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GDragon for coverboy on Nylon September issue; criticised for fashion again

GDragon is cover boy for Nylon September issue with blonde hair, smoky eye fashion


After all the interests stirred up about his new hairstyle with the concept photos to his upcoming solo album ‘HeartBreaker’ released recently, Big Bang GDragon will continue to model with his blonde hairstyle.

GDragon will be appearing as model on the cover of Nylon September issue for their 1st year founding anniversary.

And about having male model GDragon for the founding anniversary for a female fashion magazine, the editor to the magazine said, “GDragon is a style icon whom to him age and sex stands no meaningto him. This goes with the concept of Nylon as ‘new concept fashion magazine’.”

It was also said that the September issue of Nylon will be out on the same day of GDragon‘s birthday on 18th August. This issue will include a 12-page special photoshoot with GDragon as well.

GDragon criticised for his fashion once again


Ahead of his first solo album release, GDragon is criticized for his fashion again.

For the ending of episode 6 of Mnet 2NE1TV, GDragon was seen wearing a tee shirt with a picture of a naked woman printed on it.

And because of that for the 7th episode of the show aired on 12th August, the picture on GDragon’s teeshirt was blurred. But it still cannot avoid the sharp eyes of the viewers.

Advanced Television System Committee said that there is nothing inappropriate to it since it was blurred out.


Earlier, GDragon was also criticised for his outspoken fashion, with last years’ ‘Mnet 20’s Choice’ he was spotted wearing a top with the words ’69’ and ‘I ♡ sex’ written on it and had caused an outrage because of it.

With that there were many debates about it, and it was said that GDragon has gone against the broadcast regulations by wearing a top with lascivious contents, he then later came out to apologise in an interview in November last year.


Meanwhile, GDragon was also said to have plagiarised Flo Rida’s song ‘Right Round’ for his first solo album title song ‘HeartBreaker’ after a 30s preview of the song was revealed on 11th August.

The media is trying to squeeze dry of any reportworthy out of GDragon recently…

Bad publicity is still publicity?


46 Responses

  1. la concha de su madre quien inbento esta pagina que me la chupe jaajja
    chupame el pito
    firma el huevo…

  2. son unos feos!!!
    lo digo yo

  3. ;___; i just love the old gd the one who doesn’t wear nude shirts
    i just want his old brunette hair back, so i think he probably changed his attitude cuz of this hair thing.

  4. its already blurred! what more do they want :S !
    farout this people are hardout!

  5. lol. i love your shirt GD

  6. […] Earlier, GDragon has also been criticised for the top he worn on to 2NE1TV showing the picture of a naked woman. […]

  7. dude, it’s already censored. what more do you want? i couldn’t even tell that was a nekkid woman lol. wonder how they were able to.

  8. stupid GD


  9. When you’re this famous already, bad publicity can only ruin your career.

  10. he’s 21 for god sakes.

  11. At least it’s not a naked man..lol. A naked woman is better..lol. He can wear whatever he likes.

  12. They hate G-Dragon huh?
    Just for being different and unique about his fashion.
    They are out to get him.
    Wait, that was a naked woman, no wonder.
    Hahaha, what the heck. Not a huge deal ppls.

  13. […] GDragon for coverboy on Nylon September issue; criticised for … By sookyeong And about having male model GDragon for the founding anniversary for a female fashion magazine, the editor to the magazine said, “GDragon is a style icon whom to him age and sex stands no meaningto him. This goes with the concept of … K Bites – https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/ […]

  14. GD ❤ gah….i miss BB…

  15. too many people aren’t pleased with GD popularity…

    GD is still GD.. no matter what I still love is creativity and everything about him…


    GD all the way… 4days to go

  16. Honestly. It’s just a shirt. Nudity should not be an issue. It’s not like no one’s ever seen a naked woman before…! They need to leave this poor kid alone. T.T

  17. seriously..this issue is just magnified just because well he is GD.. i mean if someone else wore that shirt i bet that it wouldn’t cause this much fuss.

    anyway..HE IS SO DAMN HOT! in that nylon pic..drools..

