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Kpop idols singers trapped in slave contracts?


After three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki filed for a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request and revealed the ugly truth behind their contracts, a storm has begun in the entertainment business.

The attention has spread to other entertainment agencies that debut singers as Asia’s top idol group and Korea’s top entertainment agency have a dispute over contracts; the scandalous debate of ‘slave contracts’ between celebrities and their agencies continues.

What is going on in the Kpop Industry?

It was found that Girls’ Generation’s Yoona‘s contract was the same length as TVXQ‘s 13-year contract. The members of Super Junior each have a contract that lasts between 5 and 13 years. The contracts of the members of ‘SHINee‘ lasted from 6 to 13 years. This singers all work under SM Entertainment.

One member of Super Junior, which is comprised of 13 members, had a phone conversation with Daily Sports on the 3rd an said, “Even if I wanted to move to another agency, the time left of my contract and the compensation I would have to pay would be too big to handle. We have to split our income into 13 so we don’t get as much as people think we get.” It was found that the members of Super Junior also held a conference regarding the issue as a team after TVXQ‘s issue was known to the public.

In the case of other idol groups, Wondergirls‘ contract with JYP lasts for 7 years while Big Bang’s contract lasts for 5 years with YG Entertainment and SS501‘s contract with DSP Entertainment lasts for 5 years.

This April~May, when the Fair Trade Committee inspected 20 entertainment agencies such as YG and Star Empire, it was found that 230 celebrities under 19 agencies had unlawful clauses in their contracts. They had clauses like, ‘Star must tell Agency of their exact location at all times,’ ‘If Star decides to cancel his/her contract, Star must stop all activities relating to or resulting from Star’s celebrity status,’ ‘Star cannot retire without Agency’s consent.’ The revisions of large entertainment agencies are done and now the middle-sized agencies will be revised.

Idols, the majority in slave contracts?

When it comes to law disputes regarding exclusive contract, it has been more of a dispute with actors more than it has been a dispute with singers. But one director of an entertainment agency said, “The reason that the unlawful exclusive contracts of singers hasn’t been seen much by the public is that the Kpop industry focuses more on the connections one can get rather than having a lawful contract.” He also said, “Everyone knows that a rookie won’t survive if they strike up a problem with their agency,” and “There are probably a lot of singers suffering from unlawful contracts.”

For idol singers, many are in their teens who go through 2~3 years of training. Since it is impossible for them to debut if they do not meet eye to eye with their agencies, they have no choice but to agree to the extreme contracts set up by agencies. Since agencies go by a system in which they raise their trainees from a young age, there have been problems regarding agencies that try to take all that ‘investment money’ back when the singer becomes famous. There has also been a bigger problem in which the few people that do succeed and become stars must compensate for the numerous that don’t (which can add up to be a large number) by compensating for the dropouts’ investment money as well.

Of course, the agencies retaliated with their own reasons for doing so. They say that it would be impossible to run an agency if every singer asked to change their contract when they became famous when billions of Won are invested in each of them during their training stages. But music critic Lim Jinmo said, “If Korean agencies continue to only think of the ‘income’ that their singers will bring and not the rights of their singers, than the TVXQ crisis will repeat itself over and over again,” and “An agency is a company that cannot exist or survive without its singers.”

Source: [is plus + DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@iscreamshinki.net
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Thanks to Christine who shared this article..

This is this is a good eyeopener for wannabes and trainees.. But then again the chase for fame may just be too great to resist for many..

And I hope the DBSK case resolves soon. It’s left hanging there!

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  1. NO!!!not my SHINee…let them be where they want to be and i’ll protect them wherever they are^^
    i will be a fan forever~no matter what…whether they’re in jyp or whatever…
    SHINee HWAITING!!!><

  2. I do feel bad for these artists but most of you have to understand that these artists agreed to sacrifice their rights for the fame. They signed up for this and I don’t blame them because once u sign that contract, ur guaranteed success.

    also i kno some trainees in korea and some of them are willing to sacrifice their entire childhood bcus they dont really have a choice. a lot of these celebrities came from a very very poor family and count afford good education…so if they have the talent to become a trainee, they have to dedicate their whole lives to the music industry.

    korea’s music industry is very different from america. most singers dont become rich but they do gain alot of fame and success. no child from a wealthy family would ever sacrifice so much just to be a trainee. and no wealthy parents would ever let their child go through trainee years jus so they can be a singer.

