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SNSD Jessica ‘One Summer Night’ duet on SBS StarKing

So Nyeo Shi Dae ice princess Jessica did a great duet with Kim Ho Joong, who has appeared on the show previously when Jessica did as well, on the song ‘One Summer Night’ on SBS StarKing aired on 25th July.

As soon as this was aired, it was very well received by netizens and many are already discussing about this duet on online forums.

I love her vocals, best next to TaeYeon in the group 🙂


20 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I think Jessica abit alike lin chi ling’s face.

  3. Sica’s voice is high-pitched which is probably why for One Year Later, she was paired with Onew not Jong.Hyun. I din’t really like her voice at the beginning, but it slowly grew.

    I like this duet. Her voice is sweet. It complements the boy’s deep voice well. This duet reminds me of my other fav Star King duet, KyuHyun&Charice. ^^

  4. Jessica’s also my personal favorite vocals in Soshi.
    She seems to having a softer, sweet sounding voice.
    I find Taeyeon’s vocals a bit dull at times, honestly.

  5. I love her voice. jessica gambaete!

  6. Jessica has a pleasant softer voice. I’m not really liking the colour of her hair though its getting to blond

  7. i dont like SNSD personally. With the exception of the good singers. TaeYeon, Tiffany and Jessica ofcourse :] I only watch them.

  8. i agree she’s most stable but only if she didn’t have to sing high-pitched and dance lol (i’m sure most of us can’t do this too)…i like her voice…it’s soft and most suitable for singing duet ballad…a nice contrast to taeyeon’s powerful voice…i think Sica and taeyeon should have a duet soon 🙂

  9. Jessica has the type of voice you either love or hate as she does not always support her voice and it is quite high.
    She is the 2nd strongest and most stable singer after Taeyeon.

  10. her soft voice compliments nicely with the guy’s voice. gosh she sounds and looks so pretty.

  11. shes so pretty and sings beautifully even with her light voice

  12. really her voice isnt actually second best. Seo hyun voice is better then hers and with the right training, tiffany could sound better >.>

    i dont really like jessicas voice in all honestly and the duet wasnt that good. the guys voice was better then hers ==

    but she did sing in tune so ill give her creditt for that ::::D

  13. I like her voice…
    I agree with you, she’s the second best singer after Taeyon in SNSD.
    Her color is a little bit think and sometimes (for non-fans) it sounds like a whiny but I happen to like her voice. It’s not like she make it thin, her voice is originally soft.

  14. i’m not a fan of jessica’s. never is, and never will be; but i will give it to her for this performance.

  15. Jessica is my personal favorite vocal from SNSD.
    Her vocal tends to stand out a lot since it’s so high pitched compared to others.
    Very dolphin like?
    Good luck to the guys career as well since he’s an amazing singer.

  16. Great duet! Lovely 🙂 What she wore was nice too 😀

  17. OMG the duet was beautiful ! Sica is prettier every day ❤

  18. shouldn’t your name be:
    idk, lol.

    anyway, there are plenty of other sites to hate on but don’t go on this.
    try http://www.allkpop.com
    or youtube.com?

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