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K Bites – 11.08.2009 (Jewelry, DBSK-SuJu-SHINee)

Teaser photo to Jewelry’s comeback 6th album revealed!


Jewelry has revealed their image ‘with an edge’ ahead of their 6th album comeback.

After the craze with the ‘E.T dance’ they set last year with the song ‘One More Time’, Jewelry has ended their album jacket filming and they are counting down to their comeback.

Jewelry won the DaeSang during ‘2008 Golden Disk award’ and also many other #1s on music charts. And in the current situation of the ‘war of the girl groups’ in Kpop, Jewelry is back to take back the place of the queen amongst the girlgroups.

As to what dance they will be back with is much anticipated by fans, and also fans are looking to an upgraded Jewelry since members Han JooYeon and Kim EunJung continued with Jewelry S even after their previous album promotions ended.

Their 6th album will be released off and online on 25th August.

Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and SHINee to release ’09 Summer SMTown’ album


SMTown’s summer album ‘09 SUMMER SMTOWN’ will be released coming 14th August.

After 2 years since SM Town released their last summer album in 2007, they are back to release a new summer album. This time 3 teams from SM Entertainment has participated in the album – Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and SHINee. And the title song will be ‘Seaside Resting Area’ and will altogether include 4 songs.

Other songs from the album will be ‘12.34’, a song with medium tempo, by Dong Bang Shin Ki, ‘Carnival’ by Super Junior first revealed during their Super Show II concert. Ann also powerful dance song ‘Scar’ by SHINee.

The album will be released on Melon, Dosirak, Soribada etc from 11th August. And the title song will be revealed first, then on 12th August ‘Scar’ will be revealed, ‘Carnival’ to be revealed on 13th and ‘12.34’ to be revealed on 14th August.

18 Responses

  1. […] the song ‘Seaside Resting Area (Boom Boom)’ for SMTown Summer 09 album was revealed yesterday, the song ‘Scar’ sung by SHINee was revealed […]

  2. […] ‘Carnival’ to be revealed on 13th and ‘12.34′ to be revealed on 14th August. source sookyeong@kbites, […]

  3. um very um summery………………. LOL

  4. It shouldn’t be called SM Town without the other artists. =/

  5. Queen? since when?
    Seeing as how One More Time was a cover and the E.T. dance was copied from the Brown Eyed Girls I say no. Especially with their album sales being practically non existent. I expect Jewelry to go back home this year empty handed. I still believe that Wonder Girls deserved the digital award a whole lot more then them.

    As for SM Town…..
    No SNSD, CSJH, BoA, or Zhang Liyin is……. well to put it blunt a lot of testosterone…


  7. that’s lame. no snsd, csjh, or boa, or liyin in the smtown album?
    how sexist…

  8. It’s only gonna be those three groups?! Hallelujah! My three favs from SM Town! Sorry SNSD, I love you but right now I really love these three groups! ^^ Can’t wait for it! XD

  9. I thought the SM summer album wasn’t coming, but it IS now?! wow They haven’t released one in a couple years. Why is it all the boy bands only?

  10. Whenever I see Jewelry, I always just think of Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young :/

    Honestly, they should have just formed their own duo.
    But I’m waiting for their comeback since I’m a fan of Seo In Young ^^

  11. Yay Jewelry!

    Seo In Young unnie ❤

  12. aww, no snsd for the sm summer album? =(

  13. for some reason they give off a heechul vibe xD
    like during super junior’s promotions i remember once he wore big glasses like those and his hair was kinda combed over and shiny

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