    Bi/rain said in an interview that he was so poor when he was a child and he had to witness his mom DIE just because they didnt have enough money to buy her medicine. they were THAT poor! …very heartbreaking….and he said that his mom’s suffering is what motivated him during his trainee years..he also mentioned that during his trainee years, (when he was very young) JYP took all the trainees out for noodles every week…and rain said that was the only chance he ever got to eat and he’d throw up the noodles and eat them again because thats how precious those noodles were to him.

    either way,
    after a hard childhood, look at Bi/Rain now. how successful! although a lot of these children who sacrifice their childhood for these entertainment industries dont all get contracts, some do..idk i dont think its completely fair but idk…nvm
    i dont knowwww

    • This was a long time ago, but i was rereading the post and your comment was exactly along the lines of what I was reasoning. The kpop idols we see now don’t come from wealthy families… It’s generally the kids who really didn’t have too many alternatives and opportunities in their lives, and the most exciting/glamorous way to become successful to them was to become a celebrity by becoming an idol singer. I always hear stories about how idols’ families were not well to do and about parents who had passed away and not having a good caretaker around during their childhood… So yeah, they had no other choice but to sign the contract back then when they were younger and impressionable, etc. But now that they’re older and look back they realize just how screwed over they were and how much more money they could have made, etc.
      argh the dark side of kpop T-T

  3. Hey guys ^^ legal age in korea is 20 so would a trainee have to be 20 to sign a trainee contract with SM without parent permission??

  4. […] [is plus + DNBN] Translation credits: jeeelim5@iscreamshinki.net Shared by: iscreamshinki.net + kbites Credit: AsianFanatics After three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki filed for a Exclusive Contract […]


    It’s only SME that have contracts going up to 13 years! Smelly douches..
    Even Yoona has a 13 year contract, which is practically selling your life away O.o
    All SME care about is making money, they don’t give a toss about their artists..

    I don’t sense much of a ‘family spirit’ that comes across with JYPE and YGE
    At least JYP and YG’s contracts are only 5-7 years.

  6. it would be awesome if SM’s most popular and money earning groups & singers go to other agencies.
    SM would go bankroupt. I would love that.
    DBSK, SuJu, SNSD (even though i’m not a fan of them.) should leave SM. more than 10 year contract means end of your freedom. Sign it and your life will shatter. (maybe.)
    But then again, to become famous some people would do anything. *heavy sigh*
    i just hope DBSK will win and have some freedom.

    5 years…..it doesn’ seem that long..maybe, but it’s a lot better than 13 years.

    Big Bang has 2 years left. I hope they re-sign the contract with YG. i don’t want them to leave YG & same goes to 2ne1. whenever their contract ends.

    wait….how long is 2ne1’s contract anyway?

  7. i agree… YG and JYP treats their talents as a family not as a money maker machine which is the SM way!

  8. […] Source: [is plus + DNBN] Translation credits: jeeelim5@iscreamshinki.net Shared by: iscreamshinki.net + kbites […]

  9. NOW IM MORE CONFIDENT WITH MY ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT TEUKI’ES CYWORLD ENTRIES. I THINK ITS BECAUSE OF THIS! CRAP?! CANT sm LET THE KIDS HAVE A BREAK! AND HELL YEA! THEY AGENCIES CANT SURVIVE WTHOUT THEIR ARTISTS! >____< this is compltely annoying me! i mean, yea, we do WANT to see our FAVE idols ( mine's SUPER JUNIOR! rock on! \m/ ) evryday. we would be happy if they have lotsa shows and all. BUT TO THE POINT THAT THEY ONLY GET 1-2 HOURS OF SLEEP? maan! i would rather not see them if that's the case! 😦 i really feel bad for Teukie now. he feels bad about his sleep. and i guess its connected to this situation about his cy'entries. XC and omo? TVXQ as well!? 13 yrs?! its life time for them! i mean YEA, its an agency! but CRAP?! THEY DONT OWN THE GUYS?! O_____o LET EM SLEEEEEEEP!!!

    go SuJU!
    + SS501, BB, TVXQ 🙂

    • 2 hours of sleep is common to popular celebrities not only in korea but 13 years of contarct is… uhm… who would be stupid enpugh to sing a contract like that??? well I’m sorry, it’s their choice but that is just selling your life away…. 5 years is okay,… 10 years… mmm, probably… more than 1o years … creepy

  10. Selling your soul to the devil much? Fuh-reaky.

  11. 13 years? is this true? I’m not familiar with k-ent in terms of contract signings, because from where I live ent companies usually sign the artist for 2-5 years, and then they’ll see what happens — i mean not every artist gets successful after a few years, after all. And then if the artists’ career still looks good/ok/has still the chances that it will become big, then they can have their contract signing again.

