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Japanese picks KARA Goo Hara as ‘Prettiest Belle of the Korean girlgroups’


Recently, a survey conducted from Japan’s biggest portal site, Yahoo Japan, on ‘Prettiest Belle of the Korean Girl-Groups’, resulted KARA’s Goo Ha Ra as the 1st, while So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Tae Yeon and YoonA were voted 2nd and 3rd respectively.

KARA’s Goo Ha Ra was voted the 1st as she has a small body and clear facial features on a small faces, which are the ideal face and body shape for Japanese.

Tae Yeon was voted as the 2nd because of her friendly, yet lovely image, while the 3rd, YoonA, captured the Japanese fans with her innocence and cute charms.

Furthermore, Jessica of So Nyeo Shi Dae was voted 4th, KARA’s Kang Ji Young as 5th, So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Soo Young as 6th and After School’s Yoo So Young as 7th on the chart.

On a side note, KARA will be releasing their new album on the 30th and making a comeback stage at KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 31st.

[Source: Asiatoday|Translated by: cactus @ KARAholic.com]

No surprise, I have a girl crush on this doe-eyes doll.

Plus she is known to look like Japanese singer Namie Amuro




On the side notes, netizens ‘decode’ the teaser concept photo of KARA‘s comeback. LOL



46 Responses

  1. All the Kara girls are gorgeous, with or without make-up, thats why they’re my fave, oh and love the catchy music they make ^^.

  2. Kara girls are beautiful

  3. isnt the second picture namie amuro?


  5. hara’s eyed are so far away from each other xD sorry but thats how I see it

  6. lol at the ‘ohno’ and ‘ohyes’ comments . . . u guys hav gd sense of humour in a sarcastic way lmao . . . anw hara deserves tis =D she IS beautiful . plastic or no plastic she’s still a beauty =) because not everyone can turn out so pretty wif jus plastic surgery . u gotta hav some natural beauty to value add ur face =DD so antis, back off ! cus plastic or no plastic she’s still a true beauty hohoho !!!

    btw imma girl and i dont hate her at all ~

  7. Yay!!! My beloved unnie Taeyeon is on the list 😀 And Yoona, Jessica, and SooYoung<3 Although i do love Hara, i actually prefer Nicole over her XP But my number one is definitely SunYe<3 WG! SNSD! Kara! Hwaiting!!!<3

  8. OMG! Are you sure this

    is Hara
    Is she soooo similar?????
    I think, It’s NAMIE AMURO!!

  9. Well…i do agredd with this…
    I really like Hara eyes…she have the pretty doll eyes ever..=)
    And she so cute and have good manner…
    So she deserve it…=)

  10. I definitely see the Namie resemblance. Goo Hara’s such a doll.

  11. Hara looks better each time I see her. The last pic is hilarious!

  12. I’ve always thought Hara had a very Japanese beauty look. And I could never pinpoint what jpop star she reminded me of, but it’s definitely Namie Amuro.

  13. people, lets get some plastic with eyes bigger than face, we can all be a belle then !!! yeah !!!

  14. All the pretty people ^_^
    But why the fuck is Sooyoung there? She’s ugly as fuck.
    She looks third World

  15. wow boyfriend’s shirt is getting popular now XD bom also wears it for i don’t care perfs right? anyway i never thought kara kang ji young would make it into the list O.O

    I always thought Japanese are more into the baby-faced kawaii kind of thing. Hence, the 48 member girl group; AKB48. (and you THOUGHT SuJu had too many members)

    But yeah, Hara DOES look like Namie Amuro. More like a cute, younger looking of Namie. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way.

    It’s sad how my fave girl Sunny Bunny’s never on any list. Oh well, that only means I can keep her all to myself! :3 hehe

  17. yeah, hara is like a japanese style beauty….
    but yeah, i kinda dont like her face..
    i think ji young or nicole from kara is prettier..
    and Yoona and Jessica in the list…
    Yoona is like korean beauty and Jessica is a western beauty…and japanese like that?
    i’m glad…. since i bias, i like Jessica beauty more…
    but all on the list is pretty…
    Shikshin make it too…?hahah..jjang!!!

    • I agree with you. Because of you compare Hara to other Koreans, she’s won’t be consider as the prettiest. I thought she was pick because she looks like a Japanese singer. Overall, Hara is cute.Above average.

  18. She reminds me of Hwang Jung Eum…

  19. Wow, she does look a bit like Namie Amuro…no wonder they picked her.

  20. she looks ugly without makeup so being pretty with makeup shouldnt be good enough.

    • owsss………c’mon i thin ur the one ugly

    • not so much ugly but just way different with makeup…i think she matches the japanese style well…but Im sure a korean poll would have someone else

    • yup. shes fucking ugly without makeup. and its obvious shes plastic, look at vids of her during jype auditions and compare to whatever she looks like now.huge difference. not to mention kara girls have tons of makeup on all the time. she isnt even outstanding in invincible youth. her personality and “cuteness” is so fake and forced. same for the rest of kara.

      except gyuri. love her to bits.

      • CL with makeup is still uglier than Hara without it.

      • If she is ugly, than other girls in the world are uglier~~

      • you must be a jealous fat bitch cause goo hara is the definition of pretty/cute/beautiful

      • Stupid Dara well cl and hara are very beautiful and if cl or hara is ugly then what does that make you the ugliest person in the world judging from your name dara you must be one of those stupid dara fans I think dara only has fans cause of her face but the moment you hear dara sing she sounds like a mental cat!!!

      • Stupid Dara well cl and hara are very beautiful and if cl or hara is ugly then what does that make you the ugliest person in the world judging from your name dara you must be one of those stupid dara fans I think dara only has fans cause of her face but the moment you hear dara sing she sounds like a mental cat!!!

  21. why is she being compared to namie amuro? i don’t think they look ANYTHING alike.

  22. lol. what the did the pic was funny.
    hara is ❤
    can't wait for their comeback too ^_^

  23. LOL @ pic

  24. No surprise to hara….she definitely pretty and sexy

  25. I dont like her one bit. Though Kara is a fave of mine.
    She’s probably my least fave
    Idk, something about her…

    tee-hee. Anywho, cant wait for their come back!!!!

  26. ROFL @ the last pic

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