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K Bites – 07.08.2009 II (Park JungAh-Gil, Eugene Bada, SuJu Kim HeeChul)

Another musician couple – Park JungAh and Gil are a couple for over 1 year


It has been known the group Jewelry’s member Park JungAh (28) and hiphop duo LeeSsang’s Gil (32) is in a love relationship and have received the wellwishes from netizens.

The 2 met during the filming for KBS ‘Happy Sunday’ last autumn and has been dating since then.

After news went out about the 2’s love relationship, netizens express their shock, “As compared to the Noh Hong-Chul and Jang YoonJeong pair, it i s more shocking to hear about them”, “Did she fall for Gil’s funny side”, “It would be great if the 2 would form a real cool musician couple” etc

Also there are netizens who said, “If you are part of the Infinite Challenge team, it seems you can get into a love relationship unconditionally”, “The Infinite Challenge members are all getting some blessing” etc

Meanwhile, Park JungAh’s company said, “They have been dating quietly without the knowledge of the people around them.”Jewelry will be coming back with their 6th album end-August.

Eugene to give support to Bada’s comeback stage


Bada who used to be from S.E.S will be getting fellow ex-member Eugene’s support for her comeback stage.

Coming 8th August, Bada will be having a special comeback stage for her solo 4th album. Eugene will be appearing on stage together with her, even though she is currently busy with the filming of her new movie ‘Yoga School’, showing their friendship.

They will be performing the song ‘MAD’ together. The 2 are taking time out of their own busy schedule to practise for the performance together, and much anticipation from the fans are for this special stage.

Meanwhile, also on the show will be So Nyeo Shi Dae’s performance of Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ for summer special and also other performing artistes like Brown Eyed Girls, FT Island, MC Mong, KARA etc.

Super Junior HeeChul returns to acting after 1 year

khc_070809Group Super Junior  (26) will be back as an actor for weekend drama ‘Love you tens thousand times’.

He appeared on drama previously on SBS weekend drama ‘Golden Bride’ a an university student YeongSoo, and this time he will be acting as a part-time working a snack bar named ‘Lee BaeDal’.

The first airing of the drama will take place on 29th August. It is said that Kim HeeChul will have a comedian role in the drama, as Kim ChungJa who is the scriptwriter of dramas in the 50s, and is one who would be dumped by girls in one morning after going after them.

Kim HeeChul was chosen for the role because of his usual brave and comedian side.


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  1. wwwwwwwwuah! onni, congrutulation………….wish u all the best! hwaithing………………..^_~

  2. Kibum is injured and he is still in the group.

  3. hm……kibum is definitely out of the group! if heechul manage to participate all the promotional activities n land himself a drama gig, then y can’t kibum do the same? as a matter of fact, is he doing anything major right now? i’ve only seen some commercials..

  4. can i aske which channel is heechuls drama will be on?? sbs or kbs…

  5. Go Heenim!

  6. […] Here is the original: K Bites – 07.08.2009 (Park JungAh-Gil, Eugene Bada, SuJu Kim … […]

  7. sookyeong, i was waiting your post for the news of my new favourite celebrity couple – Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo! its true right?

  8. heechul~~
    wow, I’ll definitely watch this
    Ryu jin and hee chul!!!

  9. lol go heechul

  10. Eugene is soo pretty!


    I just can’t imagine Park Jung-ah and Gil together. Actually I can’t image ANYONE with Gil…. LOL.

  12. Isn’t it a surprise? I always thought Gil and Jung Ah hated each other. Ahhh ~ all the Kko Kko couples are coming back together.. I wonder who is next. I’m happy for them 🙂

    aha, heechul, I’ll be watching.

    • hahaha
      i agree w/ yoo bout Gil n. Jung Ah..
      i was surprised when reading this…but im happy for them…
      too bad amy & minwoo didnt end up too well, ive always thought they’re a kooyte couple
      guess not…
      i cant wait fur heechul’s drama either =D

  13. Gyahahaha,,,
    Heenim Role is so him XD
    Good Luck for him,,,

    GiL and Jung Ah…
    That was hillarious
    XD XD
    Wish them always happy
    GIL is so LUCKY…!!

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