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K Bites – 17.08.2009 III (Kim Hyung Joon, JunJin, Son Ho Young, Kangta-SNSD, Lee Hyori)

SS501 Kim HyungJoon-JunJin-Son HoYoung casted for drama ‘Super Star’


SS501 Kim HyungJoon together with JunJin and Son HoYoung have been casted for hallyu drama ‘Super Star’. There will be about 30 hallyu star participating for this drama, set to bring the hallyu closer to fans in Asia, like Bae SeulGi, Baby VOS Shim EunJin, Ahn JaeMo, Lee TaeSeong and Seo JiYeong etc.

There will be 10 movie directors involved in this project, and will consists of 10 episodes. The first episode will be ‘The Grape Prince covered in needles’ directed by Lee CheolHa and features Ahn JaeMo, Shim EunJin, Cha HwaYeon etc.

It is said that this project will give opportunities to singers to take part in dramas, breaking the stereotype that singers cannot act, and also riding on the hallyu wave.

‘Super Star’ will be aired in Thailand and also other parts of Southeast Asia.  It will be aired later part of this year.

KangTa, “So Nyeo Shi Dae is in every Korean serviceman’s heart…”


Singer KangTa who is serving his military service shows his love for juniors So Nyeo Shi Dae.

On MBC ‘Shin Na Goon’ aired on 16th August, singer Psy‘s last military performance was featured on the show. Also together with Psy, singers KangTa and Sung ShiKyung who performed with Psy were also shown on the programme.

Psy performed hits like ‘Champion’ and ‘Entertainer’, and about going to the military at the age of 33, he said, “I got enlisted after 13 years, I got my reserve soldier mark at 33 years old. And this being my last performance in military, I will sing with all my emotions.”

KangTa who was present said, “I still have half a year left.” and when he was asked, ‘Do you still miss and hope to see them?’ and he said, “Not only myself, but I think that all the army serviceman in Korea do hold So Nyeo Shi Dae in our hearts.”

Lee Hyori 15 sec Hyundai i30 CF released

The 15 seconds CF to Lee Hyori‘s Hyundai CF filmed in China released. And the diva sings in Mandarin.

Totally hotness.

17 Responses

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  2. Geez,
    SNSD took everyguys’ hearts…
    yeah, lots of celebrities love snsd…
    in all fields…
    ^haha, someone mentioning world badminton star, lee young dae there, i just cant forget how he seriously wanted yoona’s phone number

  3. thanks for translation~ ^.^
    It’s sad that Seul Ki won’t be participating in filming of “Super Star”.. T.T

    But still, can’t wait for the drama that is star by Hyung Joon, Ho Young and Seul Ki~

  4. SNSD & Kangta <3333

  5. i can’t even tell that Hyori is singing in Mandarin XD

    and i find it LOL that Kangta likes SNSD so much. he just dun seem to be that kind…i thought he will admire someone more..credible.

    • What’s wrong with admiring SNSD?
      Yup, it’s least expected but KangTa is a MAN.
      So many artists n even sportsmen like SNSD….
      Mithra Jin, MoonHeeJun, M, LeeYoungDae (badminton player) n the list goes on.

  6. Super Star? Kinda cool but what is the drama about?

    SNSD are the girls of every guys’ dream.

    Hyori looks stunning as usual.

    • I think Superstar is a telecinema collaboration between Korea and Japan. They are basically 10 separate movies. I know Kim Hyung Joon, Bae Seul Ki and Son Ho Young are starring in one.

  7. hyori does look total hotness! ^^

  8. psh, those servicemen only want to fuck SNSD.. T_T

    And ew, Hyori, she looks so ugly with her tanned skin~ like a third world Filipino xDD

    • what on earth? why on earth would you drag Filipinos into this? and call them third world too?

    • im not surprised with your words, nowadays so many IMMATURE IGNORANT PEOPLE like YOU are fucking RACISTS people. i wonder what nationality you are, maybe a korean?! coz theyre the only nationality I’ve known who speak BAD to some people and thanks to them and you for educating us with your bad manners, curse on you!

      and oh! by the way LEE HYORI Is a Tanned beautiful sexy girl.

      • You know… calling Koreans racist, means you are calling Hyori and other idols, racist. also why assume this person is Korean? you’re just racial profiling. that’s also racist.

    • that is such a racist comment. tsk. why drag another nationality?

      and hyori is always been so sexy…maybe you can’t handle it? hahaha.


    • it took me a second to realize that she was singing in mandarin. i only noticed it near the end. Hyori…please make a comeback soon. I..miss…you.. T.T

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