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SBS Inkigayo 12.07.2009 – SNSD wins Mutizen!


Some of the highlights of SBS Inkigayo for today:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae wins Mutizen award in their new red hot uniforms
  • 2NE1 hot hot comeback stage with ‘I Don’t Care’
  • KARA with Energy Song MV
  • Other hot usual stages by 2PM, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SHINee, 4Minute, LPG 2nd Generation etc

Still updating the performances

Comeback stage

2NE1 with ‘I Don’t Care’

It just gets better! Love them! I really like this feminine concept.

Their interview

Gosh I really really love CL‘s new hairstyle ><


So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

Change of costume! Hot red! Sweet.

Them winning Mutizen. Aww Taengoo with her tears

2PM with ‘I Hate You’

SHINee with ‘Juliette’

4Minute with ‘Hot Issue’

Usual stages

K Will ‘Love is Punishment’

Really love the song, and the drama ‘Shining Inheritance’

IU with ‘You Know’

I really like her more matured image now.

Hong Jin Young with SeeYa and Davichi on ‘Love’s Battery’

I seriously hope Davichi and SeeYa revert back to power ballads soon

LPG 2nd Generation with ‘Jang Dong Gun Lee Hyori’

… They can’t sing I’m so sorry to say

Koyote with ‘Nonsense’


Energy Song Music Video: KARA

The girls talk about preparing for their comeback here. Can’t wait!

Digital Chart: SHINee‘s Onew and MinHo

Gil Mi featuring Eun JiWon on ‘Loves Cut’

Ko YuJin with ‘Because I’m foolish’

Gary Gold Smith with ‘U’re Mine’

Other performing artistes

  • The 3 Musketeers
  • Wax

113 Responses

  1. i love 2NE1 performance and their outfits are cute.

  2. i hv to agree with taeyeon showing no leadership here today. i dont get why fans defend her with “she’s such a leader for lettin the other member say her thanks” – obviously she’s crying so hard here she can hardly

    and no, this is not the first time ive seen taeyeon hide behind her members onstage for a cry….that to me shows no leadership (im not talking abt other elements here, just what i observe during mutizen wins)

  3. i โค 2ne1 ๐Ÿ™‚ eileen.. i thought the girls were doin a once a week stagey yet why they appear in mubank n inkigayo too in the same week ?

  4. Congratz, my beloved SNSD! Taeng had something going on, i think. Cos during the actual perf, if u watch all their genie perfs, Taeng didn’t move smoothly like prev perfs. She looked like she was in pain or something n she brokedown again. T.T

    I’m not a kind of person that observe everyone’s perf. I just enjoy it n I think 2NE1, 4min, SNSD all did great in their own way n spread their own color. ^^

    I esp love th

    • I esp love the civilized comments here. When i saw long comments, i thought there would be a war. LOL
      But then, if everyone can respect others, fandoms will be friends with each other. ^^

  5. While , I think SNSD’ s are overall stronger dancers than 2NE1, i think it’s hard to compare their “in-synchness” basically because SNSD choreo has always been about synchronization and dancing as a group. With a group this big you have to be synchronized or it will look really messy.

    This is a totally different concept from 2NE1 who are more about individuality and showing different personalities. Half the time they are doing different choreography from each other.

  6. Congrats, to SNSD, they deserved it. I hope 2NE1 can win in week or 2 in inkigayo. Inkigayo is the only 2NE1 performs regularly in so I doubt they will be nominated for #1 in other shows. SNSD can have Music Bank and Music Core while 2NE1 gets Inkigayo. Haha dividing the spoils between the 2 groups that I like.

  7. @everyone that was comparing groups.

    First of all. The comparisons between groups. I didn’t intend my “opinions” to become comparisons. I was just expressing my opinion about what each groups need to improve on as rookies. Which is why I did not posted any of SNSD flaws. Because i believe they already have potentials of a top girl group.

    Second for the ranking thing. I just wanted to tell “lime” that i think differently from he/she. And if they really want to compare they should compare debut perfs (because it is all their first performances, you know? so they all went through the same emotions) and do it in a private conversation. (i stated this many times)

    I just wanted to make it clear that i didn’t intend for my opinions to be offensive to anybody. Although i know that fans will defend their favorite groups. Just a thought guys! don’t need to take it seriously.

    if you’re annoyed, then you shouldn’t even be reading the comments. and i think the “know what the groups are feeling” refers to me? I don’t think anyone here stated directly. “taeyeon IS crying because of personal problems”. I see “maybes” or “possibilities”.

    • what can i say…u just really love to comment or your “opinions” should i say. Gosh! you really putting a lot of effort to make words to say. are you 24/7 awake…hehe next time make it more shorter, ok.
      PEACE i have no other meanings to that. and i aint gonna read ur comment or reply to that again.

