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K Bites – 14.08.2009 III (Brown Eyed Girls, DaeSung, MC Mong)

Brown Eyed Girls ‘saucy hip dance’ #1 most popular dance in clubs


Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘saucy hip dance’ off from their recent hit ‘Abracadabra’ has been chosen the #1 most popular dance in clubs.

A survey was done on music site Monkey3 on 14th August ‘Which is the dance you feel like dancing in night club on music day?” and the dance was picked as the #1 dance.

The survey was done on over 500 people in their 20s, and Brown Eyed Girls’ dance was chosen at #1 with 32% of the vote.

Rest of the survey results:

  1. Brown Eyed Girls ‘saucy hip dance’
  2. So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘beauty leg line dance’
  3. 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care – No no no dance’
  4. KARA ‘Mister’ butt dance
  5. T-ara ‘Lies’ Penguine dance

Date for operation yet to be decided, Family Outing members visit DaeSung at the hospital


The date for operation for Big Bang DaeSung, who had recently met with a car accident, has not yet been decided.

YG Entertainment said on 14th, “We were told it is best to operate the nose and eye together and we are currently finalising details of the operation. We are also discussing about his treatments to be received after the operation.”

“DaeSung is feeling  much better now and is even joking around with the staff. And he is also receiving the appropriate treatments. The only thing is that he has injured his waist and it is inconvenient for him to move about. He was told not to move around too much too.”

Meanwhile, the team from SBS Family Outing – Lee Hyori, Yoo JaeSeok, Kim JongKook etc – are said to have visited him at the hospital.

Netizens in heated debate over accusations for racial discrimination for MC Mong’s ‘Indian Boy’

mcmong_210709With accusations for racial discrimination for MC Mong’s new song ‘Indian Boy’, netizens get into heated debate over their responses too.

The core of the accusations start from the assertion that the word ‘Indian’ in ‘Indian Boy’ to the American natives. Also in the MV to the song, the back dancers had posed as football players and cheerleaders, pointing towards indications to the Americans again.

Netizens commented, “Do you think that MC Mong would do a song that is discriminating?”, “Criticising him unconditionally for the song, and how are you going to explain the American folk song ‘Ten Little Indian Boys’?”

While others said, “I can see the racial discrimination in the song. But in Korea, we use ‘Native American’ instead of ‘Indian Boy.”

With that MC Mong’s company said on the 14th, “It is a shame that everyone focused on what is not really meant to be of importance of the song. And the scenes from the MV are for merriment purporses and have no other meaning to it.”

“If it is wrong to use the words ‘Indian Boy’, then many trademarks outside Korea should disappear too. Enjoy the song with a big heart.”

29 Responses

  1. […] explicit Korean music video I’ve ever seen (although undoubtedly it would have become the most popular dance in Korean nightclubs […]

  2. aah daesungiee please get well soon ❤

    omg.. indian boy has the cutest and funnest video .. how can anyone even take offence to that?!

    lol abracadabra's hip dance is freakin hot.

  3. Awww Daesung needs an operation? And NO, he’s not pretty ugly he’s pretty cute! I hope after the operation he’ll look the same…

  4. Aw glad to hear Dae is doing much better! ❤ ^^ and it's so sweet of the Family to visit him, hehe. I want to watch Family Outing now XD

    Wow netizens are crazy… it's just a song and it's not even discriminating anything… -___-

  5. I don’t think people are “hating” on MC Mong – they are just taking issue with the material he has presented.

    I like MC Mong and from what I can gather from TV shows and performances, I think he seems like a nice, genuine person with a lot of talent. However, the content of the song and the images it depicts (in the performances and the music video) is stereotypical and discriminatory.

    Do I think MC Mong deliberately thought, “how can I discriminate against native americans and make them look their typical, warring, savage self?” NO. I definitely think not. However, I think you can’t deny that the images he is presenting as an artist are rather poorly thought out – it shows “Indians” (a term, btw, which is no longer politically accepted in North America as it was based on the explorers’ wrong assumption that they had come upon India and not new land) as warring savages with powwows and whatnot. It trots out the same old stereotypes from the last century.

    I was surprised that there was not quicker backlash to this song, actually, because though it might just be entertainment, it is still a mainstream forum for our ideas and beliefs.

    And the justification that “indian” is still used in other parts isn’t legitimate as much of those uses are now under debate (e.g. the baseball team the Braves or the Chicago Blackhawks) as being insensitive. Just because some people still use a term doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong.

