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K Bites – 14.07.2009 (WonderGirls, So Nyeo Shi Dae)

WonderGirls performed in front of Michelle Obama and 2 daughters


It has been known that Michelle Obama and the president’s 2 daughters have viewed WonderGirls’ performance at Jonas Brothers’ concert.

Park Jin Young wrote on his twitter an hour back “Wow just found out Michelle Obama and their two daughters watched da Wonder girls perform tonight! Da girls put on their best show.”

The girls were doing the opening show for Jonas Brothers’ concert on 13th July in Washington Verizon. And it is known that President Obama’s wife Michelle Obama and her 2 daughters had watched the performance together. It has been know that President Obama’s 2 daughters Malia and Sasha are both fans of Jonas Brothers.

Meanwhile, they girls will be releasing an official American album in September-October. And here’s a recent video of them dancing to ‘Nobody’ with singer Jodin Sparks.

So Nyeo Shi Dae selected by foreigners as best female singers


Korean group So Nyeo Shi Dae has been selected by foreigers as the best female singers on Arirang TV ‘Showbiz Extra’. And the survey was done on over 3000 viewers from the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and America etc in over 60 countries.

And Super Junior is chosen as #1 for best male singers.

The results of the survey

Female singers

  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae (29.65%)
  2. BoA (29.25%)

Males singers

  1. Super Junior (41.9%)
  2. Dong Bang Shin Ki (33.6%)

New singers

  1. SHINee (57%)
  2. 2PM(19.7%)
  3. FT Island (15.6%)

Best newcomer actor

  1. Kim Bum
  2. Lee Min Ho (36.03%)

Best actor

  1. Lee JunKi (37.74%)
  2. Rain (28.95%)
  3. Gong Yoo(11.81%)

Best actress

  1. Song Hye Gyo (49.52%)

82 Responses

  1. […] K Bites – 14.07.2009 (WonderGirls, So Nyeo Shi Dae) « K BitesNew singers. SHINee (57%); 2PM(19.7%); FT Island (15.6%). Best newcomer actor. Kim Bum; Lee Min Ho (36.03%). Best actor. Lee JunKi (37.74%); Rain (28.95%); Gong Yoo(11.81%). Best actress. Song Hye Gyo (49.52%) … […]

  2. hahahhaha so funny some comments. It’s just a silly poll people are overreacting. And to people who says that snsd are rude, so are you by bashing them.

    Peace people!

  3. well congratulations to all the winners…
    I don’t think people should be stressed too much about this, I mean come on! this is just a poll, it’s not like the artists who didn’t win are going to die….

    anyways, SNSD, SuJu, DBSK, Boa Fighting!

  4. honestly, DBSK should be number 1 instead. They have very strong vocals, always singing ballad like bolero. Superjunior songs are great but its so weird that dbsk is no.2 and suju is no.1.. Im not been biased but its a fact.

  5. Super Junior oppa .. T^T
    Really you are the BEST ONE

    Arabian EverLastingFriends Voted for you oppa
    I’m E.L.F from United Arab Emirates
    WonderGirls are the BEST ONE
    WonderGirls are NO.1 >> fighting

    I’m Anti fan of snsd >> I hate them

  6. super junior — i-13!!!

  7. super junior — i-13!!

  8. snsd only8!! jessica out!! only8snsd!! only8snsd hwaiting! sooyoung onnie, hwaiting! jessica, you suck! only8snsd!

  9. well~
    for me, Michelle Obama wanted to see JoBro’s concert NOT WG. but, bcuz WG performed as opening, Obama family must watch WG performances too aight…?
    I just hope WG will improve their vocal MORE than now.