    I mean, more than 10 years of contract seems absurd — nobody knows what’s going to happen to the company/artist, why have that long of a contract?

  12. Does this mean that Big Bang will only have one year left with YG?

    • no, they still have 2 years left. they will likely renew their contract with YG, anyhow. even if they get sick of making BB music, YG allows them to work on their individual projects so I don’t see why they wouldn’t renew.

  13. Now I read that the contract actually starts when the person signs up for the company, because you do have to sign a contract when you enter the company. Either that or once they start promoting you, so though Yoona has the longest contract in SNSD her contract will expire sooner, because SM has had her active the longest.
    Either way considering that even the companies with half the time of SM, what does it matter if the group renews their contract? I mean it’s basically the same thing.
    I would think it would make more sense to have the contract per person versus per group especially for those with lots of solo activities.

    • yeah contract start once you sign as trainee and its an individual contract. for those who keep on saying why did the parents allow their kids to sign such long/crazy/slave contract, i do hear that for kids from poorer family..in a way its a ‘way out’ and a way to get money for the family. once you become a trainee, the company pretty much own you. they will pay for your living cost, training cost and education and basic meals. you just need pocket money for your own expenses. of course if you are weaker, then you can opt to pay for extra lessons. so for those poor kids, this is like the best option for them as long as they are willing to work hard…oh ya, as trainee you dont even own yourself btw, the company can trade or sell their trainee to other companies. so i read that some trainees, they will actually promote themselves to other company so that their company will ‘buy’ them from their current one.

  14. now that i think about it, where were their parents when these kids signed their lives away? werent they minors at the time??? are minors allowed to sign contracts????

    • no minors aren’t allowed to sign contracts without a legal guardian signing it too. unless of course you’re emancipated.

  15. didnt some thing like this happen to the shinhwa boys when they were with SM. Eric like lost almost everything trying to get the right to their group name.
    SM seems to be the cause of the problem! they seem like they have slave contracts with their artists. 1st poor Shinhwa. i remember in a interview about what happen andy cried or something sad like that. and now poor DBSK. they need to be strong and fight their way out like shinhwa!! i hope suju can leave SM!! SM is just EVIL!!

    • shinhwa use almost all of their own money to get out of sm. good entertainment (btw they are like sm ex staffs) also paid a lot for it..(which sadly they never recover back >.< that company pretty much dying now)..i heard rumors that shinwa even have to beg some sm management to let them go and give them their name. sigh T_T ..poor oppaduel T_T

  16. so, does that mean that SS501 have one more year in their contract because they debuted in 2005 O.O

    i wonder if they plan to stay with DSP again like Hyori did when Finkl’s contract ended …..as long as they dont disband, it’s all good ^^

    • yeah, i guess ss591 only have one more year left. >.>

      but i’m actually happy.. i mean, it’s not like looong like dbsk, which means they can decide, right? when i saw all the articles on dbsk and their contracts, i was worried for ss501…. :’ [

      not sure if dsp will let them go easy though, since they are getting more and more popular these days…

      but same here, i’m all good if they don’t disband. (and don’t get hurt/and abused by dsp)

      • *ss501, not ss591. typo >.<;;;

        good luck to dbsk!

        answering someone's question, no minors cannot sign contracts but there's a exception with celeberities and professional sports players. well, at least in the US…. so yes, dbsk's contract holds true even though they were minors at the time

      • i remember reading on asianfanatics that SS501 was one of the groups under those unreasonable contracts…i’m glad to know that’s fixed now

  17. Big Bang will probably come out of this whole thing the making the most. They seem to have a good relationship with YG so i’m pretty sure they will sign again to an even bigger contract. I think YG gives them more freedom, he even allowed GD to grow as a producer.

    The ones I pity are SUJU and SNSD, they have to divide the little percentage that SM gives them as a group into 12 and nine people.

    I still think saying no one forced them to sign thing should not be an excuse on SM’s part. Many of these idols are young teenagers that don’t really think about that. There one goal is to make it big. So for a reputable company like SM to come in predatorily signing these young people up to what is essentially a life time contract for a pop idol is to me really awful. Since the popstars are under the threat of a suit for more money than these idols can ever make in the careers, SM basically owns their lives 24/7 for 13 years.
    That to me is close to slave contract.

