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Idol groups members for the ‘Milk Club’?


Super Junior leader Lee Teuk talks about the ‘Milk Club’, the gathering of the depressed souls, in his Cyworld entries recently.

And in his ‘Milk Club’, he claims that there are 4 other members TaeYeon, YoonA, Micky YooChun and Onew.

Find out what this ‘Milk Club’ is about.

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.26

..I like quiet places..

..I like places without people..

..Thinking it this way, indeed I’m in the Milk Club..ㅋㅋ

Jungsoo‘s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.26 04:05


..Milk Club..

..A gathering of depressed souls…

..Lots of depressed feelings..

..It feels like I’m starting to enjoy the depression period..

..Always struggling in loneliness…

..There have been lots of tears..

..Hope everyone can understand that loneliness..

..I thought I had a good ability to hide this loneliness..

..For the sake of hiding my depression, I joked around more..

..Like to act fine..But that was definitely not fine..

..We decided to call each other court ladies..

..Court Lady Teuk..Court Lady Taeng..Court Lady Yoong..

..Although there have been many applications..

..3 members(Taeyeon,Yoona) must agree together then others can register..

..Now Yoochun and Onew have come onto the list..

..In the future, this club, will live better in order to overcome depression..

..Thinking of giving each other mutual support…

..Sorrow..Escaping from pain..Happiness..We’re anticipating to share it among all of us..

..In the future, Milk Club (Gathering of depressed souls)

..Hope the meaning will be ‘milk.. made in lovely kin..’*..

..The organization..

..President: Eeteuk (Park Jungsoo)..Court Lady Teuk

..Vice-president: Yoona (Im Yoona)..Court Lady Yoong

..Manager: Taeyeon (Kim Taeyeon)..Court Lady Taeng

N.B* Milk – Made in lovely kin; was written by himself.

The Cyworld entry has gotten the attention of many netizens. Since there has been previous cases of idol group members like Big Bang GDragon and Jewelry Seo In Young getting into depression earlier this year and had left Korea for their recuperative vacation.


Lol he even has a club for it.

Meawhile, am I the only one who thinks that Lee Teuk resembles Jo Sung Mo? 😡

C: OnlySJ13

37 Responses

  1. man, poor jungsoo… it must be tough to be a leader from such a famous group like suju..

    hope he’ll get better! GBU, teuk angel..

  2. That really does suck for them, All idols work hard but SM seems to overdo it a lot. The idols are making millions for them they should really make sure each member is mentally and physically healthy.

    It’s scary though cause Korea has one of the highest suicide rates among developed countries.

  3. Reading this makes me really sad

  4. I am worried about him. But it is kinda weird for Yoona to be depressed. She seems to be a girl who has everything. Like, the fans, the instance. And screentime as well as singing-time.

    • Everything……. including depression……

      But still I’m not Yoona so I can’t say for sure… prob she’ll be the only 1 to know the reason though…. sometimes having too much not necessarily means u’ll have a good life, most ppl think they have a wonderful life because they have everything from wat we saw apparently, but u’ll never know the negative sides of them until u experienced it urself….

      Hope they overcome it…..

  5. i want to add that i think it’s irresponsible for Teuk to mention other names unless he got their permission first. just my opinion.

    • teuk write an entry regarding their club before this entry, and he mentioned yoona and taeyeon’s name. if the 2 didn’t permit him writing those, he wouldn’t have a follow-up entry and this entry is it.. it’s just goes that ya and ty approves having their name being written..

  6. OMG!! i cam\n’t believ that Onew is that depressed!! Why? I never saw him sad or even close to depression!! Is it ture that people that you never expect to be depressd, ARE the people who are most likly to be depressed?! I don’t get it, all of the members are all so smiley and cut all the time?! How is smiley Onew who never gives up on his not-so-fitting-for-the-situation condidtions!! How on earth?!

  7. I know Teuk has been down for a looooong period of time. Ever since ‘It’s You’.. or even back to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ promotions, he’s been updating his cyworld with depressing entries. I also see Taeyeon sad most of the times on radio and during performances. Including Yoochun and Onew? Oh why? Wow… I hope these ‘depression’ really end. They are overworking themselves. I wonder why they called it “Milk Club”.

    • MILK stand for “Made In Lovely Kin,” that’s why it’s called the Milk Club.

    • “Milk Club (우유클럽) is a kind of play in words.
      우유 = milk and 클럽 = club.
      우유 is made up of the characters from two words: 우울한 (which means depressed, melancholic) and 유령 (which means spirit, ghost etc). So added together Milk Club means the ‘Depressed Spirits Club’.”
      (Credit: La’MISS:fairy from sj-world.net)

      • also … in teukie’s entry, he is saying that right now their club feels like the “Depressed Spirits Club,” but he hopes that the people in the club will overcome their problem.

        He hopes that in time, the club will have a different & happier meaning called, “Made In Lovely Kin.”

        I think Teukie is also hopeful & looking at the bright side.
        He has a group of friends in which they can talk over their problems & become better inwards & outwards!

  8. i’m not quite surprised about this, especially since it’s all SM artists that are involved. we all know how they are all over the place and busy all the time. when you don’t have enough time to enjoy yourself, you can really get depressed. look at super junior, after finishing their album promos, they go straight to their asia tour, and right now i think their preparing for sm town concert, and in between some of the members do mc and dj jobs (most of which is done by leeteuk).

