  25. Lol the mole… i would call that a freckle. but yeah, it is pretty distracting. she’s still gorgeous though. and as much as i love SNSD and i know 2NE1 and 4minute are getting all the hype and this group are nowhere near that level yet and maybe won’t be… this band is actually my favourite from the girl bands “battle” thingy. i loved good person, it was a really “heartfelt” kinda song, though im guessing some of the dynamics of the group vocals may change now with the members having been replaced/added. still, im anticipating this group (nice to see non-90s kids too! it doesnt always have to be about super young teens though i like the taemins and minjis out there aswell)

  26. wow she’s really gorgeous^^

    hmm that mole is a bit off-putting though but whatevs, she’s still pretty.

    hopefully t-ara debuts with a better song than good person (:

  27. aw her eyes are like wow!!they are big it’s like on an anime series hehehe.hhmm but on her latest photos her eyes are not that big already hehehe..i wanna see her child photos i wanna know if she does have a big eyes b4 hehehe..just to make sure

  28. In the top picture she reminds me of Kim Ah Joong.

    And reminds of another uljjang but I can’t think of her name >..< "right smack in the center" XD

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