  18. man, he was at home, he can wear whatever he wants!!!
    hope GD doesn’t get upset with all these negative news on him lately!!! he hasn’t updated much on his me2day since releasing heartbreaker… he probably released gossip man today (with no comments) to tell ppl to blardy leave him alone!!!! >_<


    he can wear whatever the hell he want
    they get offended at crap like that but they probably have porn marathon every night.
    go get a life.

  20. people r free to wear anything they want..
    seriously these peeps got nothing better to do

  21. he’s not good role model

    • o.o when he wears a printed naked woman tee , you guys are noisy . when woman walk out naked you just do stupid . so, just shut it up and down .

  22. LOL Either he likes attention n controversies or he’s just way too eccentric n artistic. XD
    Next time he should wear t-shirt with naked man printed on it.
    That will be a HIT!

    I like his silver hair more than that one in Nylon….

  23. he’s so hot in blonde which surprised me~~now i can’t wait to see him performing in tat~!!

  24. gosh tae yang or TOP should man this guy up. wtf is he thinking when he sees himself in the mirror wearing something like that? i want the old Gdragon back now please!

  25. Wow, he really does try out new things you know?
    Don’t know why but blonde hair strangely suits him.


  27. Gahhh danggg who cares??
    He can wear whatever he wantssss.
    I’m so done with people trying to bring GD down.

  28. Yeah he’s hot in blonde ! ❤

    GD Fighting !!

  29. GD released his song ‘Gossip Man’ on his me2DAY today !

  30. Who would even want to wear a shirt with a naked woman on it? o__O especially when you’re being filmed! Negative attention from gd lately..

    • actually the girls made a surprise visit to GD’s apartment so he didnt have time to make himself ‘presentable to viewers’ you can tell that the girls visit was on a whim because GD’s mom was surprised and hid herself.
      i wouldnt wear the shirt but hey it’s GD, he likes to experiment and i bet he probably bought the shirt just because its from one of his fav designers.

    • your bashin on him..

      in america people wear absurd shirts all the time..
      just cuz hes asian means you say “oh look thats no okto wear a shirt like that”

      im just sayin!

    • he had a shirt that said ”suicide” on it on sukira and when TOP got those rumors of going to the hospital last yr

  31. OMG, seriously, do the reporters miss our jingyo too much that they have to report about such stupid things? I mean, tees like that can be found anywhere right? And since it’s blurred, how are they so sure that it’s a naked woman? And yeah, why do they bother talking about his tee which was blurred, when he even pointed his middle finger, which was also blurred? LOL
    Anyway, he’s hot in blonde! ♥

  32. thats the consequences of getting really popular. especially in our society today where almost everything involves a media. and showbiz people will always be in the spotlight whether its good or bad. but GD sure likes to make a noise. LOL. tbh, and not to be bias, but he looks good in blonde. in my eyes, he looks like a really hot japanese blonde guy. uhm. good luck boy!

  33. i think GD is one of few people who looks good in blonde.. although i like him better with his brown hair, like in previous eps of bigbangtv…

  34. Love GD no matter what other ppl say <33

    Go GDragon Go Big Bang Go 2ne1 !!

  35. …damn..what did he wrong?!……..can’t he wear what he wants to wear?!

    ..he looks so H O T !!


  36. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ^^
    GO JI YONG !!
    hahahaha XDD

    I think his shirt so HOT and it’s fine for me !!
    wkakakakaka 😀
    you rocks, dude !!

  37. there shouldn’t be anything wrong since they blurred it out an dno one knows what pictue is it until some article says its a naked woman. Even when he stuck out his middle finger…

    GD looks hot in blonde 🙂
    He kinda looks like Jong Hun from FTI.

  38. -.- reporters will write about anything…
    a naked girl on his tee? Is that it ? ! LMFAO

    looking forward to GD’s album release ! ! ! ! !

  39. gosh they know they just can’t get enough of him…he’s been gone for too long…it’s alrite GD we still love you!

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