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K Bites – 10.08.2009 III (Baek Ji Young-TaekYeon, Dong Bang Shin Ki)

Baek Ji Young ‘My Ear’s Candy’ MV teaser featuring 2PM TaekYeon revealed!


The MV teaser to Baek Ji Young‘s comeback electro pop song ‘My Ear’s Candy’ has been revealed.

MV features 2PM member TaekYeon. Song’s sexy, the 2 persons are beautiful. Totally looking forward to it.

Thanks to Mardi09 dearie

SM, “We give 40% of profits to Dong Bang Shin Ki”


SM Entertainment revealed recently, “We split profits with group Dong Bang Shin Ki at the ratio of 4:6.”

Revealed on MC programme “Current Affairs Magazine 2580′ aired on 9th August, Dong Bang Shin Ki has brought in a recorded 49.8 billion KRW. Of these, SM has invested 22.4 KRW. And the rest was split between the group and SM at 4:6.”

SM said, “Of the benefits, Dong Bang Shin Ki gets 4 proportions and SM gets 6 proportions. Of the 27.4 KRW, Dong Bang Shin Ki gets 11.0 KRW and SM gets 16.4KRW.”

It was also revealed that for overseas promotions, Dong Bang Shin Ki gets 7 and SM gets 3 proportions.Also for overseas event, CF revenues, they are split at 7:3.

But according to the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki, “The splitting of profits is not transparent. We cannot trust them.”

And also about their 13-year contract, SM said, “We also secured the time when the group went overseas to promote. In Korea 3~4 years, in Japan 3~4 year, in China, it was 3~4 years.”

And about this, the 3 members’ lawyer said, “This is a contract which will make this idol stars work their live. Also for album sales, they only receive no more than 0.4~1% for each member.”

Updates on the case of the lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki fends off rumours for disband, “We hope to perform on this stage again next year” (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/07/k-bites-07-08-2009-iv-2ne1-big-bang-dong-bang-shin-ki/)
  2. The situation, the truth and distortions (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/dong-bang-shin-ki-the-situation-the-truth-and-distortion/)
  3. SM’s refutation against their cast (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/sm-entertainments-refutation-they-made-11b-krw-after-debut/)
  4. The 3 members’ official stand about their case against SM (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/dbsk-hero-micky-and-xiahs-official-stand-about-their-discord-with-sm/)
  5. The 3 members apply for retractile effect on 31st July (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/07/31/dong-bang-shin-ki-xiah-micky-and-hero-for-a-lawsuit-against-sm/)

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  1. After so many years of not hearing anything about DBSK, I was sort of glad to see them make a comback last year; but now I just want them to leave again and have their happily ever after in Japan. It’s just sad and tiring to read all these news of SM and them backfiring each other. I really feel for their fans.

    And I kind of agree with NyNy, I don’t see the same passion I saw in their eyes back in 06 when they left Korea. Seeing them after 4, 5 years, I thought they looked not just older but also tired and sort of distant… They weren’t the same DBSK I liked back in the days…

    Anyways, for their fans’ sake, I hope both parties can reach an agreement soon.

  2. Well at least SM seems to be giving in…that’s good.

  3. […] has received lovecalls for featuring acts for singers Baek Ji Young and Bada. On the 10th, the teaser MV to Baek Ji Young’s minialbum ‘EGO’ title song ‘Candy To My Ears’ was reveale…, and in the MV teaser features TaekYeon with sexy diva Baek Ji […]

  4. I think this whole DBSK fiasco could have been eased somewhat if the company and the guys had just sat down together and hashed it out. SM should have shown ALL five of them the earnings they’ve garnered through the years they’ve been active, but also where the money has been invested in them as well as others(such as paying for trainees’ dancing, language, vocal lessons, housing etc.) maybe things would have turned out differently.

    I know the lawsuit is focused more on the exclusive contract more than finances, but no matter how you look at it in the long run, money will play a huge factor.

    As much as I admire DBSK–in this type of lawsuit, usually no one wins no matter what the outcome is. If the three guys win, don’t think for a second SM won’t retaliate in some way or form. If they don’t win, SM will retaliate for putting them through this negative PR mess.

    Fans can be very powerful and scary, but I do not think people really understand just how much power these big companies wield.

  5. aish DBSK

    reading news about them filing law suit to fight for a reasonable rests and breaks had made any other boring nine-to-five works looking faaar better T__T

    health is a major issue here, physically and mentally. just reading the news about them doing 2 LIVE CONCERTS this year for their 2 ALBUMS in several countries already made me tired. talking about the pressures and all, eurgh, I can’t reckon any other artist that ever done it??? no wonder if they ask for a betterment of their contract.