  8. I didn’t like SNSD’s outfit as much this time. I still prefer their white sailor uniforms. xD

    But anyways, congrats to SNSD. It seems like there’s going to be quite the competition from 2NE1 next week. omg, CL you kill me. I love your hair more than Jessica’s hair extensions. D8

  9. instead of giving my congrats to the girl groups who performed i end up reading comments whether its bad or negative or their “opnions”.
    Gosh, im kinda annoyed w/ some commentators here who keeps replying with other comments/ he/she looks like really know what groups feelings or doing. but its annoying really. Peace! I advice you shoud tell that to the companies who manage them so they would know.

    anyway…lovin 2NE1 fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Taeyeon is really the worst leader ever. She never says anything! She just starts bawling while the other girls speak for her. So sad.

    • Oh yeah someone mentioned her going through private? Who cares? She’s an entertainer, she needs to be *professional.* I’m not saying, don’t be human, don’t cry. What I’m saying is act professional, keep your emotions in check. Say thanks for the award and sob elsewhere after the show.

      • *private stuff. heehee. sorry (:

      • Are you kidding me? If you were a fan, you know Taeyeon rarely cries ever. And just because she’s the leader, it doesn’t mean the other girls can’t speak for her. Can you imagine if she gave the winning speech for the 9 straight wins for “Gee”? People would be calling her selfish. Not to mention, the MCs like to give the microphone to the closest member in order to speed up the process. Besides, she talked for the group yesterday at Music Bank.

        Oh, and I guess by your definition as the “worst leader ever”. Eeteuk would take the cake since he cries in about every award they win.

      • lalala, are you insane? that is what makes Taeyeon shine as a leader, that and much more. she lets others in the group speak and have the spotlight which builds great camaraderie. As an idol and not of the management department, i know she doesnt get to choose whether or not who stands when they perform and such but don’t you think she’s done an excellent job not causing a fit everytime she, the leader, isnt positioned in the middle of album covers or dance routines or even at the end of a choreo? for example, Tell me Your Wish (Genie). the maknae stands tall in the middle but where is the leader? in the mesh with the rest of SNSD. idk about you, but she is a great leader in her own respect

      • You can’t expect every professionals to be perfect. If you think that one should hold in their tears to act professional and be a good leader than i don’t see how taeyeon is not any different from other leaders. We see other leaders cry all the time. Eeteuk, Sunye, Onew, Gyuri and etc. If it was your dream to become a singer and you had to go through years and years of training, than you would be emotional too. Especially if you’re at the top and deemed one of the best girl group around.

        If you think taeyeon crying is unprofessional of her than you deemed other leaders unprofessional. So are you calling other leaders who cry bad ones too? I think taeyeon is a great leader. She led 9 girls. Can you lead 9 members and try not to get jealous when one outshines the other? If i were a leader of a group and was never centered i’d be jealous but taeyeon never complained. I think taeyeon (and other leaders) of course are great role models and should be the one you look up to.

        Taeyeon and Eeteuk are the best leaders for me considering how many members they must care for and lead.
        Leader Min and Yunho are great too.

      • @crayon, not a fan, OBVIOUSLY. But everytime I see/hear about them win she’s usually the first one to cover her face to ‘hide’ her tears. besides, at least leeteuk attempts to talk while taeyeon just shakes her head no.

        @anonymousss, she isn’t the only leader that ‘doesn’t stand in the middle’ you know. yunho doesn’t. leeteuk doesn’t. onew doesn’t. none of SME leaders do, so don’t make taeyeon seem so damn special when she’s not

        @loveskpop you just love replying to everybody, eh? not even gonna bother with you. (:

      • Oh, so I see now that it’s okay for the leader to cry when least he/she attempts to talk? Puhleez don’t try to turn the tables around.

      • Dear, you probably have never been in her place. You wouldn’t know a thing or two about what’s going on inside Taeyeon at that time. I’m not saying I know but I wouldn’t assume it’s just because of the award.

        We all know being “professional” is always keeping composed on stage or in front of the cam, but what you said seems heartless in my opinion. Whatever Taeyeon was feeling then, you cannot stop her from crying and bash her because she did.

        If you’re gonna outrightly call someone “unprofessional”, you should at least look for other clips with the same situation/event like winning an award. Then compare and see if in all of them they acted “unprofessionally”.

        And mind you, I’m not really an SNSD fan. But I prefer not to hate other artists and love their music. =)

      • by the way that comment is for lalala.

    • oh lol. you make me laugh.
      Taeyeon rarely cries ’cause she tends to hide it. This was actually the first time she cried in front of the cameras; bawling. It doesn’t make them unprofessional because they cried. And agreed with the other posts, you gotta let others in the group to speak and say their acceptance speech and all. Wouldn’t it be boring to just have one person to say it all the times? I don’t get why you called her the worst leader ever. Back in their debut days, SNSD had a lot of antis. All the antis verbally and etc., attacked them. When she hosted her radio show, there were comments flying everywhere in the msg board saying how Taeyeon sucks and how their group sucks. Taeyeon is leader of a huge group, she has to pull through so much, all the hate towards them, she tries to defend and not let her members get hurt emotionally, she always kept it inside of her. Since she’s the leader, she tries her best, she wants the best for her group. Seriously, SNSD has been through a lot of hate. If I was her, I would have broke down AGES ago, there’s only so much to handle.

