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Cassiopeia puts pressure on SMEnt with boycott, “We refuse to be the must-buyer of the products from SMEnt.”

Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki‘s 800K strong fanclub Cassiopeia has planned to show their support for their idols through their united act.

A fanpage ‘DongNaeBangNae’ recently put up a notice to call out to fans to boycott SM Entertainment by not buying products from SM Entertainment on 12th August.

Recently, with the lawsuit between SM Ent and Dong Bang Shin Ki member Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong over contract problems, SMTown Live 09 concert to take place on 16th August was postponed indefinitely.

The full boycott article is as follows:


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Updates on the case of the lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki fends off rumours for disband, “We hope to perform on this stage again next year” (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/07/k-bites-07-08-2009-iv-2ne1-big-bang-dong-bang-shin-ki/)
  2. The situation, the truth and distortions (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/dong-bang-shin-ki-the-situation-the-truth-and-distortion/)
  3. SM’s refutation against their cast (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/sm-entertainments-refutation-they-made-11b-krw-after-debut/)
  4. The 3 members’ official stand about their case against SM (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/dbsk-hero-micky-and-xiahs-official-stand-about-their-discord-with-sm/)
  5. The 3 members apply for retractile effect on 31st July (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/07/31/dong-bang-shin-ki-xiah-micky-and-hero-for-a-lawsuit-against-sm/)
  6. SM Entertainment’s application for trademark rights with Dong Bang Shin Ki on 5th August (https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/11/sm-entertainments-application-for-trademark-rights-with-dong-bang-shin-ki-on-5th-august/)

Now, here’s what I call the strength of the 800K fans.

64 Responses

  1. where did they find a translated copy of the contract??

  2. […] TVXQ are getting huge backing from their fans; with over 800,000 throng of supporters threatening boycott on SM’s other products, the company might just seek a compromised solution to end the […]

  3. @ flabbergasted & jessica:

    Sigh, the problem is, you don’t read. but then again, it’s your choice. But you’re also missing part of the issue mentioned in the article. The boycott isn’t entirely about the boys either.

    Agreed, the boycott idea may not be the best idea that they had, but well, if it gets the message to SME then so be it.
    I think the fans aren’t only “fighting” for the boys, they are kind of fighting for their rights too (as in the fans’ rights.) After all, they DID pay for the membership and all.

    Sure, 800k might not do much harm ( I’ve always wondered why their album sales never reach 800k, but then again, idk how they calculate album sales as in whether they do include the ones bought online) to SM, well, at least they are doing something and not just paying lip service. These girls are close to the boys and I guess they feel like a part of them, they don’t just want to sit back and watch the boys fight alone. That’s how kpop-culture works, so deal with it?

    And I’m not dissing or anything, in fact I really love Boa and her music. Snsd… Yeah okay. They produce cute tracks. But TVXQ is their cash cow. Majority of the money comes from their albums/ concerts/ etc ( this includes Japan activities as well).

    I shall quote lil_pinai@lj cus I think what she said made sense:
    ” It’s not a good idea, but it’s not a bad one either, because you can’t expect nothing to go wrong. Having a lawyer fight the battle is fine, but wars aren’t won in the courtrooms, but by the people outside of them who are willing to make a difference and influence public opinion. How do you think equality was won in just about “free” country? Because a lawyer went into a court and said so? It was the people who were willing to fight for something, getting tossed around by the man, and were still coming back for more.

    Don’t mean to make this dramatic, but that’s what this is. If you really want it, then fight for it.”

    That’s what the three members are doing. And that’s what the cassiopeians have decided to do.

  4. i’m definitely for the boycott. This whole event is garnering so much attn (maybe b/c the boys are known globally?) but even if the boycott alone doens’t stop this, the month long bad publicity of SME is definitely going to help. you’ve heard the facts, the stocks are dropping, more ppl are speaking up about this issue, etc. even SME can’t put his censor on all the media/news outlets that have been publishing this…(for lack of better word) scandal/fiasco? Also, i have a feeling that, now that news of SME’s treatment of artists has been revealed, a lot less ppl will want to try out for the company and so in the future they will have less new artists=less revenue for the company.
    anyways, to the doubters, do as you wish, just please don’t be the ones ranting about SME if the outcome turns bad.
    “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Chinese proverb. in the same way, we must start somewhere to help our boys through this. A boycott is a peaceful, yet very vocal way of protesting. The last thing we should do is be violent b/c that will reflect badly on dbsk.

    fleeting thought: hmm…the UN came out w/ a declaration of human rights a long time ago, i wonder if SME has ever read that……

    anyways, let’s show our support to DBSK and show SME that we will not sit quietly while our idols are being mistreated.