  6. I really don’t know what the fork is happening.
    I mean I don’t know who’s telling the truth.

  7. For DBSK, I don’t like it.

    It seems that when everyone thought they were earning a lot of money, they really aren’t. It feels like they have been cheating for the past 6 years. The number of years…13 that’s quite long. But I heard that BoA extended her contract until 2012 so she may finish singing at 25.

    Especially to me as an International fan, when I see artists in America like Mariah Carey and Pharell spend money like it’s nothing to them, I had the feeling K-Pop artists got that same amount.

    It explains now why artists like 2PM, SHINee and 2NE1 live together in penthouses because their companies provide mostly for them. And that shows the company really does a lot for them.

    But I hate SM now. DBSK was my favourite but then 2PM took over. I had a feeling DBSK was getting tired this year, look at them in Japan nowadays, they don’t really joke around and smile alot as they used too back in what? 2006. Especially how people have been saying SM is a hellhole. I mainly feel sorry for SHINee who work hard like their sunbaes yet are getting crappy concepts that I was hoping they would upgrade from like Super Junior or SNSD.

    • shinee dun have earning power enough for sm to invest in as much as they invest in snsd and suju and tvxq since they are newbies. and if u compare to other sm artist debut. shinee have the biggest debut investment so far.

  8. I think by investment they mean the amount of what they spent like production cost of CD’s and the groups expenses. then the rest is the profit which they spit in 4:6 ratio. It is sad but i think SM will use all its resources to win this case. If they’re willing to settle i dont see why they would release this kind of statements. SM could drag this case for years which would ruin DBSK and for SM they would loose income yes but they still have other popular artist and business will go on.

  9. isn’t sm kinda twisting the truth? “DBSK brought in a recorded 49.8 billion KRW. Of these, SM has invested 22.4 KRW” ARE THOSE 22.4 KRW NOT CONSIDERED PROFIT? If they are, the split is actually 7.8:2.2 NOT 6:4. what bs SM~

    If by overseas they mean Japan, sm should be grateful they get anything since they did nothing for DBSK in Japan. If say Avex have a 6:4 deal with dbsk like the deal SM claims it has with DBSK (which i seriously doubt) DBSK gets 4 and avex gets 6. DBSK will get 70% of the 40%, which is around 28%.

    SM is just throwing around big numbers to make the members look bad.

    • Doesn’t invested mean that they put money into the project?

      • 22.4 KRW (18 million USD) put into what? Song? Dancers? Living expenses? Advertisement? I see other SM groups with the same type of promotions/living space as DBSK. They don’t sell half as much, does that mean their profit after “money put in the project” is 0 and they don’t get paid? SM is pulling a number out of the ass.

      • Even pre-debut, they’ve been training so hard because SME invested a lot into them and it’s not just DBSG. It’s all their trainees (and they got an army of trainees too, not just a few, but probably at least a hundred). It’s their dorms, food, traveling expenses, lesson fees (dance, singing, acting), they also need to learn other languages and all. They also need that money to pay the people who works around the company like their manager, hair stylists and all. I’m not saying DBSG is totally right and SME is totally wrong. Both sides do have some fault. Whether or not SME is lying, we don’t know for sure. This issue is really confusing ’cause we don’t really know what happened for sure. Even though they tell us what is going on, there must be some truths and lies behind it as well.

    • even if they show the receipts fans will say that its fake. >.< ..nothing sm do is right in fans eyes anyways..i have a feeling the numbers is legit tho. they are releasing that amount cuz they do have proofs for it…but i think they might have hidden's receipts as well which is why tvxq boys say its not transparent enough.

  10. […] has received lovecalls for featuring acts for singers Baek Ji Young and Bada. On the 10th, the teaser MV to Baek Ji Young’s minialbum ‘EGO’ title song ‘Candy to my ear…, and in the MV teaser features TaekYeon with sexy diva Baek Ji […]

  11. the problem with you dbsk fan is that you think sm is lying and dbsk isnt. of course im not saying dbsk is lying, im just saying just because dbsk is not in a good situtation doesnt mean you blame it on sm.
    first of all, why would sm lie in the first place?!
    if they find out they’re lying (which is easy to find out in court) then the problem gets worse and that makes sm ent. more bad and i dont think sm wants that image.
    i DOUBT sm is lying ok. im pretty sure sm KNOWS if they lie it’ll be soon discovered..

    and yes i know dbsk isnt get as much as they deserve.. honestly the FIRST reason why dbsk is doing this lawsuit is because of their CONTRACT. the main point isn’t because they get NO money.
    obviously they think if they continue for 13 yers, they might not make AS MUCH but that doesnt mean this whole thing is because sm doesnt pay them alot.

    dont get me wrong, i LOVE dbsk but im just saying.

