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Kpop Style 04.08.2009 – ‘5-member Rain’, KARA, T-ara HyoMin


Kpop Style! Today, photos to be shared:

  • Speculated members to Rain‘s upcoming 5-member boyband
  • KARA shows off their fresh faces and netizens love it!
  • SNSD Jessica lookalike T-ara HyoMin faces a big crisis

Rain‘s upcoming 5-member boygroup.

The rumours about the group actually emerged beginning of this year around February.

And netizens speculates which trainee under Rain will be in the boygroup.



1. Yang SeungHo


2. Kim SangBae


# 3. Lee Joon

(more well known as he is reported as Rain’s #1 trainee)



But seriously the members to this boygroup cannot be confirmed as of now, there were also speculations that Lee Joon will be the male solo singer whom Rain will debut.

We’ll just do with these eyecandies and wait and see.


KARA’s fresh faces is love!

Netizens are full of praises of the girls’ fresh faces when they went on Sukira recently.


And I just have to post this up together πŸ˜€ I have a girlcrush on Nicole



T-ara member HyoMin known to be the lookalike to SNSD Jessica faces a crisis!

Some netizens revealed photos of whom seem like her before her debut in drama ‘Sassy ChunHyang’


This kind of ruin the perfect picture that she is a natural beauty.

But I never figure it out. Here’s why:

HyoMin when she was young


HyoMin right before debut and after debut


But the damage has already been done, netizens are saying that her graduation photo is photoshopped. And that her current face was “made” to look like SNSD Jessica – and other mean comments and bashing going on.

45 Responses

  1. she looks like a cross between kim ah joong and snsd jessica

  2. Everyone looks alike cause everyone gets plastic surgery

  3. all im going to say is….if she were trying to get a celebrity face, why not hyori?
    jessica of all ppl?

  4. Wow…Hyomin is sure pretty, but the girl needs to eat. Those selca pics — yikes! The last pre-debut pic is the one where she looks prettiest — probably due having a bit more flesh.

  5. bi’s trainee….whooohooo so cool… definitely eye candy…. i hope they can impress me with their talent…

    hyomin is my fav in Tiara…She’s pretty and love her voice…plastic or not, i don’t care… so what if she plastic? she become prettier with that (if plastic rumor is true)… but based on her childhood pics…. she is natural beauty i think…
    why netizen always care bout plastic or not… ‘sigh’
    it’s natural if there’s differences because they still growing up, make up or treatment in beauty clinic… not always plastic that can make someone prettier…

  6. Kara are pretty!!They look so stunning!-sorry,kara-biased^^

  7. one bad picture??? i think more than one =; JESSICA IS PLASTIC SURGERY
    I think surgery is not bad at all, but those girls (SNSD) always said they are natural. SO that suck!

  8. just bad screencaps.. she looks great since she was young.. one bad picture does not mean she had surgery… just looking for reasons to hate.. Though I think Jessica is pretty, Hyomin is gorgeous…

  9. haha I think T-ara HyoMin have a same plastic w Jessica SNSD =))

    they went to a beauty salon in the same time, w a doctor so their face look a like =))

  10. i see jessica.

  11. all is natural. happy?

    let`s just make peace not war or hate..or, whatever you want to call it. πŸ™‚ imo, i prefer hyomin.

    case closed. XD

  12. i am so loving kara’s fresh faces πŸ™‚ thx 4 sharing eileen *hugs*

  13. Gyuri looks like a chill noona-next-door girl in the last pic πŸ˜€ I think Nicole shook her butt the best, she rightfully deserves the middle spot for that part XD

    HyoMin looks a lot like Jessica in some of the photos. It’ll be weird that her around-debut photos look like her child self, but somewhere in the middle she don’t look like it. I’m thinking she’s natural too ^^

  14. BOTH Jessica and Hyomin are natural. Jessica, the poor girl, just had very bad teeth growing up. Thank goodness for braces. Her baby picture from SNSD’s Dear Mom stage looks exactly like how she looks now sans the messed up teeth. Plus, you can see that her parents are both very good looking people. No doubt on my part about the good genes from her family at all. The selcas of her floating around the web from her trainee years don’t show any difference either. There’s just too much assumption when it comes to SNSD from people who are too quick to judge. I mean Tiffany got a nose job yes and Yuri got double eye lid surgery and maybe Sunny, but the other girls don’t show any difference esp. from their baby pictures. Taeyeon, Jessica, and Sooyoung look exactly like their family members. Hyoyeon like Sooyoung also looks a lot like her mom when she was younger and her baby pic is also good. Seohyun, there’s this gif floating on the net that transforms her pre-teen pic to snsd debut and no drastic difference. Yoona, again the baby pictures. People just love to hate SNSD I guess.

