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[Updated] Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah, Micky and Hero for a lawsuit against SM? Worries for group disband


One of Asia’s biggest group Dong Bang Shin Ki, has 3 of its members in a possible lawsuit against their own company SM Entertainment.

Dong Bang Shin Ki members Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong had gone to Seoul Central District Court to hand in an application for provisional disposition to terminate all effects of their exclusive belonging rights contract with SM on 31st July.

Latest updates on top:

Follow up #4:

After they released their official stand about the contract exclusive right clause retractile application, SM Entertainment’s representative added about rumours to the band’s disbandment, “On SM’s side, we still have much love for Dong Bang Shin Ki. We do not want them to disband. Let’s resolve this peacefully seeing the long time we have worked together since their debut till now.”

Follow up #3:

SM Entertainment has released their official stand on the case.

They said on 1st August morning, “It is true that Xiah, Hero and Micky made the application for provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive rights effects from their contract on 31st July at the district court. With that the company is very taken back by the action, we are trying to get confirm all the truth from them currently. ”

They continued, “But as a representative group to the country and to Asia, our stand is that activities for Dong Bang Shin Ki have to continue even with this disposition application. And about the problems arising from the discussion to do a cosmetic entreprise, we plan to talk over them and sort out the problems as soon as possible.”

It has been know that members YunHo and ChangMin has decided not to take part in this lawsuit. Both of them are currently preparing for their drama debut this September and year-end.

Follow up #2:

One of the Korean new media No Cut News has known through phone call from SM that SM said, “We are aware that some of the (DBSK) members have some disagreements with the company, but we do not know that they have sparked a lawsuit wth the company. The director board of the company is currently having an urgent meeting in an undisclosed place in Seoul to discuss about their countermeasures.

They also added, “We will have our official stand asap”.

Follow up #1:

What will happen to the 3 members’ activities scheduled for Dong Bang Shin Ki? there is the upcoming SMTown Live 09 on 16th August. It seems that the members may not be appearing for the concert with their lawsuit with the company.

Especially with all the rumours lately about ‘disbanding of Dong Bang Shin Ki’. To add on, one of the 3 members’ parents have also established their won entertainment company in China.

Fans are also very taken back by this incident. Many have voiced their disbeliefs on various discussion forums.

Original article:

It has been known that their reasons for doing so is that the contract with SM Entertainment has many irrelevant conditions attached. It is also known that the content to the contract the 3 members cannot agree to includes having them belonging exclusively to SM Entertainment for 13 years and also unhappiness over profit allocation.

The lawyer responsible for this case said, “We are currently preparing for a lawsuit against SM for this contract. (About the reasons to why) We cannot reveal the details now.”

There has also been saying that the 3 members have differing views to SM on their upcoming ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki cosmetic enterprise expansion’.

Currently out of the 3 members, JunSu is already doing a cosmetic business with his parents. It is said that there were plans for the company to operate a cosmetic business, with sheep placenta as the main ingredient, using the group’s name as the brand name in Seoul GangNam and GyeongGiDo IlSan. It is said that there were also plans for the business to be launched in China bringing in hundreds millions KRW in profit.

But it has been said that the 2 sides are having some differing views and also complications arose through their discussion on how the product and brand will go.

Source: 1, 2, 3

Just to clarify:

  • The 3 members are applying to retract the the exclusive rights effects from their contract with SM
  • There are also other problems like differing views and problems in developing their cosmetic entreprise
  • Disbanding is a speculation on the Korean news side because the 3 members will not be able to continue on their activities since they are on the case

I don’t care what other sites write, this is what I get off Korean news articles.

190 Responses

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  2. […] Dong Bang Shin Ki trio’s discord and lawsuit with SM Entertainment [Read] […]

  3. just who does th e frikkin SME think they are?! trying to Enslave dbsk??!
    and i dun get y uknow and chagmin arent fighting along too!! =O
    i want dbsk to stay together! pull thru the tough time!! =) you can do it!!

  4. noooo they will not be disbanded
    frking SM u frk y the heck would he do that , wutever hes doin
    i mean DBSK is like awesome and i dont want them being not together i hope things will be solved and i want to know more about this if u hav any information email me at junzu@yahoo.com ty……………….

  5. DBSK don’t break up!!!!!!!! Keep fighting!!! XD

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  7. I will call Lee Soo Man a dumbass if he dares to make Hero,Micky and Xiah go
    right guys?
    they’re the hotnews

  8. no!!!!this should not happen!!!!!
    cos,IF they disbanded,then DBSK will not be DBSK anymore.cos,the uniqueness are all gone!!!


    DBSK, FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

    all of ur Cassiopeias will always be behind you to fight with you all and support you all to the ends.


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  10. Why? Why SM make this?
    TVXQ it’s a group popular in Asia?!
    They’ve a lot fan on the World!
    We don’t want TVXQ break up!

  11. what does shinee and suju got to do with this?

    – -”

  12. oh my god..
    what a bad news…

    many people are enjoying and love there music..
    hope they will overcome this..and hope they will not be disbanded…

    sm and dong bang shin ki work together for a long time,hope they will settle it in peace…

    go dong bang shin ki…cassioppea and all your fans and all people who loves and believes you will always be on your sides….

  13. who cares if theyr’e not with SM. I mean im sure everyone loves DBSK because of DBSk, not the company right??? am i right?

  14. dbsk is the best boyband ever live… but sm never respect them… just go away and do your best, dbsk! without them, i definitely sure that SM will have a bankrupt.

