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K Bites – 13.07.2009 V (Baby V.O.X, Clazziquai, Shining Legacy)

Baby V.O.X to return next year with 3rd generation group


Female group Baby V.O.X will be holding auditions in Thailand, Japan and China for their 3rd generation group members.

They will be holding their Thailand audition from 18th July till 15th August to find their Thai member. Currently there are about 3000 participants who had signed up for the audition

Ahead of their Thailand audition, the current trainee members for Baby V.O.X 3rd generation SoRi, JooYeon, KyeongSeok and TaeEun are in Thailand for their activities there.

They will be performing some of Baby V.O.X hits like ‘Missing You’ and also Destiny’s Child’s ‘Stand Up For Love’ there in Thailand.

The 1st Generation Baby V.O.X has received much love from fans when they had went to Thailand for promotions in 2002. Hence the group will also be focusing on Thailand this time.

Clazziquai to hold audition to scout for featuring vocalist and remixer


Electronic pop group Clazziquai will be holding audition to look for featuring vocalist as well as a remixer.

They will be looking for a featuring vocalist to take part in their remix album to be released in Japan coming autumn. This audition will serve as a chance for their Japanese fans since the group is also well received by music fans in Japan.

The ways to take part in the audition is posted up on Clazziquai’s official homepage. The remixer chosen from the audition will also get to do a remix of their song ‘Flea’ vocal track in his/her own style for the album.

This audition will held together with Fluxus Japan and Universal Japan. It will be a great chance for talents to show themselves and get scouted.

Meanwhile, Clazziquai has recently released their teaser video for ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ on the internet on 2nd July. They had already released their 4th album ‘Mucho Musica’ in Japan on 1st July and will be releasing it in Korea on 14th July.

지원서 접수 후 클래지콰이

‘Love Again’ Teaser | ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ Teaser

SBS Shining Legacy attracts a record of 40% viewership

lsg_hhj_130709SBS weekend drama Shining Legacy has attracted a record high of 40% viewership.

According to TNS Media Korea, the show has attracted a record high of 41.8% viewership for its 24th episode on 12th July. This year the only show that went over 40% viewership rate was SBS daily drama ‘Temptation of the wife’ on 29th January, Shining Legacy is the 2nd show to achieve it.

The show started airing from 25th April and last month on the 31st it went up to a high 30% viewship and then again 35% on the 21st. And for the past 2 weeks, it has maintained high viewership rate at 39% and was called the ‘national drama’.

For the coming 4 episodes, the story will proceed with the fight for management authority in JinSung food company and also the complicated love story of the 4 main characters in the show.

17 Responses

  1. I love Shining Inheritance even though in a lot a ways it is very similar to other kdramas. What I like about it though is the acting and chemistry between the actors and characters plus the storyline is good even though its your typical cinderella story with a kdrama twist. Plus the PDs have been really good to this point of making the drama leave you wanting more (they always leave you with a cliffhanger) without making it overly draggy . I just hope with the 4 episodes left they are able to tie all the loose ends without rushing.

    BOF was an entertaining drama but it wasn’t a good drama if that makes any sense. I loved the manga so even though I liked the actors of the kversion I didn’t like the actual drama it was way too draggy and lost a lot of the original charm of the story with very bad storytelling/scriptwriting. They had probably the best cast and all the makings of being one of the best adaptations and they just blew it.

    I was a big fan of the original Baby Vox when I was in high school (their song “Why” was one of the first kpop songs I ever heard before I knew anything about kpop) so none of these new generations (including Re.V) interest me because they are nowhere near as good as the original.

  2. Did the ratings for Shining Legacy beat that Temptations of the Wives show? Which one is higher?

  3. Oh lucky fans ): I can’t wait til their album drops! Clazziquai ❤

    I loveeeeee Shining Inheritance. I hope Junse won't pull Granny out of the presidents' spot. I wanna see EunSung and Hwannie have more scenes together 🙂 Sadly, it's almost the end of the drama.. ):

  4. I saw Shining Inheritance in a Korean resturant and I was dissapointed cause their was no sound!

  5. Shining Inheritance is way better than BOF.
    BOF is a bit too overated for its own sake.
    I feel that Shining Inheritance is better acting-wise and storyline-wise.
    BOF is an okay drama for me, personally. The acting was just okay and the storyline can be a bit bumpy in some areas.

    • Yes Shining Inheritance is DEFINITELY better..the storyline is better, maybe it’s because I already knew the storyline for BOF, so the drama gives me no surprises. But I HATE draggy dramas..BOF is an example. Most of the times, I’m watching the girl swim in the pool and the draggy “want him but I can’t have him” thing. =_=”

      I watched BOF for HJ though, if it’s not HJ I think I would have stopped watching mid-way..

    • agreee….
      I stop in episode 3 -___-
      I even watch Shining Inheritance at the day it broadcast without knowing what they talk about. Just to see the plot.

      • I do the same thing even though I know the whole thing will be subbed by the end of the day.

  6. shining legacy is agreat drama im glad that the rating is very high and i think the rating of this drama is even higher than boys over flower

  7. is yoon eun hye from baby vox???

  8. Lol, Baby Vox Re.V was a mess why are they still using the group’s name?

    &nd no one beats BOF. Lol, was a little shock today when i saw in mysoju that SHINING INHERITANCE took over number 1 spot. But i do like the drama since ive been staying tuned watching it XDDD

  9. Baby Vox Re.V didn’t do so good… so I don’t quite understand why they are trying to create a another girl group with the same name.

    Also… about Shining Legacy… that drama just frustrates me.

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