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K Bites – 17.08.2009 II (Jewelry, DaeSung)

Jewelry releases more comeback album concept photos


4-member female group Jewelry releases more individual concept photos for their comeback 6th album.

The photos were revealed on 17th August online. In the photo, the 4 members displayed their different charms, heightening the anticipation for the group’s comeback. There were especially much attention to the golden wig that Seo InYoung dons for the photo.

Their company promised, “The girls will show an even more unique image for their MV, please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Jewelry released the song ‘Strong Girl’ off their comeback album today, the album will be released on 25th August in full.

Big Bang DaeSung will not take part in FO filming on 24th August

ds_120809_2Big Bang DaeSung’s representative said on 17th August about the filming of SBS Family Outing to take place on 24th August, “DaeSung will not be able to take part in the filming for Family Outingon 24th August. The production team is also worried about DaeSung’s current health conditions.”

With that, DaeSung will not be taking part in the 2 days 1 night filming on 24th and 25th August for Family Outing. It would be tough for him to participate since he is nursing wounds from his recent car accident.

The production team to FO said, “Even though filming is important, but the person in concern is injured. Health will come first.”

9 Responses

  1. Oh no SIY has blonde hair, plagiarism!

  2. Oh look CL is now part of Jewelry LOL

    I really liked their last album so I’m anticipating the new one.

    Poor Daesung Get well soon but rest all the time necessary ^^

  3. Family Outing is going downhill with the new members and now recently since DaeSung isn’t on because he was in an accident.

    I hope he gets better.

  4. Daesungaaahh,,,
    Hopefully he has a speedy recovery,,

  5. Health comes first.
    I hope Daesung will heal fast since I miss his goofy one-million dollar smile.

  6. yess..Daesung’s health is the first priority
    get well soon DaeDae!!!

  7. no offense but the concept photos look so random.
    if i had to choose the third is my favourite.
    but i dont really see how this motif matches ‘strong girl’

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