    Here is a novel idea for SM. Why not instead signing up your Artist’s to indentured lifetime contracts, sign them to shorter contracts but treat them well and pay them what they deserve so when contract renegotiating comes they won’t have a problem re-signing them.

  18. wow.. I can see WG under JYP until 2014.. that’s great

  19. If you didn’t know this Jinusean’s contract with YG entertainment ended a long time ago, but Jinu himself said in 2008 on Sang Sang Plus that not once did YG bring up the expiration of their contracts…
    He knew Jinusean didn’t want to leave YG family so even after their contracts expired he acted as if it didn’t…& their still with YG till this day.
    Bottom line YG isn’t gonna turn his back on someone once their contract is over therefore I believe Big Bang is going to be with YG for quite sometime. YG entertainment is like a family after all.

  20. Well not just sm is having all this long contracts. i guess they just wanna secure their investment. didnt 2PM’s Leader Jay from jyp stated (predebut) in his myspace? xanga ? (i am not sure..i saw the screencap somewhere) that jype offer him like 8 years contract? but that time he was thinking about it as its like so long. and he mention smtg like his dad is discussing it with jype. but since he is in 2PM now i guess he signed for it. 8 years + 4 years training = 12 years. pretty much same as tvxq then.

    jype and yge treat their artist like family and pretty close to them i guess so its not really so bad if the contract is like..damn long. sme on the other hand..really treat theirs like machine..which is why the unhappiness is there.

    • using with your same formula
      Xiah Junsu 6 year training with SME + 13 years contract + 2 military training = 21 years. -_-‘

      • 21 years.. WTF.. that’s my age

      • Yeah…that’s like half your active life.

      • i thought junsu’s 13 years is including training period ? cuz i read last year (during the hooha rumors about break up) that he only have like a year left before renewal or something ^^;;

    • I read in his myspace too, at first it’s 10 years, right? then they negotiated it so it can be shorter. nice..

  21. Hmm…i’m guessing that teukie from suju got the 13 yr contract also. and members of Milk Club.

  22. dude signing with SM is like selling your soul to the devil, 13 years?! the others top agencies seem to be pretty reasonable. i wonder if it’s because Yoona has a 13 year contract that she’s so heavily promoted by SM since they know she’s stuck with them for a long time so they need to amp up her status.

  23. SO BIG BANG ONLY HAS LIKE 2 YEArs LEFT????!!!!! NOOOOO…. THEY MUST B TOGETHER 4EVER…. lol.. or as long as possible anyway 🙂

  24. dont they also get upfront money or incentives when they sign the contract like XXX amount of money when signing it??

  25. Basically, SM looks at the kids who have the most potential and make their contracts the longest. The determining factors probably has a lot to do with what the company deems as levels of star quality and/or talent and investment time. It wouldn’t be too hard to guess who in what group has a longer contract. If we look at Super Junior, members like Shiwon, Yesung, Hankyung, etc. probably have some of the longer contracts for various reasons. Taemin and Jonghyun also probably have very long contract. Not saying that the others aren’t just as long, but these guys are probably the best guesses. SM is a business so despite the fact that the actual length of the star’s contracts are caught up in a whirlwind of rumors, the truth is probably true that they vary (pretty greatly) in length.

    • Makes sense. Sucks for SM if the artist doesn’t live up to expectations. Wouldn’t that make the artist with the shorter end of the stick feel like shit though?

  26. Wow, outta the major companies it seems like SM holds on the longest. YG and JYP’s contracts aren’t too bad. 5 years sounds reasonable~ 2 more years for BB until they sign on the dotted line again~

  27. the length of contracts arent all so bad. 6 years isnt that much in such an industry as entertainment. i dont live in korea, but as for america, i dont believe 6 years is that much. in sports, many players sign contracts worth of 5 years 10~20 million dollars. of course, some players are an exception, but those players do the same thing every year whereas entertainers get a lot more bang for the buck: many public appearances in different programs, etc so 6 or maybe even 10 years will go by pretty quick considering the actual longevity of 6 to 10 years.

    @omgwtfbbq, yeah, it seems reasonable for the more popular you are, the longer your contracts will be. in the end, its business and if the company knows your worth gold, theyre going to try to keep you so that company, perhaps SM, will keep on collecting the green.

    i dont really like the whole 7+year contracts, but its logical and perhaps reasonable if theres a strong argument. SM is a good business and has been spitting out GREAT artists for years so you cant really deny or neglect their whole business focus.

