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MC Mong 5th album ‘Humanimal’ officially released


After the long wait of 1 year and 3 months, us fans are finally given the treat to new MC Mong music through his new 5th album ‘Humanimal’.

The album is released today on 23rd July, and we take a listen into the whole album here beforehand.



MC Mong Vol. 5 – Humanimal

  1. Intro
  2. Indian Boy feat. superSTA, B.I
  3. 로반줄아(로미오를 반대한 줄리엣 아버지|Romeo is Juliet’s father) feat. Simon of Dalmatian
  4. 진실은 천국에서라도 (JinShil even in the heavens) feat. Kim Hee Sun
  5. 나비효과 (Butterfly effect) feat. SG Wanna Be
  6. 사랑보다 아름다운 말 feat. Sook Hee
  7. Dalmatian Love
  8. Lucky Man
  9. 사랑이란 (Something called love)
  10. 죽도록 사랑해 (Love you till death) 2 feat. Jo Sung Mo
  11. Little Sunshine feat. Jung In
  12. 세상에서 가장 슬픈 시 (The most sorrowful moment in this world) feat. MAC
  13. LUV D.N.A feat. Navi
  14. Hottrack feat. B.S
  15. Outro


2. Indian Boy





7. DalmatianLove

8. Lucky Man

9. Something called love

10. Love you till death (ft Jo Sung Mo)

11. Little Sunshine (ft JungHee)

12. The most sorrowful moment in this world (ft MAC)

13. LUV D.N.A (ft Navi)

14. Hottrack

15. Outro

Still waiting for the rest of the songs to come in. The songs were released at midnight.


This time MC Mong kept his album with his usual unique fun factors and addictive hiphop beats intact.

There are some great tracks include, I can’t pinpoint out the best track but my favourites now have to be ‘Indian Boy’, ‘Luv D.N.A’, ‘Love you till death’ and ‘Lucky Man’.. Gosh the collaborations are all so freaking good. Some of the big names featured – Jo Sung Mo, Navi, SG Wannabe..

And ‘Indian Boy’ is just classic as the title song.. Very fun song.

10 Responses

  1. i ‘m like this album so much…
    fighting…mc mong…^^

  2. sounds good!

  3. Wow this album is just way too awesome, it’s definitely a must-buy album material.

  4. hey~ where did u downlaod this ?

  5. I like “Indian Boy”s feel (Does that sound weird?lmao)
    But I dont feel right. Do native americans not mind?
    He even does the little sound and I’m kinda like “…….”

    • i agree..read it somewhere that the native americans were a lil bit apprehended of some of the university here in the states for using names such as warriors, chief, etc. as their mascot names [i don’t know if it were settled but yeah]. i really want to know if he really knows how important it is for native american to preserve their culture >_< well good song though ..but i miss his "ice cream..i'm sorry i love you days"

      i must admit i've never heard any artist sample any native american tribal beat/song yet or maybe my music aren't broad enough for me to notice =P

  6. the title song is goin to be a big hit!~ it’s catchy and fun. Soo MC Mong rite now. LOL. It’s a good time for his comeback b/c there’s too many girl groups in the scene and not enough solo guys.

  7. i can totally see Indian Boy being played in 1N2D

    • aha. me too!~ whenever Mong goes somewhere or does something weird, the PD’s might just play that song.

  8. he’s back! but he possesses a new few. comedian feel. ops. ;D

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