    SNSD and BoA..??
    ahai~ I didn’t care who wins this poll,, for me BoA is GREATER than SNSD in every section. not just the vocal but also her dance, her performances, and her behavior 🙂

    Suju and TVXQ?
    based on quality, I definitely choose TVXQ.. ^^

  10. SNSD PWNAGEEEEE!!!! <3333 😀

    snsd is the best wooot woot woot :]]]

    no one can top

    2ne1, 4minute, t-ara sucks hairy cock cause they ugly talent-less fags

    sm domination YEEEEEH

  11. I hope SHINee feels good about this. They haven’t been having much luck lately with all their accidents and then KBS called Onew a coward and Taemin a girl -_- (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhR1yU_v8Rw)

  12. hahah wondergiirls looks so short with jordin sparks

  13. It’s just a poll people. This poll was based on popularity in foreign countries. If it was a poll based in only Korea, or anything else-the results would be different. Nothing to trip, cry, or whine over. SHEESH.

    Congrats to all who made it on this poll.
    SuperGeneration fighting!

  14. 2NE1 should be famous in Phillipines esp cos of Dara. Dang.. and in Singapore, a lot of them know Big Bang mostly cos of their Docu on MTV.

  15. ha ha ha cool down guys,I also like BigBang
    Is this “The Big Bang fanclub” ?
    And how about the actors ,I want to read your comments.

  16. An estimate of 2% percent knows about snsd in the philippines… that’s about it. That goes to other korean artist except 2ne1.

  17. SNSD seriously? none of my friends heard of them (Singapore), perhaps DBSK has a chance. and i daresay more people here has heard of Big Bang than SNSD and SuJu, so i’m not really sure what this survey means haha

  18. as expected.. snsd and suju have the most fans with no life beside clicking a vote button O.O i saw MANY suju fans in many sites asked everybody to vote for suju in that poll

    • Who calls who low lifes. LOL
      I wonder what would have you said if they were 1st. pffft.

  19. WHERE THE HELL IS BIG BANG? This survey is prolly just asking who is number 1 for Male singers in SM and not the whole kpop industry. I think Big Bang deserves to be there. They have a LOT of fans from as far as the other side of the world. Plus just look at K bites links, it has the most number of Big Bang fansites/clubs relates links.

  20. Wonder Girls!!! i got excited watching the video.. LOL..miss them but hope that they will do well in the states

  21. haizzzz….. I can’t believe that SNSD is choosen as the best singer..They may be the best g-group (hmm, I don’t care because WGs is now promoting in US and their competitor are just newcomers such as 2ne1,kara,AF,…..).BoA deserves it
    Suju> DBSK????
    where’s BB? I admit that DBSK has great vocals than suju.They even can dance and compose songs….It’s weird but there are many DBSK’s fans in Vietnam( sometimes I think more than suju’s or BB’s ).Almost kpop -friends I know are DBSk’s fans
    But I think because suju’s fans are more dedicated and crazier :)) And BB’s or DBSk’s fans thought :”If I don’t vote,there will be another votes”
    Sry for my bad English^^

  22. Well I don’t really care about the poll. It’s just a poll.
    Congratz to the Wonder Girls! Yay fighting! ^^ I’m so proud of them!

  23. so funny to read the comment..u guys extremely beyond imagination..hahah..blame..who? just funny..they don’t get award of this poll and not include in their ‘resume’.. what do guys get from this? keep it comment..and i love to read that~

    well done~

  24. @bean:
    LOL, i love your comment! very well-said.

    ROFLMAO, you entertain me..really! XD

    all i can say is…THE FREAKIN` POWER OF THE GREAT LEE SOO MAN DID IT AGAIN! LOL, just for the poll.

    at least all of sm`s talents won in the poll, soo let`s give credit to the great lee soo man! XD LOL.

    but i DO believe that SNSD doesn`t deserve the #1 spot. its not an anti thing. but wth, its based on popularity..

    congrats to the winners.

  25. No comment on the poll.
    But heck Wonder Girls are making me so proud. They really are gaining lots of popularity in the States and I’m very proud. I don’t like JB but they seem to be supporting Wonder Girls alot but I miss Wonder Girls. I hope they come back soon. Another WonderBang collab please? Although I know it’s quite impossible.

