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K Bites – 18.08.2009 II (4Minute, 2PM-JYP, GDragon, T-ara JiYeon BoRam)

4Minute JiYoon takes off sunglasses for 4Minute’s 1st minialbum ‘For Muzik’


4Minute JiYoon takes off her sunglasses. This was for 4Minute upcoming 1st minialbum ‘For Muzik’ set to be released on 20th August on and offline. The album is set to be an album showing off the girls’ strong passion for music.

While news of the album release has been a hot topic amongst netizens, the photo for the album which reveals member JiYoon without of her sunglasses is also another hot topic amongst netizens. All this while, JiYoon has been promoting and appearing on broadcast programmes with her sunglasses, and with the promotional photo released for the album she was shown without her sunglasses.

The album is set to be released on 20th August.

2pm_1808092PM during the recording works for their new single album

 Producer cum singer Park Jin Young is back in Korea, and he is working on group 2PM’s upcoming single album. He posted up photos of the recording session on his twitter account earlier today.

And he said in the first photo featuring members Nich Khun and WooYoung being punished on the floor by him in the recording room, “Back in Korea to record with 2pm. This dosen’t look good right?”. He then twittered again a new photo of him and the 2PM boys smiling together saying, “That’s was before da session and this is after da session.”

Netizens’ responses were” Punishment? Haha. Get back to work boys!”, “Haha! Awww what did they do?”, “awww so cool to see a 2pm+JYP picture! And Omg khun’s with a new haircut! Really looks like you guys are having fun!” etc

GDragon’s ‘ButterFly’ accused of plagiarism too


After accusations of plagiarism for GDragon’s first solo album title song ‘Heartbreaker’, new waves of plagiarism accusations surfaced for another song ‘ButterFly’ off the album.

The song is accused to have plagiarised off band Oasis’ ‘She’s Electric’. The song’s copyrights is known to have belonged to Sony.

Warner Korea said on 18th August, “Actually as compared to ‘Heartbreaker’ which was the problem earlier, we thought ‘ButterFly’ sounded more similar. The results for the level of similarities between the songs will be out tomorrow on 19th August and we will release our official stand about it.”

Also, after the whole ‘Heartbreaker’ album is revealed on 18th August at 1130am, now fans and related music medias are in concern if the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ really did plagiarised hip hop singer Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’.

Currently, YG Entertainment has not came out to talk about their stand about plagiarism accusations on the album.

T-ara JiYeon and BoRam get scary

tara_180809New female singer group T-ara members JiYeon and BoRam shows off their talents as actress.

The group is currently promoting their debut song ‘Lies’ off their debut album. And the 2 members are also involved in the drama filming to MBC’s ongoing horror drama ‘Soul’.

JiYeon said in an interview recently, “I returned back to the dormitory one day recently and I had ga-whi (experience when the body is asleep but the mind is awake). I also had dreams about the other members getting injured by a fire. It was really scary. And I get more experiences of ga-whi after I got involved in the filming of this drama.”

She also added, “There isn’t any much difference between being a singer and actress. I was already prepared for acting before and now I got a great opportunity to drama acting.” Another member BoRam also plays the younger sister of Lee SeoJin in the drama.

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  1. […] Park Jin Young went back to Korea on 15th August previously to work on 2PM’s 2nd album. And he also uploaded comical photos of him working with members Nich Khun and WooYoung at the album recording. […]

  2. I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON WHY I LIKED BUTTERFLY!!! I’m a massive Oasis fan been their fan before BB debuted and compare to the others that have been ‘infringed copyright’, the similarity in this is more than the others.

    Those of you who can’t hear the similarity, I have one question: ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    I am really really disappointed because I’m a massive GD fan and its so sad to hear of all these songs on his first album to have been copyrighted infringement. But seriously its not like heartbreaker where on the first 30secs sounds similar this one is throughout!!!

  3. T_T my poor paycheck.
    Well at least I’ll get free shipping on yesasia xD
    like with Kara’s album I am really interested to see how 4minute’s first mini-album will turn out. I think JiYoon looks very pretty without her shades

  4. absolutely ludicrous…GD did not plagiarize…especially “butterfly”. if you listen to the She’s Electric, it has nothing in common with GD’s song except for 2 seconds of the song (literally!). Honestly, this is a poor attempt at sabotage by a sore loser. I wish GD best of luck…just go get ’em.

