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YG’s contradicting answers, “‘Heartbreaker’ purely GDragon’s work” vs “Collaborate producing with Swiss producer”


Group Big Bang GDragon has once again been entangled in the issues of plagiarism. He released a 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ to his first solo album to be released on 18th August on 11st August on me2day site.

The song was said to have plagiarised ‘Right Round’ by American hiphop singer Flo Rida released in February having sounded the same.

But what’s confusing now is that YG claims that the song is not purely produced by GDragon but is a collaboration work between GDragon and a Swiss producer.

Purely GDragon’s creation VS collaborate production work? Problem lies in YG’s contradicting answers

Initially YG’s refutation to the accusations to plagiarisms on 11th August was that “The song ‘Heartbreaker’ is not plagiarised work but purely GDragon’s works.” But on the 12th, YG’s explanations seems to have changed a little said, “GDragon’s solo album is like what has been so far, collaborate composition. Title song ‘Heartbreaker’ is a collaboration composition between GDragon and a Swiss producer.”

“For the production of GDragon’s solo album, there is a newly added producer to do lyrics and composing. When ‘Heartbreaker’ is revealed in full, accusations for plagiarisms will not stand.”

Many are curious as to why YG’s explanations to the issue changed in just 1 day. Media says that the reason why YG is doing so is to avoid more accusations of plagiarism that GDragon has been receiving so far.

Meanwhile, here’s the album cover and tracklist to GDragon’s first solo album


Album: ‘Heartbreaker’
Artiste: GDragon
Release date: 18/08/2009

1. 소년이여 ( A Boy)
2. Heartbreaker [Possible title song]
3. Breathe
4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
5. Hello (feat. Sandara)
6. Gossip man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)
7. Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang)
8. What’s up (feat. Teddy , CL)
9. She’s Gone (feat. KUSH)
10. Hollow
11. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 year)

Previews released so far

60 Responses

  1. G-Dragon is sooo sweet

  2. cuawa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. […] The 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ was released on 11th August through GDragon’s me2day account, and he was accused of plagiarising Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ for that song. YG Entertainment also came out to speak about the plagiarism accusations. […]

  4. Since YG seems so sure the full song won’t sound plagiarised, i think it shouldn’t be 🙂
    GD <33 Anws, I love heartbreaker!

  5. im gonna buy the album, because i like the music i dont care about the rumours as long as i enjoy the music im for it……. there are plenty of song that has many similar rhythms
    if u dont like the music dont buy it….

  6. i’m gonna buy the album don’t care what the rumors say.yahooooooo!!!!

  7. whatever, it sounds good. thats all i care. a million songs sound like right round anyway.

  8. […] YG's contradicting answers, “'Heartbreaker' purely GDragon's work … By sookyeong I don't know why YG insists on saying that GD composes all the songs himself…there has been a similar issue before. GD does not compose anything by himself, and giving him credit is justa way to pass him off as some sort of prodigy. now … K Bites – https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/ […]

  9. i’m gonna buy this one, deff 😀
    no matter what…..still can’t deny GD is talented ;P

  10. the songs are great but the cover is scary (-_-;)

  11. A lot of rapper do sampling, it’s common..

    The problem is, YG always claimed first that it was pure GD piece of works and give all the credit to him.

    Now, when people questioning the originality, as YG claimed it was, the fans called the casual listener as a hater. Don’t blame us if we want to hear 100% new sound as YG promised before.
    If YG stated that this is a collab and GD got his song ‘inspired’ by others previous works from the first place, I would not be complain.

    • Well said. It’s kinda annoying to see G-dragon claiming all the credits for works that are obviously “inspired” by other songs. He has been given credits and praises more than he deserves. Idk, yg music seem to get worse and worse these yrs. I totally miss those days YG actually produced good music.