  26. Why are people here so CRAZY over these polls?
    I’m not surprised that BB isn’t included in this poll
    Honestly, BB JUST got really famous after “haru haru” and they haven’t had many activities in foreign countries, they have JUST done some act in Japan.
    BB may be very famous in Korean, but it doesn’t mean they’re EXTREMELY popular in foreign countries
    You guys forget this is a poll for FOREIGN fans????
    And for the people who STUPIDLY keep comparing SJ to DBSK
    This is a poll about POPULARITY, not about VOCAL
    A singer can get famous in many ways, not only in MUSIC.
    BTW, DBSK’s music concept and SJ’s music concept are totally DIFFERENT.
    DBSK mainly focus on VOCAL, but SJ mainly focus on DANCING.

    • I agree with you. This polls is for foreigner and SJ, DBSK and SNSD is popular than BB and 2NE1. Also, they have huge fan club than BB and 2NE1.

      • thats because sm generally attracts the dedicated spazzing fangirls who will spend ages voting in things like this.

      • @SSS:

        True that.

        Anyway, it’s just a poll. If you want your favorite artists to win and you guys weren’t able to manifest how much you love them through this poll, go make your own then. ^^

  27. Yay for 3S: SNSD, SuJu, SHINee..SM family jjang!

    2ne1 has just debuted months ago. Though there’s a category for New SIngers, the nominees were mostly debuted last year and even 2007. This survey is not based on SM. I saw the survey in Arirang, the nominees are not all SM artists. There are also other artists. If you want to see it yourself go this link. http://www.arirang.co.kr/Tv2/Showbiz_1000Event.asp?PROG_CODE=TVCR0112&code=Po3&sys_lang=Eng

    • No dear. Arirang tv is SM biased. Believe me. Last year at the MKMF awards DBSK got this HUGE HUGE margin in the votes over the rest of the groups nominated for the Overseas award. I wasn’t exaggerating when i repeated huge and spelled it all caps. Like it would be IMPOSSIBLE for any other group to overtake or at least get close to the votes for DBSK.

      I’m not saying anything though about the talents, skills and popularity of SNSD, Suju, DBSK, etc. This is just about Arirang TV.

  28. actually, the questions were 1.best super rookie in the music industry 2.FAVORITE male singer 3.FAVORITE female singer and so on. kara, ft island, and kim bum were categorized as rookies when they really are not.

  29. gosdhhh….
    i’m totally proud of SNSD!!!.really, althoug i like dbsk more, congrats to SuJu..
    SM FAMILY jjang!!!!

  30. real surprised no BIGBANG or 2NE1 ??? is this poll based only for sm ?

  31. FT island aren’t new ..
    they’re like so long time ago haha

  32. What? :O I’m surprised Big Bang isn’t on this TT

  33. BoA ftw !

  34. ya’ll need to chill out. It’s a poll for crying out loud.

    ALL these singers/groups are good in their own way.

    Remember though, WHERE they promote is a big factor… DBSK and BoA have primarily been promoting in Japan while SNSD has been here in Korea.
    Super Junior has been here in Korea as well, YET due to their promotions in China/Tawain, it has made them extremely popular over there as well. AND plus, they have been doing a lot of FINO commercials, thus, popularity in Thailand[?]

    Regardless, they’re all talented.
    And ya’ll gotta remember, its a POLL. NOT a life or death situation here.

    PS: really shocked that FT Island is considered a newbie… and that 2ne1 isn’t on here… 😛

    Thanks for posting though!

    • If I remember correctly, the poll came out either before or slightly after 2NE1’s debut, which could explain why they weren’t on the list.
      I’m guessing they were simply too new.

  35. woooohhhh sm fighting!!! idols fighting!!!! kpop fighting!!!!

  36. Holy snapps… If I ever performed in front of the President’s family, I’d die trying. XDD Aww,
    I’m so happy for them. ^^ Hopefully the kiddies
    liked them. WG<33

  37. WTF SNSD > BoA? It doesn’t make sense! I love SNSD with a burning passion, but BoA deserves to be the best female SINGER. She is able to heat up a whole stage all by herself!

