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2PM Ceci magazine full photoset


Although many of us relate much to 2PM‘s dorkiness, we get to see them more down-to-earth for their latest Ceci photoshoots.

We see the boys at the most common poses – tying of shoelaces, eating an apple, reading a book or just yawning in bed.














I personally love this photoshoot because the boys looked so comfortable in the photoshoot.

Even though 19th July will be the boys’ goodbye stage, the boys will not be totally gone as we know that they will be appearing for their own slot on Mnet Wild Bunny.



Translations of the boys’ characteristics on the show:


The show is set to air on 21st July. And also more about the boys lately: if you have yet seen the boys’ performances on MBC Park KyungRim’s Starry Night, you should. The boys put up some great solo performances.

Already, I can’t wait for the boys’ next album.

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29 Responses

  1. They are soooooooooooo cute, hot, and and and
    All in ONE 🙂

    Saranghae Jeabum
    Saranghae Nickhkhun
    Saranghae Taekyoun
    Saranghae Chansung
    Saranghae Junsu
    Saranghae Junho
    Saranghae Wooyoung

    Luv yaaaaa……..2PM
    2PM => ONE

    We waiting——————->JAY

  2. […] 2PM on Ceci magazine Jul.20, 2009 in Asia Korean pop group 2PM on Ceci magazine… [via Kbites] […]

  3. […] Korean pop group 2PM on Ceci magazine… [via Kbites] […]

  4. Woooh HOTNESS overload XD

    Aww, just look at their bunny ears haha. can’t wait ^^

  5. Can’t wait for Wild Bunny!
    Jaebeom and Junsu look great.

  6. lol the music for the wild bunny preview reminds me of the 90210 theme song.

  7. gosh chansung is so HOT he doesn’t even know it.and nichkhun and jaebeom and..love them all.

  8. AHHHH! my hear skipped a beat when i saw ChanSung eating that apple. im in LIKE with him. wanna meet him so bad. @Tasha: i wanna be the apple for ChanSung like you wanna be the watermelon for Nickhun. ^__^

  9. If only i could be their make up artist >.<
    I can touch em everyday~ feel their skins… Watch em practising n i could pretend forever to fix their suits, hairs, even lipbalming their lips even it's all just alrite… *swoon*
    Ahahahhh~ just can't stand for it!!

  10. nyahaha chansung has a big mouth eating his apple XD love this photoshoot very much XDDDDDD

  11. If only I can be the watermelon. 😦

  12. lol 90210 theme song

  13. i want to suck their c*cks

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  15. lol these guys make little girls horny♥

  16. OMG…they are all to hot for words! when i saw wooyoung in bed i just wanted to cuddle with him ❤
    when i saw nick teasing by slowly taking off his shirt i just wanted to rip it off. omg they are ALL to hot. they know exactly how to make a girl swoon

  17. Chansung is freaking hot!

  18. Dang, so freakin’ nice. Great photoshoot. The boys look vert handsome and so chill.

    Love the “Wink To Me” pages. ^^

  19. rofl jae = short leader of the bunny force x]

  20. damn this boys 4 always turturing me everytime i see their bodies esp. nichkun yaaaaaaah!!!!!

  21. ROFL allkpop sucks T_T
    they just post up 2 pictures while kbites posts like a 1000
    thank you (:

  22. @ 908
    i love taec’s feet
    i wanna suck on his toes
    lick jae and chansung’s abs
    feel up khun’s legs and junho’s arms.
    and stfu wooyoung and junsu are just as hot

    i want them inside me 😀

  23. what kind of show is wild bunny? i mean is it like a drama? or what?

  24. holy fuck! they are so hot D:
    i wanna feel jae, khun & chansung’s bodies up!

    but wtf is with taec cutting his nail xD
    i wish wooyoung & junsu would work out a little bit more..

  25. junsu – jay – wooyoung♥
    haha chansung’s apple should be replace with a banana xD
    omg omg khun’s 500 won wink
    oh yes.. the boys really look comfortable and having fun in the photoshoot too

  26. Chansung is too hot for words!

  27. first?!

    aww…love love 2pm! khunnie..wow! nice nice body!


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