  11. 4minute’s performance was fun to watch. Jiyoon got a dance solo in the song. it was so cool.

  12. I just finished watching 2ne1’s performance and i think they are in sync. ๐Ÿ˜€

    it was just they got different ways on how to execute the dance moves, that;s why it looks not in sync.

    Bom was kinda stiff and sexy when she’s dancing,
    CL was kinda gangsta and feminine when dancing.
    Dara was kinda giving that cute vibe in dancing.
    and Minzi was so powerful when dancing.

    combining them with that kind of dancing style or execution would not really look in sync! but they are doing the moves in time, they are really in sync, but with different execution, based on their personality, and dancing style.

    i think there’s no reason to compare them with SNSD since SNSD was their senior, and they got different concept and style, the same with 4minute.

    im not bashing 2ne1 or SNSD or 4minute. i love the three groups. it was just sad that some still imposing that 2ne1 wasn’t in sync. but believe me, they are in sync, they just got different style on executing it.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. omg. watch 2PM perf! the cameraman is so smart to zoom to Jaebeom’s part when it was the ‘Rainism’ body move. LOL. it was so hot i swear.

    • Lol the whole thing with his hands gliding down his abdomen and such. i noticed it too and was like, camera men really wants to make fangirls scream. im not a girl btw. i just knew someone was going to comment on that part eventually

  14. i forgot to comment on my 2NE1!
    their performance was sex.
    my parkbom look was so perfect to the max!!!!!!!!
    i wish them all the best <3333
    2NE1 FIGHTING!@@@@@@@@@@@@

  15. I wake up in the morning and I see sookyeong’s blog bombarded. And I thought I’m the only one who usually post long ass comments. Anyways…

    Great job SNSD! Lovely outfit and great performance! Awwwwwwww Taeng โค Seohyun was so cute, hugging Taeyeon ๐Ÿ™‚

    I never saw this day that CL would let her hair down.. and Sandara too. It looks nice actually. They should keep it like that.

    I'm happy K.Will sang that song! I love that song ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. I really really LOVE how the commenters here in this post is so civil and diplomatic. Compared to other posts with SNSD, 2NE1 and 4minute as topics, the comments here is much more civil and peaceful except for this anonymous guy. Anyway, guys keep it up! Kpop need fans like you guys who knows how to give constructive criticisms and knows how to accept these criticisms and opinions from other fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Okay…. I just saw the “LPG 2nd Generation” video. Really? Is this a new girl group? You got to be kidding me. I find 4Minute more entertaining. Also, what are they singing? Is it trot?

  18. my opinion, my opinion, just let your opinion in ur brain and shut up!!!

    • well that’s why people are allowed to post comments in the first place.

    • I’m sorry, but no one asked you to read “our opinions” if you don’t like to read it then don’t. You don’t have to be rude about it. Everyone has the rights to express their opinion. If you don’t like it. Just avoid it. No one is making you read any of our opinions. Second, I was only stated that it was “my opinion” a lot of times because i fear some die hard fans might take it the wrong way.

  19. First, Happy for SNSD for winning the Mutizen. They deserve this after the years of hardwork under SM. Their song is pretty cool. After the monster sales and win in Music Bank, I’m not surprised at all. Oh and they all look pretty.

    Second, on 2NE1:

    Despite being a fan of 2NE1, I have to give props to ver’s observation – that the girls have the “i-do-my own thang feel”and lovekpops’ comment that “the dance is not as synced as i thought”. On the do my own thing, i think YG emphasizes much on individuality of the members. if we look at 2NE1’s “brothers” Big Bang, each member stood out from each other and eventually made their own names separate from Big Bang. So, I guess, YG’s just doing the same thing for 2NE1. But, I do agree, that 2NE1 should be more in sync when dancing. I spotted some parts where some members where not in timing with the song. I know who loveskpop is referring to who needs improvement and I agree that she does need to step up her game given that the others are so good.

    But I think 2NE1’s members fit together despite the diversity of the group’s age, talent and looks. They complement each other, I guess. What one member doesn’t have, the other supplies. Part of the reason that fans like me love them is precisely because of this diversity. Personally, I don’t like too much homogeneity in a group that I can’t tell them apart when performing. Each member must bring something to the table. For me, kpop artists are not just singers. They’re overall entertainers. I find this in 2NE1. That’s why I’m a fan.

