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K Bites – 11.08.2008 IV (ShinDong, Yoon EunHye)

Super Junior ShinDong shows off his moustache


Group Super Junior ShinDong (24) has shown fans a new image of him and has received heated responses for it.

ShinDong posted up on his minihompy on 8th August new selcas of himself (Click for bigger image). He was seen in a greyish white shirt and his moustache was obvious in the selca. Fans commented, “Giving off a great impression of a middle-aged”, “Something new” etc

Other fans went, “The moustache looks unexpectedly good on you”, “But don’t forget you’re an idol” etc

Meanwhile, previously Super Junior member HeeChul was also in the topic with his moustache shown growing on his face last April.

He uploaded a photo on his minihompy writing, “I hope to try shed the idol image”, and fans had commented, “Looks good on you”, “You look like Kim C”.

Yoon Eun Hye, “I have no friends in the entertainment zone, and have never been to a club”

yeh_110809Yoon EunHye, who debuted through girlgroup Baby VOX, talks about prejudice that many have on her.

She revealed, “I look like someone who enjoys and plays a lot”. But it seems that this is not true.

Yoon Eun Hye said, “I’ve never been to places like club for even once. I don’t know places outside my house.”

She continued, “Because of this, I have no scandal. It’s been 10 years since I’ve debuted in the entertainment zone, I have not one friend. I only keep in contact occasionally with the Baby VOX members, but we did not eat.”

“Friends would say ‘You are always at home’. I feel that rumours and news about me being playful is unfair.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Eun Hye will be making her comeback in drama ‘My Fair Lady’.

24 Responses

  1. fighting yoon eun hye,,,love all her drama,,,good luck,,,,

  2. yeah i thought she was really good friends with seo in young too.. maybe this is fake?

  3. I don’t think the scandal with KJK was considered much of a serious one really. I mean, X man was slightly scripted… including the pairing :/

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  5. Shindong looks fine with the stache. Manly and older looking I say.

    YEH has no friends? That’s a lie… what about all her variety programs she used to be on? X-Man and all that? I mean she probably met many friends through working in the industry as well. No scandal? KJK?

    • the kjk and yeh coupling was just a joke around the entertainment business. it was a playful coupling so shows could be funnier by teasing the ‘couple’.

  6. im pretty sure they twisted yoon eun hye’s words. she probably said something like she rarely hangs out because she doesnt want scandals and is so busy. and the reporters twisted it into saying she has no friends.

  7. No scandals??! But I remember this scene from XMAN VERY CLEARLY…..at the beginning of the show, one of the comedians (I forgot who, I think it was Kang Ho Dong), poked fun at Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye by showing the crowd a newspaper featuring them as the headlines!

  8. Isn’t YEH super close with Seo In Young…granted they don’t keep in contact much, I’m pretty sure she’s got alot of acquaintances……well anyway, it’s lonely without friends, hopefully she’s not going through anything that’s making her retract into her house alot

  9. i think article about YEH is bogus too. She has a lot of close friends in the biz….

  10. I thought YEH was suppose to be really good friends with Jewelry’s Seo In Young – or did she mean male friends? o.o?

    • that article about YEH is totally bogus. YEH is close friends with Chae Jung Ahn , Seo In Young, Kim Eun Joo and her Baby V.O.X unni’s. YEH would never say those things in an interview. i believe her words have been twisted.

  11. Be strong YEH, that’s the price of being famous in entertainment industry, always been a target of false rumors. But you have your fans to rely on 🙂

  12. ShinDong really looks like his dad =)
    Aww, Yeh! Make more friends!

  13. shindong of the dont don days was definitely his prime in terms of looks.

  14. im surprised about eun hye, with her xman and variety days and all the dramas she’s done i wouldve expected her to make some celeb friends. especially coffee prince behind the scenes special. she seemed to miss the cast a lot and she was there when Eon died.
    well i guess its ok for her not to have celeb friends and i bet her non celeb friends are really close to her.

  15. No mustache = idol image?

    What is Korea teaching these boys?

    • Makes me think of EXILE and compare them to a JE boy. EXILE are the guys that are ruff and masculine, while all the JE boys are idol pretty boys >.<

      I think having staches make them seem like less boyish and maybe it doesn't fit in with the appeal of young girls… like how Shindong miraculously aged because of the stache – I have to admit he looks like a business ajusshi -_-

      Heechul looks older too, but it actually looks okay on him.

      But honestly, they seem to have so much perfect skin thats flawless I didn't even know hair grew on them!

      But they're not flower boys if you add the stache… ?

  16. Also,I couldn’t recognize him the first time.
    O.O the boys need some sleep.
    Damn you,SM. 😐

  17. I don’t like ShinDong’s mustache.
    I like his cute image….This makes him look old.
    Aw,I feel bad for Eun Hye.

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