    • I agree that people tend to forget the lawsuit from DBSK members are not about money. It’s about their working conditions and unfair contract. And by both sides’ movements so far, SME is quite successful to make people “tend” to believe it’s all about money (I see some “calm” people did comment like it’s all about money)

      But aside from that your argument have some flaws to say the least. First of all, SME sure knows their financial status (both on their record and some financial service websites). But that doesn’t mean they don’t lie. An example is you can count CD/DVD sales of DBSK from only Mirotic period to now (Japanese ones inclusive) and you will easily see the amount SME stated not solid enough (note: the amount SME stated is from DBSK debut year up to now).
      Second, even in court doesn’t guarantee that they are not lying about financial records. Why? Business process in large company is not clearly shown as black and white (that’s why there’s the term “financial manipulation”), and unless investigators or detectives have enough proof to say this case is about economic crime (or some people file a lawsuit about SME faking financial records for instant), the court won’t issue an order to further investigate whether or not SME records are true and clear. Of course, the actual process is much more complicated than what I just said, but that’s the principle in general (heck, if there’s such an investigation, we as readers sure won’t be the first to be informed – unless they want to let SME have time to “clarify” their records). So third, that’s why for your #3 argument about “soon discovered” is not solid. (well, if things are as simple as you say, scandals about Enron or Samsung would not happen in the first place).

      I just want to say that yes, I support DBSK and yes, quite amount of English-commenting fans are unreasonable or irritating, but in current situation (when all people surrounding are frustrating), we should stay as calm as possible and say with reasonable backup. Why?
      Because if we do so, not only SME cannot stir up any “trick” (mess up with DBSK images or divide DBSK fanbase) and cannot avoid actual problem of “UNFAIR CONTRACT”, I’m sure DBSK will be thankful to us for at least not falling into “media play” game.

      • Totally agree with you, there.

        Great examples about Enron and Samsung. Even Nortel did the same … and boy, so many were fooled. Millions, even the experts.

        Its only when someone decided to question their accounting that the truth came out.

        And yes, we shouldn’t play into SM’s game strategy to dividing the fans.

    • Well, SM *can* lie actually.

      Its a well known fact that bribery is huge in Korea. In a news piece on TV/radio, a reporter mentioned that SM has been hiding their profit by playing around with their numbers in accounting, transferring/adding on expenses here and there. Thats why many people are skeptical to believe that SM has been in an *actual* deficit. It can be easily speculated that SM bribed their accountants and played around with their numbers.

      That aside, we still don’t know if what they are declaring is actually true in either case. Until the judges have their final verdict, I am siding with DBSK and giving them the benefit of the doubt, since they are NOT the ones who used & abused people so many other previous times like SM.

      But yes, I agree with you that this battle is not just about money. Its about basic rights. They should be given breaks, weekends, and time to *enjoy* their life and the little money they do earn like any other person. (For God’s sakes, they don’t even get weekends!)

    • I found the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtrtNiea6Sc

      She talks about it at 4:00.

  12. Taec Yeon is SO ugly.

  13. TAEC ❤

  14. i wont trust SM about the incomes untile i see the sells books and all that cause they could be jus liyng

  15. I don’t believe SM… Khu3… The MV sounds great…!!

  16. Wow at those figures..

  17. That song…it sounds like it’ll be a big hit. The MV looks amazing too. Taec just makes it hotter.

  18. how come dbsk only received an income of 4.98 billion KRW? i remember correctly that wonder girls gained a total of over 12 billion KRW, and big bang even more! i would have expected more.. lol.

  19. Taec. ♥
    Different image from the Genie special stage. ROFL. <33

  20. i remember reading about how micky bought an Audi R8 haha. so he must be gettin his money from somewhere lol

    • That luxury car and apartment were supposedly gifts/incentives from that Chinese cosmetics company they were supposed to endorse and co-manage.

  21. wow~ for 36 sec that was amazing lol i’m so intrigued

    i can’t wait lol thanks you sharing

  22. Ooh the MV looks cool~ Not sure about the song yet. But dayum, give me sexy Taek anytime!

    Hehee, I totally want to see the full MV. :]

  23. Sounds good! Cant wait for the full mv and live performances. I hope it becomes a hit!
    Taec and BJY looks good! Especially Taec!!!

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