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Digging the 2NE1 style? Follow them!


I came across a Korean pop fashion blog KStyle recently, and I fell in love with the stuff they posted there.

And of the many fashion posts they have there, there is a galore of fashion tips and where-to-get-it for my current love 2NE1.

And you don’t even need to spend a bomb to follow your idols’ style.

Here goes:

#1 Dara’s ‘piggy necklace’

XD! (As CL called it)



This PUFFY CHAIN (SILK) [BLACK] can be bought here for $113.12

#2 : CL‘s acid washed jeans



These trendy unique jeans can be bought here for $39.00.  Again, you need a Zipia account to access the page.

#3: CL’s tee

In the new episode of 2ne1tv the girls show behind the scenes of their Album Jacket photo shoot. I off the back knew where CL got her shirt from.



You can buy this  Cheap Monday: The Biggie Skull T-shirt here

#4: Park Bom’s dresses


So I was on Karmaloop.com a couple of seconds ago just searching for any 2ne1 outfots and BAM! I found Bom’s dress that she wore during a Fire performance. (above pic)



You can get The Church Chime Dress in Azure blue Women’s Dresses by Insight here for $44.00.

It also comes in black version we have seem our Bom wear.

This dress was sold on Karmaloop, but is no longer available. sorry guys


#5: Dara’s tie-dye jeans

Remember those Tie- Dye Jeans that Dara wore in her solo promotional pic? If not check it out below:


I discovered the designer of the jeans this morning in a store display while doing a couple of errands. The tie-dyed denim is the fab Levis 631 Skinny Premium Jean.


The wash looks different in the picture, because when it comes to tie-dye …no two wahsed are  the same : D. You can purchase them on UrbanOutfitters.com here for $68.00. ( Not 100% percent sure, but hey its a look-a-like)

#6: CL’s vest


Thanks to a tip from my new friends and  team members. I found out where CL’s Vest is from.


The Vest is by Phillip Lim you can purchase it for $495.00


its just the vest itself, its not attached to the button down.

#7: 2NE1′ promotional photos fashion


Bom is wearing TopShop’s Keyhole Bodycon dress. The dress was $110.00 , but you can buy it here for $50.00. Holla!

Keyhole Bodycon Dress

CL’s outfit in the Promo picture.


Thanks to my awesomely awesome friend mirima2244’s tip i found out about Cl’s one piece. It is the Knot front one piece by Topshop.


You can buy it here for $50.00.

Fairy Mystick gave the tip about Cl’s glasses that she is wearing also. They are Martin Margiela Sci Fi Sunglasses.


You can buy them here for $457.50. o_o

CL also wore these bad boys in their last set of promo pics.

#8: Dara’s high waist jeans

You can buy them here for $49.99 ( The original price was $70.00)

#9: Minzy’s Leopard Blondie tee

You can get your right here for $22.90

#10: Dara, Minzy’s tees

So I saw this pic and I thought it was adorable. Then I saw more pics ( the ones below) andI thought that Dara’s shirt looked amazing. Then I went on with my” life” and googled “Hellz Bellz” and what do i see… Dara’s shirt along with Minji’s.

The Shirt Dara is wearing is The Coco X Hellz Tee in Red Women’s T-shirts By Hellz Bellz . You can find this shirt here for $36.00. They also have it in white.

Minji’ shirt is also by Hellz Bellz. The Hellz Floyd Tee in Black Women’s T-shirts By Hellz Bellz is actually on sale. XD! it also comes in purple. You can buy it here for $29.95.

#3: Items on 2NE1’s shopping trip


Remember this picture of 2NE1 shopping with their stylist, Yang Seung Ho? MerryCherry left a comment stating that the girls were shopping at Good nation.

You can see in the first picture that Seung is putting on a yellow hat on Dara. Does the hat ring a bell? Well if you saw 2NE1 tv, it should.


Since Good nation is a Korean store that sells different name -brands, you have to be a citizen of South Korea to buy it.

If you are lucky, you can buy it this DROP DAT!!cap (yellow) by TROPICAL SOUND here for 45,000 won. It also comes in black as you can see above.

Also Dara’s Shirt


You can get the PANCOAT ‘BIGEYES’ (black) for 32,00 won here

You can also get the red sweater Dara is ‘trying on’ in the 4th picture:

sdara sweaterThis PANCOAT ‘POPEYES CREWNECK’ (red) cost 64,000 here

Is the shark fin, that Cl wears from here?

CL is wearing CRITIC ‘KEEP SOUL JACKET’ (yellow) in the 3rd picture.

crt2009ss_coach%28yellow%29_dYou can buy it here

And I found something really cute! Hyori with her leopard hoodie!



The hoodie is $180.00 and will be for sale on Adidas in October. You can get it sooner on ebay just for waaaaay more money.

Major thanks to my new favourite Korean fashion style blog KStyle! They have also posted up fashion items by other Kpop groups like 2PM, WonderGirls and 4Minute. Do check it out.


55 Responses

  1. want spx shoes from them!!

  2. truely amazing

  3. How can we buy the yellow cap from dara cause you said that we cannot buy it if we dont live in south korea??.. why doenst that store do shipping can someone please help me find out how to buy it?