  6. COME ON!!!! This is MC mong we are talking about!!!!! if u don’t understand what he is all about the don’t listen to it! If u are that stupid that u can not even look behind and see what this song is really about then u should just stay away and listen to ur kidden pop, or music like “again and again” (have not a problem with 2PM)

    MC Mong is about love, and he is a really nice person. and really…. I don’t care if it is not ur type of song or u don’t like the man. BUT FFS don’t be so F****** hatefull. he put a LOT of work into this song.
    So get a grip and a life and stop hating. keep ur hatefull comments to ur self, ’cause as a mc mong fan, I get pissed when I read some of those stupid comments… and u should be ashamed of hating on somthing and someone u don’t get.

  7. LOL At the poll…. Are they serious about dancing those dance moves in the club? Esp, SNSD’s dance. I’ve never been to club but as far as i know, club is crowded. One will surely kick someone if one dances to SNSD’s leg dance. ROFL….XD

    WTH….Penguin dance??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  8. Actually the song 10 little is Indeed offensive. About MC Mong’s song, it is not the actual term Indian that makes it offensive but how he portrays it. The the head dress is sacred to Native Americans. Only those who have fought bravely in war/tribal chiefs can wear them and the portrayal of the stereotypical war dance where one yells and smacks his hand repeatedly over his mouth is offensive.

    • Thank You!!
      A lot of people aren’t getting it!
      Yes it’s not just the word, it’s the stereotypes portrayed.
      It doesn’t matter if it’s not intentional it’s bad to keep spreading stereotypes.

      • I agree. The song is not intentionally offensive; as explained in this interview on Ent Weekly. However, the concept of the song is portrayed a bit too simplistic and outdated. It always is difficult to expand on a culture that is not your own. Thus more care needed to be done when promoting this song. So yah, the fault is in the execution of the idea. That’s too bad because the melody and beat of this song are quite catchy.

  9. YG Entertainment said :>>>>We were told it is best to operate the nose and eye together <<<<…
    omg…it's so weird for me…YG Entertainment is a DOCTOR or something like that????????

    what did the doctor say????it's important not yg's statement.

    • u know they’re taking full advantage of this accident. basically they’re saying, might as well get him a nose and eye job too…
      esp. since big bang is hitting it overseas. daesung is pretty ugly…

      • Well, let’s just see whether his looks would change or not post surgery. Dae’s charm is actually his plain but cute look, no need to call him ugly. ^^

      • What?
        DaeSung is smoking! lol
        love u Daedae. ^_^

  10. I dun feel indian boy song is ridiculous at all…I love the song. If ppl feel like this song is offensive how about black eye peas song? Lets get retarted? Totally crazy and ridiculous song!! But we still listen to it rite? Its just a creation of songs…So lets just enjoy it!!!

  11. it seems like the list of dae’s injuries seem to get longer every day.
    it breaks my heart every time a new injury is revealed
    really hope he recovers well and fast
    and i’m glad that the f.o cast and big bang are visiting him at the hospital.
    he’s very well loved ❤

  12. if you read the lyric, there is no discrimination on the song. and mong as person is not the type who will discriminate other people.

    and for issue about using “indian boy”, Indonesian people also call native american as “Indian”. nothing big deal about this

    there is no word of humiliation in this song. so don’t over sensitive. that would make everything become worst

  13. I was waiting for Korean netizens to get involved with the whole Indian Boy issue. It took them long enough. >_> I thought they were more experienced at tearing apart music and adding labels that weren’t even intended in the first place.

    On another note, I would dance the hip dance by BEG over any other dances these days. It’s so hot.

    Hopefully BEG can pick up some awards on Inkigayo or MCountdown now that 2NE1 is disqualified from winning anymore on those shows. btw, I love 2NE1, so don’t attack me please, lol.

    • err, I shouldn’t say 2NE1 is disqualified, but rather I Don’t Care already reached it’s max of 3 wins.

  14. Glad to hear Dae still has his humor. But I didn’t know he hurt his waist too. D: I can’t say it enough, get well soon Daesung~

    I was iffy about MC Mong’s ‘Indian Boy’ song at first, but I read the lyrics behind it and I liked it alot. Who knew it was a love song? ^^; I’ve actually been listening to his new album all day, which is ♥

  15. i would like for people in this day and age to make a song about asians filled with stereotypes and then come and tell me it’s just a song….I love MC Mong, but the song is ridiculous.

    • seriously! that is exactly what i’ve been saying! how on earth is this song not racially offensive!?

    • I agree. If it’s not Asians – if it’s not demeaning to Koreans – they don’t care. Ridiculous indeed.

      • i agree too. they should’ve researched more for a better concept rather than using the stereotypical stuff. And for those who say it’s just a song why don’t you try putting yourself in the shoes of the people involved, only being seen as savages. It’s not right.

  16. It’s not even a big deal. My high school mascot/logo are Indians.

  17. typical koreans. its just a song anyway

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