    Third, on 4 minute. I guess the pressure’s too much right now for them to step up their game and they have been performing steadily since their debut so they must be tired. I’m not liking the bag thing also. They should be allowed to rest so they can do better. Their song’s still strong in the charts so it means that with just the right amount of practice and just the right song, they’ll do well in the charts.

    Sorry for the essay..LOL. But I just had to share my thoughts. Thank you for the respect that non fans of 2NE1 showed. I hope all others are like you.

    • Props to that..nice essay. I read through all of that. Lol..

    • I was gonna reply on loveskpop because I do not agree with SOME of her opinions but I’ll take your word for it ^^ However, I’d also like to add.. what do people mean by saying “not in sync”? Honestly, synchronization was not problem for me because 2NE1’s choreography/dancing style is different for each member. (So..people can’t really compare it with the homogeneity in SNSD’s dance in terms of synchronization.)

      2NE1 jjang! Hope to see them get awards with IDC because they deserve it.

      • I find it funny how everyone assumes I’m a girl when no one here knows me personally.

      • And i forgot to add. not in sync as in timing for the same dance moves. we are aware that each member have individual moves but some dance movements are the same too. They’re just not execute at the same time for each member. That’s what we meant by synchronization. And I understand that you don’t agree with my opinion but you should just let it go. Because everyone is entitled to their opinion. My intention in stating that it is my opinion throughout all my replies is because I don’t want my opinion effect yours. I’m just expressing what I think.

      • ohh you’re a guy? Sorry! I forgot to be careful with my gender-specific pronouns. Anyway, kudos for not being rude with your opinions on the previous post ^^ Some people tend to be rude when they comment lol

      • Oh yeah I see, I just saw your 2nd post. Yeah, based on my observation, I thought they were pretty much in sync but not that perfect. Still, I respect your opinion. I just don’t agree with some of it and I’m not gonna argue about it lol

    • Hear! Hear!

      This is what i call proper constructive criticism and not bashing like what most people give for 2NE1 and “the one who needs improvement.”

      We should know the difference between a SUBJECTIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism/opinion.

      We should just say “this is my opinion” after bashing.

      Very well explained heartofgold.

      • “We should just say โ€œthis is my opinionโ€ after bashing.”

        “shouldn’t”, i mean. sorry for the typo

      • i agree?It’s actually really pleasant to read comments like this. I am 4minute-biased and i prefer them, but just because i feel more close to them, don’t know why. i am not really into 2ne1 and SNSD ,but i do admit theyre really good.it’s good to see no bashing and constructive comment.Though, i must say i think 4minute is quite in synch? i have to compare their perf to other perf now^^

      • I was surprised that people replied to my comment. Thank you for appreciating my post. I don’t comment on posts that just outrightly bash or criticize groups without any basis since it’s a waste of time to defend my fave group to close minded people. How I replied is largely a reflection of how the previous posters gave their opinions. Because they were honest but polite, I felt that I should give the same courtesy. ^^ Also, I think that as a fan, I’ll be doing a disservice to my favorite group if I become blinded to flaws in their performance. They will not improve if all they hear are praises despite the fact their performance was not as good. Fans, at least the mature ones, should comment with a passion tempered by logic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha, I like the essay LOL. Glad that there are other sane fans like you around ๐Ÿ˜€

      Kinda random note, but about SNSD’s “monster sales” part – I think they’ll get Godzilla-esque sales if they actually had 9 different covers… but SM is being nice and not depriving fanboys/girls of their money.. yet. Or are they waiting for a repackaged version.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      I like 2NE1’s diversity too – and they seem to have a good bond going on. Maybe YG staff told them to freestyle it, but it can also come off a bit messy. But still, it was an enjoyable performance ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Truly, i think SNSD blows out the competition concerning 2NE1 and 4Minute. i was reading our personal rankings above with “singing” and “dancing” and i would have to agree with loveskpop with only SNSD being first in both categories. We have seen SNSD perform an array of dance moves countless times throughout the pass 2-3 years and more (before debut). SNSD works very well as a group. i think since we see them so much and know of this one other group called Super Junior, we take for granted how many members in SNSD there actually are. 9 people is a lot and for them to perform the choreography for songs like Into the New World (which i personally think is the most complicated choreo out of their performed songs), Girls Generation (pretty easy), Kissing you (pretty complicated), and etc (baby baby doesnt count), it really says something about their focus and abilities. i will not bash on 2NE1 and 4Minute, but i will say this: you cant compare them to SNSD because its isnt fair (: .yes, 4Minute has their charms and forte and so does 2NE1 but SNSD clearly outshines them – not to mention, the emotion and passion SNSD shows on stage really seperates that girl group from the “Rookies”.

      • i do agree on that SNSD , for me, are first in both categories since they’re are used to perform together and all.(even if one week ago, i wouldn’t have said that, cause snsd, imo looked pretty messy and not in sync).But concerning the passion and emotion, i can feel this for the three groups. we all can see they love being on stage. i think.