  5. yup,,,
    Same here…’ONE got saved while other gets hurt’
    I totally agreed bout unfairness distribution of DBSK’s profit.
    But i personally think that SM also use the moneys to paid their staffs.
    Do u think this problem will solve if u boycott their products?
    I think this isnt a relevant way to solve this prob.
    Do u think bout others.. i mean their staffs or ppl that works under SM.
    I really do feel bad for them. They also got affected if u doing this.
    A lots of ppl getting involved and hurted.
    Mybe a lots of ppl will lose their jobs if the company bankcrupt.
    Anywy, DBSK fighting!!! Cassi fighting!!

  6. yeah like – REALLY!

  7. Good Lord. The comments over here as well as LJ has totally made me batshit annoyed. People OBVIOUSLY don’t take time to blinking READ the damn article Cassiopeians have actually put up, do they? They only see the word “BOYCOTT” and start going all insane about how it will affect the boys and other SME artistes.

    It’s not only the boys who don’t get the $ from OSTs/ SMT Albums etc, Suju, SHINee and SNSD don’t either. Heck, I don’t even know if they’re getting any money from AATVXQ3. These people are all under the same company and TVXQ’s “hit the sales mark or you dont get shit” term probably applies to SNSD, Suju and SHINee or which ever unlucky group that’s gonna debut under SM.

    I think people need to get out of their myopic view of things and look at the big picture. What the Cassiopeians are doing now might probably help other SME artistes in future. I mean, do people actually think the Cassiopeians will do anything to hurt the boys? I think they love the boys more than life itself. And besides, if you want something done abouut the whole freaking issue, shouldn’t you do smth? I mean, isn’t that what JaeChunSu are doing?

    Think about it. What if SNSD, SHINee, Suju decides to fight SME as well. What are you gonna do then. Don’t be telling me “oh other than boycott…….” Because you blinking know a boycott is the easiest way to bring down a company’s value.

    Point here is, please for goodness sake, read the freaking article that they have put up and then make intelligent comments. Cass isn’t forcing anyone to take part in the boycott. But THINK about what this boycott can achieve IF everyone takes part. Think of what message it would send to SME.

    Artistes >>>>> Goods

    DNBN & Duam have actually taken out a newspaper article to show whose side they are actually on and I guess this would bloody hell serve as a warning to SME as well.

    Don’t shit around with a fanbase of 800k (I’m not even including unofficial & international fans).

    • WORD.

      A lot of people didn’t bother reading the whole damn article before commenting.

      I’m totally on Cassiopeias side!

  8. I don’t get this…if fans stop buying SM products…that means both the artists AND the company will lose profit and earn less…which means not only DBSK but all SM artists will lose more of their income….?

    • for me, this isnt the right or clever thing to do. its like ‘one got saved while other gets hurt! *sigh*

      hopefully all this crap will ended soon.. @___@ DBSK fighting!!!!!

    • The artistes have nothing to lose since they don’t get a damn shit.

      The one losing is the company.

  9. Ok, so maybe a LOT of you will think this is useless and Cassiopeia are delusional or whatever… but at least they’re actually DOING something to help their idols. TVXQ is not the only group affected by this unjust contract… Heck, Suju and SNSD have it even WORSE, seeing as their numbers are more or less twice that of TVXQs! So you say they’re not complaining.. but are you sure of that? Ever heard of the MILK club Leeteuk, Yoona and Taeyeon started for depressed people? Onew and Yoochun have reportedly joined in. All these people are SM ARTISTS. Not affected? Think again. And maybe they’re not suing SME NOW, but who knows about tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Are you really going to allow your favorite groups to waste their money filing meaningless lawsuits when you know you COULD HAVE HELPED them and prevented this in the past just by SAVING YOUR OWN MONEY?

