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Guess who 2NE1 made famous recently


If anything, being one of the most sought after female groups for the year 2009, 2NE1 sure made a big hit with various trends like ‘palm tree hair’, vivid colours, Lego accessories etc.

Now there is this one thing that caught the attention of fans lately and has also been getting pretty famous…

It’s TamTam, made by member CL and is adopted by Sandara Park.

TamTam is mentioned in several of Dara and CL’s me2day updates and fans are pretty familiar with it. And now fans make their own versions!


Dara’s recent update of TamTam on me2day:

#02.08.2009 Dara: We reconciled!^^ Sorry about the temporary foster rights issues about TamTam!^^ ChaeRin omma apologised to TamTam and gave her a ring as a present, TamTam felt better at heart and it also melted the ice on Dara omma’s heartγ…‹ We do not need to wait for the 4 weeks, and reconciled in just 4 hours^.^ Now we will not fight and raise (TamTam) well~!


Other fans’ creations



Celebrities go with the flow too!


A recent ABS CBN Going Bulilit parody of ‘Fire’ as shared by Michibangs

36 Responses

  1. ..haha..YG’s face made me laugh really hard..!!!!!! he should be on 2ne1..hahaha….lol :-bd

  2. The jungle book + 2NE1 photos are really cool! Love the first minji one πŸ™‚
    The mr. YG + 2NE1 photos… are creepy.
    tam tam ❀

  3. ooo. I have those kind of dolls too. XD I bought them last year.

  4. Tam tam kinda reminds me of Mr. Beans Teddy bear. Teddy. hihi. ^^

  5. They should do CF..

  6. LOL, Tam Tam is as popular as its owner rofl.
    These little gals are receiving a lot of love.
    My friend just got back from Korea and said they are a hot topic these days.
    I’m glad coz they deserve the spotlight! πŸ˜‰

  7. I don’t think the ‘TamTam”/puppets is sort of new (ok maybe in Korea) ’cause people around my school started making those way back a few years ago for charity and all.

    I think the palm-tree hair is a new trend, although I really dislike it, it looks funny. lol @ heechul.

  8. lol my sister had to make a doll similar to TamTam last year for art class except the term they used was an “Ugly Doll” xD
    y’know if with their eyes open they don’t look alike but if Taeyeon and Dara keep their eyes closed and make funny faces they’ll look the same rofl
    So TamTam has two mommies? That’s very open minded of CL and Dara hehehehe

  9. ^
    “i think” instead of “i mean”… lol..my mistake >.<

  10. “‘…one of the most sorted after female groups for the year 2009,…”

    I mean u meant “sought after” instead of “sorted after”? πŸ™‚

  11. LMAOO! that is sooo cute and hilarious!!! TamTam and the palm tree hair!!! ahahahha! 2NE1 fever every where!! xD

  12. OMG minji with no shirt on….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!
    keke this is too funny..the dara phone
    taeyoon was cute

  13. […] from Kbites just posted an article about TamtamΒ  being famous (which you can read here) and how fans are starting to make their own Tamtam’s or make Tamtam’s […]


  15. is that heechul? He likes Dara hahaha…
    tam tam is cute..
    the cellphone wallpaper lol

  16. loll, TamTam is so cute!~

  17. i want to make tam tam!
    are there instructions in english ><"?
    i don't want to mess up :l

  18. haha ….that was pretty funny people are going crazy parodies to 2ne1….i love heechul! 2ne1 fighting!!!!1

  19. whoa….tam-tams getting pretty popular eh….its funny how things catch on like wildfire with korean netizens….

  20. I was just curios is tam-tam a girl or a boy?


  22. LOL I love TamTam and Dara’s frequent me2day updates about him (her?)

  23. OMG that dara phone is awesome! lmao
    Howd they do that.

  24. omgg bulilit xD
    i havent seen it since i left pilipinas!
    sorry personal spaz moment O-o
    ah i wanna make a tamtam^^
    the dara cellphone pic mad laugh out loud
    and the bear neccesities too~
    im glad 2NE1 has been getting good positive reactions lately^_^
    thx sookyeong for postingthe me2day updates~
    k bites & 2NE1 fighting!

  25. MANNN 2NE1 ROCK!

  26. After Wonder Girls with their dances, now 2NE1 style that captured people heart . Many celebrities doing parody and copied their styles and songs. In short time only.

    It better than singers sings cover song that much better than original singer[s]. Just singing but no dance.

  27. The TamTam news is so cute! ^_^ Thank you so much for all 2ne1 updates!

  28. 2NE1= most sucessful girl group this year<3

  29. omo !
    hahah ! i made my own (tam-tam) too..
    ahhahaha!!!..and now my bestfriend wants to take it
    coz he thinks it’s cute !!..hahhaa..
    i wonder if they`ll have cartoon characters too..just like big bang’s “BANGS”… and they`ll include Tam-tam ..hahah..
    it would be fun..

  30. lol

    I’m gonna make my own TamTam one of these days XDD

  31. Omg, the TamTam replicas are pretty good. I love how CL and Dara joke about motherhood regarding it. So fun.

  32. Sandara is soo funny, I love her ❀ ❀

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