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Been missing Cheon Sang Ji Hee much? Dana’s latest minihompy post


It’s been about 2 years since SM female vocal group Cheon Sang Ji Hee had last promoted in Korea, and we know we all missed them.

They have been busy with their Japanese promotions after that, but the buzz died down recently. So here’s member Dana‘s latest update on her minihompy!

2009.08.06Β  Thursday 10:32


Hello everyone πŸ˜‰
The weather recently is really good
I originally like rainy days but sometimes I wish to walk in the Han River park with the members under such bright sunlight
Finished with JLPT and is enjoying activities as a female singer
Spent time with family too, and it would be great if everyday is like recently
Now I’m going some I LOVE YOU management which I have been neglecting ^^;
Met up with friends I haven’t seen in ages and also did beauty care with the members
I am exercising again and I’m also preparing for an examination I’m taking in December
I am also going to aunt’s clinic and I’m doing a bit of carwashing hahah there are so many things to do
Even though I’m resting during this blank period, I’m getting busy on these small chores
I am able to eat the rice cooked by mom, which I love the most, everyday
And when I open my eyes I’ll be next to the team members gyaaβ™‘
I’ll have to do something meaningful today since I woke up a little earlier
Update! Go go sing!~

There has been talks recently after it was known that the girls were not going to be performing for SMTown Live concert 2009 even though the girls are not amidst any tight promoting schedule.

Many are also speculating disbanding. So here’s the girls’ activities in the past 1 year, thanks to info provided by estelgrace.



  • 6th Japanese single ‘Stand Up People’
  • 7th Japanese single ‘Here/Near’ [Highest Oricon Daily Chart rank: #11]
  • Invited to 21st Tokyo Film Festival along with the stars of the “Homeless Chuugakusei” movie which the song ‘Near’ was used as OST
  • Stephanie announced to be out for rehabilitation of her chronic back pain
  • They held thank you party for the single



  • ‘Dear…’ their 2nd Japanese album was released on January 7
  • Title track was “Sukoshi de ii kara” [Highest Oricon Daily Rank was #14]
  • Stephanie was casted in the movie as the ballet teacher’s assistant filmed a year back. Received good reviews.
  • Held a nationwide concert tour in Japan


Since the tour ended, Dana, Sunday and Lina have been making frequent trips back and forth from Japan and Korea. That’s why we think they’re making a comeback soon.

Also subtle hints from the girls made us think this. As well as rumors of recordings. There have been no news of Stephanie. Though we hear she went home to San Diego for some R&R. There’s rumors she’s now in Korea.

Seriously everyone misses them back in Korea

I miss some of their good music

24 Responses

  1. ohmomo!unnies!i really miss them!*starts weeping*T^T

  2. i’m so so so so so miss them!! T_T
    hope their comeback later this year is true

  3. ohgod i miss them so much. please do comeback girls ❀

  4. i miss them… their voice, their performance. hmm..
    please comeback soon unnie…

    CSJH fighting!!

  5. I hope they make a comeback.

  6. i would like be excited if they made a comeback

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  8. Yo espero que ellas se queden en Japon y hagan buenas promociones ahi. En Japon es donde esta la plata, y tambien la calidad de musica es buena. … si regresan a korea creo que las explotarian como a los demas SM towners.

  9. I miss CSJH so much. Goodness, we all need some CSJH back into us.

  10. aww my comment submitted before I finished. wow I didn’t know stephanie was from san diego, I live in san diego, wow what are the odds.

  11. aww I miss CSJH, they need to have a comeback.

    wait a minute Stephanie is from SAN DIEGO?!

  12. they should come back now. with the right promotions, they can definitely get the popularity they deserve.

  13. they’re another talented band. But with their talents, their not as popular as others. Hope not becos of popularity they’re going to disband . oh pls~

  14. I’ve been really a fan of CSJH eversince, and I still believe that in SM, aside from BoA these Girls have the True talents in performing πŸ˜€ As for Stephanie… I just hope she’ll comeback soon with Dana, Lina and Sunday… it’s hard t watch them in various shows without her.

  15. dana’s been keeping the fans updated the most. i feel like i haven’t seen the group in action for soo long

  16. thanks so much for this, i reall miss the girls.

  17. I LOOVE their song “Here”! The music video is SO pretty too. ^_^

  18. i hope they won’t disband yet…
    miss them in korea.. 😦

  19. I miss them…>< I want all SM artists back.
    We had TVXQ last year, SJ, SNSD, Shinee this year. I'll be happy having CSJH later this year or earlier next year. They're the GODDESSES with the best vocals among all girl groups. ^^

  20. I Miss the girls T_T i hope they will comeback soon

  21. Yea I thought it was cause of her ankle or knee not sure which one. But I do miss them terribly :[

    • It’s actually because of her back. That’s why she wasn’t able to participate in activities much when they released their second japanese album.

  22. Have the girls not had any recent activities due to Stephanie’s pain?

  23. GAAAAH. Comeback soon. ❀

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