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K Bites – 03.08.2009 II (HwangBo, Honeysh, Big Bang)

HwangBo releases new album in England before Korea


HwangBo will release her new album in England first.

The title song to this new album called ‘Arisong – HwangBo vs Shimty vs Postino’ was #2 on English dance music site ‘JunoDownload’ 2 weeks back.

The producer to the song Kim TaeYoon, who composed the song in Korean,  said, “This is a way to let Korean be known in the world. The mastering and mixing to the song are done in London, and a Korean version will be released in Korea on 18th August.”

New female duo Honeysh gets attention even before debut


New female duo Honeysh received criticisms even before the full MV of their title song is revealed. .

The group released a teaser to their debut song ‘시집이나 갈까’ online recently. The video was criticised for use of sexual content after it was released.

But the girls’ company came out to say that, “The song depicts the real stories for females who can’t get married, to encourage them to go on a mind vacation.”

MV teaser to Big Bang’s ‘Friend’ OST for ‘Friend, Our Legend’ released

Recently causing a topic after teaser preview to the song ‘Friend’ sang by Big Bang TaeYang and TOP for drama ‘Friend, Our Legend’, a teaser video is also released.

Meanwhile here’s Big Bang ‘Bringing you love’ preview

12 Responses

  1. […] Honeysh member Yoo SeoYeon is known to have fainted after recording for a new song and was hospitalised. […]

  2. Love YB and Top’s song “Friend”. ^_^

  3. i love yu hb will be supporting yo0u all the way

  4. I love TOP & Bae’s song ‘Friend’! Bahh the MV didn’t have them in it. I didn’t think it would. ]:

    Heard ‘Bringing You Love’ already… so ready for their full album to be released! =D

  5. supporting you all the way hwang bo!!

  6. Wohoo Hwang Bo..
    Finally real sexy legal woman!
    Bring on ur sexiness gurrll!

  7. oh i thought this was the mv for ‘Friend’

    hwangbo looking good ~ not feeling the song, just not my cup of tea.

  8. Hwangbo’s releasing in the UK?!!! finally, i can get my hands on some korean music without having to go through yesasia! I like hwangbo a lot (she’s a nice lady) but i’m not sure of her chances of success on a mainstream chart. Whatever happens, i hope it brings about an influx of korean stars releasing their music in England. I doubt it’ll happen but here’s hoping.

  9. the mv no taeyang & top… 😦

  10. honeysh? anyways her mv just screams DESPERATE

  11. Honeyish? Lol, ive just heard recently about Twiny girl duo. Lol, Group names have all been used already, and now sucky ones come. lol.

  12. HWANG BO YA!!!!

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