  15. just get out of SM alrdy.

    i don’t want them to disband though
    NO WAY…

  16. that’s what SM gets for putting all his money on snsd(shitty band) rather than focusing on dbsk(money machine). DBSK should get out from SM and join with Shinhwa! lol.

  17. SM Entertainment has a history of unfair labor and payment practices. For instance, three members (An, Jang and Lee) of H.O.T. received royalties equivalent of 1 cent for each copy of their album sold, meaning that each of them would earn roughly $10,000 for selling a million copies of their album.

    Without the ability to form unions entertainment workers are often forced to sign unfair contracts. The management agencies are often overly controlling over artistic freedom, appearance (plastic surgery), work hours (overly long), and even personal lives (dating).

    If you want to WRITE A PROTEST LETTER TO THE KOREAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM regarding unfair labor practices:


  18. WTF~! let the problem be solve first before giving such conclusions or predictions that they should be in this company etc. etc…

    this is so childish~! anyhow…thank God SM is clearing things up..

    for the fans’ sake..

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  20. wow!!!!i’m speechless……….
    hope they will sattle it in peace!!!


  21. how can SM get any stupider?
    seriously!!!! all their best groups are not there anymore.
    SES, H.O.T, Shinhwa, FTTS.
    probably DBSK is the next one to leave
    i hope they leave for better entertainment. like YG. <333
    But please don't disband!

  22. nooooooooooooooooo

    cant live without themmmmmmm!

  23. After reading the updates, I think they have no intetion to leave the company, esp Yunho n Changmin. So, since they’re professionals, they know what they’re fighting for. It’s their business not their job as singer. Well, hopefully it’s settled in the right way n JaeChunSu get what they deserve.

    I really love SM family, mostly bcos the crews have so much chemistry. I would be sad if DBSK leave.

  24. everyone remember SM just like threw CSJH in Japan.
    They’re like dead…
    they SERIOUSLY dont care about their artists.. only money.
    i hope DBSK leaves SM.

  25. considering that i’m not a fan of dbsk and never have been what i’m saying may seem slightly biased. but let’s be honest. while dbsk might be really famous, i don’t think sm would suffer that much should they leave the company. i mean the reason dbsk achieved what they have is through the promotions done by the company as well as their many connections and resources. if they leave sm would probably just pour what they used on dbsk on some other band like maybe shinee. sure they will lose the money and time they already spent on dbsk throughout the years but i am sure they have pretty much earned back what they invested. i mean the fact is boybands disappearing is inevitable. look at nsync or bsb. they were all the hype a few years back and now no one cares about them. maybe for dbsk to disband now while they are still at the top of their game and still popular enough to get solo projects is actually a good thing. fans might not agree now but eventually it might be for the best.

    • no, they well not leave sm, because will not disband them. they have 7 more years in sm until their contract is over. also they have avex in japan, who will be pissed at sm. dbsk is not just sm, but avex too. they make a lot of money for both companies.

  26. if they ever disband…
    i’m not sure in korea how but in places like taiwn all this a lot popular bands disband and in the end none become popular…
    or maybe 3 of them trying to form a new band…
    ut maybe people just prefer the old band..
    so you ever know…

    there is a really big risk for such popular band……….

    hope they will do the correct thing..
    and do it wisely…….

  27. I don’t really keep up with DBSK so this is quite a shock.

    It’s sorta weird that only Xiah, Micky, and JaeJoong came together about the lawsuit while Yunho and Changmin didn’t.

    I hope they don’t disband and somehow things work out with SM Ent. Or they move on to a better company. :3

    I want DBSK to have the best solution for them in the end.

  28. Ooh, I knew something like this would happen at some point..
    but I doubt they’ll disband.

  29. i want to have sex with dbsk^^
    and 2pm – at the same time

  30. I don’t believe Dong Bang will disband, but rather, leave the company, together and join another one.
    Sort of how Fly to the Sky did.

  31. i guess dbsk is going to fall off. the same way all of their other artists who leave fizzle within a few years. so sad. goodbye dong bang.

  32. Would DBSK disbanding be like The Beatles disbanding for asia?

  33. SM Ent., would not be that stupid. They would do anything to keep their precious boys in the same company. Without DBSG, there’s only a few groups to cash in the money for them. Even if DBSG decides to leave SM, SM would file a lawsuit against DBSG for using their “DBSG” name since they have the legal rights to it (it happens all the time in k-pop industry).

    Honestly, none of these entertainment groups are that great. A lot of you say to get DBSG into Yg/JYP but it’s hard since they all have different views in terms of music. Speaking of those other labels, they aren’t better or worse than SM Ent. as they do have the same goals (making money and all). Their contracts are really strict by the way, but who knows what is going to happen now.

    • but i dont think the will win if they file lawsuit against dbsk for using their name b/c back then SM filed a lawsuit against Shinhwa for using their name when they left the agency but they endup lsoing the lawsuit against shinhwa

    • I agree with you on not seeing DBSK under YG. I for one can’t imagine any of the DBSK members especially Jaejoong or Junsu rapping like BB does. I’m not saying that they can’t do it or they aren’t good at it. It’s just that DBSK is really popular with the type of songs they sing (mostly ballad) that they can’t change the image that they built up for years that drastically. I don’t know about JYP though. I’m not really a fan of the music he produces so I can’t tell if it will fit the DBSK image. But I don’t think JYP will get DBSK while this issue with SM ent is still hot. JYP just got out of the legal battle in the US so I think he’ll wanna sit this one out. I think JYP and YG may be a little bit better even if their goal is to make money as well. SM has two really popular groups that has accused it of being unfair in contracts which is telling of how it treats its artists.