    • the full song hasnt even been released and you expect YG to release a whole list of credits of people who worked on the album just because of a freaking 30 sec preview??
      everyone is expecting the impossible from GD how the hell can he not be “inspired” by other artists?!! he’s not a music god and create a genre called GD. nothing is a 100% new sound, if it was then how would you classify his music. Eclectic music exists already. BE REALISTIC he’s only freaking 20 yrs old. the only reason why GD is getting so many praises is that he’s an IDOL group member that was able to create MULTIPLE HIT SONGS at such a YOUNG age. in KOREA that is feat not many people can do on their own even some of the older and experienced composer/lyricists arent able to create such POPULAR songs, of course GD did have help here and there but he did the MAJORITY of work HIMSELF.

      hell i’m a ‘casual listener’ as well but atleast i am REALISTIC and dont create impossible expectations only to be disappointed in the end. Everyone accusing and criticizing GD need to get a reality check and realize that he isn’t their doll. He can create whatever music he wants because it’s his.

      • well said cheh!!!! you need to go copy and paste your comment and say it like it is to all the haters, because this is getting old. i dont know why do people have to pick out all these little stupid things about him that dont even makes sense and cause problems when they can’t even do half the things he do. beside summer_rain mr.yg made the comment not gd so dont hate him for what his boss said to the press.

  12. Plagiarize or not,,,
    I’m gonna love it..
    Go GD..!!

  13. already pre-ordered it at yesasia..*___*

  14. yeah, when i first listened to “heartbreaker” i thought man, something’s not right here…this sounds familiar….but then all these people were already on top of it–accusing him of plagiarizing and all…

    people let’s hear the full song before we just to conclusions….

    GD hasn’t disappointed us before.

    his other songs sound hella freshhhhh ❤

    im so excited…this will probably be my summer tracklist.

  15. be strong GD

  16. i have alr preordered the album from YA at 2PM :3

    (no pun intended for the time xD)

  17. whether he really plagiarized or not, it still shows that he’s not really a very creative producer/composer as a lot of fans make him out to be. like some of you said, this is not the first time he’s accused of plagiarizing. but you know he’s young and he can still grow. good luck to him.

  18. yaay! i can’t wait!

  19. lol so basically YG tried to pass the song off as a GD composition.. but now with all the plagiarism accusations, they’re saying the song was composed by gd and some swiss producers.. to me, it sounds like they’re trying to push the trouble off GD.

  20. no matter what they say you stand tall GD. tall and proud, and don’t forget to smile. 😀

  21. if you listened to it lots of times,.
    it doesnt sound like right round..
    the flow of the his rapping … yes..kinda like right round..but the beats..no..

  22. get over it people!!!! gives a damn! right round or not its catchy and freaking good..! if he did plagiarized it he will own up to it. he will tell the world yes i freaking did it but i’m sure he didn’t. if its another cover or similar beats with different lyrics he will give them credits like this love. either way he knows whats right and whats wrong. he’s not a cheap artist with no talents who just steal people ideas straight up, because we all know he’s one talented artist. right round was a remake anyways just with a hip-hop feel.

  23. Sookyeong is NOT an anti-YG! LOL, her blog is like dedicated to the YG Family!

    Agreed, nimco, they tend to do that when they can’t pull sh-t out of their asses.

    There is a part that is similar to ‘Right Round,’ but once again it’s a preview, not the whole song. Who knows it might be in reference to ‘Right Round.’ I will say this again, Flo-Rida sampled another song, so it isn’t right to call it his song either. (Though I loveeeeeeeee Flo-Rida’s ‘Right Round,’ as I did with DJ Shine’s version.)

    YG probably said that to shut up the accusations quickly and also to not possibly leak the song. He doesn’t want to reveal all the info, or else that will be boring, of course.

    On a lighter note, I love his cover, it’s so GDeeeeeeeeeee. And the tracklist looks friggin’ amazing! GDYB ❤

  24. sookyeong why do allkpop keep ripping off your articles?its getting on my nerves.

  25. I don’t know why YG insists on saying that GD composes all the songs himself…there has been a similar issue before. GD does not compose anything by himself, and giving him credit is justa way to pass him off as some sort of prodigy. now things like this happen and they change stories by saying he didn’t compose it himself, while a short 24hrs ago they claimed it was all his…ridiculous.

  26. i thought eun ji won was going to feat in this album.i read it somewhere..already thought how really cool it will be to hear song with GD and G1 in it.

