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K Bites – 11.08.2009 V (GDragon, DaeSung)

Big Bang GDragon plagiarises with ‘Heartbreaker’? “It’s just a preview, please wait for the full song”

gd_110809Big Bang GDragon‘s solo title song ‘Heartbreaker’ has been said to have plagiarised other’s music.

GDragon released the preview to his solo album title song ‘Heartbreaker’ at about 5pm on 11th August which he has set to reveal on 12th initially, a 30seconds preview on me2day site.

The reason to releasing the previews were said to let fans know of some of the music to be included in his first solo album to be released on 18th August. But with the reveal of ‘Heartbreaker’ there has been debates that it plagiarises Flo Rida‘s ‘Right Round’.

Netizens went, “Just 30 seconds revealed but it sounds exactly the same”, “Even though there are similarities, the melody is different” etc

With that YG Entertainment said, “Now we only revealed just 30 seconds to the song, it is ridiculous to call it plagiarism. ‘Heartbreaker’ did not plagiarise other’s music. Please look forward to the full song.”

With nasal bone injured, DaeSung will not participate for press call for ‘Shouting’

ds_110809Big Bang DaeSung who has met with a car accident will not participate for the press call for his upcoming musical ‘Shouting’ on 12th August.

It was said that DaeSung has met with a car accident on 11th August at about 8.30pm.

YG Said, “The press call for musical ‘Shouting’ on 12th August will go on as usual. But it will be hard for DaeSung to participate in it. He will have to rest and recuperate for the time being. We will decide accordingly to his recovery for his future schedule.”

With that member SeungRi will have to participate for the press call for ‘Shouting’ on 12th August alone.

YG said, “DaeSung has broken his nasal bone. He has injured it once when he was young and this time he has injured it again. He has broken the vertebrae bridge and will need about 4 weeks to recover. He has also bruised his face and arm.”

“The manager also injured his arm. They both received treatment in Seoul. Their coordinate injured his leg badly but luckily was conscious and he had undergone operation for that. DaeSung and his manager is currently resting in Seoul.”

That day, DaeSung has end the filming to SBS Family Outing at about 4pm before the accident.


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  1. […] DaeSung and long MIA due to operation[Read] […]

  2. […] DaeSung and long MIA due to operation[Read] […]

  3. […] of Big Bang DaeSung recently after his car accident has been revealed online through fan […]

  4. huaaa…..

    hope u get better soon Daesung oPPa…

  5. poor Daesungie!

  6. poor daesung! he will be in many prayers. i want to see his big smile again soon! Daesung FIGHTING!

  7. […] 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ was released on 11th August through GDragon’s me2day account, and he was accused of plagiarising Flo Rida’s ‘R…. YG Entertainment also came out to speak about the plagiarism […]

  8. […] 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ was released on 11th August through GDragon’s me2day account, and he was accused of plagiarising Flo Rida&#821…. YG Entertainment also came out to speak about the plagiarism […]

  9. Its Really ridiculous to be saying jiyong plagiarizing Flo rida afterall only 30 seconds of the song. its retarded.

  10. Oh please! Flo Rida isn’t even the original artist of Right Round…it’s a song from the 80’s. It’s perfectly legal to use samples of other sons as long as royalties are paid which can’t happen until the song is officially released

    I hope everyone involved in the accident will be ok. I hope Dae’s injuries heal quickly.

  11. It would be more correct to say its a copy of Pete Burns’!!! Flo Rider’s wasn’t the original!!

    Hope Dae Dae gets better soon!

  12. I’m crying my eyes out for Dae.
    I hope he gets better. I was so shocked.
    & 30 sec. is too short to judge.
    GD got his own style ;]

  13. I cant Judge that musch…its only 30 sec.

  14. all these songs also have similiar beats.

  15. I hope Daesung’s okay -_-‘
    Get well soon, Daesung !

    And about GD’s new song, ‘Heartbreaker’
    This is ridiculous…
    Just because it has one beat that’s sounds lke the one as in Right Round doesn’t mean he used it for the whole song. Besides it’s only 30 Secs, and GD’s a genius, he’ll suprise us with his music anyways xD

    I seriously gonna buy his album, when it hits YA ^^
    Knowing GD’s/Big Bang’s music.. i’m pretty sure his Album’s gonna be freakin’ awesome ! ^^

  16. thats not plagiarism.
    right round was from another song, so why cant gd have this?
    besides, this is 30s, and prolly a bad cut ._.;;

  17. Aja! Aja! Fighting!!! Daesung!!!! Get well soon!!!!!

  18. Precisely.. I thought the rhythm sounds the same. But 30secs is too short to judge whether GD plagiarizes or not. Just like when Emotion came out last month, everyone also says it sounded like Lady Gaga’s.. So what? After awhile, these debates would disappear.. but poor him. he was giving his fans some “listen-in” before the album drops next week, and yet he had to deal with this. dunno, but i think he’s probably regretting?

    Today must not have been a very good day for BB. 😥 Get well soon, Daesung! had a shock when I saw the article in allkpop. but I must say, THANK GOD, he’s well and alive!!

