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K Bites – 20.07.2009 (KARA, MC Mong)

KARA to make their comeback on 30th July!


Ahead of their comeback on 30th July, group KARA released a teaser photo on 20th July showing the girls transforming as figurines.

In this teaser photo, the girls have came out of their normal cute image, and appeared very much more matured. There are plans for more teaser photos to be revealed until their new album release on 30th.

Currently it has been known that album recording are all done, and even their new MV is filmed.

The girls will release their new album on 30th, and will have their comeback stage on 31st July.

MC Mong is ‘Humanimal’ for comeback


MC Mong has released part of the album jacket to his 5th album ‘Humanimal’ to be released on 23rd July.

The album jacket shows MC Mong doing the evolution of human. And also the album name is the mix of ‘Human’ and ‘Animal’ to give ‘Humanimal’.

mcmong_200709_1MC Mong’s company revealed that from his 1st till 5th album, MC Mong is  showing ‘Mong’s musical evolution’ as shown in this album art. And that this concept is chosen personally by MC Mong. He has also done the producing, lyrics and composing to the album itself.

Also for this 5th album, other great stars like Jo SungMo, SG Wannabe, JungIn, MAC and Navi are featured in the songs.

Meanwhile, MC Mong will have his comeback stage on 23rd July on Mnet M!Countdown.

36 Responses

  1. Nicole should’ve changed her hair, it’s still very PRETTY GIRL/HONEY.

    Gyuri looks amazing though. *o*

  2. I like this au nautural look on KARA much better than Pretty Girl days when they sprayed fake tan on their faces.
    hmmm same with all girl groups I think. Pretty girls should show their pretty faces without 1/2 a pound of makeup slathered on.

  3. Weird, but this reminded me of T-ara’s released pictures not too long ago, just saying.

  4. thing is. kara in a previous article said their gonna stay true and stick to their past ‘concept’, ie the cutesy, honey look, and now they come out with something new. idgi, weird DSP.

    but whatever, i think the girls look good esp gyuri!

  5. Sookyeong! you totally just answered my prayer! kara looks so mature and amazing in the photo. oh, i agree with the other post about goo hara~. the choices for top 3 were exceptional, couldnt have it any better – yoona, taeyeon are all ❤ but it snsd wouldnt be complete without all members.

    btw, i find people so ignorant saying everyone is following 2NE1's trend of "new" concept. SERIOUSLY?? every company usually if not always say their idol groups will come back revamped in a more refresh and new feel. the entertainment industry AND business concepts werent established in 2009 when 2NE1 came. please people, be reasonable-being a fan of 2NE1 is good as i am a fan of SNSD and WonderGirls ❤ but it shouldnt blind you from crediting every other idol group out there

    • It’s a stupid thought yes. But I guess some people can’t help it but to notice those kinds of things. 2ne1 wasn’t really original, but they sure did quite a different route for the girl groups this time.

      anyway, this concept id nice for KARA, so I don’t care about the other groups right now really.

  6. wow, every girl group is trying their hardest to look “different” now. I mean since it was stated that 2NE1 would be different than other girl groups, girl groups debuting or coming back are doing the same thing, “being different”.

    I say every girl group is different already. They have their own different styles. Oh well, I still love WG and SNSD/// they brought the power of girl groups back to life. I like 2NE1 & 4MINUTE because they caused all the hype happening now. &nd 2NE1 is really something.

  7. wow kara so hot this picture…anti plz be matured~

  8. I like Kara’s pic and can’t wait to see what song they’ll come back with ^^

    Oh and I’m looking forward to the new MC mong album too!

  9. they all look the same!! ~ before I could tell em apart, except for the middle girl, they all look like fraternal twins or something and the youngest one – Ji Young? – she looks like she lost A LOT of weight or maybe its the picture. I agree, everyone wants to change their concept now….

    They are like SNSD’s sisters, i love them both♥
    Can’t wait for future pics to come!!!
    Hara is gorgeous, Gyuri is a goddess and Jiyoung is adorable
    Seungyeon too. Nicole is pretty but not gorgeous as the other girls. But i still like her.(not as much as the other girls)
    I’m tired of all these ugly concepts this year. (e.g 2NE1, 4minute)
    finally real beauty

    • real beauty?

    • WTF*CK…just say they are “trying hard” LOL….
      “beautiful”…heck, I dont think so. seriuosly!

