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K Bites – 04.08.2009 III (Rain, Brown Eyed Girls-2NE1)

Rain to debut a 5-member boyband coming September

rain_040809World Star Rain will be debuting a 5-member boyband whom he has groomed and trained personally.

Rain will be the producer of this group and he has been helping with the preparations of their debut.

The group is given the nickname ‘5-member Rain’, is a project which Rain has worked on for quite a period even though he has been busying doing filming overseas.

Rain has been preparing to debut a solo male singer and a male group since last year. And the female new singer whom he plans to debut this year has been set to debut beginning of next year instead. And the 5-member boyband will debut before the other singer projects.

Many eyes are on how Rain will perform as a producer, after the great names that have come out in the Kpop industry like SM, JYP and YG.

Brown Eyed Girls, “We are fans of 2NE1”


Female group Brown Eyed Girls coming back with their 3rd album speaks highly of their juniors 2NE1.

In a recent interview, they said, “2NE1 are a group of capable girls and they appeal to us. When we look at ourselves when we were still newcomers, we must have appeared more nervous than enjoying ourselves, but 2NE1 looks like they are enjoying themselves even though they may be nervous inside, and that side of them is good.”

Member Narsha also said, “Even though these friends are young, they are able to pull off their song with their own charms and capabilities. They also have their individuality and their own talents. Looking at them makes me look forward to their next performance.”

Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006 with their debut album ‘Your Story’, and they recently came back with their 3rd album, “Since we have been singers for 4 years, we are no longer newcomers. With our promotions this time, we felt like we have become senior singers.”

And about being the senior singers amongst the flood of girlgroups recently, they added, “We are back to show our place as a long-running girlgroup with this 3rd album promotions.”

Meanwhile, the group had their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo on 26th July and their song went up to the #1 spot on music charts just 4 days into released.

23 Responses

  1. ^At least 2NE1 isn’t all plastic. If that’s not extraordinary, I don’t know what is. Looks aren’t everything. TALENT is what they are based on and they have loads more than all these new comers that all these senior groups are acknowledging them for it.

  2. 2ne1 is the best among the girl groups so far but they havent showed something extraordinary yet. CL is really talented but she aint pretty and minzi always looks like she is pissed off at something. The rest 2 r cute though. Anyways looks doesnt matter 2ne1 you can do even better hwaiting!!!!

    • after commenting on all their looks….you go on to say that “looks dont matter” anyway? um yeaaah..okay. makes a ton of sense.

      and i hope by saying that you want them to “show something extraordinary”, you dont mean that you want CL and Minji to become pretty faces i.e. go under the knife….

  3. its so common to love 2NE1 😀 i love CL. HOHOHO!

  4. i’m also a fan of 2NE1 !
    yay .. everybody loves 2NE1 !

  5. I’m so proud of 2NE1,u rock girls!!

  6. Yay! It’s nice to know that BEG likes 2NE1 since they are their seniors..

    Btw, I know some of u might already know this but just wanna share the good news for all the 2NE1 fans!

    They’ve won CYWORLD’S “SONG OF THE MONTH” That’s 3x already (Lollipop [March], Fire [May] & I Don’t Care [July])!!!

    2NE1 HWAITING!!!

  7. Go Rain Go Rain!!
    I’m rooting for you and your group and solo artist!!

  8. […] Filed under: K Bites | Tagged: HyoMin, Jessica, KARA, Rain, So Nyeo Shi Dae, T-Ara « K Bites – 04.08.2009 III (Rain, Brown Eyed Girls-2NE1) […]

  9. sounds interesting for new comers boyband of Rain, hmmm…

    BEG they seem also eyed 2ne1 as potential girl group. nice!

  10. 2NE1 !
    Now its girls generations turn…
    hahaah XD

  11. ohhhh Rain’s boyband sounds interesting.
    I think they’ll turn out ok. I have faith in Rain.

  12. OOOHH!!! Another idol who is a fan of 2ne1!! 2NE1 Hwaiting!!! You too BEG!

  13. I already saw Rain’s boy band members in allkpop. all of them looks good looking

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