  34. what really just happened??? @_@
    seems like history repeating again…
    idk if this is LSM idea or the chairman.
    but this is just wrong.. i mean how can you let go of your money maker just like that as if u already rich enough. I rather disband Suju than DBSK.
    oh no… SM ent. get a grip will ya!!! ><
    i want SM family!! aigoo…
    plz tell me it just a rumour not true..

    • no on shud disband! why would u want to break the ELF’s hearts?

    • Why do u have to involve SJ on this case.
      Yr statement will make things become worse.
      War between Cassi and SM + Cassi and ELFs = worsen.
      I dont want this happen.

  35. I’m not even a fan of DBSK nor do I dig their music, but I felt sad after this news. But, SM should buckle down and be fair to DBSK boys. 80-20 is seriously unfair. SM has to be a really bad employer. They overwork and underpay their stars even those that bring the money in. It hasn’t learned anything at all based on their H.O.T. and Shinhwa experience. This just makes me wonder how SNSD and SUJU are being treated. Must be worse for them. I thought the rumors on the disbanding were baseless but maybe DBSK just couldn’t take it anymore. The legal battle may be settled yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    I’m not saying I know how it is with the other companies like YG and JYP but these two seem to be on good terms with their employees like Big Bang and WG. I think it helps that their CEOs are very hands on and not as money hungry as SM. JYP is still friends with Rain even if Rain got out of his management which makes me think that he probably treated Rain well. YG, well, Big Bang is their money maker so far so it remains to be seen how it will go. But, YG family seems really close and the BB boys are able to talk with YG more freely and they have better control over what they sing and produce. Plus, YG allows his artists to grow (like Teddy who’s now pretty successful at producing).

    I think DBSK can actually survive on their own but it will be a very difficult process.

    • oh, and just to add, good luck to SM in explaining to the cassies if they allow the boys to disband. cassies (especially those diehards) can do a lot of damage.

  36. SM doesn’t treat their artists with repsect, this is what you get.

  37. WOW. Shocking.

  38. i wonder how super junior gets paid if dbsk arent getting paid well , omg dbsk leaving sm family !?!?!?! THATS IMPOSSIBLE ! id be so sad :/ i really hope they dont break up . this happen to hot and shinhwa omg omg omg !!!!

  39. i have to agree on most of the commentaries here. But i have to agree, too, that SM has a good publicity strategy. He has ideas to popularized his stars. But the way he handles it and all, it’s disgusting.
    All the overwork-exhaustion, etc incidents. It’s truly appalling! It’s time for him to give ’em a break and freakin’ LISTEN. TVXQ members apparently know themselves what’s beneficial to them. They’re adult.
    Is money everything to him? HECK YES!
    SHOULD, TVXQ move to another management company, i’d rather suggest them to Good Entertainment. Like SHINHWA. 10+ years, they stay united, and stronger.

    • But from a fan side, we don’t really know what’s going on in the management with SM artists or any other artists for that matter. Can we really blame it on the management side? If it was me, even if I was sick, I’d probably still work. Heck, when I’m really sick, I still go to school and etc. I don’t think there’s been an artist who’s actually gone public and said, yes, they work me like a slave.

      To me, it seems that it’s just very Asian to want to work hard even if there’s something that blocks my way like an illness.

      SM aren’t the only ones who’s had artists go to the hospital. Lee Hyori, KARA members, Seo In Young, SS501, and other big stars has gone to the hospital because of overworking.

      I’m not trying to start anything, I just want to offer another side that everyone should think about. TVXQ is absolutely my favorite group of all time, but SM and TVXQ pretty much made each other. If SM didn’t have TVXQ, would they still be as big a company as now? Probably. If TVXQ had started out in another company and not SM, would they still be huge in Asia as they are now? Maybe.

      • I agree. Thank you.
        I hate how everyone is just making it seem like SM is the ONLY company that does this. Plenty of companies (especially the big ones) overwork their artists to bring in profit. It just depends on whose stories are publicized in the media.
        Without SM, there wouldn’t be a TVXQ.

      • You are absolutely entitled to your opinion. And I truly respect that. And i agree and understand to most of your opinions.
        However, i’m looking towards more of SM’s side. I understand that other artistes outside SM, too, are facing such difficulties throughout their career. It’s just that I wish that SM would be more compassionate and understanding towards their artistes. It’s true that they MANAGE them, but there are times that they (the stars) have to voice out their viewpoints. I mean, if SM management would truly listen to them, none of this would’ve happen. I bet YooJaeSu wouldn’t want this to happen, but since SM won’t even give them a chance to have their say, they have no choice but to seek legal actions. It’s their every right to do so. And it’s not like the 5 of them hand in hand against SM. In my own true opinion, the 3 of them want to straighten things out and find justice. TVXQ have bright future ahead of them.
        Of course, i have to agree with you, i don’t even know what’s REALLY going on with the management and all. i have NO right to pinpoint every single fault to them. But there are some flaws that are already evident. This is just my own perspective, hope there’s no hard feelings here. =)

      • Totally agree with you.

        ** I dont know why does YG, JYP, SJ, SHINEE etc got to involve to this.
        ** Plus, please dont bashing or spamming others artists.
        They have their own fans too.

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  41. omo.. this is unbelieveable.. i knew from Shinhwa years, there’s always sumthin wrong w/ SM >..< fighting for the best guys !!!

  42. i dont knoe wat to said..by the way ganbatte to dbsk..fight until you win..

