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K Bites – 11.08.2009 II (SNSD, T-ara, Davichi)

SNSD SooYoung most popular amongst Japanese, Jessica most popular amongst Chinese, and Yuri talks about secret to pretty legs


Japanese Sayuri said, “It seems that SooYoung is the most popular member of So Nyeo Shi Dae in Japan.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae has appeared on KBS ‘The ChitChat of The Beauties’ summer special aired on 10th August. And Sayuri was asked, “Which member is the most popular in Japan?” and she answered, “Each member has her own charms, but SooYoung has the face the Japanese guys like.”

And when Chinese Eun DongRyong was asked, “Which member is the most popular in China”, she replied, “I think Jessica has an appeal. Chinese men like girls who looks like fox” looking at Jessica. And then there were many whispers in the crowd that went “Jessica looks like a fox.”

Meanwhile, while the girls were on the topic of long legs, Yuri revealed, “Actually we do makeup on our legs. We do highlight and shading to make it appear slim. Of the members, I worry most about my legs, when other members apply one makeup coat, I apply 3.”

T-ara to cover S.E.S and Fin.K.L


6-member female group T-ara will make a surprising transformation into S.E.S and Fin.K.L.

After causing topic with their debut song ‘Lies’, the girls will be transforming as S.E.S and Fin.K.L on MBC Music Core on 15th August and SBS Inkigayo on 16th August.

They will be performing S.E.S ‘I’m your girl’ and Fin.K.L ‘To my boyfriend’, putting in efforts not only to the vocals but also to the costumes and choreography.

They said, “S.E.S and Fin.K.L are girlgroups who received acknowledge as Korea’ best girlgroups. We are very honoured to be able to sing seonbae’s songs.”

Davichi to sing for OST to ‘My Fair Lady’

davichi_110809Female vocal duo Davichi will be singing for the OST to upcoming KBS drama ‘My Fair Lady’ featuring Yoon EunHye, Jung Il Woo, and Yoon SangHyun etc

With the great anticipating and topic raised with this comeback drama by Yoon EunHye, much most interests are diverted to it with news that Davichi will be singing for the drama OST.

The song that Davichi will sing for the OST is named ‘Hot Stuff’.

Meanwhile, Davichi released their minialbum ‘Davichi in Wonderland’ in February and made 4 consecutive hits with ‘8282’, ‘Made an accident’, ‘My Man’ and ‘Female Generation’ with project group SeeYa and T-ara JiYeon.

13 Responses

  1. LOL Yuri was so honest about the legs…^^
    It’s ok…I like Yuri’s strong and muscular legs. ^^
    I like Yuri’s n Hyo’s legs the most.
    Theirs don’t look fragile n skinny.
    Sica looks like a fox?? ROFL

    Davichi will sing an OST….Good!

  2. Of course. Sooyoung made her debut in Japan. Lmao, Jessica “looks like a fox”. No wonder they have perfect toned legs and all.

    I hope Davichi comes back in the midst of all the girl groups. Glad they have another OST project πŸ™‚

  3. Well, no shit about Sooyoung. She used to be a Japanese model, after all. lol. β™₯.
    & Dude. Applying make-up to your legs? That seems like a beeyotch to do.
    So time-consuming. Dx

  4. Isn’t Sayuri a zainichi?

    Or at least her mum is Korean, so she could be half (I was watching Kim’s U – morning program – and the guest was Sayuri)

    Davichi is awesome, and it’s great to have great music in a great (or no doubt will be great) drama ^o^

  5. aww Yuri! Her legs may not be a slim as Soo Young’s or Jessica’s but I think she has an amazing waist line.
    I hope to see a good performance from T-ara. They aren’t that interesting to watch on stage but they’ve got nice voices. =)
    and I can’t wait to hear Da Vichi’s song. “Hot Stuff” sounds like it’ll be great. =)

  6. No wonder Yuri’s legs always look so shiny and perfect. ROFL Oh, Yul..
    Yay Davichi!!

  7. i am so glad Davichi will be singing the OST. they are so talented. hmm no wonder yuri’s legs always looks so shiny. haha. and t-ara, i want to like them. but i am having a hard time getting to know more about them. maybe some more interviews, and more stage presence.

  8. cool! T-ara JJANG!!!!
    whoa! im so excited!

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