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Sean, “Jinusean will make a comeback this year”


After 12 years into debut, singer Sean revealed that Jinusean will make a comeback this year.

He said on MBC ‘Sunday Interview’ recently, “This year we will comeback, though we are not sure what format our comeback will be – digital single, single or minialbum. I talked to Jinu about it. I’m currently busy with my 3rd child, when things settle down a little, we will start working on it.”

He also talked about idol groups recently, “Idol group used to be just looks, but nowadays idol groups have the looks and the capabilities. Especially for Big Bang members, I’ve seen them since they were young. GDragon and TaeYang joined us when they were in elementary 5th grade.”

He also added, “These idols had grown and developed to be one of the most influential idols these days with acknowledgment of their passion and capabilities from the people themselves. They had give up the times when they can spend with their friends playing to chase their passion for music.”

He ended off with, “To say the truth, our company’s Big Bang and 2NE1 may not be as good in terms of looks as compared to other idols. But they are a group of  friends who are passionate about music. Many people also look at them as people who make good music as compared to idols.”

This will be aired on 17th August at 12.04am.

26 Responses

  1. i dont think it’ll come this year.. but AAAAAHHHHH JINUSEAN COMEBACK *FAINTS* =D

  2. OMG; this is so good then.

  3. OMG! loooove it. I’d be more than happy even if they just release a digital single. It sounds more realistic hehehehe 🙂

    YG FTW!

  4. yeeeh jinusean!!!
    i cant waiitttt. i know their songs are gonna be off the chainn

  5. A digital single is pluasable. I can see it happening.

  6. YES. I have been waiting for jinusean (and 1tym) to make a comeback forever! I’m a huge BB/2ne1 fangirl but I must admit that I like jinusean’s music more

  7. Heck yeah. ♥
    This second half of the year is YG’s year, most definitely.

  8. YG is really on a roll these days. After 2NE1’s success in album sales and the charts, he’s releasing GD’s album and then Taeyang’s. And now, its Jinusean and Se7en! Such a year for YG. YG family will be all over the place now.

    I’m still really worried about Daesung. He needs complete rest. But I feel really bad for him coz he’ll miss out in the musical he prepared for. I hope he gets well soon!

  9. This is like the Happiest News for me today!~ I hope they’ll work on it soon to bring back the real spirit of HipHop. 😀


    I’m actually looking forward to 1TYM’s comeback… (*coughs* Baekyoung)

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  11. YES! I’m excited for Jinusean comeback!
    But it’s kinda truth that if it’ll ACTUALLY Happened…cuz it seems like YG have alot of artists (Se7en, Hye Sun, JinuSean, and Big Bang members, 2NE1 ~ concert) who stated to have albums released this year…And we knows YG usually don’t promote 2 at the same time…Just like with 2NE1 in Korea while Big Bang in Japan. Now, 2NE1 is taking a little break and GD is about to have his solo stuff…

    Still, whatever it is…YG FAMILY FIGHTING!

  12. YAY!~ ::runs around in a circle:: Glad to hear that they will be making a comeback!~ So does that mean there is still hope for 1TYM? =]

    and so true about Big Bang and 2NE1 being passionate about music. As for the lacking in looks compared to other idols, PFFT, b/c Big Bang and 2NE1 are some sexy, top of the line, dime pieces XD YG fam ❤

  13. i will support them if they comeback [ i hope this is real!!]

  14. YG FAMILY ~ ~ ~
    I LOVE ALL OF YG’s artists 🙂
    they’re so talented ^^

  15. OHMYGOSH! JinuSean is backkk!
    yay! YG Family =] even more excited!
    So true, they are passionate about their music.

    I can’t be more happy
    I’ve been waiting FOREVER! never thought it’ll come true
    now if 1TYM make a comeback, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY!

    Sean is too dang sexy to be married with 3 kids
    Kinda feel guilty for me to feel this way about a happily married man haha

    and Big Bang and 2NE1 are true idols
    those who inspired others to express themselves artistically
    My 2D Design teacher told me I’ve change drastically since freshman to sophomore year.
    Big Bang might be the cause of that.. hm…. who knows.

    • haha. me too. ever since i’ve been into big bang and all this YG love my family and friends say i’ve changed a lot!
      i think its a good change though!

  17. What?!
    I don’t think it’ll happen by the end of this year considering it’s freaking August already. Someone’s gonna get cut from this line. Let’s wait and see who it is.

    • huh?YG didnt even talk in this article.
      “Sean revealed that Jinusean will make a comeback this year.”

      • well YG is the head of the company
        if he doesn’t agree to it then JinuSean can’t make a comeback…. even though JinuSean owns part of company, YG is the head CEO

    • you forget to list Go Hye Sun, Daesung and TOP’s album also planned to release this year

      • um i dont think daesung and tops album are goin to be released this year.yg has mentioned that they are working on it but he hasnt stated it will be released. if you’ve watched Big BangTV you can tell that they are still in the process in making the songs one at a time. especially daesungs album will be held back for quite awhile because of the accident. also top still needs to focus on his drama. i think they are just recording songs when they have free time.

        with all these YG artists supposedly having comebacks, i really hope there will be a YG Concert again this year.

        i’m kinda iffy about all these comebacks happening this year because a lot fo things get delayed in YG. so just expect to add 3-6 months onto the prospected comeback month

    • dude.. YG Family not only busy with one person who would release the solo album or come back album. YG Family has many artists in it. and.. yeah ~ I agree ! YG didn’t talk about this article.

  18. Ohhhh i’m so excited(:
    YG Family Fighting~

  19. SOOKYEONG thank you for your blazing fast updates!!!
    YG FAMILY!!!

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