  43. is mirotic song/mv is about SM or what? D: the lyrics was made by one of the members right?now i think,after this case.lesser people would audition for SM.because they know they wouldnt get what they wanted to.people has always imagine a great life,full of fame,full of wealth when you became a KPOP artist.but this case can open many people eyes.i wonder if this happened to SJ & other SM/korean artist too. o_o

  44. Omoooo 😦 my three favorite from the group! This is crazy >< I hope things will turn out okay..

    and i’m really too tired to have any other reaction to this x_x
    As far as I can tell all the lawsuit is about is for the 3 members to be able to work for other companies without SM’s permission i.e. Junsu’s family’s cosmetic line.
    I don’t think we should worry if it doesn’t turn real ugly,because artists in the US do this often, especially with Disney.
    Remember the JoBros music before their latest album?
    all Disney regulate until they started their own company.
    They just want their rights as artists to do their own thing.

  46. SM is such a money sucker! They split their earning 2:8/9:1 with their groups. JYPE split 5:5 with their groups, even the newest group(I read this from soompi). This simply makes me respect Park Jin young so much. Ya, DBSK should sign with JYPE but I doubt JYP has the money to sign them up. I wonder y Yunho and changmin didn’t join in the lawsuit?

    I don’t think YG is that good either. I remember Se7en renew his contract ith YG at zero dollar and this continues till his 7th album I think. To me, it seems really unreasonable. Also, many artistes such as Wheesung, Big Mama, Kim Ji Eun & 45RPM left YG. Why do u think they left? Ha, most likely monetary reasons. So, I guess JYPE is the best out of the three.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I suppose there’smore humanity and freedom when your under JYP.

      I mean look at 2PM compared to the rest of SM idols. It seems like SM idols are restricted to what they get to say whereas 2PM has more fun and freedom. And JYP works with his artist like a father, he produces the idols music and be their manager when needed. and he seems pretty close and supportive towards JYP idols.

      • Dude, JYP is a really harsh label head as well. Rain’s mother died because Rain was afraid to tell JYP that his mom was sick.

      • I also believe that JYPE was one of the labels that had in their contracts that their artists can’t do anything without telling the label first, i.e. going overseas for a vacation or anything at all, whereas SM was not mentioned to have that.

        I think all the three major labels have their own kinks that we may not agree with.

        I still support SM, but I also still support TVXQ. So I’m really hoping that they’ll work this out because it seems so trivial to me. From what I see, TVXQ (or at least the three members who are in the lawsuit) still loves to make music and still loves to be with SM, but they just want a little more freedom. SM obviously doesn’t want to let go of TVXQ business wise, so they need to try and work this out.

      • SM also has that rule.. well it’s not bad, it’s for the artists safety imho

      • #what
        you’re wrong. I remembered reading article Bi state JYP and his ex wife expended money to pay Bi’s mother hospital bill

      • lol yes. i love jype because of how happy the artists seem. jyp is the coolest ceo ever man, he’s close with all of his artists and most of them treat him as a cool friend.

        i like yg too.

        i’ve never been a fan of sme.. too many bribes and shady works.

    • As i can recall Big Mama and Wheesung weren’t officially signed under YG in the first place — they only did have YG as their co-label company to help promote them.
      And I still believe that YG is as good as JYP in terms of taking care of his artists — you can also see Rain left JYP right ? I think it’s only a matter of time when you get growing and kind of having your own wish to create your own ideal path…

    • Dude, JYP is a really harsh label head as well. Rain’s mother died because Rain was afraid to tell JYP that his mom was sick. JYP may be better with money, but JYP ent has the harshest written and unwritten rules about behavior from its artists.

      • dude..at least JYP did not treat his artist like a slave….

      • JYP treat his artist like his children. I dont think JYP will accept DBSK cos PD-nim like to work with persons he like rather how much talented that person

      • wth. where’d you hear that from? totally NOT TRUE.

        from their behind the scenes footage with his artists, one can easily tell that there’s a really healthy, close, strong bond.

  47. Dump SM got to a different company but don’t disband…

    Please.. No…
    ..i might die…

  48. this is a mess..a HOT MESS. @_@ fans are going crazy right now..

  49. According to the cbs news article, the lawsuit is not about disbandment. None of the members have asked to be broken of their contract from SM. This concerns their independent ventures into cosmetic companies and rights within SM concerning outside profits.

    • yes.. the problem here is about the 3 members not gg to continue with the activities since they are on the case..

      disband is a wild speculations from the korean news side

      • thank u so much for the infor sookyeong ^_^ so they will continue their activites and i just read in another site that SM Entertainment stated, “Being TVXQ is a band that represents Asia, TVXQ absolutely must continue actitivies.” In addition, “The cosmetics company issue, will be resolved.”

      • read the updates dearie.. more updates from SM

      • i just read that last follow up and i wanna say thnx sookyeong for providing infor i know it must be really hard again thnx keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  50. oh no..not the same pattern like HOT..oh i’m crying if they disband!!
    i know that SM is doing slavery to them…but please if they want to get out from SM they have to get out together!!

    I’L always support them…but no DISBAND pliz….

    Yoochun,Jaejoong,Junsu HWAITING!!

    and for YUnho and Chang Min that started acting hwaiting!!

    REMEMBER DBSK IS 5 Person!!! Love U guys…><…

  51. FINALLY. People standing up against SM again. Been a while. But this is making me partly happy and partly sad though.

