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SHINee singing to the tune of “Noona is very scary”?


Yes, they won over the hearts of many noona fans with the debut song ‘Noona is very pretty’. But not all SHINee noona fans are all pretty. They can be a little scary too at times.

Here’s to why…

SHINee revealed their dormitory through SBS Inkigayo Energy Song on 11th January this year.

And some noona fans have actually captured down all the objects found in SHINee‘s dorm and matched them with the exact same products.


This is a feat, even the tap gets exclusive attention from noona fans.

Like the netizens who commented on these photos, “This is daebak”.

46 Responses

  1. O fak

  2. WTF! THE TAP TOO?! *faints

  3. I Would Die…To Know How They All Of This Creeeepy Things>>!!!

    It’s Just They are So Crazy

  4. creeepy!!!!!!!

  5. woow thats really scary and creepy. ahha i like the hello kitty toaster xD its cute and would have never imagine top idols using hello kitty toaster XD

  6. WOW~!! cool but scary

  7. im glad im not one of their noonas. I’m technically a dongsaeng ^^ lol.
    No, but that’s creepy to the point where it’s almost like stalker-ish…

  8. woah those netizens really have nothing to do..

  9. lol seriously? wow.

  10. Woah…
    The cereal dispenser is cool, LOL!

  11. O____O Whoa, that’s a bit creepy. A lil too much from some fans.

  12. *JAWS DROP*

  13. wow, thats ridiculous, haha

  14. uhm, Im confused.
    fans did something like that with ji yong’s
    (G dragon of big bang)
    stuff, but no one really seemed to be too creeped out by it.
    The only difference is that they matched the clothes with performances or the toys with what they found on the internet, like they did here.

    hmm, maybe I’m just thinking out of the box, or too far INSIDE the box. I understand the creepyness of it too though. I’d be freaked if someone did that with my room. :\

  15. goshhhhh, they are so BORED!

  16. OMG……………O.O

  17. OMG! speechless…yes, SM shud dressed them manlier too…n as much as i ❤ hello kitty, plz get rid of those from Shinee boys… i always like leader, and thx God lately he's wearin' manlier customes (model or color)..

  18. You’ve gotta love the crazy fans xD

  19. omg, these fans are really scary o_o

  20. waaaah!! that is effin scary! wow! just wow!

  21. I think that i dont wanna know if this is real… 0.o

  22. LOL! look at One Piece Poster xD

  23. 0.0 No comment. It’s really freaking, enough said.

  24. NO EFFING WAY! Hahaha, their noonas are scary…at least I am not scary like that…I am the nice noona hahaha. J/k.

  25. WHAT ON EARTH! that’s so freaky! they have like no lives and spent all their time doing THAT?!

  26. i swear. that’s obession!

  27. wow .
    hello kitty ? 0.o

  28. thatssss scary!!

  29. Omg. That Hello Kitty rice cooker thing.
    I want it.


  30. OMO!


  31. lol. no comment.

  32. what the helll .__.

  33. wtf….

    anyway, all their stuff is so freakin girly

    i like shinee but SM shouldve bought them some manlier things…like a toaster withOUT hello kitty(?!) on it or a bed withOUT a freaking cutout heart on it….

    seriously…fans should get a life.

    • LOL.. i was thinking the same thing too. HELLO KITTY TOASTER??! Like, …ehh??

      Sometimes East Asia guys freak me out with their womanliness.

      But netizens are even crazier.

  34. That is just …….. really creeperish.

  35. are they fans or detectives?
    maybe both.

  36. LOL thats awesome

  37. Noona is very scary indeed…….

  38. Sometimes I’m starting to think Korean fans go a little overboard and get obessed with their idols in their country.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know if 2PM came over to London, international fans would do the same but some of them do seem quite obessed with the singers and don’t even know it.

  39. omg..thats creepy..i wonder did the one who gave them that have a luxurious job..lol

  40. creeepy……………….

  41. o_o;; . . . no comment haha.

  42. wow…. crazy fans haha

  43. o_O

  44. this is where fangirling take another steps…

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