  5. seriously wth?
    she’s electric and butterfly sound totally different
    ok, fine, the chords might be the same-ish
    but the melodies? completely different!
    i’m so tired of these plagarism accusations…and i’m pretty sure GD is tired of it too…
    gosh…let the boy release his album in peace!

  6. […] But then I saw a post about this“Plagiarism Confirmed in Heartbreaker” and this “GDragon’s ‘ButterFly’ accused of plagiarism too” on Omonatheydidnt. -_- I knew last night was too good to be true. I’m really annoyed because […]

  7. btw, happy 21st birthday baby boy.
    he doesnt need all this crap. best wishes!

  8. oh puh leaseee.
    more with the plagarisms. GET OVER IT PEOPLE! i swear if they accuse him of plagirising then they are seriously sad. so many people have the same or borrow a few bits and pieces of songs so why is it plagirising? its a coincidence.
    i heard gds album and let me say it was one of the most oustanding albums i have ever heard every song was worth the wait.

    and omg the fourth girl in the 4minute photo. her legs are like OO”

  9. Is it a single album for 2pm? I thought it was going to be a full album…either way, I’m anticipating it but I wish 2pm would get a full album already.

  10. GaYoon’s legs look so scary in that picture O.o I don’t remember them being that tiny on stage..

  11. can somebody tell me, if the plagiarism is really proved, what will happen?
    oh i hope GD will be success with the album. i love heartbreaker, it’s a very nice song.

  12. wow. GD again? D:
    i mean i guess yea it is intense..
    mostlycuz his solo album was so big
    it brought that much attentions to him.

  13. jiyoon is pretty ^^
    she should take off those glasses !
    i saw their pics in twitter ..
    khun is so cute ^^ and dork (lol)

    please stop pushing GD TT TT
    poor him~~
    give him a rest!

  14. Definitely can’t wait till G-Dragon and 4Minute drop their respective mini albums ^^ – filled with anticipation – And definitely can’t contain my excitement seeing that JYP’s starting to record the album for the boys of 2PM ^^ Ahhh!

    JYPE Family love ❤

    • And I just realized something! Udong’s wearing 2NE1’s card-like shirt (?) ^^ Just that it’s in white.

      Anyone for 21PM love here? ^^;;;;

  15. GD’s album is great. all the songs are good.

    thats right GD haters…now you need to work hard and take all his songs apart just to find similarities, because obviously, it is impossible that GD could ever hv anything to do with good songs yes? work hard work hard.

  16. Finally, will be waiting for 4minute’s album.
    And people should just leave GD alone. -.-
    Nice to see 2PM with JYP. XD

  17. can’t wait for 4minute’s mini album!!like really.
    I don’t like Gdragon at all but those issues are getting ridiculous.anyway, i don’t care. i wish 2pm would rest. im kinda tired of seing them everywhere.it’s really boring now.of course they’re dorky and funny but they tend to get on my nerves lately.
    and please jyp, just make wf come back already.the whole let’s conquer the world is boring now.they won’t be the next spice girls let’s face it. I’ll always support them anyway but TT

    • WG just want to share their music jackass, no one said they would be Spice Girls big.
      Don’t you at at least want any Asian to be successful?
      WG have ONLY been promoting in America for 3 months so calm down.

  18. So sick and tired of this whole plagarism issue and If I’m sick and tired then GD must have had enough of it already…YG too lol
    Can’t wait till they hurry up and decide and let GD just promote his songs in relative peace…Though I doubt that’s ever gonna happen.

  19. definately different songs, so just shut up, leave him alone!

  20. Okay
    Oasis-she’s electric and Butterfly are 2 different songs. I don’t hear any smilarities.

  21. again plagiarism ?..wtf…to be honest….I don’t hear a similary of Oasis song….but I don’t know….we have to wait up..

  22. Hope Tiara will release their mini album soon.

    • Apparently, they have a debut album. But what’s it called?

      • I thought that was a single with three versions of Lies and Wanna Play…

        oh btw… GaYoon needs to eat a supersize meal from Buger King.

      • They released the “Lies” digital single, with Wanna Play and the 3 versions of Lies.

  23. 4minute – Finally! A mini-album means a new song and it’s a few days earlier too, even better!

    • 2PM – Cannot wait for their single album but I wish JYP would make them do a full album instead. Are they going to be stuck doing single albums all the time.

      G-Dragon – I love his album except that song. So I don’t really care for it much.

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