    • i think eun ji won would be on the Brave Brother’s album which will be released the same day GD’s album will be released [and gd’s b-day]

      • i see..
        i just thought i read somewhere about this GD feat eun ji won thing and already imagine it.oh well, brave brother are awesome too.
        anyway, can’t wait for GD’s album release!

  27. you sound like an anti-YG, KBites ^^

    • Eileen’s not wrote this article, she only translate from korean article. I already read this news at bestiz before she post this news here

    • ROFL. O.M.G. seriously you’re funny! Kbites? an anti-YG? have you been here before? go figure.

      thanks for the laugh though. nice.

    • no the person who wrote this article is an YG anti but Sookyeong just translated it(:

    • fyi,Sookyeong’s like,THE grandest VIP there is.
      totally a VERY dedicated bigbang and YG fan.

  28. Netizens should always remember that “patience is a virtue” and we should “not judge a book by its cover.” In GD’s case, don’t judge a song by its preview. Geez. I admit it sounded like Right Round but c’mon.. we’ve yet to hear the whole song.

    • Oh and looking forward to all the songs especially the ones where CL, Teddy, Dara and Taeyang are featured in ^^

  29. It does sounds like Right Round forreal

    but seriously, people already call Bong a plagiarizer many times, with Lies, it was proven wrong, with ‘Fool’ it was stated clearly that it’s a sample. So I don’t think Bong would be stupid enough to copy a song that even ANYONE can tell the similarity. He have been working his ass off for more than a year on this album, even went through a depression period and stressing out over this. Would he really do that for his solo debut title song?? If it’s a cover, he would’ve admit it, he wouldn’t just sit there and deny the obvious with the public.

    If he did plagiarized then he must be a idiot, which I’m sure many agrees that he’s not.

  30. I will have to admit, this seems more like a “YG family” album than just GD lol the boys got so many collaborations on there…ofcourse I’m anticipating Taeyang’s song with him… *grins*….

  31. dont sound stupid. his song obviously sound rip off right round.

  32. I didnt even think of the flo-rida song when I listened to GD’s (& I have heard it before).

    And You know one thing for sure, GD DID have a part in his album’s production and probably the say..This is his and he’s gonna make it take off!

  33. honestly, the beat of heartbreaker is different from right round

  34. GD is collaborate genius

  35. gd and dara collaboration is quite interesting, maybe because of her sweet singing voice & her friendship with him. loving GD a lot. best wishes on your album

  36. Are people really causing chaos over a preview??? A preview!
    At least accuse him when you hear the full song xD I’ll probably like the song anyway.

    i am DEF preordering this cd! NO QUESTION.

  38. didnt YG say in an article about gd a long time ago that collaborate composition= borrowing certain melodies and rhythms from works of other producers. like GD didnt physically work with another producer but took snippets of another artist’s songs. basically its almost like sampling the composition.
    people just need to get off of the whole plagiarism deal. GD gets enough hate as it is about looking girly, wearing odd clothing, not looking fashionable enough, having the wrong hairstyle. for christ sakes he’s human not a puppet that netizens can control.
    im not goin to pick sides until i hear the full song. music is music and if the song doesnt sound good to me, i’ll just skip over it. ignorance is bliss.

    • “Ignorance is bliss!” That’s what I always say! =)
      You go ahead and preach!

    • shaddap, its still good. not all of his songs are like that.

      • What are you talking about? I have not said one negative comment about GD’s songs. I made a general statement that IF I hear A SONG that doesn’t sound good TO ME, then i will simply skip over it.

        p.s. it’s “shut up” not shaddap, which isn’t even a word.

    • yep you tell them !!! if you don’t like it just skip over it, simple as that. instead of making such a big a** deal over nothing.

  39. hope Heart breaker doesnt sound same with right round..

  40. OMO~! ft. Dara + CL? Woooww! This is soo exciting.
    Congrats to him for his solo album.

  41. doesn’t really matter about the accusations, his songs will be at the top fo sho

  42. i’m inlove with the song “butterfly” already!! ^o^

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