      • neh passion and emotion goes to 2ne1. without a doubt.

  20. why does everyone in SM has to cry when they win? Like someone in seoulbeats said. Winning in these music programs are just like winning in TRL. Nothing much. Why can’t they just smile and accept the award? Why make a big deal?

    SHINee – Jonghyun
    Super Junior – Leeteuk

    I have a feeling that 2ne1 might win one next week. Just a feeling.

    • It’s probably due to overall stress and practicing hard.

      Just imagine, you’re against another group yet you think they will win and are ready to applause them – but instead your the winner. Obviously, you are shocked and surprised at this.

      All the hardwork has paid off and you are finally getting recongintion to be noticed and are starting to become well-know and popular. You become overwhelmed and cry in happiness.

      Well, that’s at least what I’m guessing that they feel. It could be all staged as fake crying but I doubt it because they seem to be really pouring out in tears – it doesn’t seem like it to me.

      Anyways, I think Jonghyun cried because SHINee just made their comeback that day and immediately won which is a big surprise, the other time he cried might be because of stress or something. Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk may have cried because they have comeback after 2 years and are winning mutizen awards because people have been supporting them for so long.

      That’s just my opinion of it.

    • sm artists are professionals at crying. i do believe they’re encouraged by their company to do so (to gain sympathy from fans, and create headlines)
      as much as they’re emotional, strategy plays a part.

      and sm shippers who are going to reply by saying smth like “ffs they’re human they’re allowed to cry”….that argument doesnt fly with me.
      this isnt some big award, and it isnt their 1st either – the heavy sobs are ridiculous for us viewers who arent fans…what’s the big deal? it’s just another one out of many awards already. be happy, dont cry abt it like you’ve won an academy award.

  21. I’m quite bothered with Taeyeon crying. It doesn’t look like tears of joy…she looked like she had a complete meltdown on stage. Good thing the other girls are there. =)

    I love 2NE1 here. So this means we might see them 2x a week? As I remember they’ll be changing their choreography every week…looking forward to that. ^^ I still love the “story-like” choreo of IDC. =)

    • Maybe something happened before the announcement which made her emotional. It could either be personal/private or she really is emotional. I think you should respect that. At least she has emotions, which proves she is an actual human being. I’d rather have someone accepting an award crying than a person accepting an award thinking “YEAH, I know I’m the best. I was the best all along.” btw, I think she made a great leader. I think her and eetuek are great leaders being able to take care of so many members when you’re just one person alone.

      This is to others who doubt any groups’ leadership skills. Just because you’re the leader doesn’t mean you have to be 100% strong. A human being will always need comforting and will always have a meltdown or emotional feeling during a certain point in time. You can’t expect any leader to be perfect. True leadership is treating everyone fairly.

      Sorry the above statement popped up in my head when I read your reply.

      • Oh. hehe. I was really wondering. Me being bothered means I am a bit concerned because she has to break down on stage. Whatever she is going through, I hope this award makes everything better for her. I hope it’s just PMS or cramps.

        And I agree with you, it’s so hard to manage so many people, even if there are only 4-7 let alone 9 or 13. whoa. Kudos to Taeyeon and Eeteuk for being the leaders of their groups.

        As for every other opinion here, well, to each his/her own. ^^ Since this is an internet blog accessible to the public we cannot stop others from reacting when they read our comments online. =) So I hope there’s no unnecessary bashing or insulting comments.

        Plus, anyone can choose to read comments, or not. right?

      • but she’s doing it onstage, for everyone who potentially watched the show to see. that to me is horrible leadership.

  22. This is my opinion, if you don’t like it move on.

    First, congrats to SNSD. Their song is sure addicting and I’m loving the new outfits. Taeyeon is very emotional in today’s perf. I think she’s in “pain” because she didn’t seem very happy during the actual performance either. Maybe the time of the month? Who knows. I hate how the head mics are restricting Taeyeon’s adlibs though. Anyways, soshijjang.

    Second, 2NE1’s performance wasn’t bad. They improved alot. And they’re getting better. But ‘I think’ that they don’t perform together as a group very well. Or, they don’t match well as a group. They have to let things be “natural” on stage. I expected something a little better, especially with all the hype fans are giving off. The dance is not as synced as i thought, since they should have alot more practice than other groups with more perfs. I still don’t think that 2NE1’s concept/music or overall is my taste. And my opinion, one member still needs alot of improvement. Emphasis on “my opinion”. btw, I thought they were only performing once a week? and I like CL’s new hair. I’m still monitoring 2NE1 so my opinion on them could change in the future.