  52. OFFICIAL SM statement: DBSK’s activities will/should continue


    • its in korean i dont understand everything written so did they work things out or they will continue their activities without the other 3members ?! please reply back to me

      • read it up on my follow up #3.. they said thatthe activities have to go on.. but nothing said about ‘without the other 3 members’

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  54. For me, i think, this is the same as FTTS and Shinhwa !
    I don’t care if they stop their contract with SM, come on they are DBSK the biggest group history !
    They can’t be seperate ! Even DBSK member say that they can’t be seperate !
    FOR me DBSK will stay together !
    I think and i really HOPE THAT !
    Or i will T_T

  55. hope if they move 2 YG…
    YG is the most amazing Entertainment in korea <3..
    i love them soo much ^^

    and goood 4 them that they spoke about it ..
    at lest they did moved not like SUJU & SNSD suffering
    and keep in silent..(althogh am not a fan of SNSD/SUJU but i can see that they treat them like slaves)

    DBSK *fighting*..

    • DBSK’s music style is different from YG..not gonna happen

      • Yeah, I agree. I loveeeee YG & DBSK, but they’re totally different. YG is more like hip hop style, and SM is more pop.

  56. Yunho and Changmin have decided not to file an injunction.

  57. this is serious..me myself..is NOT a fan nor an anti….but i love their music..that’s just about loving music w/o genre..


    i think SM is loosing some strategies for now on his boy bands…now that suju is at rest in media cause of their major concert..same as shinee who is currently attempting to break in the japanese market (is this the sign? hope not..)…DBSK is now the only boy group who is kinda active..

    but my gosh…these 3..i mean the other 2 are currently busy on their dramas…i hope not..but is this a sign the 2 are already preparing for their solo? my gosh..no..cross-fingers..NOPE~! i still love them hey~! like how i love big bang…

    but that’s not the point..the point is they should clear things up in w/ some meeting one-on-one talk..cause any problem will not be solv immediately if both sides will not tell each other’s hindrances..besides…we are already talking about ‘court decisions’..so this really means it is damn serious..

    my gosh…fans…and other kpop lovers..let’s pray that these guys will not disband..i love them..promise~!

  58. Good luck to the boys. I hope that SM listens to their wants because they are the big money makers in SME. But give credit to SM, if it werent for his marketing strategies and training, would they have been formed and this huge?

    Even if they leave, they would probably join a smaller entertainment company. YG would never take them in. He already has Big Bang and 2NE1, and same with JYP. But they’ll probably still be big with their fanbase.

    DBSK Fighting ❀

  59. =0….

    What?!? Noooo! I Hope they don’t leave the group!!! i am a Huuuuge fan!!! i esp like Yoochun. so to see that his is happening to him…it breaks my heart!!! DBSK FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  60. If they do leave SM you guys do know that they’d probably make their own label.
    Only reason people join SM, JYP, or YG is for publicity.
    DBSK doesn’t need publicity.
    Composers, fans, etc will follow them no matter where they are.
    SM will survive with or without DBSK.
    They survived when H.O.T. disbanded and they sold way more albums then DBSK and they survived when Shinhwa left.
    SM’s stock has literally tripled this year with SNSD, SuJu, and Shinee.
    And you know they have more groups just ready to go out if needed.
    If this is true and they do leave SM it will be the end of DBSK, and a great loss for SM.
    However I just don’t see it happening… at least not yet.
    The members should know best how much they’re earning right now if they leave it’d be a greater loss for them then SM.

  61. whoa pls dont disband dbsk ! ><

  62. […] a really pretty banner w some sweet words for me! 2nd, thoughtful birthday msgs from my friends 3) DBSK might be breaking up. LSM i hate you. really junsu is unexpected. i tot he treated LSM like a G.O.D! junsu & jj not […]

  63. Oh gawd,I can’t believe this is happenin’..What’s the hell is wrong with SM??
    Please let the three of them be safe!

  64. Either way, this is a very very big mess, considering DBSK’s popularity.

    Since I’m not a Cassie, I dunno what to say. But I am sad that it has to come to this situation. Whatever differences between these 3 and SM have, they should have settled it privately… unless Micky, Junsu and Jaejoong had no other choice but to go publicly. Which I felt they did….

    I remember reading on an article way back about how strict some contracts are from entertainment companies. SM was mentioned to have a very strict contracts among their talents and artists….to the point they have “control” over their personal lives.

    Arrg I wrote something a bit long again. Anyways, wishing all of these would end in good terms. huhu.

  65. even though i’m a dbsk fan, and my faves are jaechunsu, i’ll keep my comment as unbiased as possible… coming from a third person..

    we have to admit that without SM, there’s no TVXQ. We can’t always blame SM cos as a business, it’s kinda their purpose to obtain as much profits as possible. Maybe they do overwork their artists, but think about it, if they don’t push them, then they won’t be as big. and jaechunsu did sign the contracts, even if the conditions were unreasonable… if something about not having their own business (ie crebeau) is in the contract, then i guess the best they can do it try to extinguish the contract… i doubt that they want to disband or anything… it’s just that they’re unhappy and they are fighting for what they want…and it so happens that they’re at the top of the industry right now so it’s big news…

    i do hope that things are resolved cos i certainly don’t want jaechunsu to be jobless and waste their amazing talents. and no disbanding please~ you guys can always move to JYP! woohoooooo XD

  66. This is what allkpop said: According to this source, it states that on July 31st 3 TVXQ Members, specifically Micky Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Xiah Junsu filed an injunction against SM Entertainment in the Seoul Central District Court to remove the “non exclusivity clause” in their contract. Yunho and Changmin have decided not to file an injunction. Basically the three of them supposedly had meetings with a Chinese cosmetic company and launched a new cosmetic line called CreBeau. They invested some of their own money and also in turn received a some gifts from the Chinese company as incentive package for signing up and investing. Some of the rumored gifts includes Micky’s Audi R8 and the townhouse for Xiah’s parents.

