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Boys Over Flowers Lee MinHo and Kim HyunJoong meet again for new Anycall CF


Boys Over Flowers cast Lee MinHo and Kim Hyun Joong met again in an upcoming new Anycall CF.

And how will their meeting once again be like?

The captures to the CF were being circulated online yesterday.

The 2 have the funniest facial expressions here. I can’t lol enough at the HyunJoong’s expression in the 6th photo.


The concept to the CF as interpreted by netizens


Will they keep the Boys Over Flowers craze blowing?

Anyway, here’s one of my favourite previous Anycall Cf featuring F3

13 Responses

  1. thx 4 sharing this eileen…

    hahahah they have the FUNNIEST expressions ever. ROFL

  3. Yay, lol.!

  4. The phone looks so, so cool :S
    The fact that these two are doing a CF for it makes it even cooler.

  5. they’re so damn delicious together…..

    • ooh! funny fact on the side, my mom and sis just got back from vietnam and brought back the viet dubbed version of ‘BOF’ and it’s called “The Rich Boys” and some just flat out call it ‘Korean Meteor Shower’

      I found that funny =)

      also MANY MANY MANY pirated copies of Big Bang’s videos that was ripped off youtube…. weird.

  6. […] what SooKyeong said, I can’t lol enough at the HyunJoong’s expression in the 6th […]

  7. haha, very nice. =)

  8. Lee Min Ho seems like TOP Big Bang !

    wkkakakakakakaak XDD

  9. lmfao. leader’s facial expression. can’t wait to see it ^^

  10. lmao, what a wicked cf. Eye candy much?

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