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K Bites – 17.08.2009 (SooYoung, 2PM, Kim Jeong Hoon)

So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung is a 2PM fan


So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung has revealed herself as a fan of ‘beasty idols’ 2PM.

SooYoung was with the other So Nyeo Shi Dae members on SBS Chocolate aired on 15th August when she said, “I want to join 2PM’s fanclub.”

She has revealed it during the corner ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae Truthful Talk’ on the show that day and was asked the question ‘There is an idol artiste whose fanclub I wish to join’ and she answered, “The afternoon 2 o’clock folks (2PM)”.

She revealed “I wish to join 2PM’s fanclub, I think all of them are cool. As compared to SHINee’s fresh feeling, I like 2PM’s sexiness better.”

Also on the show that day, Seo Hyun’s mother made a surprise appearance and the other members were in tears missing their mothers.


2PM members TaekYeon and JunSu on 2PM fanmeeting


It has been known that group 2PM members had taken part in their first fanmeeting even though their health conditions were not at their best.

2PM had their 1st fanmeeting with their official fanclub Hottest on 15th August in GwangWoon University. It was known that members JunSu had a nosebleed and TaekYeon has suffered much from singing as he had previously undergone a surgery for his vocal cords.

JunSu has undergone a surgery for rhinitis during early August afte ther group’s 3rd single’s activities ended. And still recovering from the operation, he has suffered bleeding during their performance at the fanmeeting. And that was why he appeared at the fanmeeting wearing a mask.

And for TaekYeon, he has undergone surgery for his vocal cords a week before. And for the fanmeeting, it was known that he has over-exerted himself during the practice for the fanmeeting. But still, for his solo performance at the fanmeeting, he has received great responses from the fans present.

He also performed together with Baek Ji Young, special guest appearance on the fanmeetin, with ‘My Ear’s Candy’.


Kim Jeong Hoon to release first solo album on 1st September

kjh_280409_6Singer cum actor Kim JeongHoon will have his solo debut in the midst of serving his military service.

He will be releasing the solo album on 1st September in Korea. This is his first solo after debuting in UN 3 years and 6 months back. The title song to the solo album will be ‘눈에 밟혀서’ and the lyrics will contain Kim Jeong Hoon’s messages to his fans.

There will be no special promotions for this solo album, just some promotions to be done online. This is the first time a singer gets to do his solo debut while serving his military service and has received much attention from fans.

Kim Jeong Hoon has earlier released several Japanese single albums. He reported for his military service previously in June.

20 Responses

  1. I guess when you have high energy dance songs it’s hard to always support your voice so that your vocal cords don’t take a serious beating.
    Hope they have a quick and FULL recovery!

  2. yoo chill people. NyNy might not know what the surgeries are for. ^___^

  3. It’s not plastic surgery for beauty, righ? it’s vocal cords and rhinitis. why are you guys metioning look?

  4. and why are you EVEN dragging YG in this article?

  5. Sooyoung, you’re a bit late aren’t you? I think a LOT of people are 2PM fans now. You’re just one of the last.

    And when did Junsu and Taecyeon undergone surgery? That kind of surprises me. I think if I choose a company to train in, it would be YG because they care more about talent than looks.

    Poor Junsu and Taec. Hope they get better.

  6. Taec… Hopefully his surgery went well.

  7. yeeaa sooyoung!! ❤

  8. It’s time for Shinee boys turn to be sexy man.
    I’m kind of sick with their flashy and colourful dress
    plus those ugly hairstyles

  9. sooyoung better not like or date any 2pm members. ARR!! ;P

  10. Sooyoung can like anyone in 2PM except Woodong. 🙂

  11. sooyoung’s statement reminded me when heechul said he liked wonder girls better than his own company’s snsd, didnt he get scolded by alot people because of that?

    • So? Who gives a shit. I hate idols who don’t state what they actually feel and just go with the typical answers.

      • i agree with you…if you’re truly an idol, you have to become yourself and stick with what you believe in.

      • you sound harsh. Jun only asked whether he will get scolded or not but your comments……

        anyway, hopefully taec and junsu will have fast recovery.

      • chill. the poster merely said that this story reminded him of something that happened before, nothing else. don’t be so defensive.

      • That sounds fair to me.

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