    SM Entertainment supposedly got wind of this news and because SM Entertainment has the “exclusivity clause” in their contract, SM Entertainment tried to prevent this from happening. Unhappy with this, and already unhappy that they feel they’re being underpaid profit-wise from album sales, you can understand why they’re trying to terminate the “exclusivity clause” in their contracts. There’s also rumors that if a favorable agreement isn’t met, the three will be leaving the group for good. SM Entertainment via phone to one of the Korean news media outlets stated that they are aware of the situation, the board of directors is having an emergency meeting and are discussing what to do. They’ll have an official statement soon.

    It sounds more like just negotiations instead of a lawsuit…

    • it is a lawsuit to terminate the exclusive rights effects in their contract.

      You get to choose who you believe.

  67. Fuck SM

  68. Take that.


  69. Excuse me, I’m not trying to be rude but can you just please include some kind of source to make clear ^^

    Where did you actually get this info? And have you considered it to be reliable before posting this on??

  70. I don’t know why people like to audition for SM despite knowing their irrelevant contract…DSP too

    JYP & YG are the best

  71. what a crazy SM world.

    The rumours dated 4 years back is true after all…

    that how they(dbsk) were treated as a slave.

    *sigh*…luckily i failed my Sm Audition. LOL

  72. […] lately but I still love them lots and lots because they are the reason I got into Kpop. Reading this news article just makes me so T__TΒ  I hope it’s not true and it will all be over very soon […]

  73. Some of the sources are saying lawsuits, some are saying it’s just negotiations with no lawsuits. I’m so confused!

  74. omg, this is a bad news..
    i dont want dbsk to be disbanded… =(

  75. lol they should move to JYPE.
    DBSK + 2PM = HOT!

  76. Is it about the conflict between Crebeau ( JJ YC JS – own invest in this Crebeau company ) and the upcoming TVXQ cosmetics brand wih SM own label ??? That’s why only three of them are doing something against their contract. Let’s hope that they wont disband !

  77. i’m like crying right now 😦
    please sm…..
    don’t do this…

  78. Do something…
    Say something…

    …D I S B A N D…

    No way.
    I’m shocked

  79. goodness, SM Entertainment should really take good care of DBSK because let’s face it, THEY ARE THE MONEY MAKER OF LEE SOO MAN and even if you combine the earnings of SNSD and Super Junior, it’s not going to match the earnings of DBSK!!! I’m not a die-hard fan of them but I really hope they would stay as a group like SHINHWA πŸ™‚

    I hope they won’t end up like HOT 10 years ago where in they disbanded due to SM Entertainment’s unfairness!

  80. wow! 0.0 totally shocked with the news. then how about changmin and yunho? are they going to support the lawsuit?
    3 of them must be enduring till now.
    even though, im not a fan of them, i hope they can settle it in a peaceful way.
    im not a fan of SME btw. their artists are not my type of style except for kyuhyun..huhuhu^^
    now, im worried about their fans (my friends included)..hehe

  81. so what about yunho and changmin?

  82. dont disband!!! set up your own very DBSK company like Shinhwa!

    • Yes..but they will prolly some fans on this issue. And Shinhwa is not as popular after they moved out. Because the company they joined is not as huge as SM. But at least over there, they don’t work them like hogs.

      • hence they should move to YG, gosh im such a YG groupiee

      • no even when shinhwa left sm in 2001 or 2002 they were still doing agreat job they were still wining awards & toping their charts in 2006 their album was the second best selling album & that was 3 years ago which is not that long & the reason why they may not be popualr as perfore first they got older & korea is addicted to young male groups & second b/c many young fresh male groups debut in the last 2 to 3 years

      • hm,i agree, not as popular,….nvm, i think they got quite a strong loyal fan base. and i will be supporting them πŸ˜€ they can create more mini DBSK if they have their own company, it will be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

      • what? Shinhwa had one of their biggest success after they left SM with “Brand New” etc… Shinhwa might seem to have lost popularity because they are not in the limelight and a few are in the army…. but don’t be fooled, even though they did not promote their last album it sold well over 120 K.. Shinhwa is very much still popular…

  83. Oh please SMEnt.. T.T
    listen to your artists.. treat them well !
    Im a HUGE fan of SMTOWN.. i dnt care bout LSM or whoever, SMEnt really annoying sometimes imo.
    SMTown wont complete without DBSK !
    Junsuu ~ ❀ JaeChun hwaiting !

  84. eh???
    i’m shocked.. very shocked indeed..
    i hope this will settle soon..
    i don’t want dbsk to disband..
    i hope dbsk will get their rights..

  85. omg D:
    stupid sm

  86. thanks for the updates…
    by the way, the pic you posted is fierce. JaeSuChoon Fighting!!!
    I’ve got to hand it to these boys, they’ve got balls & SM didn’t see this coming. I hope they can settle things though.

    • I bet snsd is next, I feel sorry for the girls… they need rest. Give some love to your artist sm after all they’re just humans and not money machine!!

      • SJ and CSJH might be next.
        considering how SM has been neglecting CSJH unnies. T_T

  87. Somehow it remind me of H.O.T and Shinhwa.


    Does SM never learn their lesson.