    Third, 4minute is doing well with their catchy song. But they’re not improving overall as a group. They may have improved from their debut performance but it’s not going any further. (again, this is my opinion) Their dances are no longer “synced” as they used to be. And they’re slowly starting to perform individually. IDK and IDC if you guys don’t agree with me but this is my opinion. I have to admit. I love Jiyoon’s dance break. And I hope Hyun Ah starts singing with her REAL voice soon. Because I’m sure that her voice is much lower than that. The concept that is making Jiyoon stick with the sunglasses and Hyun Ah with the high pitched voice is ticking me off a bit. Hope the concept changes for the next song.

    • and you think SNSD is better in dancing? I’m not being defensive but your argument is quite odd. SNSD are not known for their dancing. And in terms of synchronization on the three you mention, I think 4minute tops it then with SNSD then 2ne1 last.

      • Erm. He/She didn’t compare SNSD to anyone of them lol, so calm down ^^

      • Are you nuts!? 4minute on synchronization? With their dance steps yes but on their harmony they still need to undergo training asap.

        If we’re talking about synchronization here, you should give mad props to SNSD. They did well with their dance steps–no missteps here and all of them moved as a group–but more importantly, their harmony matched well as one.

        2NE1 for me doesn’t really move as a group, their choreo is purposefully made for making one member stand out so yeah, no comment about their synchronization. However their harmony in singing still stands out.

        In terms of dancing, it should be: SNSD, 4minute, 2NE1.

        In terms of singing: SNSD/2NE1 = both groups are now on par with their singing for me and 4minute last.

      • I can see that you’re a fan of all three groups. I wasn’t comparing anyone’s dancing. I’m just saying that 4minutes’ dances are no longer synced as it used to be before. Like I stated, this is my opinion. I think I pin pointed that it is my opinion a lot of times. I also stated it before I said anything else. Did I say “SNSD DANCING WAS THE BEST”? No, sorry. I did not say that. Nor did I rank the each group’s synchronization overall.

      • @loveskpop

        Nope I wasn’t replying to you, I was replying to the person who replied back to your comment first.

        And you are right, it is your opinion, everyone’s entitled to theirs. I wasn’t actually bashing you or anything, I’m just stating mine’s. Hope I didn’t offend you or anything.

        As a fan, I also know what my idols’ limitations are. But of course, as a fan, I also feel compelled to respond. But anyway, its critiques like yours that tell us what a non-fan thinks.

      • @ferventlybreathless: My reply wasn’t intended to be directed to you either. LOL. It was for Lime. I guess, you submitted your reply before mines which made it seem like I was replying to you. Sorry if I offended you in anyway.

      • if you compare genie and hot issue, hot issue is a song that you can dance to more. And honestly, SNSD synchronization? Have you seen them dance? Half of them are half a second late. Watch the part when they kick their legs. You’ll see what I’m trying to say. Also, SNSD are suppose to be the senior of 2ne1 and 4minute. SNSD should be better than them but they’re not.

        In my opinion:

        (1) 4minute
        (2) SNSD
        (3) 2NE1

        (1) 2NE1
        (2) SNSD
        (3) 4minute

        @ ferventlybreathless, you seem to be one of those soshi fans that would not accept anything but perfection to SNSD. So I’ll repeat, these are my opinions.

      • @lime:
        you have to understand that SNSD has 9 members compared to 4minute who has 5. Of course, 4minute will be more synced compared to SNSD who have 9 members. Also, I’m stating that 4minutes’ synchronization has weakened compared to before. I’m not comparing any group whereas saying that one group is better than the other. Again, I’m not ranking each group in particular. Just because SNSD is 2NE1s’ and 4minutes’ senior. Does not mean they have to be better than both group. If you want to start talking about what group is better than the other then we should have this conversation privately. After reading your comment. I can see that you’re not actually a fan of SNSD. So since you shared your opinions of each group by rating. I will tell you mines. But it is quite a bit different from yours.



        I’m not trying to be biased but this is my opinion. I believe that SNSD does have talent. And I give props to SNSD who can dance pretty good with 9 members. Which is more than usual. Again, this is my opinion. Secondly, if you want to compare synchronization for dances. You should compare SNSD’s debut song to Hot issue. I’m pretty sure you’ll see a difference also.

        Again, like stated. This is my opinion.

      • @loveskpop:

        Well if we’re going to compare by debut stages, that will be a bit unfair since 2NE1 and 4minute are only rookies. However, since there are so much hype that fans give 2NE1 I do admit I find myself a bit more critical to them.


        Think what you like. Sure, I support SNSD but in no means I don’t notice their flaws as well. My basis for putting SNSD higher than 4minute in terms of dancing is that getting the choreography right is easier for 5 compared to 9. Yes, this perf of SNSD is by no way their best performance of Genie. Their comeback stage was better. However, compare SNSD’s performance to 4minute for today and you’ll see that in terms of performance quality SNSD did better. This is just my opinion, so if you don’t agree, you’re free to do so since we’re both doing the rankings based on our own opinions anyway.

