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K Bites – 13.08.2009 IV (DaeSung, Kim RaeWon-Yang BaeChoo, Super Junior)

CT scan results shows eye bone fractures, Big Bang DaeSung will need 8 weeks of treatment

ds_130809After getting in a car accident on 11th August, it has been revealed that Big Bang DaeSung’s injuries are more serious as they were made out to be.

A representative said on 13th August, “The CT scan results came out on 12th August, the bone that encompasses the left eye is also fractured. This part will have to be treated when DaeSung undergoes surgery for his nose injuries.”

With that, the rep said, “With the diagnosis results out, we will have to extend the treatment period from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.” Before the precise diagnosis, DaeSung has already have 15 stitches for the injuries on his arm.

DaeSung is currently hospitalised at a hospital in Seoul.

And actor Kim RaeWon and gagman Yang BaeChoo sets for to the army…


Talent Kim RaeWon has reported for his military services on 13th August in ChoonChungNam Island Nonsan army training centre.

He debuted in the drama MBC ‘Me’ and went on to released hit dramas likeย  ‘Rooftop Room Cat’ etc, his recent works are drama ‘ShikGaek’ and movie ‘Insadong Scandal’.

Other than that, gagman Yang BaeChoo is also heading off to the military on the same day as Kim RaeWon.

Super Junior ‘Carnival’ for SMTown Summer 09 album revealed!

If anything, this is the song I like the most out of all the songs revealed so far. I felt most like summer listening to this song.

The last song for this album ‘12.34’ by Dong Bang Shin Ki will be revealed tomorrow.

17 Responses

  1. i met Yang Bae Chu last 2 years. I took a photo with him and his crew. He’s super funny dude ๐Ÿ˜‰ he looks rather cute without his funny glasses on..

  2. oh please let this be the last bad news i hear from him!!
    just everytime i think he is recovering they find something else wrong..
    this just breaks my heart knowing that he is in so much pain..
    && he must be feeling horrible for not being able to do any bb activites.. shooting for fo.. and the musical with baby..
    but all thats important right now is his health!!
    cant wait to see your angelic smile when you are fully recovered!!

  3. DAEDAE; I know you will be ok ;]

  4. Aww daesungieeee!
    I feel so bad… Hes really a harmless soul. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I hope all of them will get well soon!

  5. DAESUNG!!!! T0T
    Hope he gets better soon! Speeedy recovery, plzzz! I didnt kno the accident was that serious…until i saw the car wreck…daamn.

  6. This is serious. Many stars have died before because of car / motorcycle accident and with Daesung this time, we can say it’s a very narrow escape. When will Korean learn to be more careful in driving?

  7. link for the song is not working.

    good luck to RaeWon, he looks old without the hair lol

  8. Damn he’s going to miss out on a lot of stuff. Well at least they ended their Japan schedule. He’s going to miss like 6 eps of F.O, and his musical.

  9. the song has been removed frm youtube.. u has another link?

  10. I hope Dae gets better. It reminded me of Kyu’s life-threatening accident. The worst thing that can happen.
    I hope he gets massive rest. Everytime there’s news on Dae’s accident, it seems to be getting worse and worse… :\

    A very light hearted song by Suju. KangIn amazed me.

  11. OMG dae sung ahhhhhhhhhh~ fighting

  12. hearing this makes me so sad..
    aisshh!! daesungie..why does it have to be you..
    but im still thankful to god though for letting him live..
    i mean sseriously if you see the photo of the car
    that he used… gosh it was fucked up..

  13. i hope this is all, no more treatment
    poor him!!!T.T

  14. Dae Sung……………….

    get well soon, hun ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I praying for you ~

  15. WTF! The weeks of treatment Dae needs is getting longer and longer. And his injuries coming out to be worse. ;___; Srsly. I’m about to cry from this news.

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