    Remember that the proceeds of these items WILL NOT REACH THEM, but will go directly to SME. If you still think you’re supporting your favorite artists by buying these, then you’re probably the one who’s delusional. Sure, SME will then have more money to make our idols’ lives better and blah blah… but are they doing it? Are you still hoping that maybe in the future, SME will repent and change for the better? LESS LIKELY. This is the THIRD lawsuit SME has had by its own artists. Have they learned their lesson? I don’t think so. This kind of thinking, that supporting SME is the same as supporting our artists, is what drives SME to do the things it does and it will NEVER STOP unless we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So you think this boycotting is useless and won’t work… but who knows? Only when you’re actually willing to do it and we can see the results can we truly decide if it really works or not.

    SME is in a tight situation now, and if this can add even just a LITTLE pressure to them, then fine. At least it’s actually doing something.

    Even if you think this isn’t much, the voice of a whole group can always drown that of an individual *coughLEESOOMANcough*. The strength of this is in the cooperation & willingness of the fans to SAVE their money & speak out together, whether you’re Cass, ELF, SHINee World, Sone or whatever. Helping our artists regain their human dignity and worth isn’t a bad thing; it shows and tells them that we will always be behind them no matter what… and hopefully the message will cut across to SME CLEAR AS A WHISTLE, as well so that they will clean up their acts and make the lives of ALL artists under them better.

  10. TVXQ!!!!!!!!! I will support this!!! >..< TVXQ are big enough to know when they are being treated like humans or like machines… and it's about time they stood up for their rights!!




    i think we all needed to get that out of our system right?

  12. who wouldn’t get pissed if you only get a fcking raincoat?
    and also have the people you idolize get mistreated?

    im so mad that ive wasted hundreds and hundreds of dollars for tons of sm stuff and it doesn’t even get to my idols.

    ima go to korea and burn you down sm.

  13. Fight the power(SM) cassies!

    This is such a clean way of explaining why they want a boycott.

    Personally I can’t believe how will an artist “cancel” their contract….I mean c’mon, you have to pay back to SM EVERYTHING and MORE?It’s like your hard work is reduced to nothing. tsk tsk tsk. I know ent. companies invest a lot on these artists but what SM is asking is way too much.

    I really hope this settles amicably….

  14. WOW, that cassie membership thing is very ridiculous. I dunno what to say about this feud. Everything is getting out of hand. Those board of directors n LSM should just give up. DAMN!

  15. OMG >.< am speechless..yet, indeed never underestimate the power of fans… hope this will make dbsk condition better and not the other way around…

  16. LOL CASSIOPEIA is LOL. wtv, SHINee Fighting!!!


  18. Aww. Wow, the power of thee` fans.
    Whoo go DBSK fans!
    Wow, they did all of this, i’m impressed.
    But yeah this is why i’m not really a SM
    kind of person.
    Cassiopeia said it all.

  19. oh snap!!!! i wonder what SM’s next move is….. power to the people! kekeke dbsk & cassiopeia fighting!

  20. Whoa~ Cassiopeia are very detailed on this.
    seems that SM has no way to hide now. Well, he asked for it! =
    the history repeats itself, and it’s a shame that this happen to our boys. For this SHOULD NOT have happen since the earliest time.

    Hwaiting TVXQ & Cassiopeia! I’m with you!

  21. I always think SM use their singers as objescts to make money, never respect them as real artists so this is not surprisng
    many of the reason why I can never get myself to be a SM artist’s fan
    it seems like sometimes they’re in it for the fame and not because they love what they do

    I really do feel bad for them, after reading this
    LSM really is messed up, he’s been doing stuff like this all these years but the fans just make sure he got more and more wealthy

    I think it’s a good idea for the fans to boycott, give the SM artists back their dignity, DAMN, but then again, if they agree to sign that contract with SM in the first place, there’s doubts if they really deserves to be treated right.

  22. […] if you have not heard Cassiopeia has just launched a boycott act on SM Ent, this is just getting […]

  23. its like HOT vs SMent again!

  24. wow these fans are amazing. that is a legit petition

  25. Sigh. I doubt it will hurt SM business. They’ll probably just release more goodies of SNSD and their fan boys (older men) will just eat it up. This probably anger SM more and will think that they have no use for DBSK anymore. I just think this will hurt DBSK more than SM since they’re earning just 10% of the profit. Since the three can’t do activities in Korea now and the fans won’t buy their SM product. What are they going to pay on their lawyers now?