      • @ferventlybreathless:

        I’m telling lime that if they want to compare groups then they should compare each groups’ debut performances because I am aware that 2NE1 and 4minute are rookies. Which is why it’s best to compare each and every groups’ debut perf to make it more fare. My “essay” was never intended to compare or rank groups in the first place. Like I said. If he/she wants to start comparing. We, as in lime and I, should take this conversation privately.

        and like i stated before. the 9 compared to 5 synchronization is pretty good. =)

      • fair*. I just noticed my typo. lol.

    • 2ne1 is not doing syncronize dance because its not really a song you can dance to. But they are in synced on FIRE performance because thats a dance song.

      • If you monitor their Fire performances. It is not as synced. Like ferventlybreathless said “their choreo is purposefully made for making one member stand out”. I understand that. But if you did not noticed, when one member is singing, the other three does the same dance moves. Also, during the chorus the dance moves are the same too. And by the way YG is promoting them, I expected them to have more practice with the dance to be more synced. (just my opinion)

        I also know that “IDC” is not a song you could really dance to, but they DO have a dance for it. Again, the dance seems fairly simple. That’s why I expected it to be a bit more synced than what they’re performing. And I’m pretty sure that they could make a better dance for this song. Maybe they chose the easier dance because of Bom, who had not been trained in dancing since young and Sandara, who hasn’t been training for long overall.


      • @ lovesKpop

        Like what you’ve said the IDC dance was simple, but i think it would be hard for them to reach those high notes in their song if their going to make the choreography much more complicated. and at least their not trying to hard to dance, since fans/people already know that they can dance. It wasn;t their fault if people puts so much hype on them, let’s just think that their still rookies. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree about 2NE1’s dance… no matter how much my friends or other fans rave about the performance, the dancing still don’t feel very coordinated. I don’t know whether it’s the camera angles or the choreography, but even in Fire it has the I-do-my-own-thang feel.
      They’re performing twice a week for their comeback… but starting next week I think it’s Inki only.

      I don’t follow 4Minute’s performances often because I don’t like the rapping so the sync-ing part I can’t comment. The sunglasses concept is still ok, but the high pitch-ness need to tone down. Yeah may the concept change for the next song! T_T

      • Thank you for respecting my opinion and understanding on how I feel about 2NE1’s perf. You totally understand what I feel about their perf and pin pointed exactly my thought about the “I do my own thing” feel. Which is why I THINK that they don’t perform well together as a group. Individually, good. Together not very well.

        Again, my opinions.

    • my 2NE1 are still a rookies ,ya know??

      • I think being rookies and having synchronizations/team work have nothing to do with each other. Team work should have been established before debut through training and practices. I do not see that in 2NE1 overall. <-My Opinion.

      • @ loveskpop, if that’s your point why are So Nyeo Shi Dae are so?

      • @carrin:

        I don’t understand what you mean by “So Nyeo Shi Dae are so?” If you’re talking about teamwork. I think they have pretty good team work and synchronization (i’m not saying perfect, but pretty good). I think you should watch their debut performance for their debut song. The dance was pretty synced (note: i did not say completely).

        If you’re talking about rude. I’m not saying every group don’t have their own flaws. In this particular case. I did not bring up their reason for being rude as their flaw because they did not show any rudeness in this recent performance. I was obviously critiquing each group based on todays’ or recent performances.

      • being a rookie give them more pressure on stage , even if they have goes though heaps of training and practices once you are on stage its really different, i personally have experienced that before. considering they are still a rookies my girls are godly.
        and loveskpop whenever you tries to express your opinion you always cause a big argument you know ๐Ÿ˜‰ (not saying that in a negative way.)

      • @ lovesKpop

        i also noticed that 2ne1’s members wasn’t synchronized that much, maybe it was really because they got accepted, and train in Yg ent. in different times. and maybe they just started to know each other like months ago,(but i;m sure Dara and Minzi knows each other for years,i dunno about CL and BOM).
        But like what people said, their just rookies, and SNSD was their senior, let’s just leave them behind. SNSD is better than 2ne1 if it comes to singing. But i think when it comes to dancing 2ne1 outshines. cos YG trainees was known for being good in freestyle dancing. maybe that’s another factor why their dance wasn’t too synchronized. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • @kappku

        To me (and probably some other people as well), being a rookie doesn’t matter too much since they’re competing against other artists who are promoting at this period and who are more experienced than them. They might be given a little leeway as rookies, but in the end IF their performance isn’t as good as others… that’s not good for them.

        I’m not saying they’re not good – I’m a fan of 2NE1 too, so I just want them to surpass the current standard they’re at ^^ I think that’s what loveskpop meant as well, we just hope that they can improve further..

      • ok lets leave the rookie matter alone. but you gotta admit that 2NE1 has improve so much since their first performance, after seeing such a improvement in the future i have no worries about their dance being synced , because i believe that they will overcome this matter in no time.
        2NE1 FIGHTINGGG@@@@@@

    • @loveskpop,i saw you on other blogs and youtube and your very bias towards SNSD lol.