    ! but im gladd ❤ ill get to see wonder girls and SNSD for quite a long time

  28. RUMOR regarding SNSD’s contracts:

    “With the DBSK vs. SM deal, there’s a rumour out about the girls’ contracts too!

    Yoona – 15 years.

    Sooyoung – 5 years.

    Yuri & Jessica – 9 years.

    Taeyeon – 10 years.

    Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany – Free agent, contract expires at the group’s dissolution.

    Sunny – LIFETIME!!! Nah, actually, I don’t understand hers. It says free agent something. 자유계약, 계약 만료기한 본인의사 고려.”

    cr; tamatron@jphip

    • wtf rumor has it that yoona is 15 years ?! i feel sorry for her now O_O

      • rumor has it that i FUK Yoona, dude stop spreading stupid ass rumor man.
        getting annoying just wait for reliable sources 😛

    • Even though it’s rumors, it makes a decent amount of sense. Sunny’s contract is probably weird since she’s working with family essentially.

  29. BB and SS501’s contract seems reasonable.
    only 5 years then renew.
    but wuts up with 13 years? hefty long isn’t it

  30. [NEWS] SM stocks continue to fall for 4th straight day due to DBSK issue
    TVXQ brought in US8.2 million in earnings for SM last year
    The share price of S.M. Entertainment, one of Korea’s most well-known talent agencies, dove for four straight days after members of its flagship boy band TVXQ filed a lawsuit against the company for what they called an unfair contract.

    Three members of the five-member pop group, which helped bring the agency overseas sales of more than 10 billion won ($8.2 million) last year, claimed they were forced to sign a contract lasting for more than 10 years with little room for pay negotiation…

    The firm’s stock, listed on the junior Kosdaq market with a total market value of 58.3 billion won, shed 3.07 percent to close at 3,625 won yesterday, the fourth straight day of declines and down nearly 20 percent since July 31, when news of the lawsuit broke.

    The complainants, Micky, Xiah and Hero, formally filed suit against S.M. Entertainment on Friday to annul their contract. Two other members, Max and U-Know, declined to join in. The former three had already expressed frustration with what they called an unfairly long contract that calls for an overwhelming work schedule and unclear terms on how profits would be shared. The company said in a statement Saturday it would “deal with the issue” in a timely manner.

    “About 27.5 percent of the sales of S.M. Entertainment come from overseas, and TVXQ earns a large portion of it,” said Kim Chang-kwon, analyst at Daewoo Securities. TVXQ is one of the firm’s five most popular franchises along with BoA, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior and Shinee. “A problem in one of the five franchises will inevitably hurt the firm’s share price.”

    TVXQ debuted in 2004 and has since become popular across Asia.

    Credits: (Joong Ang Daily) + Kimchisoju@wordpress
    Shared by: DBSKnights

    PS: Just keep dropping i know im so evil

    hmm i want sorry sookyeong for posting these news about DBSK in ur blog but i know many fans are worried also i didnt want to keep the good news to myself ^_^

    Credits:UknowBaidu + as Tagged
    Shared by: DBSKnights

    『Read More♥♥♫♪ 』
    9 DBSKnights Comment Labels: drama, filming, heading to the ground, photo, photos, yunho [PHOTOS] JaeMin At Mirotic Beijing
    4:34 PM Posted by Cassiopeia_huiju

    border=”0″ /> Credits: TVXQBaidu + Gracie + Murasaki Hashidoi
    Shared by: DBSKnights

    『Read More♥♥♫♪ 』
    5 DBSKnights Comment Labels: jaemin, mirotic beijing, photos [NEWS] SM stocks continue to fall for 4th straight day due to DBSK issue

  31. Oh! what a problem
    i hope BB would be with YG more than 5 years cuz, the time is coming and i’ll miss YG if they left YG T_T

  32. Man… And to think that 1 year is long… 13 years… Wow.. Korean stars won’t have any freedom until they’re in their 30’s…

  33. [NEWS] 090806 AVEX Announcement

    AVEX Entertainment Inc.
    About TVXQ

    Our Tohoshinki members, JEJUNG, YUCHON, and JUNSU have been confronting with SM Entertainment Co.Ltd (headquarters: Seoul, Korea), to apply provisional disposition to stop the exclusive contract effect to Korean court. Regarding this matter, the members have said, “This is a temporary injunction application, do not make any assumption that TVXQ will be disbanded.”

