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K Bites – 08.08.2009 (Se7en, Kim Hyung Joong-CL, Kpop music chart)

Se7en to release an album in Korea after 3 years

se7en_290109Singer Se7en will be back releasing a new album in Korea after 3 years.

Se7en, who has started working on his American music market advance in 2006 and has been preparing for his debut in America recently, is back in Korea recently, and had announced the released of his upcoming album, resuming his promotional activities in Korea. Also, there are also plans for him to promote in Japan. This is definitely good news for Korean and Japanese fans who have been waiting for his comeback.

A YG Entertainment representative said, “We have decided that Se7en will release a new album this year. The album will be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan and he will also be doing the promotions.”

The representative added, “This is not the end to this American activities. He will be advancing the American market looking at it in the long term view.”

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, “2NE1 CL has caught my attention”


Idol group SS501 member Kim HyunJoong confessed, “2NE1 CL has caught my attention.”

Kim Hyun Joong was on MBC Section TV Entertainment Weekly on 7th August when he was asked, “Is there any member from the girlgroups that has caught your attention?”. And he answered, “2NE1’s CL.”

He said, “After I’ve seen CL, I went ‘Wa, that friend is really something’, with a great impression.”

He also said, “I haven’t seen CL in person.” and continued, “Even though I’m a few years senior, I hope to her singer activities will go well. I’m thankful for the influence she gave as a junior.”

Meanwhile, SS501 had their first concert performance of their 1st Asian concert tour in 4 years on 1st August.

Music charts review for 5th week of July


2NE1 has won their 3rd consecutive #1 on music charts.

The group’s current hit song ‘I Don’t Care’ is #1 again on music site Monkey3 for the 5th week of July (27th July – 2nd August). The song went on the chart at #11 and in just 2 weeks’ time it went up to the #1 position and this is their 3rd week winning #1.

Meanwhile, Park MyungSoo and Jessica’s duet ‘NaengMyun’ is at #2 and Future Liger (Tiger JK, Yoo JaeSeok and Yoon MiRae)’s ‘Let’s Dance’ is at #4 – both songs were from the special episode for Infinite Challenge.

And Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ is at #3 on the chart in just 2 weeks.

Rest of the chart results:

  1. 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’
  2. Park MyungSoo, Jessica ‘NaengMyun’
  3. Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’
  4. Future Liger ‘Let’s Dance’
  5. FT Island ‘I Hope’
  6. SNSD ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
  7. MC Mong ‘Indian Boy’
  8. Lee Seung Gi ‘Will you marry me’
  9. 4Minute ‘Hot Issue’
  10. 2NE1 ‘Pretty Boy

Newcomer group T-ara is also at #13 with the song ‘Lies’, and KARA’s comeback song ‘Wanna’ is at #22 on the chart.

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  2. yeah boi!! . . .
    SE7EN is coming back . . .
    i am so excited! . .. hahaha . . . . wahh!! . . .
    who wouldn’t love CL . . .d crazy unpredictable leader . . . !! . . .
    YG, family, family . . . hahaha!! . .

  3. woah Se7en!! its about time you know!! i really hope his fans had not forgot and will continue to support him coz he’s really really talented. as long as his Korean album is not the same wannabe-US songs he did for his US debut, i will still like him as much as ever.

    and CL has too much charisma to ignore. go CL!

  4. yay….. when will se7en oppa release his 5th album?
    i cant wait to hear his new song….
    really been missing him so much after his last concert at japan on 7.7.07…. huhu…

  5. […] Monkey3 Music chart for last week of July + BEG in car accident? Filed under: News — Tags: brown eyed girls — Vexasse @ 8:57 pm Abracadabra is #3 on the chart’s 5th week into July ^^ SOURCE: SOOKYEONG [K BITES] […]

  6. haha i think CL will mostly sing the song “pretty boy” to hyun joong… he’s too pretty.. anyway even girl like me love CL.. she caught my attention on debut stage..

    2NE1 is getting lots of no.1 in music shows and music charts.. they are doing so good till i forgot that they are rookie… go 2NE1

  7. duh……. who doesnt love CL. she is so loved.

  8. can’t wait for SE7EN’s album!! but i wonder why he came back from the States all of a sudden though. anyway,best wishes to Boa and the Wonder Girls who are still continuing their journey and i hope they’d release Korean albums as well! kekeke.

    • I think he came back to Korea suddenly because his contract with RQM (his US management) ended.

  9. Curious CL reaction 2 this 😀 does HyunJoong badboy enough? though we knew CL is crazy in luv 2 Teddy…. Se7en oppa finally…. wajo 🙂 we very missing u

  10. Yay! Can’t wait for Se7en’s album!
    Everyone loves CL ^-^
    Grats 2NE1!!

  11. where’s the link for this chart. Can’t find it in monkey3.

  12. I’ll be waiting for Se7en’s album 🙂
    &nd Hyun Joong, you’re such a cutie pie ^^
    2NE1 jjang~! COngratulations :))))

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