      • @….

        I don’t have a youtube account under this username. So whoever it was making comments on there with this username was not me. I just need a name to comment on this blog so I chose this one. I just wanted to make that clear. And I’m not being bias towards SNSD. Every group has their flaws. I never said that SNSD was perfect.

      • how come SNSD isnt in sync in their own music video?there are pictures floating everywhere where they, mostly Tiffany cant even get the moves right.

      • We all know Tiffany isn’t the best dancer around, nor am I saying that she is a bad dancer either. However, you have to understand that there are 9 members like i stated before. You can’t expect everyone to be synced and exact. I just expected 2NE1 and 4minute to be more synced than what they are performing now because they have lesser members with more practice. especially for 4minute who is currently promoting their debut song. Which should have been practiced everyday before debut. I understand 2NE1 because it’s a quick comeback. But I was expecting more synchronization because they are a 4 member group and they perform a very few time a week. So I expected more practice. However, their performance was the least synced. I’m just stating a constructive criticism. I’m am not trying to bash them, whereas i’m just stating where they need improvement.

      • i respect your opinions but for me its the opposite,I expect SNSD to get their moves right after two years of debut and with more members.

    • Well, in my opinion, it’s:

      (1) 4minute
      (2) SNSD
      (3) 2NE1

      (1) 2NE1
      (2) 4minute
      (3) SNSD

      Just thought I’d say.

  23. I was thinking “Nothing can beat those white military outfits!” and then came these red and black combo XD I love it. Congrats to them as well! ^^
    Their outfits remind me of IU’s one lol. Her performance today is good too ๐Ÿ˜€

    Someone, please put Seeya + Davichi in less cupcake-ish clothes T__T Why does Mnet insist on making them dance cutesy little moves wearing those bright outfits.

    2NE1’s stage today is pretty cool haha… sofas! I don’t know why, but Bom always catches my eye in I dont care. Besides that I wish that they’ll give Dara more normal hairstyles.

  24. SHINee, 2PM, 4minute and 2NE1 did a good job as usual.

    Park Bom looks cute in her outfit.
    Minho’s hair looks different and…a bit weird.

    4minute sound much stronger together but I don’t like that bag on SoHyun’s back. Did anyone notice the bridge? I’m glad it was different too.

    • ^Me too..it’s better with Jiyoon doing the break than the body wave.

    • I think yesterday’s bridge @ Music Core was different too… don’t remember about MuBank though.
      Though I’m glad Ji Yoon is doing the dance, but I hope that other members will get the spotlight too… if not they’ll just become “HyunA + JiYoon”s group.

      • True, but even though I’m not used to it, JiHyun needs to get the spotlight as leader now to show people she IS the leader.

        Before I knew she was leader, I thought it was HyunAh or GaYoon.

  25. Loved both 2NE1 and SNSD’s performances. They both did really well and looked good. I wish the Inkigayo microphones were better though.

  26. I prefer 2NE1 clothes today..the feminine concept works! They look pretty!! Keep those hair, you guys are rocking it! ^_^ I LOVE 2NE1~~~

    SNSD’s clothes and heels are nice..I love their heels.
    TY must be crying because of the stress..Congrats to them for winning.

    K-will!!! I love that song..reminds of Shining Inheritance again. T_T

    2pm..sad they had to go soon~~

    Thanxs Eileen for the links again! ^^

  27. 2NE1’s today performance is so much better from KBS Music Bank two days ago.
    They are great, really like their new concept^_^
    2N1 fighting

  28. 2NE1 was awesome!! but lol, they were so happy xDD such a change of image, but they looked amazing. and yea, CL’s hair is just pure love โค

    and aww, Onew and Minho were so cute!!

  29. 2NE1 really does their best. But I’m worried they may be working really hard that they may forget about their health and social life and everything.

    I wonder how they’re doing in their new dorm.

  30. So… SNSD decided to become Canadian Mounties, today?

    • What’s wrong with you again u___u ??

      The girls did great, I’m glad they won. I loved 2NE1’s stage, it was better than the MuBank one.

      • I like SNSD too. I’m just commenting on the outfits they wear. I’ve never commented on their performance.

      • i don’t know what you thing “thatguy” has a problem, like he’s just commenting on the outfit, and yes, i thought it looks like canadian mounties too..

    • Yeah. They look like RCMP. It would’ve been perfect if they rode a horse. lol

      Great job SNSD! I love your perf and song!

  31. omg Taeyeon cried. She’s never really cried that hard before. T-T
    Congrats to SNSD~

  32. CL looks lovely with that hair!! ^^

    • yeah! CL is really pretty with that hairstyle!
      and Dara too!! haha

      2NE1 fighting! i hope they can win next time.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. i loved 2ne1’s performance today.
    their clothes, so pretty โค

  34. 1st…

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