    Anyways not only do Hyomin and Jessica look a like, but both girls need to gain weight asap! They’re way too skinny for my tastes.

    • I 100% agree with u. Double standard for SNSD. No matter how their baby pics are not too different from they’re now, people will still insist that they had plastic surgery. Sica looks the same, the only differences are teeth n eyebrows. Some people don’t know how teeth structure can change someone’s face structure drastically.

      Hyomin is natural. ^^
      Netizens are just people who have too much time n nothing to do.

      • It’s true, I agree. After braces, not only your teeth structure changes-but your whole face. I know, because it had happened to me. My sister constantly tells me that I look soooo different than before. Not only that, I’ve also lost my baby fat-so yeah.

  15. snsd haters rofl…
    sad that no matter how natural she looks
    she’ll only be mostly known as the SNSD Jessica lookalike

    • yeah yeah you rite she’ll only be known as jess look alike hahaha!!!
      i dont hate her cuz i dont even know her..but yeah jess is original to me none the less..

  16. hmmm i really thought she was a natural… her pictures came out really pretty and stuff but i saw tiara’s debut on radio star.. hyomin didn’t really look pretty. maybe she doesn’t look good on camera?

  17. i’m not snsd nor t-ara fans but i think hyomin is natural beauty.
    coz her face is d same like her childhood photo, only she become prettier n maturer than before. πŸ™‚

  18. those grad photos are clearly photoshopped. the blurring of the 2 faces on the side may have been done because of color and contrast matching done poorly on the middle girl

  19. she didn’t get plastic surgery DUH, her baby pics look like her now but smaller. the only one thast plastic is jessica the ice priencess.

  20. if u look close enough (not too close) hyomin looks way better than jessica, u can see the difference
    i never actually thought their “ice princess” looked pretty at all n e ways =p

  21. Rain’s trainees are pretty cute!

  22. ~not sure if that’s all hyomin in the vid but im pretty sure some of it is her.

    the comments say that she used to be a jyp trainer (?)
    and that her name is seonyeong (?)

  23. her face still look same with her kid’s pic

  24. Well, Jessica isn’t a natural beauty either, but they’re all pretty now and that’s what matters!!

  25. ~omo. one hot producer=5 eye candies
    ~i senseee jealousy amongst the netizens..seriously, netizens are FREAKING JEALOUS. both jess and hyomin are gorgeous.

  26. and i think hyomin is a natural beauty….
    i mean look at her photos when she was little….
    sigh, why is it always so complicated when it comes to girls and how they look like and surgery

  27. i have a girl crush on nicole too
    she’s awesome!!

  28. i think that photo was not her. some fans hate her bcause she looks like jessica. o please. from wat i see jessica is a perfect plastic doll while hyomin is natural. basically i dont like SNSD and TIARA but im a biased person who prefer natural faces than plastic perfect. The fans probably dont wan a person who looks exactly like their ice princess.


    • Same speculations here.

      Some fans just don’t want look-alikes. :/

    • i agree with u in everything u wrote and i think the one who is saying that she is a plastic is jessica fans

    • I think Hyomin and Jessica are both natural. Jessica just had braces and had her teeth done, also getting her eyebrow done. It’s just antis speculate that they got major changes and would say surgery the first thing off their mind. I mean this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this. Remember the JaeJoong look-a-like from I The Tri Tops?? Only at some angles and some expressions he look like jj yet netizens and fans bashed him so hard. Again, same situation.

      • I agree with you. I believe Hyomin and Jessica are both natural.
        Netizens just tend to dig up the worst photos to criticize and bash an artists’ appearance.

  29. @hyomin

    omo she has the hugest eyes ive ever seen!

  30. Holy cow they do look identical. How Freaky!
    But I doubt that she actually went under the knife to look like Jessica. Come on, netizens are just bored and love to look up old pix of artist.

  31. @hyomin

    they look sooo alike. but i like jess a lot better.

    • hyomin looks nothing like jessica, except with certain angles and expressions, this girl has supermodel aura. And she’s a natural beauty without doubt, those fat ugly little girls can hate all they want, she’s identical to her look as a child.

  32. wow..rain’s boy band looks kinda cool..

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