    Makes me wonder if DBSK have 800k fans why aren’t their CD selling much more? If the Cassies can buy gifts like laptop and etc to them, why not each 800k fans donate money to buy the contract? Since they clearly want them to get out of SM.

    • hell yes i agree. fans should just donate a small amount each and that will be enough to get their beloved DBSK out of SM, get DBSK to sign on to a new company that treats them like humans, and everything will end happily ever after

    • The boycott is only for SME items, not Avex. TVXQ are more active in Japan now, so the boys will still be earning despite this. Besides, the proceeds of the products being boycotted, stated there, will not reach the boys anyway, & will be given solely to the company

      Even if all Cassiopeia donated, the money will not be enough to pay for breach of contract. The money needed will be more than trillions of won & the boys would not want their fans to pay on their account & sacrifice that much for them

      Despite all this, SME cannot deny that as of this moment, Cassiopeia is their biggest & best market, & TVXQ are their best artists (SNSD’s album sales only reach about 100K max. If they release more than what they are releasing now, the number of sales would most likely drop as fans will be more picky of what to buy)

      SME postponed SMTown. They had other artists like Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, LiYin, plus 30+ surprise guests to perform; plus, they reported that the tickets were sold out in minutes. So why cancel? Probably since TVXQ would not be performing (their schedules were canceled), they got a lot of refund requests from Cassiopeia (who probably, as usual, comprised most of the audience), & worried about having to resell the tickets & refilling the seats. TVXQ & Cassiopeia obviously have a HUGE influence on SME (& Korea, in general, for that matter since Dream Concert, a yearly event participated by most of Korea’s biggest stars, was canceled too)

      Though no one can be certain how far this will affect SME, at least we know to some extent that SME should be feeling restless and burdened by this x)

      At this point, I don’t think SME has any better option other than to CHANGE the contract. The longer they delay, the more damage will be done.

  26. lol i just read that boycott thingy a few hours ago!
    really surprised abt how big this whole thing is becoming lol.
    not buying SM products inc SMTown’s latest album right? but dbsk’s singing in it too right?
    and wouldnt suju, SHINee, SNSD and other artiste of SM be affected lol.
    DBSK does earn alot for SM, but they dont dominate SM lol.maybe instead of “SM products”, they shd change to dbsk related SM products lol

  27. to all SONE please don’t get involve in this matter…
    we must support our girls no matter what….
    soshi jjang…

    let cassie do whatever they want…

    • LOL, what if that person is a Cass and a Sone? XD

      • Don’t buy the DBSK things and buy the SNSD things? @__@;

      • then choose one…either you are true cassie or true sone…
        if you are true sone, then just support and love our girls..
        buy any snsd things and just ignore any dbsk things….
        always love soshi…

    • Of course SONEs are free to do whatever they want, but don’t forget that SNSD might have some unreasonable terms in their contracts. And they’re girls, which probably makes it harder for them to speak out in Korea.

      I wonder if the boycott will work… if SM relents to DBSK’s conditions, there is hope for other SM groups to change their unfair contractual terms 😀

    • lol 15year contract for YoonA speaks otherwise.

    • lol you sound like a true soshi fan. no offense intended. the other comment was kinda funny. “what if that person is a Cass and a Sone?” imagine a hardcore soshi and dbsk fan outside the sm store gaining bath and forth pondering whether or not to buy the latest soshi cd or face the consequences of betraying dbsk.

    • And then one day when your girls are the ones to come up with something like this, let it be noted that you’ll be left alone too.

      but then again, you probably already are.

      It’s still a choice, be it whose fan you are. As part of the SM “family”, really, I thought the mutual understanding was to support everyone under the same umbrella/family.

  28. Cassies fighting 😀
    SME will suffer. hahahahahha XD

  29. Lol Power to the Cassies!

  30. WOW. This is something. Great to see their fans standing up against SM.

  31. GO CASSY!, i knew something like this would happen.

  32. but the goodies that SM keeps producing are too hard to resist! even though i heard about this boycott, i cannot (absolutely not!) refuse to buy their latest ‘all about tvxq’
    if something should really happen to this group (god forbid!) i would like my last memories of them to be happy ^^

    though my wallet is always crying tears of agony…

  33. Go Go Cassiopeia!! Hey SM u deserve this!!

  34. wahaha i’ve been waiting for cassies to do something like this! it’s just too amusing. lets see if this can pull the SM shares down.