    Well, SNSD deserves the best female vocal group, but definitely not the best singer. I mean, not to be mean or anything, you can’t compare… let’s say; Hyo Yeon’s vocal skills to BoA! You can compare between BoA and Tae Yeon…but still!

    And SuJu over DBSK? Are you kidding me? The only reason why SuJu has “more members who can sing” is because they have more members anyway! I never heard the whole SJ sing accapella together…where as DBSK actually debuted AS an accapella group.

    But still… Not even DBSK would do. It’s a vocal group. Not a singer. Alex Choi from Clazziquai got the voice, why isn’t he ever nominated for anything?

    I love Big Bang too. But let’s face it. Big Bang’s a hip hop group. Usually hip hop doesn’t have that strong vocal and uses catchy and repetitive tunes. Taeyang’s voice is hot. But I rather have TOP stick with the rapping. And GD too. But if this is something about best boy group, BB will make it. 😀

    • LOL, you cassiopeia’s should stop being delusional as much. SuJu has become first because their fans voted for them, if you wanted DBSK to be first then you should’ve tried harder.

    • Well you gotta think about it. Neither BoA nor DBSK are anywhere NEAR as active in S. Korea as SNSD or Super Junior.

  38. no BIGBANG? or 2NE1?

  39. The winning groups have the most members, it’s nothing surprising.

  40. huh no big bang… surprising… and wow… sj>dbsk?! probably cuz dbsk mainly promotes in japan/Korea… :p and to say there’s more talented singers in sj than dbsk is kinda ridiculous seeing as sj has 13 members and dbsk 5…. :/

    kimbum!!!!<3 (: I'm still waiting for that drama of his…. but I wouldn't consider him a new actor…..

    and congrats to wg!! (:

  41. where is yoon eun hye & Big Bang

  42. WOW congrats WG!! Very proud of them

    wonder girls.. fighting! ^^

  43. oooo… the vote seems based on popularity to me.. honestly i love suju but to say they are actually better than dbsk, i kinda doubt it.. dbsk just made their glorious moment in tokyo dome.. i think their achievement is quite big… and no BB? it’s so funny how ft island is consider ‘newcomer’ when snsd has been listed as one of the ‘singer’, i mean…

  44. they must be deaf and blind then

    • haha i tot soo..

    • I agree. After School’s singing abilities aren’t all that great. Jungah is considered their best singer, but if you compared her with Bom, Taeyeon, and Sunye… she isn’t all that great.

      • Please…maybe if you compare JungAh to HaeRi and YeonJi she’s weak, but she’s at least on par with the overrated Park Bom. The poll is utter crap and only based on the popularity of the bands. SNSD have great vocalists, as proven in Music Trip La La La, and so does SJ, but no kpop groups or solo’s have better voices than the Mnet singers and other ballad singers.

    • ahahaha..you funny..i know huh?..psh…this poll totally is based on popularity…its ok…some of these fans who voted like crazy needs a life..well, congrats to those who won altough they suck..

  45. I get what you are saying, but if you compare AS’s singing abilities to SNSD, SNSD are much better. Just fine videos and it will prove it. 2NE1are still new. Other than that it also depend on promotion. SNSD and SJ get more promotion in other countries. SJ’s popularity is much higher in Thailand and China compare to other groups. And I’m also surprise Big Bang are not up there too.

