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Diva Lee Hyori loves dancing to 2NE1 ‘Fire’ too


Diva Lee Hyori shows some love for her juniors 2NE1!

In the latest episode of Family Outing aired on 26th July, during the before-bed voting, Hyori danced a comical version of 2NE1‘s previous hit song ‘Fire’ – with crazy hair-tossing and mad chest pumping.

And the netizens just love her comic parody..

She did the dance at about 0.13 and then the crazy hair-tossing came back at about 0.56

Lol, you just have to love her dorkiness.

And I made a shocking discovery today: Yang HyunSeok-2NE1 hybrid! Netizens are crazy for such photoshop attempts.. I really wanted to see YG‘s face superimposed into CL‘s photo but I just can’t find it 😦


17 Responses

  1. LOL Hyori’s so funny ;] Wow, haha.
    She sure do love 2NE1.
    & those pictures of YG-2NE1 are freakky!


  3. Hyoriiii, this is why i love her, love her dorkiness

  4. Even if she did it really comically, you can’t deny her grace and sexiness. ahhh Lee Hyori, such a sexy lady. ^^

    YG on 2NE1’s bodies: I will watch Big Bang wearing female outfits to cleanse my head and eyes. Or any dorky boyband group with a current reality show on going (2pm). Or the original Space MV of fire. anything. lol. just kidding. But seriously, with due respect to Mr. YG, those photos, not pretty. hehe.


  6. HAHAHAHAAH! the hair toss done by hyori seems like a horror movie!
    yg’s face plastered on 2NE1s’ bodies, the best!

  7. lol… its kinda creepy seing YG in 2NE1’s members body….
    maybe that person are fanatic too much towards YG Ent…

  8. There’s a CL version, too. It’s the shot of her on the motorcycle from the FIre MV and they made YG wear shades.

  9. LOL YG looks best as dara but freakishlly scary at the same time lol

  10. omg YG xD
    i couldnt recognized him at first

  11. ROFL HyunSeok looks hilarious in Dara’s body xDD
    And i thought JYP was unappealing & creepy (which he is).
    (This my first time looking @ HyunSeok btw, well his face actually)
    But both are very talented (:

    I feel like watching some old Family Outing episodes now.. (:

    • Gosh the new FO members are still so awkward T_T
      I mean ShiYeon(?? idon’t even remember her name lol) i can deal with since she’s just as shy as YeJin.
      But what’s his (pale) face is really boring..

  12. OMGEEEE YG.. yucks… -.- ><

  13. “Diva Lee Hyori shows some love for her seniors 2NE1!”

    did you mean juniors? πŸ˜€

  14. ahhh i was laughing at Hyori’s antics and then i saw boms bunny ears, Monsters appeared. O.O

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