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Dong Bang Shin Ki members to come out and talk about rumours on disband tomorrow


Dong Bang Shin Ki members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu will make their official stand about rumours on the group’s disbanding.

The trio came back to Korea on 2nd August and had meeting with the people in charge and made their official stand about the news reports and all on 3rd August .

A representative said, “The 3 members came back to Korea on 2nd August, after discussions with their families and with the people in charge, they will reveal their official stand about the news – whether they are just speculations and also to clarify any mis-reported details.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment said on 1st August, “Dong Bang Shin Ki’s activities have to go on.”

The 3 members had went down to Seoul Central District Court to file for a retractile of their exclusive belonging rights with SM Entertainment on 31st July, causing an outrage of speculations about the group’s disbanding and also problems between the members and SM.

But it was known that the 3 joined the group for their performance at A-Nation on 2nd August in Tokyo. They have also made it clear that they will be participating in the SMTown Live 09 concert on 16th August.

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  1. DBSK/TVXQ, please don’t disband. When I heard about the news, I cried so much. You guys r one of the my most favorite artists and I love your songs and albums. I wish there is more from you guys. That is why I support you more than any artists I know.
    If you guys are going to disband, there will be no more better song that I can inspired more……..
    I will always supports you guys. So, please settle this up in a better way!

  2. […] source: kbites […]

  3. Iam not really a big fan of DBSK, but i listen to their music and stuff.. But hearing that they are gonna break make me kinda worry.. and heartbroken
    Ihope they wont disband:]. Dbsk Hwaiting.

  4. I like how Avex/Rhythm Zone allows them to express their own music and compose their own stuff. As for SM, they allowed Suju members to do that didn’t they? Idr.

    I hope they won’t disband, but I’m pretty sure they won’t. This is about SM and the three members. There’s no problem within the group so hopefully, if all goes well.. they won’t disband.

  5. OMGOMGOMGOMG…I hope it’s gonna be some good news. I mean, they just performed together at A-Nation…as a 5 member group and they were very tight. GOSH! I LOVE THEM.

  6. Meh… When Stand By U came out, I was just discussing how DBSK should really leave SM and stay with AvexTrax because it seems that they allow DBSK to be who they really are; you know, a vocal group, not just some hot idol group. And I find it weirdly funny how most of the songs that the DBSK boys made are in their Japanese album, and even became their singles. Like Kiss the Baby Sky and Wasurenaide.


    DBSK is what introduced me to Kpop and what made me fall in love with Jpop… It wont be the same without them…

    • I agree! Somehow SM seems to be holding them back on the member’s composition. In “The Secret Code” avex let Jaejoong go free-reign on the 9095 song. And of course, Yoochun’s and Jaejoong (Kiss the Baby Sky and Wasurenaide respectively) composition actually made it to the group’s a-side.

    • if they leave SM and go to Avex then they might lose 800,000+fans who are korean and came to be their fans through their korean songs.japanese fans didnt make DBSK who they are now,korean fans did that first.

  7. If there is a problem they may leave SM… disbanding is not the only solution.

  8. NO DISBANDING!!!!!!
    it breaks my heart just listening to these rumours..

  9. I really really hope they won’t disband..
    It would be heart-breaking..
    Let’s wait and see what happens.

  10. Me too..I’m not a fan but this news also affected me. I want them to win and I don’t want them to disband at all..Fighting DBSK!

  11. aww i’ll be sad if they really disband since they are such a wonderful boyband. I hope they will work things out with lsm.

  12. not really much of a fan but it will be sad to hear them disband

  13. *finger crossing* No matter what, let’s hope for some great news!!!!

  14. Lol, sounds like they WONT disband at all ^^
    I can tell by this article already…

    We CASSIES need to look at the bright side 🙂

    • yes I have the gut feeling about this too.. let’s hope it is good news

      • Btw, are you gonna post an article about their statements or can we hear it on TV or something?

      • if it comes out on news article i’ll translate it.. which i think the korean news media will make a full report on too

      • yeah~~ they are like brothers… ^^

        really hope everything settle real soon and it must be a good news *tsk tsk*

      • I see. Thanks ^^ &nd ill be waiting for the news!

      • they are back today. All five of them ^^ (not just three as the news indicated before)
        From the airport pics, it seem that nothing changes. Yunho still over protective over the members especially JJ (lol) and they seem relax. Not like a people who will face a disbanded.
        A little tired, but YC seem relax. He is the easiest one to detect

      • summer_rain, where do you see their airport pics ? is it uploaded somewhere ? or maybe you can share to us… I believe a lot of people wanna see them too… Let’s hope for the good news happen tomorrow..

      • ohh, please please please! If you heard about TVXQ news, please inform it right away.

    • REALLY? They won’t disband? I totally worried rite now! I cried so much when heard about DBSK DISBANDING……I hope they will stick together. Because of them, I learn about the new cultures of korea and fall in love with musics.

  15. oh no disband!!
    really woRried!!
    hope they always stand to be together…

    guys we love u!!
    stay together please!!

  16. OMO.OMO.OMO.
    the news make me really worried….

  17. Don’t really care much for DBSK..but hearing about the news lately got me a little heartbroken. I mean its not that i hate them , but yeah. I felt a little worried. Hope everything goes well.

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