  35. i agree with this boycott. one thing that really pissed me off is when i read about the benefits of being a cassiopeia member. i joined before as an internation member. it got me remembering everything about that stupid so called “membership.” i paid something like $43 for the membership but the wiring fee alone was another $40. so I paid over $80 for a stinkin raincoat and a plastic membership card that has now expired because i refuse to continue sending them money and not receiving anything in return. i didn’t receive ANY other services from them listed on their membership website. complete waste of money. i hope this boycott goes well and sm receives a financial loss.

  36. lol

  37. yes I totally agree with boycott and everything Cassi have said

    DBSK Fighting

  38. doesnt this mean DBSK wont get paid aswell LOL, a least theres more stuff instock for me to order before it runs out LMAO

    • DBSK were not getting anything from the first place

    • the problem isn’t that fans need to go out and buy what is it? something like half a million of their albums just so that dbsk gets 0.5-1% of the profits. the problem is sm. so this boycott is trying to show sm that they are being unfair and will suffer financial issues due to their unfair contract terms.

  39. Ehh..what for. SM won’t back down for sure.

    • true..its SM

    • I really would love to hear what you as a fan of a group would do if your fav. group is in similar case (aka against huge corporation like SM while you clearly see they treat your fav. group members not like human) that you consider as effective method to support your fav. group?
      No offense intended. I just want to hear some solutions people will say. Thank you a lot.

      • Personally, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how irrational our youth can be. Responding to your question, I believe you can be a fan and worry about your favorite artist. It is, after all, part of being young and wanting to have something or someone to support and to ‘spazz’ over, but some people go to the extreme of becoming ‘fanatics’.

        Think rationally kids. If an adult reads this news, it just makes fans look delusional. A company as huge as SME won’t fall apart because Cassiopeia refuses to buy its products. First, there is no guarantee all fans will agree to this. Second, DBSK isn’t even that active in Korea, so you won’t be taking away from SME a big percentage of profit. Third, fans will still be buying Avex’s products, and since these two companies are linked, you will still be helping SME earn some extra money.

        If you kids wanted to help, you would ‘think logically’ and leave this issue to be solved by lawyers in a court. You don’t know anything about business or law, yet you are interfering in this. When there are so many things corrupting society and the world in general, I can’t believe you are worrying about people who earn more than those who are actually contributing to society in a good way.

      • i think its really hard to say “oh if the 800,000 of us just don’t buy sm products, sm will face bankruptcy” like someone else on here pointed out, right now dbsk isn’t that active so not buying their products probably wouldn’t hurt them a whole lot. also, dbsk isn’t the only idol group in sm. they’ve got snsd, shinee, and so many more groups who get sales booming.

        But besides this, i think whats more important is the purpose of this kind of petition. did u see how long that was? my arm was hurting as i kept scrolling down the page. i couldn’t even read the whole thing cause i got too tired. but basically, doesn’t this kind of press sorta ruin sm’s image even more? there were always little talks every few years about this artist or that artist being mistreated by sm. this kind of news just gives a worse image for sm. this is how i think the cassies are being effective. they’re telling sm, we dont want to buy you krap anymore cause of …… sm can laugh it off and say “whatever cause we got snsd and boa, and a lot more stars so not like we’ll be hurt but what? just a measly few albums not being sold” so besides just looking at the number figures of their next income statement, its more like this whole situation is really ruining their image, which might urge sm to ACTUALLY change the contract terms. they need to understand dbsk does rake in quite a few million dollars. they’re probably not going to let them go walk the streets and enter another company so easily.

      • I completely agree with Flabbergasted and jessica’s posts, i don’t see how planning this boycott seem at all rational…

  40. LMAO, this is SO getting over the top.

    And LMAO again as they think SM doesn’t earn a single penny for the Japanese album sales.

    • hmm not sure percentage of SM earning from Japanese album sales but for sure they’ve got some from Japanese albums.

      however from what fans see, it seems Tohoshinki is treated better (like human) in Japan than DBSK in Korea. that’s what’s critical for not boycotting Avex, I think?

  41. never underestimate power of fans

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