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SBS Inkigayo 19.07.2009 – SNSD 2nd mutizen, 2PM goodbye, FT Island comeback stages


Today on SBS Inkigayo, the highlights to the show are:

  • FT Island comes back with their 3rd album promotions
  • 2PM says goodbye with ‘Again & Again’ and ‘I Hate You’
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae wins Mutizen 2nd week through despite strong competition up on Take 7
  • Usual stages by 2NE1, 4Minute, SS501 JungMin, IU etc

Still updating the performances

Comeback|Special stage

FT Island with ‘I Hope’ and ‘Marry me’

Lol love MinHwan‘s new hair best. Great live performance. Lovely comeback stage

Goodbye stage

2PM with ‘Again & Again’ and ‘I Hate You’


2NE1 with ‘I Don’t Care’

Love Minzy’s outfit today. Another great performance

So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

Lol love their costumes and congrats on Mutizen

4Minute with ‘Hot Issue’

And 2PM is also on Take 7

Usual stages

SS501 JungMin with JiSun with ‘If you cannot’

IU with ‘You Know’

Gil Mi ft Eun JiWon ‘Love Cuts’

M Lee Min Woo with ‘Minnovation’

ChaeYeon ‘Shake’


Digital Music Chart: IU

2NE1 is #1 on digital ranking! πŸ˜€

Other performing artistes

  • L.P.G
  • Kim Jong Wook
  • Vitamin
  • Sool-J
  • Cool

43 Responses

  1. Noooo I’m not ready for 2pm to leave!

    At least they will have that new “Wild Bunny” show starting next week XDD

  2. 2NE1 was amazing!!!! they all looked really pretty!

    and i just caught up on this week’s music shows and… SNSD on the rooftop…. wow… lmao that was waay cool.

    and congratz 2NE1 on Music Bank!!! and Junsu gave CL a high five xDDDDDDD well im pretty sure that was Junsu…

    but no more 2PM hotness on stage T_T

    but congrats SNSD on the Mutizen! im actually starting to like them…

  3. just wondering, where was shinee?

  4. Wooh, loved FTI’s comeback perf ^^

    I really hope either they or 2NE1 win next time hehe

  5. ahhh i was kinda dissapoint…hope next week 2NE1 will win figthing!!!!!!!!!
    and i always lovin their background peformance.

    and SNSD congrats but im not really a fan of their songs they are so “cheesy” sorry and i dont think military outfits is suit to “Genie” song. plus they are not all singing when theres a part were “subvocal” they should all sing to that , always rely. PEACE! dont bash.

    FT Island….Hongki is love.

  6. Soooooooo going to miss 2PM! Especially my favourites Junsu and Jaebeom, I hope 2PM comeback with a full-length album instead of a single album.. Now I’m going Japan, I’m going to miss three weeks of news from K Bites. 😦

    But there’s still 4minute, and 2NE1 to cheer on.
    Lee Minwoo and Chae Yeon are doing great songs but they aren’t getting noticed much really.

    I always love that beginning part before 2NE1 sing. Minzy and Bom look pretty but I still wonder how that hoodie Minzy wears and Bom’s shirt. 2NE1 are overall a win.

    I really like SoHyun’s hoodies especially the Mickey Mouse one the other day too. I can’t wait for 4minute’s mini-album when I come back at the end of July.

  7. FT Island was awesome as always. Their hair…no comment.

  8. SNSDβ™₯
    they were amazing ^_^
    taeyeon’s voice was so strong (:
    and yoona was gorgeous as always

  9. more 2NE1 perform more give us a better perf ^^
    luv this one

    and 2PM oh mama o_O ❀ god bless the cameraman and the production <3<3<3

  10. i think FTI will win next week, dunno why, but i hope either SNSD or 2ne1 win..lol..ok, just a girl groups obsession..

  11. F.T. boys are amazing, I love the performance! They were so cute, hugging Hong Ki and pecking him on the cheek.

    I like SNSD’s outfit today. They seem much brighter and energetic. Taeyeon was soo smiley today πŸ™‚

    I wanna see 2NE1 collab with someone. Please let CL’s hair down, she looks better that way.

    • i know that was soo adorable especially seunghyun awww
      hopefully they can win the following weeks

  12. PLAY the ROCK & ROLL
    Hongki so handsome with
    orange hair but he make me
    laugh πŸ˜€ his paints half pink
    and half gray πŸ™‚ i like it πŸ˜›

  13. […] watch SBS Inkigayo today because I had other arrangements but I did catch the performance over at K Bites when I got home. I didn’t realise they were going to perform both κ²°ν˜Όν•΄μ€˜ and λ°”λž˜. I […]

  14. minji outfit! so cute. i want CL untied hair!!!

  15. when will i get 2 c some 2pm n 2ne1 collabor8…..~

  16. Notice Park Bom’s face at around 2.24..the oh oh oh~ part. That’s the best funny expression she ever made. Lol..she can make those expressions but in her case, she need to exaggerate more.

    Oh yes, cracking or not, CL is the best rookie for me. Her charisma can kill..haha. Minji’s outfit is weird but creative. Fighting girls!!~!

  17. IU should do an acoustic cover of 2NE1’s I Don’t Care [:
    And congrats to SNSD [:

  18. why no more shinee?

  19. Uhm. I actually DO believe CL cracked on that high note, but that’s okay.
    Singers crack all the time.
    Their performance was great and I really love their outfits for today’s stage. :]

    & on the other hand, I absolutely love Soshi’s new outfits. KwonYul and Sica are looking mighty fine. β™₯.

  20. FT Island was just so amazing ><

  21. awwwwww I love 2ne1 their stages isn’t as powerful as fire but that’s probably cos the song is more mellow but still it’s a good song and good performance they look so happy performing it’s so cute
    And I love the lipstick mark on boms shirt haha reflects the song love it:)
    I didn’t even notice the crack or whatever they are so awesome they are the only thing I look forward to now
    Sniff goodbye 2pm 😦

  22. L.P.G….. The SNSD of Trot music!

  23. FT Island were superb πŸ˜€ Loved it so much XD

  24. but i think Dara did cracked her part at 2.22.

  25. I enjoyed 2ne1 performance… I really love their presence. Love the song, plus they always sing live!! 2ne1 rules!!

  26. go girls!!any group go go go!! girls dominating 2009!!

  27. OH YAY 2NE1 AND SNSD. 8D

    Don’t get what the hell Minji was wearing but still – Love them anyway! 8D

    And I totally love SNSD’s army style. ;D

  28. I kinda want to see Dara and Minzy do a Digital Music Chart Countdown.

  29. why no SHINEE??????


  31. Wow IU was so cute in her Digital Ranking vj-ing. Haha. 2NE1! You can win next week! So proud of you girls. I like the hint of color on the girls’ outfits. But Dara’s color is not really noticeable since she only wear a pink bracelet. But I love Bom’s after-sex shirt with the lipstick stain. Haha

  32. naww, 2pm’s goodbye stage 😦

    i like ftislands new song ❀

  33. yay!
    at least 2NE1 won mobile.
    SNSD win the mutizen right??

  34. I’ve just realize. 2NE1 is number #1 on Mobile Ranking.
    Congrat galz^_^

  35. 2NE1 great as always……
    Finally… FT Island. Really miss u guys^_^
    I like their new song

  36. bye2 2PM! I love 2NE1 still good!!! ^^ as always!

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