    • you know what troll i’ve spotted you blah blah 2ne1 is so ugly in so many other sites lately.

    • @sushitrolley, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if u find 2NE1 or 4minute is ugly, it’s really up to you…hope u have a wonderful life trying to proof to everyone that they are ugly…

      2NE1 fighting! ❤

  11. i’m glad mc mong is making a comeback, way too many groups these days and only few solo performers.

  12. ..i’m kind of disappointed.. DSP..
    I mean the sexy look is kind of boring now..
    I REALLY REALLY want them to succeed.
    I’m tired of them being the ‘3rd’ best or whatever..
    The song better be kick ass, i am a kara fan but i’m tired of their boring ass songs like ‘rock u’ or ‘pretty girl’
    and tbh their hair hasn’t really changed at all, and that’s sort of the main thing people look at with the new concept.
    plus this look sort of reminds you ‘honey’s’ blank stare look mixed with with some of the T-ARA pictures that have been released.
    (please don’t argue with me, i just want to state my opinion)

    • you mean this pic makes them look like lookalike clones, just like t-ara’s pics–you’re not the only one who sees that.

      • Uhm, not really lol? Kara is one of the easiest girl groups who’s names i memorized the fastest.
        While people like WG(♥), SNSD(♥) and T-ARA(still) took me quite a long time.
        But i guess if people are newbies to Kara by only looking at this picture i guess you could get mixed up with Jiyoung, Seungyeon and Hara? :S lol

  13. Uhm just a thought..a lot of you guys say plastic surgery but i keep thinking, wont it hurt these young teenagers?? I mean artistses that you guys said have had plastic surgery are from like 16 to 20 yrs old…is it possible for such a young girl to have gone through plastic srugery??

    • lol you obviously have no idea how things work in korea–as long as your parents give consent kids as young as 12 can undergo the knife to get something done like having a minor nose lift, double eyelids and the like.

      • lol i thought so.
        Im just thinking how painful it would be for them.
        eeeek, even if i get a chance to have plastic surgery i wouldnt do it. Im scared of going under the knife XDDD

  14. 2ne1’s concept isn’t really new. Kara had the “fierce” concept back in 2007. When they debut with Break It.

    • but they never got the same attention that 2ne1 has now…just think of it back in 2007 and first half of 2009. and i dont wanna name g-groups again. peace!

      • so true. the trend back in 07 when wonsoka debuted was cute and girly. and i don’t think kara was ‘fierce’ in a 2ne1 style back in their break it days, they were more of sophisticated and classy–just look at their album cover.

    • Oh yes, their Break It MV was pretty fierce. If my memory serves me correctly, it even involved them interogating a guy in a jail cell-looking room!! Talk about girl power…

  15. they don’t look different much. it’s the change of concept. remeber, we are only looking at ONE picture here. if sy and jy looked different in multiple pictures, i would say that they did have plastic surgery.

    and also, kara is still in and out of some shows and stuff (the most recent the energy song), and if the two of them did have plastic surgery, their faces would have been swollen. someone i know got a double-eyelid surgery and she had to wear sunglasses for a month or so.. remember solbi? how her face swelled? yeahh~

    not a much fan of kara, just want to put in some bit of reasonable argument out.

  16. wahhh…i dont think they look “sexy” in this photo theyre still look innocent and young. just caught up from a shower…hehe Peace!

    and one thing i’ve realized. After 2NE1’s debut w/ a different look and concept everybody in girl groups changes their images and looks from pure clean innocent image, now look at them. hmmm i guess they were really inspired by 2NE1 <—-because these girls started the "Fire". LOL

    but lets see whats KARA gonna give us something new.

    • lol i noticed that to. since the 2ne1 came out with a different image, EVERYONE wants to change their image. i think it would be smart if 1 person goes bubble gum (another way to say sweet and cute) so they seem different from the new images coming out of no where.

  17. Ewww Kara! Did SY and the youngest member just had plastic surgery? They look so different..

    • uh i dont know what your talking about. they look exactly the same. its just their not smiling like they usually do in their pictures. -_- man some people are so quick to jump to the PS theory.

    • What are you 10?

    • Really?
      You don’t know the procedures of plastic surgery. Their faces would be swollen and their faces would be wrapped in bandages. They appear on ‘Idol Show’ daily and they just recently performed their Energy Song and Honey/Pretty Girl.

      Growing old is unstoppable, but growing up is optional.

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