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K Bites – 10.08.2009 VI (SNSD-2NE1, HeeChul-TaeMin, Lee JungHyun, S.E.S)

So Nyeo Shi Dae and 2NE1 are #1, 2 ‘Trendsetters’ in the Philippines


So Nyeo Shi Dae and 2NE1 are doing strong up Filipino music charts.

On 9th August, on Filipino music site ‘Chart Central’ for the ‘Trendsetter’ chart, So Nyeo Shi Dae is #1 with ‘Gee’ while 2NE1 is #2 on the chart with ‘I Don’t Care’.

So Nyeo Shi Dae has risen from the #4 spot from last week to #1 for this week.

‘Trendsetter’ is a weekly poll chart voted by netizens, it takes in the popularity voted by netizens weekly. It is the chart that shows the song or singer which is has the most heated popularity recently.

And for popularity points TI, So Nyeo Shi Dae stands at #1 with 0.92 TI and 2NE1 with 0.68 TI.

Super Junior Kim HeeChul to show support to SHINee TaeMin with cameo drama appearance


Super Junior Kim HeeChul shows support to junior SHINee TaeMin with cameo drama appearance on MBC sitcom ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyunie’.

Kim Hee Chul was at the filming set for the drama on 3rd August and participated in the drama filming. The reason why he did the cameo appearance was for his junior SHINee TaeMin. The 2 are known as ‘celebrity lookalikes’ and it will be a fun episode on ‘Tae-Hye-Ji’ with the 2 of them appearing together.

Meanwhile, the episode featuring Kim HeeChul will air on 12th August.

Lee JungHyun for Lady Gaga concert special performance. Lady Gaga, “I’ll help JungHyun with her American advance”


Sexy singer Lee JungHyun had put up a special performance for pop singer Lady Gaga’s performance in Korea on 9th August.

And Lee JungHyun uploaded photos on her minihompy on 10th August saying, “It was really enjoyable. Our kind Miss Gaga~ Very very pretty and cool! Best after all!”

She also wrote, “I had fun on performing on stage after a long time. Thank you so much to Gaga nim, Gaga dancers who were monitoring my performing by my side throughout my performance.”

Lee JungHyun has put up a special opening performance for Lady Gaga’s concert with performances of ‘Wa’, ‘Vogue It Girl’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Ari Ari’.

S.E.S comes together to show support for Bada’s comeback album

ses_100809S.E.S members Bada, Eugene and Shoo has come together again.

Bada posted up new photos on her minihompy on 10th August of her taken together with Shoo and Eugene. The 2 of them had showed up at MBC Music Core to show support for Bada’s comeabck stage.

The photos show the 3 of them still very close together after their debut as group S.E.S more than 10 years ago. Bada also thanked Eugene who performed on stage together with her, “Eugene ah, thank you so much for the cool performance. Your stage manners are ‘jjang(best)’. I should learn from you too.”

And also to Shoo who showed at the dressing room back stage to Music Core, “Even though you were down with flu, you came and I was very touched. Unnie has prepared flu medicine, panacea and tiger palm at home.”

Meanwhile, Bada recently released her 4th comeback album and is promoting the title song ‘Mad’.

43 Responses

  1. by the way, i think sme is planning to send snsd to the philippines for overseas activities. I CAN’T WAIT!

  2. last week, i saw snsd’s “into the new world” on channel v. since then, i’ve been watching channel v waiting for another snsd song. hehehe, just sharing.

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  4. oh yeah me too, never heard of “trendsetter” chart in PH, and I also dont believe it’s a reliable source of PH music charts. only on MYX! whoever did an article for that, that is so untrue.

    Lady Gaga and LJHYUN- I love their both style, sooo Crazy….heheh

  5. ohhh yaaaaaay for S.E.S. comeback~

  6. I got a little confused when I saw…“I’ll help JungHyun with her American advance” She’s going to America?? She’s got a pretty strong accent doesnt she?

    Unless Lady GaGa meant if she ever decided to then she’d be glad to help.?

  7. Can’t wait to watch Heechul act along with Taemin! ^^

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  10. I love TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyunie. I can’t wait to watch that ep with Heechul and Taeminnie ❤

    S.E.S. love, I hope they do come back together one day and perform.

  11. yes I know., That’s how people are in the Philippines.
    not really all but some.. or.. most. how late can Philippines get? First nobody then fire then gee? I bet mirotic is next o_O
    no wait. maybe neorago

    • late in terms of korean music, but with western music its different.

      • they are also late with western music
        not really late but some were late.
        Like second hand serenades your call and bla bla bla
        Red jumpsuit apparatus bla bla bla. and others.
        but most are updated with western music.

  12. seriously? SNSD is famous here in the Philippines? Trust me people. “Fire” and “Nobody” are the songs from Korea that are instant hits here. Even all of my family members and schoolmates know Wonder Girls and 2NE1.

    Some of my schoolmates even performed “FIRE” and “NOBODY” in a program in our school.