  88. omg completely de ja vu. just like h.o.t and shinwa. I hope their future won’t be as bad as mon hee jun.. even though I don’t like dbsk, I feel bad for them.. ugh that evil LSM

  89. whaaa? seriously?
    hopefully all this can be settled soon.
    tsk tsk, not very good news.

  90. SM is dumb, so greedy. No wonder why so many popular groups leave him.
    If DBSK does leave SM, I hope they still stay together.
    This is a huge mess.

  91. I know it will be happen someday….. n thadaaaa…. it happen now… i hope SM give the boys their rights…

  92. do you have a korean news source or did you get this from a forum….I can’t believe this until I see a real korean news article.

    • i got them from various korean news articles.. the articles are everywhere now on korean sites

      • yeah and i just checked few korean sites & i really hope they will solve their issue with sm like nam gyuri did with mnet media

    • If it helps any, I saw it on the one Korean channel I have on Direct TV.

  93. O.o I’m just wondering. If SM is that bad…. Why do BoA n KangTa still remain attached to SM?

    Anyway, i don’t understand why people blame everything on LSM. I mean SM is different from YG or JYP. As far as i know, LSM isn’t the CEO. There’s that guy named KimYoungMin, that SM artists call as SAJANGNIM (BOSS), while LSM is called SONSSAENGNIM (TEACHER).

    I dunno I hope DBSK won’t disband bcos according to history of Idol Groups, most idol groups only stay together for 3 to 5 years. DBSK is in their 5th year…..So, there’s a possibility but i hope not.

    • Well, Lee Soo Man is the founder of SM entertainment. Even though he isn’t the CEO, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t run things. He just works actively as the producer, not the businessman, but he is the major shareholder and the main decision maker of what goes on there. Artist-wise, he is the one in charge. Business wise is Kim Young Min.

      As for why Kangta and BoA are still with them, well, who knows, maybe they profit from it more being solo acts. But idol groups are fairly overworked in any company. Idol groups are what bring in the big bucks.

      This isn’t the first time SM is having problems with groups, look at their track record. Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of DBSK, but I do like some of their songs, so I hope everything gets settled and they don’t break up over this. Hopefully they can settle it like Shinwa and continue as their own group.

      • BoA and Kangta have profits in the company. that’s why.
        each of them has 100,000 shares.

        try searching on google for evidence. (:

    • Really?? The company is under his name, I think even he has a say to what this Kim Young Min does, I mean he’s playing with his money right?? Even as a “caretaker”, you have to answer to the founder of the company.

    • wrong, this is gonna be dongbang’s sixth year if they get past 26 dec.

    • And BoA is a shareholder. SO i guess BoA does make more money then the rest.

  94. oh and another one.
    SM, why not just disband all the groups and demolish your building?! you’re freaking sick.

  95. WTF?!
    geez. way to go SM! -.-

  96. SM is a money hungry company….fans should know that their artists don`t get much out of that company… I`m not surprised at all… SM is just not a good place to be and they are treating these kids like slaves. It was time someone stood up to them…. The company will back down, because they need DBSK.

    • they have shinee and suju they dont need DBSK.

      • are you against DBSK? if you dont like dbsk dont add on. do you know how worried us fans are?

      • are u serious ?!!! in SM DBSK are the money maker they won best album of the year in 2008 and their album sales is higher than anyone else in the agency & kpop their album sales are not only high in korea but also in Japan suju couldnt even win against son dambi and shinee couldnt even win against female groups like 2ne1 so ofcourse they need them

      • I think DBSK brings in more money than Suju and Shinee combined. So I think they need the extra cash..lol

      • even if you combine Shinee, SNSD, and Super Junior the profit that DBSK brings to the company is massive

      • What the efff is shinee and suju man?! 10 of each also cannot win DBSK man. DBSK i can say, its the ONLY group in asia that can sing well, dance well, and has all members to be good looking. Such a powerful combination, its really irreplaceable and rare. What’s more? They can do accapellas, which i can say its a very good edge for them as there are really only few bands who are able to do that. The ability to do accapella shows that they really can sing and its pure talent compared to other bands who depend on their looks! Thats why they are so popular with a Guinness World Record of the WORLD’S LARGE FANBASE! I think you should seriously do some logical thinking before commenting next time! Especially for such sensitive incidents, you should shut up if you’re not with DBSK or post some supporting comments if you’re with DBSK! Such cynical comments will make everyone hate you! πŸ™‚

      • actually although suju and shinee are indeed popular groups, they are no where near the level of popularity that DBSK has at the moment in korea and japan (and I am not trying to sound like a fangirl, just stating the facts). DBSK IS the cash cow (do you know how much can be made in Japan relative to korea) of SME so they actually do need them to some extent.

      • Actually, who r u?
        Do u hv nothing 2 do???
        Y i keep on saw u left ur comment everywhere n critic othrs idol?!!
        If u got nothing 2 do, juz shut ur mouth up!!!
        Coz u now looks like an antifans!!!

  97. WHAT.

  98. Another history repeated. SM always like that. This company doesn’t care about their artists at all, they only care about the profit
    They always threat their artists really bad.
    Just remember many years ago, the conflict with Shinhwa, JTL and the others.
    That’s why Shinhwa, JTL, Fly tothe Sky, SES doesn’t want to continue their contract with SM.