  19. BAD DAY :-s
    Hope u make a speed recvery , Dae oppa ah~
    I ‘ll pray for u.
    Please, u gotta be ok 😦
    oMG, how sad 😦
    GD oppa, ignores those who so damn !@#$% They r so helplessly . :-ss. U r the best :X

  20. Hmm, I did feel a lil similiarity with GD’s Heartbreaker and Flo Rida’s Right Round with the beats, but this preview is only 3O secs!! I’m sure we’ll hear GD’s own style with this song when it’s fully released. ^^

    O: Dae! Car accident! T___T 4 weeks to heal, omg. Geez, was everyone in the car hurt in some way? D: I hope they all get well soon. ; __ ;

  21. so what if its somewhat similar to Right Round? tons of songs uses the same beat.its just the beat. the melody is different. gosh some netizens need to get a life.

    and omg Daesung! what’s up with all the accidents lately. never have i thought it will happen to my boys. poor dae. =( get well soon!

  22. noooo!! Daesunggie!! 😦
    I hope you feel better REALLY soon and stay well!
    Daesung jjang!!

  23. What? i know it KIND OF sounds like ‘Right Round’
    but that was like 30sec of it. Anyways i SOO Cannot wait!
    -Aww Dae. ohmygosh, NOOO! Dae Sung get better soon!
    Good Luck Seungri.

  24. Netizens obviously can’t tell the difference between different style of sounds of music because Heartbreaker. Boy and Butterfly all sound different to me.

    I personally like Heartbreaker best.

  25. i thought so too..but i din’t want to make it a big deal since it’s only the first 30 seconds..GD rocks for trying new music

  26. Really really hope that Dae Sung, his manger and stylist recover soon. I want to see Dae Sung’s bright smile again.
    It’s only 30 seconds of the song and people are already jump to conclusion. I’ll wait to hear the full song.

  27. daesungg : ( no vip is resting well. hoping for a well and speedy recovery.

    as for plagiarism accusations, let’s just say the boy is good at getting everyone talking 😉 i really want to smack those people, or rather that one person, who kept spamming his me2day with comments accusing him of plagiarizing. everyone and their dog wants a piece of gd.

  28. I’m usually a still reader but i can’t sit quite anymore and continue to read all this accusation of plagiarism about GD’s song Heartbreaker. I know, that the song of Florida is NOT the original song. He copied the song himself and is NOT the original composer of this song. Therefore people should take a breath and calm down with their accusations.

    The original song comes from a Band called Dead or Alive of the 80’s and the name of the song is You spin me Round.
    You spin me round was released in December of the Year 1984 as a single of this band and got a overall hit around the globe with the music genre “new wave”. In the year 2003 they made a new version of their own song.

    The original 1984 version from Dead or Alive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUatnbaNfEo

    The fresh 2003 version from Dead or Alive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE-Y1BJW0QE

    Florida version with rapping to compare: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2bfLjFRmzQ

  29. I have a feeling that Hyori will be worried bout daesung

  30. Hope Daesung and the manager get recovery soon~

  31. daesung please recover. heartbreaker preview got me all excited and now news of daesung has killed my mood.
    daesung and the rest of big bang pleasee be safe!
    GD effing ROCKS! idc if this was plagarised or not.its inspiration/sampling. but whatever GD will rock the world with his album!

  32. i wonder who will be the next one with the car accident..
    kidding..i hope no one..

  33. I’m actually more worried about Dae’s condition than excited about Jiyong’s release. Gosh..don’t tell me he need to fix his nose?? T_T

    About Jiyong’s song, 30s is not enough for anyone to judge his song, and we know that Jiyong is more talented than that.

    • me too. T___________T

      i went to do research on repairing broken bones.
      and i got these.

      Surgeons fix the bone in place by squeezing special cement into the broken bone. The cement strengthens and stiffens the vertebra, which reduces pain considerably and helps the patient return to normal activities.

      This procedure doesn’t restore the original height of the broken vertebra, however. Nor does it prevent the kyphosis (hunchback) deformity that sometimes results from compression fractures.



      D8 i’m grossed out. and daesung T_____T

  34. Poor Daesung I hope he recovers soon 😦 whats with these driversthough first SNSD then BEG now daesung to many car accidents lately hopefully there wont be a lot more as for G Dragon I’m still excited for the album its true we cant really say its plagarized we only heard 30 second preview of it but still its the first impression and it really does sound just like Right Round lets just hope the rest of the song isnt like this the sad part is this isnt the first time he has been accused 😦 anyways i cant wait for the album to come out 🙂 GD FTW

  35. Netizens are such freaks. Lol. 😉 GO JIYONG!

  36. and regarding the plagiarization.
    lol i’m an avid fan of Flo Rida but i did not notice that Heartbreaker’s rhythm was similar to Right Round.
    i believe that Jiyong didn’t rip off the melody. biasedness aside, he really has pure talent for production so i trust him.

    moreover, i’m alr used to people proclaiming that his work is plagiarised off others’ songs. i.e Kotjidmal, Pabo. < which are proven to be false rumor btw.

    contradicting how i was arguing that i despise plagiarization in an article yesterday and defending jiyong now. lol.

  37. WTF dude its only 30 secs.and its not like florida is the original of the song thats totally bs when the whole song didnt come out yet.

    poor daesung,hope feel well(:

  38. aww 😦 I hope Dae Sung will get better soon ^^

    about Ji Yong new song… humm..
    I don’t think so he copycat Flo Rida’s song !!
    maybe just some sounds similarity. hahaha XD
    but I’m sure.. Ji Yong is talented guy so, he’s not do that thing!

  39. TWINNIE T__________________________T
    i’m bawling like crazy. T_____________________T

    get well soon. T_T

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