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K Bites – 13.08.2009 V (TaekYeon-YoonA, TaeYeon, Music Bank)

2PM TaekYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA chosen for best popularity amongst male and female idols


Male idol groups 2PM and SHINee has picked So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA as the #1 popular female idol group member.

This was revealed through KBS Star Golden Bell recently. 2PM TaekYeon has chosen So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, “YoonA is a beauty and I like.” saying truthfully. But for 2PM JunHo, he had said, “I like the side of YoonA where she is clumsy (?) but strong-willed.”

And amongst So Nyeo Shi Dae and KARA members, 2PM TaekYeon and SHINee Onew was chosen as the most popular male idol group member.

KARA Han SeungYeon said, “2PM is known as beast idols and TaekYeon is like the highlight of the beasty idol group” causing laughters in the filming studio.

For this episode of Star Golden Bell, it will be an ‘Idols special’ with So Nyeo Shi Dae, SHINee, 2PM and KARA etc as star appearance. It will be aired on 15th August.

TaeYeon’s ‘NaengMyung play’ is loved by netizens


Idol group So Nyeo Shi Dae’s leader TaeYeon’s recent selca has been the topic amongst netizens lately.

For her MBC radio show ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’ on 11th August, she uploaded many funny selca from during the show. She placed an egg on her forehead and tried to pose as naengmyung to do the selca. There was also a photo of TaeYeon in a daze.

Netizens’ comments were, “TaeYeon must have gone a little crazy in the heat”, “The daze look photo is so cute” etc.

Aftermath of KBS placards outrage – no more filming of audience


Much interests has been roused amongst netizens after news went out that KBC Music Bank will not film the audience seats during the show.

This was the aftermath of the stir caused after an audience flashing the placards with the words ‘Lee MyungBak OUT’ was shown during the show on 7th August.

With that many broadcast PDs have voiced, “During a live broadcast, anything can happen. Isn’t this bringing it a little too far?”

Meanwhile, netizens’ responses were, “Ridiculous? This is misuse of power”, “Aren’t they being a little too sensitive about this issue?”, “This is something they should do, isn’t it?” etc

28 Responses

  1. Yoona you are the best

  2. Everyone’s wondering why Yoona’s number 1 while TaeKyeon is like the UGLIEST person ever. Why didnt they pick NichKhun this time? I mean everyone’s gaga over his -not -so-cute wink. Its nothing special but everyone’s gaga over it.

  3. omgomgomgomg. ahhaha taeyeon is hecka CUTE

  4. who is Lee MyungBak and why do they want him out?

    • He’s only the frickin President of South Korea. Omg….kids these days know nothing about politics but everything about KPOP. Sad actually….

      • omg i know right?!

        ugh so fucking pathetic that people dont just use fucking google.

        kassie are you that fucking mentally retarded or something? we dont have search engines just for “fun” or shit.

        and if kassie is part of cassiopeia– then i provide you support in junsu, yoochun, and jaejoong’s attack against SM.

      • yeah sorry it didnt cliq then and thier, sorry

  5. Well, people if you don’t think Yoona’s pretty, then oh well-it’s your opinions. But, please respect the Koreans’ opinions. They seem to really love Yoona. If these male idol groups thinks she’s hot, then good for them. No one said a plain girl is ugly.
    She’s hardworking, a great dancer, and nice. That’s probably why she’s so popular, her character.

  6. Good choice 2pm ans SHINee. YonnA, Taeyeon jjang! SNSD jjang!

  7. Like someone said on an earlier entry, Yoona just has that “it” factor. She’s not the prettiest nor is she the most talented, but people are drawn to her. She has a great personality, looks good in anything, and is a hard worker in all the entertainment fields she’s involved in–Koreans just seem to love that about her.

    • “it” factor? she seems bland no matter how hard i try to like her… oh well…

      • “Male idol groups 2PM and SHINee has picked So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA as the #1 popular female idol group member.”

  8. Taeyeon always has great picture from ChinChin. Aha, she’s adorable.

  9. Hahaha Taeyeon’s Chinchin pictures are always adorkable! ❤

    The MuBank incident is ridiculous. Overreacting much?

  10. TaeYeon has the best combinations of expressions, cuteness and innocence out there. Awesome personality.

    I thought North Korea was the communist half, guess they both are now with all the banning of song, restricting free speech…

  11. who’s lee myungbak

  12. and again i will never understand why yoona is so popular.. i mean i don’t hate her.. but i heard she doesn’t have good vocal nor good acting skill.. and i don’t think she is THAT beautiful nor THAT cute..
    can someone enlighten me please?

    • No, I don’t know why she’s so popular either, she doesn’t excel in anything in the group, so the reason is lost on me.

      • On the contrary, there are people that think she’s THAT beautiful or THAT cute. Not to mention, she has a likable personality.

    • Yoona has the kind of beauty and charms Korean people love the most. Not to mention that she has a great (and entertaining) personality as well… plus the girl is so hardworking too (I respect her so much for this).

      • so what exactly makes her so pretty to koreans? what kind of beauty are you talking about? I mean face-wise not personality-wise.

      • she has ideal skin. she does CF’s for clean and clear.
        her face is petite- her features arent completely spread very far apart throughout her face. (asians like a very small face taken from multiple sources).
        her eyes give off an innocent look and more.
        cmon, at first sight, she may not be the ultimate IT girl but many people have been exposed to her in different means from singing to acting and so they capture a feel of her personality. that personality, which many people do love, inadvertently influences people to like her appearance just as much. havent you ever thought a girl gets prettier the more you know her? same thing here.

        those are just some of the reasons why many people (or just krns) find her attractive. i personally do think shes really pretty and has the joyful personality to go along with her looks. (she also opens her mouth wide open when she laughs despite being an idol which i find pretty dawm cute)

    • OMG you took the exact words from my mouth!!!!!!!! I would and could never understand why they worship Yoona like she’s the prettiest of all SNSD. I think Yuri and Sooyoung is waaaaaaaaay prettier!!! Yuri just looks plain to me not that I hate her.

      • Ooops typo… I meant Yoona looks plain to me…

      • everyone has their own preference. it just seems that based from this poll that most krns like yoona and Taekyeon. im not going to choose between idol members since i know each idol member has their different charms that appeal to different people, but for the sake of this poll, i think its really fair. if i recall, wasnt sooyoung voted most pretty by japanese because she had the features japanese people like? i dont remember but its corrent from what i remember

    • thanks to all of u who respond.. i was worried that i might be misunderstood and the comments will turn ugly.. i’ve only saw few shows that SNSD appeared so i can’t judge in personality wise.. beauty wise i remember also there was an actress who they said also has the traditional korean beauty i think it’s Lee Yo Won if i’m not mistaken. hmmm so other than the korean is there any other country will consider yoona as the prettiest?.. remember guys sohee and yubin thingy.. how they said sohee is famous in korea and yubin famous in the US.. haha it’s just amazing for me how each country sees beauty

  13. SNSD <333 Taeyeon is soo cute ^^

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