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Kpop Style 02.08.2009 – SuJu ShinDong, 2NE1, T-ara HyoMin


For Kpop Style, some of the photos we are sharing are:

  • ShinDong and his pretty-face father’s selca posted on ShinDong’s minihompy on 30th July!
  • In one of 2NE1 me2day updates, CL looks at her ‘appa/father’ YG
  • T-ara member HyoMin, also known as Jessica-lookalike, selca photos!

First up, a selca of Super Junior ShinDong and his pretty-face father, a sports dancer teacher, and some of his latest photos.

He posted up the photo on his minihompy on 30th July with the title ‘Me and my dad’


Netizens say:

  • “They look alike! His father looks cool and ShinDong lost weight, his face looks okay”
  • “Makes me wonder why ShinDong is not goodlooking”
  • “People, we have to stop judging people by their looks, ShinDong is talented and skilled in many fields”
  • “Oppa and his father – JJANG!”


2NE1’s me2day updates recently:

#02.08.2009 CL: With appa (father) ^▽^


#01.08.2009 Dara: The book I’m reading recently..ㅋBecause I want to know myselfㅋBut in our team there is 2 blood type A? But the 2 are totally different! Totally different to say itㅋㅋHummmm.. Amazing! Even so, seeing that we went along well togetherㅋI think we will have some similarities!What are they? Please find them!ㅋ Will we have similarities.. Miss Terry first gen…Kekeke


#01.08.2009 Dara: The view really good right?? Did you have a good day? We will be going for practice again soon~^^ Recently when we see our broadcast programmes, we feel that our placards are even more eyecatching on first look!^^;; Aigoo, it is very exciting and we felt more enjoyable coming to play (on stage)! Very happy with our developed features bit by bit!^.^


#31.07.2009 Dara: Eu-eum~ Sandara or Dara who is the happy girl enjoying the flower scent..^^ Today our members all look happy too! You known that we are very thankful?!YooHoo~!Love you~!!!!Oh oh oh!


#31.07.2009 CL: Kush oppa’s friend who wears a hood!


I love the shot of CL with YG!


Lastly, sharing some selca of T-ara member HyoMin, also known for her resemblance with SNSD Jessica.hyomin_020809

Netizens’ responses:

  • “Mix of Park BoYoung, Park JungAh and Jessica. She looked plastic”
    • “HyoMin is a natural beauty”
    • “This girl didn’t undergo plastic surgery”
  • “I get more envious looking at her selca photos”
  • “She looks totally like Jessica”
  • “Chae JungAh + Kim AhJoong + Jessica”
  • “I feel bad for BoRam, it looked she didn’t fit in – image wise and height wise”

71 Responses

  1. hyomin and jessica, omg they are so hell alike. but jessica is a plastic, if she melts, no worries, theres still hyomin 😀

  2. hyomin very pretty

  3. CL looks like she’s keeping a secret from YG

  4. CL~ really rocks and has the talent, the music industry really benefits from her. Hope more ‘CL’ will multiply in the industry, and stop multiplying the plastics, stop the plastic era pls.

  5. i love the dslr of t-ara`a hyomin. LOL.
    CL with her appa is sooo cute! XD
    shindong and his father, they look alike!! 🙂

  6. she doesnt need to go under knife to look like jessica, thats cool. this makes jessica look bad, she’s more plastic now.

  7. My bay be is hungry but haved no farmula to give????? bear?
    my moder sugest hardy bear to give insted of farmula?? it help raise feelin in boty she speak true or bad

  8. So is T-ara made up of look-alikes? j/k lol
    that’s 2 girls so far that look like other people

    • pritti girl is you. we is frinds frevr 🙂 i hapei we is.. pritti frind but u no… ur nostrils flire and ur nos big!! of howse!! it is prabably frum when da neybore thrawn theng @ u 😦 frind im sry..

  9. jessica found her long lost sister i think.

    • lmao XD that made me laugh srly her sister crystal looks like yoona to me XD

    • My neybore keep thrawing item at me and howse?
      i am just a girl……. why are they thraw??
      they thrawn rock.. shoe.. plant.. the old are conditoner.. clothe (the are cute so i kept”) they evan thrawn a old lown mower!!

  10. wowwwwwwwwwwww she looks so much like sica its ridiculous….

  11. i thought she look abit like F.I.N.K.L lee jin too..LOLS but ya..the way she smiles looks like sica.

  12. Hyomin is so beautiful. In the last pic, it’s a Marc Jacob bag for you… The girl sure know how to pick her stuffs…

    • oh my god!!!!!
      this was on the tyra show! her nipple got so swollen it fell off……

  13. jessica still original to me. her face is more recognizeable than this HyoMin girl.

  14. CL and YG’s photo is really cute. Really like that view from 2NE1’s apartment. LOL at Kush’s tattoo.

  15. Shindong is so cute 😀 aha, he and his appa are so alike!

    Boram is the girl easily noticed. Personally I think she stands out from the rest of the girls because she’s shorter and her hair is short and I think she looks cute.

    • boram is also the worse dancer. it was clear in their performances. no energy in her dance. and she forgot some of the moves.

