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K Bites – 27.07.2009 IV (KARA-Ryu SangWook, Hwi)

Male leader to KARA’s upcoming ‘Wanna’ MV revealed


New acter Ryu SangWook will be the male lead to KARA’s upcoming MV ‘Wanna’ which is also the title song of their comeback full-length album.

Ryu SangWook is recently featured in MBC drama ‘Queen Seon Deok’.He was also called the ‘2nd Lee JungJae’ for having resemblance to Lee JungJae when he was acting as the role of the bodyguide for Go HyunJung in ‘Secret Clock’.

Ryu SangWook had previously participated in the MV filming for KARA’s ‘Wanna’ on 19th and 20th July, and in the MV he acts as the role of a stalker to the 5 members in the group.

One of the MV filming staff sais, “In one look you can say that he is a goodlooking guy with an innocent feel, which goes well with the concept of the MV. With much popularity that Ryu SangWook gets from females these days, much more anticipation is for the new MV.”

KARA ‘Wanna’ MV will be revealed within this week.

New singer Hwi is in the spotlight again

hwi_270709New singer Hwi has received a special invitation to this year’s Hallyu Music Festival.

After gaining much popularity singing for the theme song ‘I can’t have you’ for MBC weekend drama ‘Friend, our legend’, his popularity goes all the way to Japan and he has been invited to 2009 Hallyu Music Festival.

The festival is a joint event by Korea and Japan, and it sees the appearance of top stars – last year some of the stars who attended were WheeSung, Kim BumSoo, Paran etc.

And for this year, some of the stars who will be attending are Jo Sung Mo, T-Max, K Will and Hwi. Hwi was invited after the theme song ‘I can’t have you’ began to gain popularity amongst the Korean and Japanese views of the drama.

The festival will take place on 12th and 13th September .

Hwi also previously got into the spotlight after he did the cover of ‘Like Being Hit by a Bullet’ originally by Baek Ji Young

His previous hits:


‘A Man Crazy For Love’

I love Hwi.. He is another talented and great singer like K Will. I’m looking foward to more from him 😀

5 Responses

  1. OMG i’ve been loving Hwi since he debuted, yet, nothing new came from him until that Baek Ji Young remake. So happy though cause his voice is absolutely ❤ & now he can make more songs!!

  2. lmao, “role of a stalker”

  3. […] source: kbites […]

  4. woah, is that Hwi?! He looks so different in a good way ^__^
    I love his voice. Very talented as well.
    I only wish he was popular enough…..
    The song is really nice~

    • i love the vid by him u uploaded on baek jiyoung’s ‘like being hit by a bullet’!!! hehehe

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