    Seriously, they don’t even SNSD here. The article surprised me (only with the SNSD). But I don’t even see 2NE1 setting trend here. Just their SONG is popular here.

    FYI, colored jeans were already hit even before “GEE” came out. Oh please, don’t believe this article, except for the 2ne1 thing. The “FIRE” song is quite doing well along with Nobody in the charts here.

    • AMEN….

      Most people knows the Nobody song but they have no idea who sang it ><

  13. S.E.S are so sweet…. Their friendships are still strong.

  14. yes it is obscure, ambiguous, unknown, unheard of, etc. whatever you may wanna call it… But it’s not a channel ( I think? anyway, not that I know of).
    After I searched online, i found out that it’s just a blog named Chart Central Philippines.
    A blog that has some listings of various Philippine music charts.
    BUT the ‘Chart Central’ – ‘Trendsetter’ chart is their made up or own chart (I believe) thus the name -> CC[P] Trendsetters w/c stands for Chart Central (Philippines) Trendsetters.
    So anybody online can vote for it, not necessarily Filipinos.
    And definitely it doesn’t matter if the song is even played in the Philippines or if it’s on the real music charts in the Philippines.
    Maybe that’s why many Filipinos here (like my friend beside me) have no idea about this so-called chart or Filipino music site ahahaha… it’s cool though but still kinda funny ^_^

    and I agree with Kuchinashi, “Fire” is being played in the Phils. The song “I Don’t Care” hasn’t played yet but surely been seen/heard about it because of Sandara Park’s recent Phil. interview. But I believe SNSD songs are not on MYX charts or any true reliable music charts in the Phils. yet. (no offense to anybody…just…truth be told..here) okie ~_^

    • really? I took if off this article..

      they call this site a music specialist site somemore :/

      • trust us young pinoys, we haven’t heard that music chart. Truly reliable are radio chart, MYX or mtv. Nobody and Gee are not even played on “HIGH-CLASS” radio stations such as rx or magic which caters to the youth.

      • You may wanna check the original website..ehem i mean blog at:


        While this is the (blogger/bloggers) trendsetter chart link:


        I apologize for my late reply and sadly I also do not understand Korean (Hangul).

        Anyway, as I have stated before SNSD songs are not on any music charts in the Philippines yet.
        But 2NE1 song “Fire” is indeed popular among Filipinos for real.

        Thanks a lot for your reply and again, I am so sorry for being so late. Aigoo ^_^

      • and oh yeah I unfortunately cannot agree that it’s a music specialist site… maybe because the blogger/bloggers of that site seems to like music very much…but nevertheless they are not really credited by music companies (I think?).. moreover that blog or site is truly unheard of by so many Filipinos… thanks again for reading. ~_^

      • What i meant was- although maybe the Chart Central Philippines’ blogger or bloggers may like music so much… it doesn’t necessarily mean or it’s not enough to make them music specialist. Won’t u agree? ^_^

    • I am a Pinay too. But never heard SNSD’s on Myx. though i dont watch much. Just my bestfriend same with me, addicted. Do always tells me about the update in Myx.. or even in Channel V

  15. i’ve seen SNSD’s Gee on myx before. and also son dam bi’s saturday night. its not only fire and nobody that are played. trust my. i only tune in to music channels here in the philippines. i dont like the local channels; they’re too gay for my fancy.

  16. seriously??? No one knows snsd here!!!…… and that cliored skinny jeans they had with their gee song…. students here were already wearing that last year 2008……… >O<

    • the colored skinny jeans are already passe in the Philippines even when Gee debuted in Korea.

  17. Yeah I’ve only seen WG’s Nobody and 2NE1 Fire. Never SNSD before..maybe obscure channel?

  18. Hi, I’m also an avid reader of this blog but I’ve never heard of that site. K-Pop videos are often shown on the Myx channel and 2NE1 has even got a #1 spot before for ‘Fire’.

    I’ve never heard of or seen any of SNSD’s MVs here. And they don’t show 2NE1’s “I don’t care” either. Just to mention that the popular songs here are definitely ‘Fire’ & Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’.

  19. This is off topic, but I really appreciate your work on this site. I just came from Allkpop and am sick of the biased articles. Your site is legit and keep up the good work!

    • Yeah I dont like allkpop either. I always go here first because the news are not biased and not filled with sexist and inappropriate comments about the artists. Its just straight news and thats all we need. Go sooky!

      • oh but one thing i do dislike that k bites is becoming a 2ne1 fansite. i know 2ne1 is popular but i hope sooky can update on other not-so-popular artists more. ^^

      • Agreed. I gave up on Allkpop because I just couldn’t stand the inappropriate comments and especially the biased articles. They don’t update as daily as you do since you update once you get your fingers on something new. I tried sending tips on news from your site to Allkpop but they ignored it. >.< Anyways, keep up the good work! ^^

  20. How come I’m from the phil and I never heard of the site before? oh well…proves that i’m still not that addicted. hehehe.

    S.E.S. looks so damn beautiful after 10 yrs…love it. ^^

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