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T-ara ‘Lies’ the making video released!


Newcomer girlgroup T-ara‘s debut song ‘Lies’ the making video, the making, released!And it’s power ballad!

A real teaser MV will be released later today with about 50sec teaser to ‘Lies’ and ‘Wanna play’.

With that here’s more teaser photos with Yoo SeungHo.




Great! Power ballad

8 Responses

  1. i love ‘Lies’ it’s so drama like. ^^
    Doesn’t remind me of Big Bang at all.

    idk why, but Boram reminds me of Nicole(Kara)
    I can never get that ‘blank stare’ vibe from Boram, she seems like she has a bubbly personality.
    She’s really adorable.

  2. Power Ballad for the win! If Wanna Play wasn’t leaked they would have blown people away releasing two opposite tracks at the same time. The end of June will be insane, T-ara, Kara and BEG coming to play.

  3. i dont know why..but i will wait for yoo seung ho appearance in the mv..he look soooo handsome!!

    i like the song…remember me with see ya…

  4. d song sounds ok but i’m not really in to it…..yet,
    yeah…we’ve got Lies part 2
    i miss Big Bang so much…hiks T_T

  5. is ok i have to for the hear thewhole song to fully judge them
    for me Brown Eyed Girls song sounds better.

  6. reminds me of BIG BANG’s
    koh jid mal – lies!!

  7. i agree great power ballad i mean out of all the girls groups that debut this year vocally t-ara is the strongest .. think mnet is the only agency that cares about having girl groups that can sing I mean they are the one who created seeya,davichi and now t-ara
    and i having good feeling they will do well in the charts
    t-ara fighting

  8. Not bad at all. We just have to hear it live.

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