  9. I’m worried of these Idols….especially the SM artists. SME overworked their artists…look at SNSD in their past performance in Inki, they look like dead souls. damn Lee So Man! your artists gave you LOTS of money the past few years, give them a break that they surely deserve. Look at GD, when he’s suffering from depression, YG sent him in Europe to recuperate. and their artists are living comfortably. He knows how to take care of them. Is it all about the money huh? how about their health? oh my poor teukie, he is always like this while he’s working his ass off.

    this Milk Club is really a nice way to support each other. SuJu leader is really great. He is no only taking care of his members but other group’s member as well.

  10. I’m worried of these Idols….especially the SM artists. SME overworked their artists…look SNSD i heir past performance in Inki, they look like dead soul. damn Lee So Man! your artists gave you LOTS of money the past few years, give them a break that they surely deserve. Look at GD, when he’s suffering from depression, YG sent him in Europe to recuperate. and their artists are living comfortably. Is it all about the money huh? how about their health? oh my poor teukie, he is always like this while he’s working his ass off.

  11. YoonA joined milk club because of those idiotic netizens saying she went under the knife based on her pre-debut pictures! (guessing). people are soooo stupid, why cant they just accept the fact she shes naturally pretty? are you so ugly yourself that you must make others feel the same way? sighh ): same goes for teayeon, jeez, to be honest, i used to think she wasnt that pretty and her eyes were too far apart ;X but she most definitely has blossomed into someone beautiful. shes really pretty, and you know it, and her voice is pretty dawm sexy all by itself

  12. at first i thought it was going to say something like have good skin, lol
    But instead it’s pretty people with problems.
    ohh they make me worry. 😦

  13. oh man.. i hope they will be all right….. makes me sad..
    depression is really hard to overcome… it really is….
    like someone said before, 3 of them are leaders of their groups.. so i can see why they can get depressed because of their situation…
    Hopefully the fans will give them more space … as a fan myself.. all i can do is just pray for them! fighting!

  14. Awww, I’m really worried for them.. >< Hopefully
    they get some vaca away from all the drama/work

  15. I notice that the 3 of them are leaders of respective groups. It’s undeniable that being a leader is tough. N most of them are very smiley but they hide their feelings. I honestly have seen this coming for Taeng. She looks so down lately n broke down a lot like during some Mubank or Mutizen speeches. I think this club is for them to share n pour out their feelings to each other. They’re very weary right now….. SM overworked them. T.T

  16. wow, definitley surprising about taeyeon and yoona being in the club. i wouldn’t have expected to be depressed because of their joyful attitudes we see.

  17. At least the Milk Club, will support each other through their tough times. SM family fighting!

  18. LOL. is this some kind of a joke? Leader Teukie barely jokes on his cyworld. but i know this way, they can tell each other their worries though..

    Leadah, don’t keep everything bottled up inside, you have to let it all out! we E.L.F will always support you.

    SUJU fighting~

  19. I highly doubt he would joke about something like depression, considering some celebrities have killed themselves because of it. It’s not very surprising to find that some of our favorite artists feel lonely and depressed. If it helps to form a club and support each other, then by all means, form one…it’d make ME less worried about them..

  20. I also wanted to state Leeteuk barely jokes on his cyworld.

  21. Well of course they are going to get depressed. they are celebs even though they might be a good actor but that makes worse because they have to keep everything bottled up inside. I actually think leeteuk has made the right thing.
    That way they can tell each other their worries.

  22. i’m really worried about this post.. really… i mean why are they depressed?.. is someone pressuring them a lot?.. i think they need some rest or something..

    onew is even there?.. why?.. i really felt like crying.. so worried that my kids (SHINee) are slowly getting depressed.. T.T

    hope they’ll be all fine.. we’re still here for you oppas and unnis!.. hmmm.. take care!..

  23. What a cute name, but a sad meaning. When he mentioned who were in the Milk Club, I understand about why they joined. But why did he had to tell about the Milk Club.

  24. i didnt know that taengoo and yoona is in this milk club..although i love them and support them..i couldnt be of any help to them in this situation…i felt abit depressed about this…

    but still, taeng and yoong please cheer up!!loveyou always~

    as well as other members too!

  25. aahh… the milk club, eh?? hehehe so cute…. and myy boy onew is in there as well??

    i find this actually funny rather than worrying, even if teuk is “famous” for being emo in most of his cyworld entries…

    btw… SM FAMILY JJANG!! ❤

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  27. I’m kinda worried about him!
    And eventually milk club has Yoochun, Onew, Yoona, Taeyeon.
    It seems like milk club is quite a depressive group..
    I hope all of them are alright! ]:

  28. i can see Yoochun and Eeteuk? they both cry a lot and get sad a lot but onew? taengoo? yoona? that really surprised me. a lot. i never would’ve expected that.

    i wonder if onew, taeyeon and yoona are annoyed by this? all of them go through a lot of effort to present a cheerful front to the public and this cyworld entry kind of ruins that.

    • hey cmon they ARE celebrities like u said, they HAVE to look good to the public. I think its good to have a personal platform to let off their true feelings and intentions once in a while rather than penting their frustration inside and end up not telling anyone bout it which can lead to drastic consequence if u noe wad i mean.

  29. Thank you!

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