    I won’t be so surprise if someday DBSK leave this company. They deserve a better company who really about them as a singer, not just some money-maker^_^

    • yes i agree!! i was actually thinking about this matter two years ago! i was wondering when sm ent. will leave db with no choice but to leave the company. i expected it to happen, but idk when. and now i guess it’s gonna come true soon γ…‘γ…‘;

      seriously. lee sooman should just reflect on his wrongdoings for once. doesn’t he get the hint after so many of his artistes decided to terminate their contract with his company?! bloody insensitive old man. -_- i despise him and kim jong il equally. rofl~

      • Honestly, I don’t think he actually cares if some of his artists leave. He has the money and the power to be able to start new groups and or make the men and women in SM look really bad.

        When I read this article, the first thing I thought of was H.O.T and Shinhwa. I might not have been aware of these thing that occured when they did, but they did sadly. Now that I am older and aware, I feel actually sorry for these men and women, boys and girls that actually have a passion for what they do. But then an idiot (sorry) like lee soo man comes into the picture and screws them all over.

        I just keep thinking about the bad things he’s done to the Dong Bang boys and the other artists of the company. It makes me so angry. I really hope that if this doesn’t work out and that there might not be another chance for a compromise that they will do like the others (as hapacalgirl said) and leave the company. Hopefully one day, when SM falls, LSM will think of how stupid his actions were. : )
        DBSK Hwaiting~~!!

    • I 100% agree. When I read the article I immediately thought of H.O.T, Shinhwa, and FTTS. LSM has been practicing bad labor/business practices since the 90s so I am surprised that DBSK didn’t file a lawsuit earlier. I remember following the whole Shinhwa dispute as it was happening and worrying that they wouldn’t be able to keep their name (I have been a fan of shinhwa since 2000). If a compromise can’t be settled I hope DBSK will follow in the footsteps of their seniors and leave SM because I think they deserve so much better then what they are getting.

  99. junsu, jaejoong, yoochun, hwaiting~!

  100. they should totally move to YG cos YG rules.

    haha ok on a more serious note thats pretty serious. wth man?? i thought people under SM were all tight with one another including their CEO! strang

    • Lol..I’m with you! YG is much better! At least YG listens to his artists…

      I don’t think they are tight with the CEO, they are just tight with their co-workers…

    • I know Jaejoong,Yoochun and TOP together<3

      this is shocking!move to YG please.

      • that would be pretty awesomee be like YG domination.

        seriously how can a company get so bad that their own people would want to have a lawsuit against their CEO.

        disappointing SM

      • Omg. They should totally move to YG XDD
        Then That Will Be For THe Win hehe.

        Ok Seriously T__T; DBSK i wish they dont break eh…. :\

    • i think JYP will be more compatible with dongbang, because YG is too r&b and hiphop! don’t get me wrong, i’m a fan of yg ent and jyp ent.

  101. nooooo! dbsk fighting!

  102. what!?! i hope it doesn’t turn out to be a bigger mess..

  103. lee SM sucks!

  104. i was so shocked !!!!!! oh no , every artist tht goes sm sure end up having some problems .. js fighting !

  105. oh my goshhh,wat just happen?im tottaly blank now,please be careful 3 of them,,theyre have a hard time now,,ngwangwa μž¬μ€‘,μ€€μˆ˜,도,λ―Έν‚€μ–΄λΉ λ“€νŒŒμ΄νŒ…..

  106. i think its funny when SM is going well. people are like Lee Soo Man is the best! is the best CEO. but once their artists is put into the picture. they say SM sucks major balls. just saying.

    • hi there! ur soooo wrong here ok…. coz it’s been a well-known fact that cassies hated lee so man for a long long time! ever since the boys debut!

  107. OMG????

    This is such a shocking news!!!

    Let’s hope everything will be fine and dbsk will appear on SMTown Live 09.

    Please dont bisband!

  108. oh dear……i cant believe this. i agree that sm is more profitable compared to some of the other companies with regards to their income and success..but seriously? rivaling your biggest money makers and not allowing them to choose how and what their contract will entail is a very poor decision on sm’s part.

  109. EHH??? I always detest SM. Not that the others’ are not businessmen themselves, but SM boils down to being one dirty businessman. He should listen to DBSK. Without DBSK, what do he have?? SNSD..with the competition going on?? I thinnk DBSK is a more stable group. Oh ya, he still have Boa. =_=”

  110. lol that’s expected…SM is always unreasonable, and any reasonable being would definitely surpass their limit with a company like that..

  111. oh money problems again, just like MNet and Nam GyuRi.

    It’s painful to say but… SM is just going to be like MNet, they don’t care much, they have the power of media and press at hand. They can control what people can read through their media empire.

    Good luck to the DBSK boys, b/c they will need it, just like how fans keep on cheering for NGR on her cyworld.

  112. that would be disaster…omg..

  113. OMG!! these guys worked sooooo hard, & if there are issues regarding profit allocation then they should really fight for it….. I knew trouble was brewing when rumors of DBSK disbanding came up. Fans should stand by them. Junsu, Micky & Jaejoong FIGHTING!!!

  114. thats a wow

    • hella wow, actually!!

      it`s a big bang for the kpop world. i agree to souly. i think the so-called “great” lee soo man, not should, but MUST listen to DBSK not just because they bring him more ka-ching $$$, but for the 2 sides to be open more for each other`s decisions. hey soo man, you should cut the crap. LOL. give the guys a break. sheesh! anywho, hope that they should settle the conflict peacefully.

      let`s make peace not war! πŸ˜€

      sookyeong`s quotation. i love what it says. πŸ˜›

  115. That sucks… SM should listen to DBSK a bit more since they make him so many $, he is being a bit selfish.

  116. What happen??!!

    • That’s very shocking 2 me! Hope we continue 2 support them and I hope Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun won’t have a hard time doing this lawsuit.

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