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SMTown Summer 09 – full album release & album jacket revealed


Back again after 2 years, SM Entertainment releases a new SMTown Summer 09 album, but this time only featuring 3 artiste groups from SM – Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and SHINee.

Album jacket photos and all track previews under the cut.

Full album release

Release Date: 14/08/09
Artist: SM Town (DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee)
Genre: Pop
Language: Korean


  1. SM Town (DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee) – Seaside
  2. Dong Bang Shin Ki – 12시34분 (Nothing Better)
  3. Super Junior – 카니발 (Carnival)
  4. SHINee – Scar

Album jacket:



photo credits: as tagged, shakizi, mrs.key@shineee

As much as I love to see SuJu and SHINee boys mingle and get to hear a new Korean song from DBSK, SMTown Summer will not be the same without the usual BoA, CSJH, SNSD, Jang RiIn etc.

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  1. so almost 99.9% sure that super junior is posing with the tut hands bc of that marcial arts family stage comedy lmfao. that was their signatuer move and it is a very very famous and hilarious show. i suggest people to see it when they’re in korea, its a really popular for foreignors in korea!

  2. WHERES KIBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

  3. lol, i’ll go with mokona look alike… XD

    btw, it’s just 4 songs?!?!
    man! i’m definitely NOT gonna buy this album…
    it sucks! sorry…

  4. Out of the group pics, only SUJU got a wacky pose. So cute!!

  5. oops, is that MOCONA look-a-like creature? the one from the famous MANGA of MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEATH of CLAMP?? very similar 0_0;;

    and all those photos, I noticed that SuJu + SHINee photo together was taken on the day SHINee received their 1st winning at Music Bank at their comeback day against SuJu and that DaVichi etc etc. look like all that photos are some sort of SM artists’ behind the scenes?? why is?? financial issue eh??

    no ‘summer’ feeling at all …

  6. The photos are so cute!
    I liked the songs and really, Kibum…. D:

  7. they didn’t even bother to put a picture of Kibum.

    • yeah well… kibum is hardly in suju now is he? and he didnt participate again? for this album so why put a picture on this album when he isnt singing with suju? he doesnt seem part of suju really.. all he does is act i havent heard in sing for half a year.

  8. “As much as I love to see SuJu and SHINee boys mingle and get to hear a new Korean song from DBSK, SMTown Summer will not be the same without the usual BoA, CSJH, SNSD, Jang RiIn etc.”

    I agree! It would have been more awesome with everyone!

    I love the album pics though, so cute! ^^

  9. This will make all girls of all three groups from Korea want to buy it.

    I personally don’t like the songs really. I would get if Seaside was more R&B ‘ish’ and less Little Mermaid, 12:34 was more like Paradise, Nothing Better was more like Monster and Scar was more like Love’s Way.

  10. lmao, is that some new pokemon I don’t know of ?

  11. O h yeah, i’m not really hype about this b/c it’s not complete when the girls are missing. I understand what flowerpunch is saying, but i’m so use of SM Town together.

  12. Is it just me or the DBSK’s pictures…are old.

    • yeah. that picture of dbsk is from mirotic days. that same picture is even on the mirotic cd album. how lame of SM!

  13. there is something missing, its not complete w/o kibum !

  14. I guess Kibum isn’t participating even in the jacket shoots now… 😦

  15. well…the cover ( –” ) can SM be any cheap ? Look very childish and out of place including the photoshot in the booklet. Can’t they come up with some real album cover shot..? Not a photoshop smth like this. Lame indeed. and with only 4 songs? I doubt how much is it in KRW…actually mini album would be around 9000 – 10000 won. But those mini normally consists of 6 songs…but 4 songs only? Really ? SM is suck. I really wish DBSK win against them in the lawsuit and leave SM for good !!

  16. This is SM SUMMER album which features just the male bands. I heard the WINTER album will be just the girls. Even though its not the full SM town family, i like the idea of boys for one season album and girls for another. hopefully the girls version will have an MV where they all participate. ^^
    and hopefully this DBSK-SM business will sort itself out soon. Legal business takes forever but well, nothing we fans can do but wait and hope!

  17. i liked super junior’s in terms of summer-like, but DBSK’s was really pretty

  18. SM is… smart. Cassies may not buy this album. But I wonder whether ELF and Shawol would support the boycott or not.

    Sigh. Yeah, it feels different without BoA, CSJH, SNSD, Jang Riin, and the other female SM artists… or maybe the girls will do the Winter album instead? :/

  19. SM IS ONE!

  20. I really hope CSJH will make their comeback soon i really miss them they are one of the main reasons why I became addicted to KPOP
    CSJH Fighting ^_^

  21. wonder if cassiopei will still buy this…SM Town looks pathetic now >,<

    • I dont think so

    • Honestly, I think that Cassiopeia will completely buy it. Considering that a lot of them are Anti-fans of SNSD, they’ll probably buy the album cause there’s no sign of them.

  22. it looks like.. orgasm town ^^

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