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Idols group Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang members for dramas appearances coming October


Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo and Big Bang TOP can be seen in drama acting coming October.

UKnow YunHo has been casted as the main character for MBC drama ‘Heading to the ground’ on 9th September. He will act the role as Cha Bong Goon who used to live his life aimlessly but was met on 3 near-death situations and he later aspire to be Korea’s representative soccer player.

And then we also have Big Bang TOP in KBS  drama ‘IRIS’ acting as a killer in the show as the character Big to be aired on 14th October. ‘IRIS’ is a large scale project drama 20 billion won in the making.

With that much anticipation is to how these 2 idol group members will fair as actors in drama coming October.

Not only that, Big Bang TOP and SeungRi will also be appearing on the telecinema ’19’; while Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong will be starring in the drama ‘Heaven’s Postman’ all to be aired in October itself.

2 strong rival groups in the Kpop world Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang all having their drama screen debut at the same time this coming October can be said to be a more interests-rousing idea than an irony itself.

Gosh. I can’t wait for all of them to be aired! ><


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  1. […] JaeJoong has previously been casted for ‘Telecinema’ to be aired later this year and recently UKnow YunHo has also been casted for MBC drama ‘Heading the Ground’, and with one more member trying out acting, more anticipation are in for how these idols will […]

  2. no kiss scene for uknow please~!! hahaha~ =x

  3. yunhoooooooooooooooooooooo yessssssssssssssssss im sooooooo watching his drama cuz the plot seems soooooo interesting..this is the first time korean script has taken a story about ones accomplishment in sports… i love it

  4. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this, lots of kdramas to watch this yearr <33 JJ, Yunho and TOP!! I'm looking forward also to JJ's Heaven's Postman.

  5. Not watching IRIS. TOP is freaky looking and elfish. And ever since All In, I’ve never liked Lee Byung Hun.

    So Yunho it is.


  7. wow when did Yunho found the time to film an entire drama?? i’m anticipating both shows!

  8. Im looking forward to IRIS more for the awesome cast!

  9. i’m anticipating all the dramas..
    i love dbsk n bb

    i don’t expect much tho.. haha..
    good luck to all of them

    i watched top’s in “i am sam”.. hope he’ll improve..

  10. Can’t wait for IRIS!

  11. actually in September YunHo will be up against YEH’s My Fair Lady. … sigh, so many dramas not enough time 😉 Iris will be shown after MFL/TCOA, TOP isn’t the lead actor in this drama so he won’t come out as much as YunHo will since he’s the lead.

  12. IRIS is gonna be a DAEBAK ! lol big hit ! x))
    totally gonna be standing by my TV for IRIS!!
    I hope KBS World airs it toooo xD
    go TOP !

  13. BTW, Yunho looks super hot in that pics ^^

  14. From the storyline: I prefer Heading The Ground.
    I don’t like Korean spy dramas, cause usually at the end, it’s all about love and not a job anymore. I need heart light drama ^^
    From the cast: Irish, Lee Byung Hun is a GREAT actor.

    Anyway, I love Jung Yunho and for sure I will watch his drama first because I want to see his acting skill (cause I will watch it via viikii anyway ^^). And no matter what the end results, I just happy that he go out of his comfortable zone for once.

  15. Iris fo sho..no doubt about it
    I love Kim tae hee…and TOP as a hot killer…makes me more excited…the plot sounds more interesting too
    Can’t wait for double seung hyuns in “19”^_^

  16. yunho will be acting/romancing with Go Ara huh? CRY.

  17. I’m definately excited for IRIS, not only is the concept interesting as hell but it’s a well known fact that being a spy/assasin makes a guy hotter… and TOP is already so hot… ahh so excited!!!!!!

    but Yunho’s drama seems interesting so ill probably just end up watching both

    and ’19’ fo sho! ahh the Seunghyun brothers!!

    lol, it’s crazy how BB and DBSK are rivaled in pratically everything these days… maybe it’s just the media or maybe it was destined for VIPs and Cassies… XD

  18. aaack! can’t wait for all of it to show! 🙂

  19. usually i’ll be biased towards BIg Bang but this time.. i’ll choose Yunho..wow..my head spins every single time i see his picture..so HOT!!

  20. usually i’ll be biased towards Big Bang but in this case..i’ll go for Yunho!! my head spins everytime i see a picture of him..so HOT!!

  21. a bad boy T.O.P fo sho!!!

  22. ahhh been waitin for IRIS for ages now so yeh ill be waitin for IRIS ;DDDD

  23. i’m definitely going to watch IRIS!~

    i’m in it for some action!~ yeeeah!~ and the ppl in IRIS are all big names. i’m a huge LBH fan!~ w00t-w00t. i might even watch the drama for him rather then TOP 😉 both are hawt!

  24. I’ll watch both.. but i think i’m biased towards DBSK lol!
    cuz just the mention of DBSK makes a huge adrenaline rush in me! XD

  25. definitely iris. not because i love top but because it seriously appeals to me.

    • EXACTLY 🙂 but “somehow” tv ratings rise when their are famous stars on ’em. I hope ppl will watch the drama b.c of the plot and acting rather than the looks. hehe. yet, IRIS has good looking ppl in it too

  26. been waiting for IRIS to air for a whole year now!
    good luck to them^^

  27. YEAH TOP! Partially cos TOP’s drama has a rather reputable cast…. I am a tad doubtful abt Yunho, DBSK should really just stick to doing what they do best – SINGING JAP SONGS.

  28. top! of course! hehehe… but i ll n watchin’ all of them.. hmm.. 😛

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