  16. Boram is not that short… It’s because the rest of T-ara are between 168-170 cm. Poor Boram.

    Hyomin is very pretty. Gah, i wonder what her mama feed her. 😀

  17. ““I feel bad for BoRam, it looked she didn’t fit in – image wise and height wise””

    I know TT____TT She looks like such a completely adorable kid (how old -_-“?) and the rest of the girls are taller and they have longer hair, and look older. But still T-ara are amazing~

  18. Yup Hyomin looks like Sica. But til now, my T-ara fav member is EunJung. Btw, that radio star pic. LOL Boram looked so cute but out of place. XD

    • Look under your underwear.
      It’s a rock – it came out of your ass when you farted

  19. Wow, Hyomin is really pretty ^_^
    She just loves her camera. Hyomin only looks like Jessica when she is not smiling.

    Does anyone know what time of camera she has? What brand?

    What a wannabe rofl, she looks like a horse. Plastic hoe.
    Jessica is waaay prettier than her

  21. loll CL & papa YG pictures <33 i see YG a different way now, after watching BBTV.

    “I feel bad for BoRam, it looked she didn’t fit in – image wise and height wise” lol i agree >< when i saw her on stage, she looked like a tiny kid : / yea this comment has nothing to do with their 'talents', just an outer appearance thing.

    i lovelovelove hyomin selcas, she is seriously, pretty.

  22. Imagine a Hyomin + Jessica duet. o-o;

    • it’s too long. it’s too big. it’s too wide. it don’t fit. it’s too strong.

  23. oh fuk her and her body. I want a body like that too…

    Seeing her on radio star make me want to kick somebody in the ass. Long legs, good skin, good voice, fuk fuk fuk And fuk her hair too, her hair is like silk and so thick, fuk that.

    • Is jesus mexican?? confused..?
      my mom said he was mexican, is he?
      i cud be rong, my moder is feed me her poopies when i is lidel.

  24. I saw Hyomin’s child.photo before, even cuter and prettier and Son Dambi’s child.photo.

    She’s a natural for sure. People who say she’s plastic are just jealous haters.

    • Have to agree, she’s a very cute kid. Her eyes back then are so big lah

      She’s one of my fav ulljjang, really pretty. And she update her cyworld quite often too.

    • Ai YAH YAH! Mi buk is fall at fluur, why it thrawn on me?

  25. hyomin is prettier than jessica,IMO.

  26. omg this chick looks sooooo much like jessica that its nasty. they even smile the same. its like she looks in the mirror everyday and practices that tight lip smile so she can look even more like jessica.

    • You’re so wrong. This girl is an ulljjang and she’s always like this. Jessica and SNSD only come around @ 2007.


  27. HAHA CL with YG! I wonder if they’re still awkward with each other – 2NE1 and YG haha CL and Dara have teh same blood type >.< I like their relationship with each other. They're different yet similar (lol did not make sense)

    Hyomin is pretty. She resembles Jessica but I prefer Hyomin's looks more (again, just my own preference).

  28. hyomin is tooo skiny

    • as well as any girls in the KPop scene.

      The only girl that is not skinny is YB from the WG…(and i’m not saying it with any mocking/negative thoughts, I just say she’s different)

      • Yeeun isnt to skinny either… Or tiffany, minji seohyun, parkbom

      • seohyun is not skinny? park bom is not skinny? that’s just…. wrong And minji she looks like s waif tennager..


  29. CL’s pic with ‘appa’ cracked me up
    I didn’t think Hyomin look like Jessica til I saw the pic where she smiles with her mouth closed.
    she’s is indeed very prett

    • I keep barking?? is somting rong?
      every now an ten i will get a urge to bark at me neybore or somting.. my moder tink i am rongd?? what is rong??!!!!! help

  30. Hyomin is so beautiful, I can’t never get enough of her selcas. She’s also very stylish. And she SING like an angel. It’s hard to find a perfect girl like her!!!

    She’s in university for performing/theatre art or something, very talented…

    • Huge rash on my arm, leg, bely, foot, hand, boty… help?!!!??! desprite!?
      i am rashing all over the playce! help! is purple.. red kind of brawn..
      and tomarow i am goin to beech on aeroplain….. 😦 need

  31. Hyomin is so pretty.

    And people who say she’s plastic mut be dumb. Once you look at her baby picture and her predebut selcas, she’s one hell of a natural beauty.

    Haters can say anything, they don’t care if that sound dumb or not, like saying ‘Hyori is fat’ and stuff, that’s just pathetic…

    • Yeah i know, haters are just pathetic. If they aren’t stupid/pathetic, they aren’t haters anymore.

      People just have to ignore them and laugh *secretly* at their stupidity..

    • Ooh-ee-ooh-ah-ah-ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang.
      Yes, you got a boner.

  32. Whoa. ShinDong looks just like his dad! =D
    They’re both very good looking. LOL I like the
    pic with YG & CL best. HyoMin really looks like
    Jessica more then Krystal does.. Scary. o.O

  33. Would anyone notice if HyoMin and Jessica trade places? lol.

    • of course! i really think it’s just the eyes and hair color is quite similar. everything else and except for the skinny body is different

    • When your ass starts flying.

  34. lol at CL’s pic with YG…that pic is so cute! and Kush’s friend is a tattoo on his arm! ~lol

    • It’s not a tattoo. He slept on a ketchup pack and it exploded into that shape.

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