    In return, SM Entertainment Co.Ltd also stated, “TVXQ is not a thing such as individual or an enterprise, it’s a group that represents the country as well as Asia. We think TVXQ’s activities should continue.”

    From each side statement, it’s clear that both parties do not desire for the disbandment of TVXQ.

    Meanwhile, since our company is coordinating with SM Entertainment in planning the future activities of TVXQ in Japan, “Basically we’re the (three) members legal office for activities in Japan.”

    However, we have to apologize for everyone’s uneasiness and inconvenience, as we also feel the same way. We will work hard to support TVXQ in Japan, watching the warm future of TVXQ. Thank you.

    source: toho-jp
    trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
    Sharedby: DBSKnights

    it seems like avex is supporting DBSK & still have big plans for them ( AVEX is SM biggest stock holder ) so if dbsk disbanded & sm does not solve the issue it means its over for SM also as i read the media in Japan and the public support DBSK

  34. I think majority of the SM artists are signed under SM for more than 6-13 years because SM invest a lot into their trainees (they don’t just have a few trainees, they probably have a hundred of them). I mean the lectures, lessons, dance lessons, hiring choreographers, singing lessons and going to other countries to learn the culture, their dorms and all.

    I heard YoonA is signed on with SM for 15 years. The more popular you are, the more years you get with them.

    I feel bad for them. They won’t even have freedom ’til they’re in their 30s.

    • It makes you think if the cost is really woth it. All the training they get and the majority of K=Pop artist are’nt nealy as good as American artist who do it all on their own with no training at all. I agree tha SM too advantage of kids and now it’s coming back to bite them in the ass.

  35. damn they should have thought of it before signing becayse gawd 12 FREAKIN’ years with SM. omg. snsd @ 32. gawd. that is NOT RIGHT. but still the company didnt force them to but they wanted to so this is what they got. they should’ve went into JYP or YG instead of SM.

    • yeah but given the choice: sign 13 year contract, or not debut at all after all your hard work training…i don’t think these trainees have much of a choice if they want to chase their dream and be famous. sure it’s easy to say go to jyp or yg instead…but what if they didn’t get accepted there and only sm took them in? what then?

      • good point there….. i feel bad for SM artists… since i’m such a SM-biased (especially SuJu) – they even have to split their incomes to 13… -_- but just like you said, they are not exactly the “victim” cause they made the choice of joining SM and signing the contract…

        i don’t argue the fact that they are all under slave contracts but they coudn’t be this big if it was not because of SM… i must admit SM marketing strategy is d*mn good…. even if it has to force them to perform in more than 2 different shows in a day…

        if only LSM could love DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD and SHINee as family instead of slaves….

    • didn’t force them my ass. They were KIDS, impressionable, emotionally unstable kids when they agreed, I mean when they begged their parents to let them be entertainment slaves. I wouldn’t sign a 1-2 years exclusivity contract with my employer, yet alone this.

  36. damn. 13 years with SM?
    NOW i feel bad for all of them

  37. the point of being a singer is to show your talent (plus passion and love to music), not to host a circus for everyone to enjoy. get a clue SM!!!

    • uh…hosting a circus as you put it is exactly what SM and JYP tries to do because it works and generates money. They are in the entertainment biz – not so much the music business. Most of the idols are pretty much lacking in talent or passion for that matter (except to suceed — but if you offered them more money and fame digging ditches, they’d do that.

  38. i think TVXQ is doing the right thing! they are fighting against their company’s unlawful contract. i just hope that they will fight this til the end and won’t just drop the lawsuit in a snap of a finger.


  40. why only SM artists have contract between 6 – 13 yrs… others are all 5 yrs or most 7 yrs which is fair enough…

    if there won’t be a big amount of penalty i think suju will left ASAP.. and they have to split their money to 13 ppl… T_T

    honestly.. JYP and YG seems good to their artists and they are like a family… in 2ne1 TV… big bang TV… JYP that always love wonder girls and 2pm..

    i never see LSM did that.. i’m worried of suju and other SM artists… well just have to wish u good luck.. hope u win in this case!

    • i agree with u on this..tho YG n JYP have long term contract too but they always look forward to their artist..i keep on wondering bout suju..im not sure how hard for them to split their pay with 13 people with the contract that dont do them justice..

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