  46. They should’ve separated groups and solo artists but then again if that were the case both SNSD and Boa would’ve raped their respective sections.
    Also I believe F.T. Island debuted before SNSD…. why are they still considered new comers -.-;;

    • actually they both debut the same year 2007

    • I have to agree with you in the separate groups thing. Even so, Boa AND SNSD would rape their sections. ^^
      And FTI should not be considered newcomers… -__-

  47. YOU GOT TO KIDDING ME??!!! SNSD doesn’t deserve the no.1 spot! THEY SUX! They can’t sING! Only 5 OUT of 9 CAN SING! THEY LIPSYNC ALL THE TIME! IT SHOULD HAVE BOA or other groups like after school or 2ne1 or etc but not SNSD! PLUS DBSK IS A BETTER SINGERS THAN SUPERJUNIOR. We don’t even know if all of the members can sing well. DBSK IS MUCH BETTER THAN THEM. THOSE WHO CHOOSE SNSD AS A BETTER SINGERS ARE DEAF, STUPID, IDIOTIC, TONE DEAF PEOPLE!!

    • Anti much?

    • Don’t worry its just a simple poll, it always depends on how many fans have voted. and did you know why SNSD is #1 cause members from Soshified often hangs out there cause of ISAK.

    • I really wonder why you wrote your name as “critics_music”.
      It seems like your life is on the line. It’s a small poll, it’s not a big deal. Contain yourself please.

    • another anti?
      wow. they’re everywhere. like germs.

      • basically i’m not an antis of them but i hate the idea of many people in a group but only a few can sing. Its a disgrace. If they can sing sure but if they are just a dancer but not a singer, they should just be a dancer. don’t try to sing if you can’t sing. Don’t be in a singing group if you can’t sing.

      • from what u said, u obviously have not been following kpop long enough to know about all the idol groups out there. every group has their strong vocalists and their weak vocalists. there are strengths and weaknesses for various individuals in these groups. they are “groups” for a reason, which means that the strength of one member is supposed to cover up a weakness of another member. this is y every idol group: SNSD, 2NE1, BB, DBSK, SUJU, etc.. are a group and not individual singers.

        and remember: kpop is not just music. to achieve fame, u have to be an all-around entertainer outside of music as well. if u’re looking for some “out of this world OMG singing talent”, look elsewhere. kpop is purely entertainment.

    • I want to tell you that many foreigners doesn’t know after school or 2ne1. And SNSD have strong fan club than those two groups.

      • yea, im sort of agreeing to critics_music. SNSD is rude and cant sing. not in a postition of antifan. but they dont deserve it no matter is it their singing or their atttude. not even their look which gave them the name of plastic girls.

  48. I’m surprised that Big Bang isn’t on the list.
    Alot of fans are from Vietnam. Including myself.

    • pops in seoul is extremely SM biased.
      there is a reason only 2 bands were listed for the first 2 categories…all 4 sm artists by the way.
      where’s number 3, 4 and 5th place?

      seems like a very messy and unstandardized poll to me.

      i will say, there are many ppl in america who enjoy bigbang’s music, but arent necessarily fangirls/boys.
      and it’s the exact opposite for sm artists (a lot of fangirls/boys who dont actually pay attention to how good – or more accurately, how bad – the music is. they just spazz either way)

  49. i was just at the jobros concert in d.c.!!!
    the wondergirls def. improved in english! ye-eun sounds nearly fluent! they taught the audience the nobody dance and soon evrybody was dancing along. the girls were wearing their normal outfits but in black. i saw the obama girls! they sat a couple seats nxt to me. the wgs are betr singers now. a shame they sang so little…. they sang for a lot shorter time than jordin sparks…

  50. I agree on Suju over DBSK,I love jae and junsu but more members in Suju can sing.

    wow WG doing big things,can’t believe the president even went to Jobros concert.

  51. haha rain and song hye kyo (:

    telling you, full house 2 would be epic if both and not only one, returned

  52. WOW SNSD pwns! lol but i also believe that BoA deserves to be number 1 as well. and i am a very big fan of SNSD! lol

  53. LOL The popularity….
    No matter how much i love SNSD, BoA deserves to be number 1. N same goes to SJ, i like SJ more than DBSK, but i would say DBSK should be number 1. Whatever it is, it seems that their popularity is very high these days.

    • Forgot to add….It seems that WG has something good goin’ on in US. Honestly, i miss them n i want them back. But good luck to them. ^^

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