  4. 2NE1 IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. i want 2 follow 2ne1 fashion style….

  6. oh but i’m from philippines….huhuhu

    but it’s ok

    i really love it…..

  7. 1. unique
    2. awesome
    3. gusto kong gayahin!!!

    i really love it!!!!

    I LOVE 2NE1>>>>.

  8. i want to buyyy~~~ but i from Japan :(((((((((

  9. cute!!! but mad expensive…sad to say i barely hav any money T.T….and 2pm wore the pancoat popeyes crewneck shirt when they were performing bo peep on gayo daejun!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2pm &2ne1 ❤

  10. How can we buy the yellow cap from dara cause you said that we cannot buy it if we dont live in south korea??.. why doenst that store do shipping can someone please help me find out how to buy it?

  11. luv dara’s tye-dye jeans.

    YOUR THE BEST………………

  13. excuse me ! Do you kow the brand of dara’s red cap in picture 2 : #1 Dara’s ‘piggy necklace’ ? Thank you so much !

  14. oh thanks for sharing..i think their clothes are hard to pull off for the average person, but some of the items are actually really cute ^^

  15. i want the shade that CL wore! omg.
    i always wanted one.

  16. Oh my..I want the Philippe Lim vest !!!
    I loveeeeee what that guy does ~
    It’s fun, there are a lot of Topshop stuffs : )

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  18. WOW the cash o_o

  19. Karmaloop is an awesome website with tons of stuff on it so I was very happy to see it here. I have actually seen a couple other items from other kpop artists on that website. For example the orange boom box bag in the 4minute’s promo shots is also on that website, I was thinking about buying a couple months back so when I saw it in the promo pics I was really surprised. If you are in the states and you want some good streetwear that’s the website to look at but do know that most of the stuff there is pretty pricey but some but they tend to have sales that can make the prices a little more reasonable.

  20. Awesomeee ^^

  21. oh my that’s some really good stuff! i’m loving the kstyle site! thanks for the tip 🙂

  22. my friend @ facebook.
    its the same as Hyori’s =p

  23. omg im digging bom’s dresses. fabbb!

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  26. Wow..that’s quite cheap for ‘idol’ stage outfits..
    I thought it will cost thousand of dollars..
    But, they have it good..
    Nice Fashion sense…
    2NE1 Fighting!

  27. Here where you can get to know 2ne1 fashion


    More details there

  28. now the real question is:
    if u girls had the money, what will u buy??

    for me:
    Cheap Monday
    The Vest is by Phillip Lim
    Dara’s high waist jeans
    Minzy’s Leopard Blondie tee
    The Coco X Hellz Tee
    The Hellz Floyd Tee
    The Yellow Cap


  30. cool…
    there’s another fashion blog specially made for 2NE1

    just visit 2ne1fashion.blogspot.com

    also, the bodysuit CL wear the one indicated to b of TOPSHOP’s is actually not…CL wore a one piece bodysuit w/out any details, the one TOPSHOP has has a knot as a centerpiece…

  31. O_o Some are really expensive. I like the yellow cap Dara wears and the red jacket. I thought that’s cute..

    Oh I didn’t know Bom’s black dress is from TOPshop..her dresses are nice too. Sweet dresses.

    Thanxs Eileen for the research!! Haha..

  32. I really like that shark hat and Hyori’s leopard hoodie.

  33. thanks eileen for the apparel and where to buy them!!! especially the cool tees and most especially Hyori’s hoodie!!! adidas will release them? will they release it here in the South east asia, particularly philippines? I am so gonna buy that. ^^

  34. that’s some expensive clothes and accessories! i love their style but those stuff wun look good on me haha. does anyone know where can i buy their high cut shoes??

  35. I have to say this…LOL..but YG Family likes wearing expensive stuff I think!!! LOL…
    Big Bang stuff are FREAKING expensive & 2NE1’s toO! LOL… I luv their styles, but I’ll break my piggy bank!

  36. Lol. Lee Seung Gi wore that leopard once before I think. He looked so cute and Lee Su Geuen bit his tail. XD
    But those clothes are hella ex. =(

  37. Ohhh I’ve seen some of these 2NE1’s fashion, but Kstyle found Hyori’s leopard hoodie?! Omg…it’s so cute. But expensive for my taste. ><

    Thanks for sharing the info~ ^^

  38. holy crap a vest for almost $500?!

    i love their style

  39. Wow. Those girls are really stylish. Haha!

  40. awesome styles!!

  41. do you know where they got that shirt that minzy and sohee wore……..

  42. OMG! Thanks soooo much!
    I love CL’s vest, I absolutely love it. So cute and Phillip Lim is genius. But it’s a shiiiiit load of money for a vest.
    The tees, I’m ordering them now! And Hyori’s sweater!

  43. I like this site too:


    I want their stylist lol

  44. Gosh… Yang Seung Ho (2NE1’s stylish) really has an expensive ‘fashion style’ ^_^

    But he really did a good job (especially with 2NE1’s mini album fashion style)

  45. Hehe

  46. thank god I have SOME cash >> XD

  47. Thanks for posting all these!!
    Haha, now I can find all the 2NE1-ish stuff i wanted to buy LOL!!

  48. Wow, some of those are crazy expensive o.e

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