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K Bites – 03.08.2009 (SuJu EunHyuk, Lee SeungGi, WonderGirls)

Super Junior EunHyuk enjoys another sweet kiss


After his sweet kiss from meeting Han SeolAh on the last episode of the show, Super Junior EunHyuk gets another chance for a kiss.

eh_030809On the newest episode of MBC ‘Introducing Star’s Friend Survival’ aired on 1st August, EunHyuk got #1 on the survival corner on the show.

And with that he was given the chance for a sweet from the female guest appearance whom he likes. And on the latest episode of the show, he has chosen Han SeolAh again.

And Han SeolAh took the chance and placed several kisses on EunHyuk’s cheek, and MCs HyunYoung and Lee HwiJae responded, “You took about 3 seconds there.”

Meanwhile on the show, LPG member DaEun picks on her rival saying, “I don’t like Han SeolAh.” And Han SeolAh gave a counterattack by saying, “I’m not worrying”.

Lee SeungGi, “If I have a girl I like, I will confess straight away”


Singer cum actor Lee SeungGi was on ‘Brilliant Legacy Special edition’ telerecording on 2nd August, talking about acting and also love relationships.

He said, “(When I was part of theband) in high school year 1, there was a girl nearby who is the vocalist and I like her. With that, I intentionally made chances to perform with her in the band on public performances.”

With that the MCs said, “It looks like Lee SeungGi is pretty determinedwhen it comes to confessing his love.” He said, “For me, when there is a girl I like, it is my personality to get anxious. I will not listen to what others around me will say and just go ahead and confess.”

The rest of the cast to the show also participated in this special episode and it will be aired on 3rd August at 11.05pm.

WonderGirls SoHee and YeEun, “Look at our eyelashes!”


WonderGirls who are currently busy promoting in America shows off their eye makeup.

Members SoHee and YooBin uploaded new photos onto their Twitter account on 2nd August American time.

“SoHee said Today we are in Las Vegas! Me&Yenny did the “V” for Las Vegas. And.. LOOK AT OUR EYELASH!!”

The girls have got new eye makeup with white beads attached to their eyelashes. And YooBin also tweeted, “our new eye make-up^^ isn’t it pretty ??” She added, “we’re in Las Vegas~~ I’ve been here once with my family 5 years ago. I’m glad to be here again with Mimi, Sohee, Sun, and Yenny”.

The girls have been touring with the Jonas Brothers since June to perform for the opening act on their concert tour. They will be doing the performances for 50 of the concert performances until end of August.

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  1. aaaaaaah,you’re soooooooooo cute lee seung gi!!

  2. SEUNGGI-oppa ..

  3. wah,,, i think eunhyuk has waited for long days to be kissed again ^^ so thats ok ^^

  4. i met the wondergirls yesterday!!!!! they all looked absolutely gorgeous! pictures do not give justice at all seriously! they looked like korean barbie dolls lol best day of my life forreal xD wondergirls fighting!!!! <3333

  5. i always afraid that if I do that, my eyeballs will fall out.

  6. Reminds me of all the whole ‘Seung Gi & Chae Yeon’ thing back in the XMan days.

    ahhh~ so cute

  7. Why are ALL korean variety shows and their topics for the emotionally retarded? Always, 20+ adults acting like they’re 14, winking making couples, getting embarrassed by a smile etc. Really, it’s like Unicorn Kiddie Fun Land there.

  8. rofl Eunhyuk looks so giddy xD
    SM should just say SJ can go ahead and openly date cuz Monkey needs some TLC.
    holy crap those eyelashes are crazy, but very cool.
    I bet they’re heavy though x_x

  9. Haha Eunhyuk was lucky ^^ To be kissed both times! ELFs must be clutching their hearts now LOL.

    Must be nice to be Lee SeungGi’s girl… you won’t be left fretting over whether he likes you or not 8Db

    The white beads look pretty cool from far… but up close it reminds me of tiny styrofoam bits..

  10. ahahaha Eunhyuk got his wish rofl. I love ISF, it’s hilarious.

    ee ~ that’s sort of a good thing isn’t it? I would like to have straight forward blunt type of guys like Lee Seung Gi around here. 😀

  11. Seunggi-ya…
    why you make me fall in love to you, for second time,
    first, because 1Night 2 Days, now because your drama. Brilliant Legacy is the best!! he makes me cry in that drama. <33333

    eunhyukkie, if you're happy, i'd be happy too, LOL.

  12. Ahhh darn. The sight of Eunhyuk being kissed by another girl is pain. PAIN!

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